A Limo And A Rose

by tuffsusan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An exciting invitation from a mystery fan leads to an extremely interesting evening.


It is early Saturday morning and I am still fuzzy with sleep as I walk to the door to see who is calling so early. I peak out through the window and see a local delivery service there. He is holding an envelope, a shirt box and a red rose. I look quickly down at what I am wearing and decide that I can open the door in this long white nightie that I have on. I use the door to block myself somewhat and smile at the deliveryman as he hands me the rose, the box and the envelope. There is no return address of any kind. I look at him and ask "What is this?'

His reply is "We don't read 'em ma'am just deliver 'em. Enjoy your day Ma'am"

"Hold on a moment while I get something for you."

"No need Ma'am I have been well compensated."

I smile at him and thank him before closing the door. The rose is beautiful and very fragrant. I look at it and think of whom might have sent it. No one comes to mind so I set it down and turn to the envelope. It is addressed to "Aphrodite" In a lovely handwriting. It is scented in a strong and powerful scent that seems natural. It is a bit familiar but the scent escapes me for the moment. I slip onto the couch and grab the comforter off the back to wrap in while I open the envelope.

The first item in the envelope is an announcement of a special midnight show at the planetarium. I have been seeing the announcements everywhere and really wanted to go but it is a fundraiser and I could not afford the cost of the ticket. Here was my very own ticket. My curiosity is deeply piqued now.

The next item is a note in the same beautiful penmanship.

"My dear Aphrodite, I hope that you would accept this gift from me to you and that you will accept my invitation for entertainment this evening. It would please me most sincerely and I think that you will find it well worth your time and effort. Should you choose to honor my invitation then please call the number below and confirm your car to pick you up at 11:15 this evening. It would also please me immensely if you would wear the items in the box that has been delivered with this note. I am guessing at sizes but think that I am close. I have indeed held you in my dreams many times and feel as though I know your body quite well."

I sit awestruck for a moment and try to imagine who has been paying such close attention to me. I can think of no one. I open the box and find some of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

At the very top is a very pretty red lace bra. It is trimmed in black and is simply luxurious to touch. Under this is a pair of matching thong panties and garter. Beneath this is a pair of black silk stockings. A layer of black tissue paper separates the next layer. As I lift it out i find the most sinful red dress I have ever seen. It is barely there. The straps are very thin and the material is almost not there. There are layers of floaty, red, sparkly material. It is obviously going to be short very, very short. Below the dress is a beautiful matching red handbag.

I open it to find one last note inside of it, written in the same hand: "If you have gotten this far then you are at least considering honoring my request and invitation. So I will go a step further and ask one more thing of you. When you arrive in the planetarium, go into the ladies room and remove the panties. You will not be needing them once you arrive. It will be dark enough that no one will notice. Put them in the purse and then you will have them close to you in case you want to change your mind."

Not many people know of my secret fascination with the stars, and even less of my fantasy of making love beneath the stars. As insane and against my usually conservative ways as this whole idea is, I am actually thinking of doing what the note asks. I really want to see the show and I could enjoy myself beneath the stars. It will be dark and no one would know except the person that sent the lovely invitation, and me.

I gingerly finger each of the items again and decide, I am going to do it. I call and confirm the car and have much to do to get ready for my evening. Including canceling my plans to have drinks with the girls.

Promptly at 630 the doorbell buzzes again and I am ready. One final glance in the mirror confirms what I already know I look like Cinderella and do not know if I have Prince Charming or my Fairy godmother to thank. I open the door and step out into the night air. The driver is waiting for me at the limousine.

"Right this way MS. Aphrodite, the ride will take about 40 minutes so you have been provided with a bottle of wine and dinner. If you can not find everything you need please ask me by pushing this buzzer."

I enter the car and find another envelope in the same hand: "You please me mightily Aphrodite. I can not wait to see you in the outfit I have chosen for you. Please enjoy the wine and the dinner. There is music that you may listen to, just to the right of you. Sit back, relax and enjoy. When you arrive you will be met by an usher that will take you from the car to the ladies room should you choose to use it and then to the seat that you will be occupying. I sincerely hope that you enjoy all the evening holds for you. I know that I will."

I look to the bottle of wine in the ice bucket and the crystal glass waiting for me to taste it. As the car slides from the curb I pour a half glass and taste it. It is cold and feels very good going down. I lift the first cover and find 3 delicious shrimp waiting for me on ice. Slowly taking the first one I put it in my mouth and gently bite down, mmmmm delicious. I lift the second tray to find 3 stuffed mushrooms and some beef tips in a sherry sauce, with slivers of white potatoes.

The food is bite sized and delicious. My enjoyment of the meal, the wine and the music makes the 45 minutes go so quickly, it is over before I realize it. The divider window slides down and the driver tells me that we will be arriving in 5 minutes. True to his word we arrive 5 minutes later, the usher is waiting at the curb for me.

"Good evening Ms. Aphrodite, if you will come with me please. Will you be wishing to use the ladies room this evening before going to your seat?"

I think for about 30 seconds and reply, "Yes please that will be very nice."

"Very well ma'am, right this way and I will be waiting for you on your return." I walk into the bathroom and find that for the event it has been turned into something resembling a Greek bath. There are pillars and vines and grape leaves all over. Lovely Greek girls with huge fans to move the air. I slip into the first open stall and slide my panties off of my body and place them into my purse. Stepping back out of the ladies room I find the usher waiting most patiently as though he has no other patrons to care for all evening.

"Right this way Ms. Aphrodite, I will show you to your seat." He gently takes my elbow and leads me very surely through the crowd. We go through a door marked VIP seating only. As we come out in the upper seating I notice that the planetarium is very full except for the area we are in. I seem to be the only patron in this section. My usher shows me to my seat and I am seated most comfortably. In this section each seat is like a chaise lounge. The foot rest raising up and creating a total bed effect.

"I will be leaving you now ma'am but should you require anything there is a call button here in the arm rest. I will be just outside the door at all times. I hope that you enjoy the evening's entertainment.

It is dark but not completely and as my eyes adjust I begin to notice that there are many small sections that are blocked off by privacy panels as the section that I am in is. I lay my head back and notice the speakers in the top of the seat. Soft gentle music with gentle rain falling is coming from the speakers.

As I lay back my dress pulls up and I can feel a gentle breeze on my pussy. I allow my eyes to look at the ceiling and let the music take me away on a fantasy trip beneath the stars. I imagine that I am here to meet my lover beneath the stars, in a light rainfall. We are beneath the trees and shielded by the tree leaves.

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