My Weekend of Fun with Doreen
Chapter 1


Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A weekend of fun and frolics with a colleague, i get treated to a nice massage and a good rimming, but the fun didnt end there !

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Anal Sex   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Spitting   Tit-Fucking   BBW   Big Breasts   Prostitution  

Doreen had been working at the same company as I did for a few months. I had not seen much of her as I had been working away on customers' sites and had not been back to head office for a while.

Let me paint you a picture of Doreen. She was about 48, perhaps 50, but she looked younger, so she was twelve or so years older than me. She was neither slim nor fat, but what I would call Rubenesque or voluptuous, about 5'2", a nicely rounded lady, big bum and big boobs. Okay, let me be honest. She did not have big boobs; Doreen had huge boobs, fucking huge boobs. I would have guessed at anywhere between 44GG and 50GG. She had long straight shoulder length hair and lovely brown cow eyes.

She carried a little weight but carried it well. She was the sort of lady that would keep you warm in bed at night, if you know what I mean, guys. She had a sweet smile, which gave her great dimples, lovely full kissable lips and plump rosy cheeks. The first time I met her I had not taken much notice. I thought she was a bit too old for me.

That all changed one morning when I was in the office kitchen, making myself a cup of tea, and Doreen walked in. She put her mug down and I offered to make her a coffee. As we waited for the kettle to boil we started to chat. We talked about work and the weather. As she talked, I noticed that her white blouse was fairly tight, and where it was stretched over her boobs it was almost see-through. The thin material did little to hide her industrial strength bra. God, I thought, as she chatted about what she was doing over the weekend, I would love to get my hands on those gorgeous tits. They seemed to have a life of their own, jiggling and shaking before my eyes.

Her blouse was unbuttoned just enough for me to catch a few glimpses of her deep freckled cleavage. As she told me about some shopping trip she was going on, I was gazing at her tits and wondering if they would feel good wrapped around my cock. While we stood there chatting, I realised that my trousers were getting a little tighter, if you know what I mean. I cracked a joke and she laughed, her boobs shook and shuddered under the blouse, and my blood pressure went up. Fuck me; I wanted to sample her charms. I wanted to cup them in my hands and feel their weight, I wanted to tweak her nipples and feel them grow hard between my fingers.

I watched her big sexy arse sway up the corridor as she went back to her office. After that morning I paid a lot more attention to her, arranging to bump into her in the kitchen and finding reasons to visit her department. Whenever I was stood at her desk I manoeuvred myself to get a view down her blouse. I used all of my best chat up lines and dropped a few hints, but after a few weeks I began to think that she was not interested at all.

The Friday before a bank holiday was always an early finish for us; we knocked off at about three o'clock in the afternoon. I had nothing planned so I went home, ordered pizza and then surfed for a bit. Well, surfed for ages. Then after all my friends logged off, I dropped my Medal Of Honour disk into the DVD drive. Nothing like a few missions of MOH to keep you busy and while away a few hours.

By the time I decided that I fancied a coffee it was nearly midnight. I went downstairs to my kitchen, filled the kettle and put it on, grabbed a mug, and guess what ... no bloody coffee. Okay, so I thought I would have tea instead. You guessed it - no tea bags. A quick glance around my kitchen cupboards told me I had bugger all in the house. So I grabbed my car keys and wallet off the table and jumped in the car. Thank god for twenty four hour supermarkets.

The car park was nearly empty; there were perhaps only twenty cars. I took my trolley and headed off down the first aisle. I am a true bloke when it comes to shopping, wandering around without a list, if I see it and I fancy it I drop it in the trolley. I was pondering my choice of coffee, decaf, half café or full strength, when I heard a cheery, "Hello". I looked up to see Doreen standing watching me. She was pushing her own trolley.

"Hello, love," I responded with a smile. She gave me that cute smile. She had on jeans and a tee shirt, a tight tee shirt that accentuated her big full boobs. They looked even bigger today, if that was possible. I struggled to keep my eyes on her face and not her heaving bosom. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail and was looking as sweet as sugar candy.

"So what are you doing out shopping so late?" she asked. I explained my need for coffee and my lack of housekeeping.

"Typical man!" she said, laughing at my predicament.

"So what about you?" I enquired. "You're out late as well."

"Yes, my husband has taken a trip to France, a boys' weekend" she smiled, " so I thought I would treat myself, and the shops are much nicer when they are empty."

"How long are they away for?" I innocently enquired.

"Let's not beat around the bush, Zak," she said in a quiet but firm voice. "You want to know how long you can have me on your own for some fun."

I laughed. "Am I that easy to read?"

"Yes, you are. You have dropped enough hints around the office, but that's fine. I could do with some fun." she laughed back. "As long as we both know the rules."

"And what are they?" I asked.

"No pain, no strings, we never discuss it at work, and on Monday morning when my husband comes back it ends." She looked me straight in the eyes. "Is that okay for you?"

"It all sounds absolutely great to me." I grinned back at her.

"Good, so do you mind a bit of role play?" she asked mischievously.

"That also sounds good to me," I said, trying not to sound too eager.

"It's a date then." She smiled that sexy smile and a wink.

"When and where are we going to meet, my place or a hotel?" I asked, eager to get the ball rolling.

"It makes sense for you to come to my place. It's where I have my props," Doreen said with a sexy giggle.

She pulled a pen from her handbag and wrote her address on the wrapper of a bag of pasta that was in my shopping trolley. As she handed the pasta bag to me, she gave me knowing wink.

"My place, 10.30 tomorrow morning, I have my sister coming round in the evening but we have all day " Doreen purred, and with a flirty smile she was gone.

I continued my shopping with a spring in my step and a whistle on my lips...

The following morning I ordered a taxi for tenish, knowing it would take twenty minutes to get over to her house. I shaved and showered, and as the driver honked his horn, I was out of the door, eager to see what Doreen's idea of role play was: doctor and nurse, sexy nun, perhaps she liked to dress up as a school girl ... mmmmm, yum, yum, I could see her in a gym slip.

I got the taxi to drop me a street away and I walked around to Doreen's house. The door opened as I approached it and I walked straight in. The door shut behind me and there she was stood behind the door, all smiles and dimples.

Let me describe the scene. Doreen was stood in the hall dressed in a white nurse's smock. My eager eyes could distinguish the outlines of a bra underneath. The outfit obviously came complete with white hose and white shoes; she smiled that cute sexy smile.

"Good morning, Sir. My name is Crystal." She held out her hand. So I thought we are already playing the game.

"Oh, right. Hello," I stuttered. "My name is ... err, Zak," I replied, playing along with her, unsure where it was going.

"Good morning, Zak. The agency called and said you have requested the premier service today." Her voice was deep and sultry; I was already excited.

"I did? I mean, yes, I did!" I said, still unsure where this was leading; to be honest I was a little nervous, but excited and nervous, if that makes sense.

"Okay, well, come into my sitting room and we can discuss the details," she said with a wink.

I followed her into the sitting room, letting my eyes wander to the hem of the nurse's smock; it was short, very short...

I sat on the sofa and she perched on the chair opposite me. The top four buttons of her smock were undone, giving me a great view of her ample cleavage, freckles and all.

"Okay, well, the premier service includes an assisted bubble bath, then a full body to body massage with either oil or talc, your choice," she said in a low sexy voice.

"Sounds good to me," I stuttered. I like role play but this was a new one on me.

"Would you like a drink before we start? Coffee, tea or a soft drink?" she asked.

"No, I am fine, thank you," I replied, eager to find out where this was leading, and eager to get my cock out of my jeans. It was getting rather uncomfortable down there.

"Okay, well, if you are ready I will take you upstairs and we can get started," Doreen said as she stood up and she grinned from ear to ear.

She took my hand in hers and led me toward the stairs, walking in front of me; she gave me a great view of her big sexy butt. Her smock was so short I could tell she had on either a gstring or no knickers at all. I could see the swell of her buttocks peeking below the hem of her smock; they bounced sexily as she took each step.

We went into a room that I guessed was a guest room; it did not have the lived in look, if you know what I mean. The bed had a stack of white towels on the corner, and on the bedside table were several bottles of oil and a box of wet wipes.

Doreen turned to face me. "Make yourself comfortable. I won't be long."

She entered a room that led off the bedroom and I heard water being run, so it obviously was the ensuite bathroom. I stood still, taking in the view, not sure what to do. Doreen came back into the room after a few moments.

"Are you nervous, Zak? Do I take it this is your first time with an escort?" she cooed. Ah, the penny dropped. This was her fantasy, to be a hooker; well, I could go with that.

"Yes, Crystal," I gulped. "Yes, it is."

"Just you let me look after you. I am here to make the next few hours as pleasurable for you as possible." She looked me in the eye. "If there is anything you would like, anything at all you desire, just ask."

I nodded and stood looking at Doreen. She was so sexy, and the swell of her bust strained the fabric of her nurse's smock. I wanted to rip it off and fuck her then and there, but I was eager to find out more about her fantasy, and to see where it would take us.

"Would you like me to help you undress?" Doreen whispered in that so sexy, husky voice. I nodded dumbly, unable to bring the words to my lips. She started to unbutton my shirt from the top button down. She commented on my hairy chest and ran her fingers over my nipples, and then she began tracing little circles with them. Nipples that were already hardening with anticipation.

She pulled the tails of my shirt from my trousers and soon the shirt was draped over a chair in the corner of the room. She kicked off her white shoes and asked me to do the same; I complied with her request. Then Doreen knelt down in front of me. I looked down as she started to unbuckle my belt; the view down her cleavage was amazing. Doreen slid the belt from the loops and it was soon deposited on the chair. She started to unzip my trousers.

It was about then that she noticed me admiring her breasts; once again I was treated to her wonderful smile. Knowing that I'd been caught, I apologised for staring. Doreen just laughed. "No need to apologise. It's nice when a good-looking man admires me. Although there's not much to admire," she said, cupping and jiggling her big boobs in her hands.

"I beg to differ! You have amazing boobs, Crystal," I said truthfully.

"Well, they are yours to do as you wish, bought and paid for the next few hours," Doreen purred.

She continued taking off my trousers and soon I was standing in my briefs, the front of which tented out with my obviously excitement. She stood up and I thought perhaps the fun was over. She winked. "Let me turn off the water before it overflows."

She came back into the room, stood before me, and ran a finger down my hairy chest. Leaning forward, she kissed and licked my nipples, at the same time her right hand stroked down my chest before cupping the front of my briefs. She let out a low wolf whistle. She then looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and asked, "Speaking of things to admire, is your bulge all of my doing?"

Seeing my face redden, she said, "Sorry, Zak! I didn't mean to embarrass you."

Doreen knelt before me and pulled my briefs slowly down, exposing my aching cock. She looked at it with interest before taking hold of it and gently stroking it. She shifted her position slightly so that she could use both hands, one on my shaft, the other softly holding my balls. She let out a deep sigh.

"I do so love shaven balls," she murmured as she pulled back my foreskin.

Using the very tips of her finger, she traced the outline of my fully erect cock, pausing at the tip to make me squirm. I thought I was in heaven. She began stroking my shaft, her index finger and thumb tightly encircling the head of my cock with each upward stroke of her hand. As her hand moved down my shaft, her nails lightly stroked my balls. Her hand moved skilfully up and down my cock, and though it embarrassed me, I was soon unable to stand still. My hips began to thrust to the movement of her hand.

"You have such a nice cock, nice and thick," Doreen cooed.

She alternated the grip of her fingers on my cock, sometimes stroking the shaft with the tips of her fingernails, other times gripping it firmly with her fingers wrapped around it. When her fingers reached the head of my cock, she would rub her thumb lightly across the tip and stroke the sensitive spot beneath the head with the tips of her fingernails. Each time my body gave any sign of over-excitement her grip would slacken and her movements cease for a while.

After about ten minutes I didn't know whether I could take any more when Doreen giggled, "Oh, look at you. You have so much pre-cum!"

Doreen pointed to the droplet of juice on my piss hole, and as quick as she said that, she gently wiped the drop off with her finger and then noisily and obscenely sucked it off the finger. She was playing the cheap tart so well.

"Mmm, you are tasty." She smiled up at me, then bent forward and started running her tongue up and down my throbbing shaft and around my mushroom shaped cock head, lashing at it and lapping at it. Her tongue ran down tracing the route of one of my veins before she tenderly took each ball into her mouth and moved them around with her tongue.

All the time Doreen was sucking gently on my scrotum she was letting out little moans and groans; it was so erotic. My cock, by this time, was throbbing and swelling with excitement.

My ball sack was given a rigorous and vigorous tongue lashing before Doreen began to kiss the soft underskin. Her hands reached behind me and I felt her nails scratching at my taut buttocks. She started to kiss back up over my ball sack, and planted kisses along the sides of my shaft, staying away from the sensitive tip.

I felt the soft downy skin of her cheeks rubbing over my shaft. She was making love to my cock with her sweet luscious lips, and I knew that I was near to blowing my stack. I groaned as her fingers wrapped tightly around my swelling cock. Her fingers formed a fist and quickly she was stroking my hard throbbing shaft. Each time her fist reached the tip they slipped over the sensitive glands and I felt shudders of pleasure coursing down to my full balls.

"Doreen ... sorry, Crystal, if you keep doing that I am going to lose control," I groaned.

She smiled up at me, "Then let it go while I take you in my mouth."

It was an offer I could not refuse. I felt one warm hand fondle the shaft of my erection as her lips descended over the cock head. The sensation of her lips clamped over the helmet was exquisite, and the gentle warm soft mouthing action was so erotic, I was sure I have never been blown so well.

Doreen pulled back my foreskin exposing my shiny mushroom shaped helmet. Her lips were soft as they kissed and caressed the tip of my rampant cock. I felt the heat of her mouth as she slipped her lips over the crown and down my thick hard shaft. I gasped when I felt her taking more and more of me deeply, until the tip touched her throat.

I knew she would stop and rise up, but I was more than surprised when she kept going down until I felt her nose pressing hard into my pubic hair. She had taken my entire six inches deeply and she began to suck; I felt her tongue lashing at my shaft. Her hands gripped my buttocks and her finger nails dug into my skin. I was sure her nails would leave welts on my skin.

Doreen started to slowly mouth fuck me. She slid her lips up and down on my prick, taking me deeper and deeper until she was deep throating me. All the time my cock was in her mouth I could feel her tongue stroking my shaft. I was in man heaven. The sensations were amazing! It was like my cock was growing to twice its normal size, and it was throbbing almost uncontrollably.

It was too much, as my balls sucked up tightly to my groin and emptied their hot sticky load. I felt a huge string of cum explode from my swelling and jerking rod. I saw coloured dots in front of my eyes as I exploded deep into her throat. My balls had not been emptied in some time, and Doreen got a full load of cum.

Without a thought, my hands tightly gripped her head as my hips lunged upwards forcing my groin hard to her face while I shot several more strings of cum into Doreen's mouth. I felt her gulping my cum and swallowing down all I gave her. Her hands stroked my cock vigorously, pumping the seed from my balls. As my orgasm slowly faded, she suckled me, taking the last few weak dribbles from me. All the time she was sucking she was letting out little groans of pleasure.

"Oh, my, haven't tasted cum that good in years," Doreen cooed, licking her lips of any stray drops.

She took my cock in her hand and gave the tip a soft kiss.

"Well, I think it's time we got you into that bath..." she took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom.

The bathroom was well laid out, spacious and luxurious. The bath was a big corner unit, and it was full of bubbles. Doreen tested the water and turned on a tap.

"Needs a little more cold water," she said as she smiled at me. After a few seconds she tested the water again and turned off the tap.

"Okay, you can get in now," Doreen said. She held out her hand and I took it as I stepped into the deep bath. The water washed over my body as I sat down. The bath smelt so good. The bubble bath was obviously expensive, as the bubbles it created were soft and luxurious. Once my body had adjusted to the warmth of the water, I looked up and smiled at Doreen.

"Lean forward so that I can do your back," she smiled at me. I did as I was told. Doreen started to soap up a sponge and wash my back; she washed me thoroughly. Soaping and rinsing my shoulders and back, she even washed under my arms. She asked me to stand up; once again I did as I was told. She grabbed my hips and turned me around until my back was facing her.

Doreen's sponge stroked down, washing my lower back and over my buttocks, making me squirm. I felt her washing down my thighs, stroking, rinsing. Then she started at the top again, this time without a sponge. Her strong supple fingers stroked and caressed my body, down over my shoulders to my lower back. She caressed and kneaded the firm skin of my butt, and her fingers brushed my balls as she soaped the top of my thighs. I felt my cock jerking in appreciation.

Her hands washed and scrubbed down to my ankles. Then Doreen started to wash my buttocks again; I felt her use one hand to open my buttocks; almost at the same time, I started to hold my breath. Her soapy fingers ran down my crinkled ass, stroking, soaping, and probing. I felt water being dribbled down the crack of my ass; she washed and rinsed my bum several times. At first the feeling was a little uncomfortable, but soon I started to feel quite excited by it.

"Zak, are you okay, honey?" she whispered. "I can stop if you don't like it"

"Mmm, nope, it's nice. Just never had it done before," I answered.

"Okay. Well, if you want me to stop, say so. Okay?"

I relaxed as her hands left my arse; I heard a noise like ketchup being squirted out of the bottle. A second or so later I felt my bum being opened again. A cool liquidly balm was poured down the crack of my arse. It made me start at first but soon it felt natural.

I felt a finger stroking my arse, pushing gently; I opened my legs as wide as possible and then I felt a little pressure on my asshole as Doreen's finger gently probed my ring. She was gentle, just merely pressing, not thrusting or pushing, I felt a slight pressure and I realised her finger was in my ass. Wow, this was not something I had even thought about before, but it seemed so natural. Doreen's finger moved, just a little, stroking in and out of my tight ass hole.

At the same time, her left hand reached forward and cupped my balls, fondling them, rolling them in her hand. The reaction on my knob was amazing. It was soon at full mast, throbbing and swelling as Doreen's finger slid deeper and deeper into my ass. At first I was shocked and a little apprehensive, but as her finger stroked in and out I felt a pleasure and a stirring like no other. Her finger slipped out and I heard water splashing then it slid back in, soapy and warm.

I felt the pressure of her knuckle as it slid into my arse. Back and forth she stroked it; every now and then she applying more soap, and the pleasure was amazing. Her whole finger was now fucking my tight virgin arse, in and out, with deep gentle strokes. My hips started to move to Doreen's rhythm.

"Is that nice, babe?" Doreen asked her voice husky and full of lust.

"Oh, very nice," I groaned. "Very nice indeed."

The feeling was not as uncomfortable as I would have imagined, and I was getting really turned on by her ministrations. My breathing was getting deeper, and I had started to groan softly.

"Well, too much of a good thing can spoil a guy." She laughed, and I felt her start to slowly extract her digit from my anus. The pleasure was amazing. She pulled out of me so slowly, so gently. Once again I felt the liquid soap being poured over my ass, and Doreen washed my butt again.

Doreen asked me to sit down and lie back. The warm soapy water washed over my body and I relaxed totally. Doreen started to wash my shoulders, lathering up the sponge and giving me a thorough wash. All the time we were chatting, just crap about the weather and stuff like that. Her supple fingers tweaked my nipples as she washed my hairy chest, my muscles fluttered as she soaped down over my stomach.

She pulled my knees apart and, forsaking the sponge, soaped up her hands before thoroughly washing my cock and balls. She washed the valley either side of my balls and pulled back my foreskin, making sure I was as clean as a new pin. She washed my thighs, her nails scraping along the soft flesh of my inner thighs. She was thorough and methodical, but it was so sexy it was unbelievable. As soon as Doreen had reached my feet, she moved back up and soaped up her hands again before giving my balls another wash.

"Mm mm, they are so smooth. Did you shave them especially for me?" she growled as she washed them over and over again.

"Yes, I like my balls being treated well," I gasped as she fondled them. Her fingers slid down over my balls and traced an arc to my asshole.

"Okay, big boy, I think your bath is over." She gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Stand up and I will swill you down. I don't like the taste of soap."

I stood up and Doreen pulled the plug. The water glugged noisily out of the bath. Doreen took the shower head and turned on the water, testing its, pausing until the temperature was right. Then she stood by me, rinsing me from top to toe. She paused as she made sure my groin was soap free. The water did little to dampen my ardour, and my cock bounced and swelled in front of her eyes as she sprayed and re-sprayed the shower all over me. She turned the shower off and Doreen asked me to turn around. I felt a big fluffy towel rubbing over my shoulders. I tried to take a corner of the towel to help with the drying. Doreen tututted and pulled it from me.

"Hey, you, this is my job." She laughed. "You just stand there and enjoy it, okay?"

Who was I to argue? I let her dry my back, and she paid particular attention to my buttocks and ass. She asked me to turn around and threw the wet towel to the floor. Taking a fresh dry towel, she started to dry me from the shoulders down. Slowly and deliberately she patted every last drop of water from my skin. She knelt to dry my groin, slowly, gently she dried my cock and balls. She took her time, doing her best not to be sexually attentive, but being in front of me like that had the usual effect. I was soon hard and throbbing. Doreen just giggled and carried on drying my legs. She laid a towel on the floor and asked me to step onto it. She dried my ankles and feet. She stood with a flourish and admired her handy work.

"How does that feel?" Doreen asked with that cute smile.

"That was the best bath I ever had, thank you so much." I smiled back.

"Glad you liked it. So do you fancy your massage now?" she asked with a cheeky grin.

"Do I ever!" I replied.

She took me by the hand and led me back into the bedroom.

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