Girlfriend Makes Three Ii
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sam, Sharon and their girlfriend, Ann, have a hot Friday night threesome together.

Sam, his wife Sharon and their mutual female friend, Ann, had been involved in a secret sexual relationship for several months (written about earlier in Girlfriend Makes Three). Ann loved their sexy get-togethers and Sharon was enjoying her budding discovery of her own bisexual desires and fantasies and she was enjoying letting her hubby, Sam, venture outside their marital bed by fucking Ann pretty frequently. As long as Sharon was there with them,

she was OK with Sam spending his seed inside Ann's tight wet pussy whenever she was in need of some hard cock and Sharon knew Sam was ALWAYS in need of some horny tight pussy to fuck. So, at this point in their little threesome situation, everybody was happy, and Sharon used her digital camera to record the sexy get-togethers she and Sam had nearly every week with Ann.

Sometimes their sex sessions got arranged on the spur of the moment when Sharon, Sam and Ann would go out to a club, drink, dance and then get so horny that they mutually agreed to go back to Ann's or to Sharon and

Sam's for sex. Sharon was hoping to find some other new female sex partners for both her and Sam to enjoy but she loved being with Ann, and she knew Sam really enjoyed getting the chance to be naked and play sexually with both his "ladies" as he called them.

Sharon and Sam really enjoyed being out with Ann and they all had a lot of fun together. Ann and Sharon would sometimes dance together in the Western bars they'd frequent and they'd even been known to caress and kiss each other in an effort to have fun and let others see them carrying on and figuring that no one would assume they did anything like that in private.

But, after a couple of hours of drinking, dancing and messing around, all three of them would be so horny that there wasn't only one place they could go next -- to bed for lots of sexy unbridled sex together.

This evening when Sharon and Ann got home they let Sam sit and enjoy watching and the two of them put on a rather hot sexy girl-girl show for him. Even though Ann was a big girl, Sharon loved how horny and how

lusty Ann could be when she was behind closed doors with her and Sam. It didn't take long for both Ann and Sharon to shed their clothes and as they got

undressed, both of them were kissing and caressing each other and getting hotter and hornier by the second. Sharon loved Ann's sexy large breasts and

she loved how Ann was so horny and so turned on that it was rather easy for her to have orgasms. Ann loved it too when her hubby, Sam, got Ann's nipples in his mouth and his hands all over her body. And, Sam loved

to lick and eat Ann's pussy until she was moaning and cumming on his face. While Sam ate Ann's pussy, she'd often have Sharon sit on her face and then Ann would lick and suck Sharon's horny cunt until they were all cumming together.

Sharon and Ann were both naked and then the girls first did a 69 while Sam watched and they were both cumming pretty quickly. Then, Sharon moved up over Ann as she lay on her back there on the bed, and as Sharon licked and played with Ann's large sexy tits, they rubbed pussies together. Sam had gotten undressed and he was sitting in a nearby chair, stroking his horny large cock while he waited for his girls to get each other off and then he'd move in and start eating some sexy wet pussy and then burying his big cock inside some hot tight cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah, Sharon, mmmm, baby, you make me so wet and so horny, girl," Ann moaned as Sharon suckled her large tits. Both Sharon and Ann had given birth so both of them knew not only the pleasures of having their nipples sucked while having sex but they'd both also nursed their babies and knew the erotic nature of having their tits sucked by their newborn babes, too. Ann was soon orgasming again as Sharon reached down and finger fucked her girlfriend's horny wet cunt. Then, Ann flipped Sharon over on her back and she buried her face in Sharon's wet cunt and Sharon was pretty soon getting off too.

Then, with the two girls having shown Sam their girl-girl stuff, he joined them and since Ann was the guest, Sharon once again let her go first with her husband. Sam climbed on top of Ann's naked body and as he rubbed the swollen head of his cock in her very wet pussy, Sharon was up at her head, kissing her and caressing her naked large tits as Sam prepared to mount and fuck Ann for the first time that night. They always usually managed 2 or 3 good hot fucks before they'd finish off an evening of their sexual


Sam found it so hot to not only be able to be naked and play around with his wife, Sharon, there too, but he loved to fuck Ann. He long desired the chance to see how Ann was in bed and now for several months he'd had the chance to find out. He, too, wanted Sharon to find them some new female playmates but for now, he was really enjoying dipping his dick in Ann's hot tight cunt on a regular basis. Sam's cock was nice and thick and he knew from previous sessions that Ann really loved to have Sam's cock fucking into her hot lusty pussy. She used her hand this time to guide Sam inside her pussy hole and as soon as he felt his swollen cockhead touch her wet cunt, Sam thrust his ass forward, quickly driving most of his hardon deep

inside Ann's pussy as he and she both began to pick up a hot lusty fucking rhythm together.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Sam, oh yeah, mmmmm, baby, give me that big hot dick of yours, honey," Ann moaned as she spread her legs wide and let Sam drive his horny dick in and out of her pussy as he thoroughly threw himself into fucking her while Sharon was there enjoying their threesome with him and Ann. Sharon did feel a secret tinge of jealousy and insecurity at having Sam fucking

someone besides her but she'd insisted and Ann had readily agreed that Ann and Sam would never get alone for sex. It would always happen with Sharon either there in the room with them or at least in the house and not with just them two of them off somewhere in a sexy little illicit affair that might result in damage to their marriage. Sharon had to admit that she felt

herself growing hotter and hornier as she watched Sam's tight muscular ass flinching as he pounded his big hard cock smoothly in and out of Ann's horny young pussy. They were all still young people even though Sharon and Sam had two children and Ann had a little boy of her own. They were all young enough that they were very energetic sexually and they spent hours

sometimes having sex and then getting refreshed and returning to the bedroom for another hot lusty round of sucking and fucking.

Sharon could tell that Ann was getting ready to cum from having Sam fucking her and when she exploded in her climax, Sam leaned back, grabbed Ann's ankles and he pulled her legs up on either side of his body and he began throwing his hard thick cock in and out of Ann's pussy in total abandon as he headed for his own orgasm and ejaculation deep inside her wanton horny

pussy. As soon as Ann got off, Sam was right behind her in his orgasm, and when he'd spurted a big cumload deep inside Ann's pussy, he pulled out and Sharon quickly sucked Sam back to total hardness and then she bent over the side of the bed while Sam mounted her and he started a steady in and out fucking rhythm as he took his sexy wife doggy style while Ann was kissing him and she was underneath Sharon's chest, kissing and licking her girlfriend's lips and her horny aroused tits.

Finally, Sharon came too and then Ann, Sam, and Sharon all headed for the big master bedroom shower where they could all shower together and continue their sexual playtime.

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