Tammy Starts Work In Africa

by expatdad

Copyright© 2006 by expatdad

Erotica Sex Story: This is a follow on to 'An African Boss Dominates and Exploits' after several requests. Blackmailed into delivering his daughter to a business dinner to be the corporate entertainment a father has to come to terms with her enthuiasm.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Interracial   .

David Burton gripped the steering wheel hard as he drove downtown. A slight sweat beaded his brow. He glanced in the rear view mirror. His beautiful daughter sat there quietly. Her sapphire blue eyes watching the passing scenery as the light faded and another magnificent sunset broke over the African city of Harare.

His thoughts were far from the sunset, just one of many hundred panoramic and beautiful sunsets he had seen over the last 21 months.

As she turned her head and looked through the other window, her rich blond curls seemed to catch the fading light. Reflected through the rich yellow strands her pretty face seemed to be captured in a radiant glory.

At that moment she could have looked like an angel from heaven.

His heart lurched at her youthful beauty and his hands gripped the wheel so tightly he almost felt that in a moment it would snap in his hands.

He was taking his daughter for a date with a black man.

Not a handsome young African her own age.

A middle aged corpulent African nearly 10 years older than David himself! Nasam Togbi was the African President of African Conglomerate Trading. He was rich, powerful and influential, and he liked teenage white girls like David's 18yo daughter Tammy.

The sweat on his forehead dripped, though the heat of the day was passed. He dragged his gaze back to the road. Not that there was a lot of traffic in this early evening period.

Harare did not have a rush hour. Not enough Africans owned cars! Then there was the cost of petrol.

He tried to keep his mind off reality as he drove his daughter to her date. A late night dinner date with a black man.

A rich African man who was greedy for sex with nubile pretty white girls like his innocent daughter Tammy.

Except his daughter was not so innocent. He wished she was, but this would not be her first tryst with Nasam.

The memory of his daughter thrusting her aroused nipple into the eagerly sucking mouth of the overweight African as she lay beneath his bucking thrusting body haunted his soul.

While her lovely blond mother had been 'entertaining' other African men on her knees in their living room of their luxurious villa.

The paradise, miracles, and promise of Africa had evaporated into an erotic nightmare of corrupt men, and depraved sexual demands that had seen him on his knees submitting to the brute demands of Chuku Olanes, the black thug was employed as chauffeur to his African boss Igwe Orizu, while other African men enjoyed his wife and daughter inside the villa.

He cursed himself for thinking of his African boss. The man had seemed so charming at interview. An African with a brilliant mind, he had looked so dapper in his Saville Row suite as they lunched the refines of the Jeremy Club in London's Mayfair.

It had been his 'charming' boss who had ordered him to drive his daughter into town to meet Nasam Togbi tonight. It had been Igwe Orizu who had presented him with a contract that afternoon for his daughter to sign.

A job offer for his 18-year-old daughter! Marketing Manager it had said. What it had really meant was that Igwe was employing his lovely white daughter to go on 'dates' with African businessmen that Igwe hoped to deals with.

His beautiful blond daughter was to be the 'sweetener' in grubby corrupt contracts that would make Igwe even richer.

His once innocent daughter had not hesitated in signing the employment contract!

Where was the sweet girl he had raised and cherished?

At the hotel he pulled up and parked easily. Music came from the hotel in a deep beating rhythm. This side of the hotel was the respectable side. From here he could enter the hotel, and the lobby led on to the exclusive L'Escargo restaurant.

The restaurant was the hotel's saving grace. It was easily one of the best in Harare. He had been surprised at the quality of the restaurants in Harare. Rich men liked good food, and there were sufficient white expatriates with money to burn happy to spend it on a better meal than they could get back home, for a quarter of the price back home.

It was in restaurants that this that the white community brushed shoulders with the new black elite who increasingly had financial power as well as political power.

Even as he walked into the hotel he could hear the raucous laughter coming from the far side of the hotel. From the 'public' bar where poor Africans drank, sang, and danced. Though he supposed by African standards they were not poor.

African civil servants, company clerks, and others who had risen above the hard graft of the factory floor and celebrated their good fortune and demonstrating they were 'better' by mingling around the hotels were the rich Africans and whites relaxed.

When his family had first arrived in Harare they had spent a few weeks in the Holiday Inn. Other families on arrival had stayed at the Sheraton. However he knew that some of the single expatriates had been housed here, and some of those had complained that the hotel was nothing more than a glorified knocking shop. Some had even demanded to be re-housed following sleepless nights.

Nevertheless the hotel had a smart white interior, with an inlaid marble floor in reception. Slow circular fans hanging from the ceiling generated a cool breeze. This reinforced the old colonial atmosphere and decor. A number of black men sat at the bar, and their attention switched to Tammy as they walked in. Tammy was wearing a relatively short skirt and showed off her shapely legs, and a tight fitting top that hugged those well-developed breasts. David and Tammy were used to this and ignored the Africans at the bar.

David led Tammy towards the restaurant recognising the African Restaurant Manager he signed to him, and asked about Nasam Togbi and his party. The African nodded and indicated one of the special rooms set near the lift lobby. At no time during the whole conversation did his eyes leave Tammy.

David was only mildly annoyed at this attention to his daughter, and Tammy affected not to notice.

The Manager strode over and opened the door, and David ushered Tammy into the room. He heard his daughter's sudden inrush of breath and looked from the Manager into the room.

A circular table dominated the room and a lush spread of food was already set on it. The abundant display of fish, a rarity in landlocked Zimbabwe, demonstrated that Nasam Togbi placed a very high importance on this meeting/dinner.

He looked across at Nasam, who had rose to greet Tammy. His eyes reminded him of a cobra as they stared at Tammy. A glance at Tammy showed her eyes seemed to be trapped by his gaze. He noted with surprise that Tammy seemed suddenly breathless.

His eyes quickly took in the three other African guests. He quickly dismissed them as the typical smart suited executive sycophants that accompanied most successful African businessmen.

"Mr Togbi, my boss Igwe Orizu asked me to bring Tammy to join you at dinner. He made no mention of your guests?"

Nasam ignored David, and advanced around the table. His hands outstretched reaching for Tammy's hand.

"Are there to be some other women? I had not expected your guests... Igwe made no mention of Tammy being alone tonight with your friends."

He stopped hesitantly as Nasam dropped his head over Tammy's hands and his lips lightly kissed her hand.

What romantic nonsense he thought! Then he noticed that a light was shining in his daughter's eyes. Nasam had not released Tammy's hand. David looked across at his daughter and give a start as he realised she was breathing heavily. Tammy's full breasts were rising and falling.

"What do we have need for other women, which such a jewel as this adorns our poor table?"

David stared at him in disbelief. How corny could he be?

He turned to Tammy but his daughter's eyes were riveted on the big corpulent African businessman holding her hand so gently. Her eyes were sparkling.

"You can go now Mr Burton, we will look after Tammy." His eyes never left Tammy as he spoke.

David swallowed.

"I... I... I'll be waiting in the lobby," he coughed embarrassed.

Nasam looked at him with an amused glance.

David stuttered for a moment, then got a grip on his wits.

"To take Tammy home afterwards," he flushed with embarrassment.

"Hah yes... afterwards..." He smiled his eyes had left Tammy and were roving over, then dropped his head over his daughter's hand kissing it again.

"Afterwards," he murmured with a smile on his face.

David Burton realised that unaccountably his daughter was totally focussed on this obese African businessman.

He flushed and looked at the other three Africans, they were all looking at Tammy avidly.

"Please Mr Togbi, she is my daughter... err... please... I'll wait... just treat her with respect."

The Africans ignored him. The door opened and African waiters bustled in carrying hot plates and fish soup, and David Burton edged out of the room.

He was embarrassed, as well as confused. He found a quite spot on the lobby and settled down with a book he had brought with him. From there he could see the door to the room they were eating.

A waiter hovered and looked at him quizzically. David looked up and was about tom order a pot of tea, then realised how inadequate that seemed. He ordered a double brandy. Several double brandies later he was just as confused, but the drink fogged his mind. It was easier now through a layer of drink to remember the scene of his daughter beneath the corpulent though vigorously thrusting African who had just so politely and courteously kissed her hand.

A scene cursed his mind. A man should not be aroused by the sight of his own daughter being fucked by a randy middle aged fat man. A black man at that, but the sight of his daughter being fucked in his own bed two days ago by the same African now entertaining her to dinner was to overpowering to easily dismiss.

And Tammy?

He recalled her eagerly offering her full, breast to his mouth. His lips taking it, playing with it, and nibbling on pink harness of her nipple. Her body, beneath that black mass, quivering in unmistakable delight as her lithe shapely thighs sought to clamp him to her.

His daughter had been horny, horny as hell, as she squirmed and writhed in his grasp.

A man should not see his own daughter writhe in lust and need beneath a man older than himself... but it made him horny to recall it!

Shame and guilt suffused his thoughts, mixed with a sexual excitement that he struggled and failed to repress. Try as he might he could not dismiss the images of lust and passion, black on white, that he had witnessed.

He swirled the brandy in the glass. Watching the colours flow and change. The waiters he noticed seemed to be clearing the room of plates, glasses, and crockery. Perhaps the meal was over. They were definitely taking unfinished bottles of wine from the room. That must be a sign that the evening was at last over.

He waited for a while. The waiters stopped going to the room, and he waited a bit longer. The door to the private dining room had been left ajar, which seemed unusual.

He rose and went over to the room. If they were finished he could take Tammy home. Though inside himself, he knew he was kidding himself.

He looked in, and found it empty.

He had not seen them leave.

He entered the room and was surprised to see a door on the far wall. He crossed the room, and pulled open the door. He cursed when he saw it led out into another lobby with elevators on the far side.

They had left this way. Taking his daughter with them.

He turned and looked back into the room. He noticed a below the table a white flash of cloth that had not been taken by the waiters. Something pulled him towards it. Bending down to pick it up, it unfolded in his hands.

White lacy panties, they must have been his daughters! He had not realised she wore sexy lingerie like this. Had worn such for her meeting with Nasam. He examined it in his hand, embarrassed to realise that panties such as this had hidden little. He imagined them enclosing his daughter's loins and how they must have appeared to the four African men that had been in this room.

He shuddered.

Who had taken them off?

Had Nasam's fat pudgy fingers sought them out beneath her short skirt and pulled them off.

He could hardly imagine him allowing his subordinates to enjoy that pleasure.

He cursed himself for thinking of the pleasure a man would have removing such lacy panties from his lovely blond daughter!

He had to find his daughter before things went to far. African men were the very devils! Nasam would have no hesitation in rewarding his minions by allowing them to enjoy Tammy as well.

Somehow, he had to save her from the worst excesses.

The lift arrived, and he entered and looked at the panel. Six floors! How on earth was he to find her? He pressed the button marked 1.

As the door opened her stepped out on to the hotel corridor. There were black men in the corridor who looked surprised to see him there. He realised that he must be in the African wing of the hotel. He braced himself not to be intimidated, and set off down the corridor looking around and listening for his daughter's voice coming from one of the rooms.

An African further down the corridor pushed away from the wall, lifted a beer to his lips and stepped tentatively towards David Burton. David watched him carefully. The African saw he had David's attention and grinned at him.

Then he reached down and rubbed his loins.

"You want some bwana?" he chuckled, miss-stepped and bumped the wall.

"Buy me beer and you can have every inch."

David Burton reeled backwards disgusted and appalled. He turned and hurried down the corridor. He could hear the African behind him chuckling and following.

He rushed into the lift and pressed button 2.

He stepped out onto floor 2 and desperately looked around. Relieved to find it empty. He watched the door to the lift close behind him, and looked for any sign of a staircase. If that African came up looking for him he wanted a way out.

He moved down the corridor to find a stair, and stopped as he heard a grunt. There were more grunts, and some gasps. He swallowed as he realised he was listening to a couple fucking on the other side of the corridor wall. He paused for a moment. It sounded like only 1 couple. He moved on down the corridor, and soon heard the sound of a frantic desperate eager coupling.

He paused again, could this be his daughter and Nasam and his friends.

He felt embarrassed as he listened to the frantic energetic coupling. He could not imagine Nasam being so energetic.

He moved on, and soon heard the sounds of another coupling. No wonder the single expat staff booked in here had accused it of being a knocking shop!

He walked on to more of the same, guttural laughter, gasping wheezing effort. Feminine squeals and gasps. Each room on the floor seemed to house an eagerly fucking couple. He found no staircase. What would happen if there was a fire in this place?

He returned to the lift. To his relief when the lift doors opened it was empty. He pressed button 3.

On floor 3 there was something happening. He found some African women chatting together. They grinned as he approached them. One of them opened her dress and showed him her breasts.

"Z$50 dollars" she said. He should not have been startled, but he was. Whores. African whores. She grinned at him. He shook his head. She frowned and looked at him.

"OK Z$40 dollars but nothing kinky!"

God she thought he was negotiating. He gathered his thoughts, distracted by the exposed smooth dark flesh in front of him. She was a relatively pretty African woman.

Her friend leaned over and spoke to her, and they both looked at him. Her friend put her arm around the semi-exposed African woman and with her free hand caressed the exposed breast.

Then she grinned at David.

"Z$60 dollars yes? You watch, then we both suck you!"

"No! No! You don't understand. I am looking for a white girl!"

"We better than any pale skinned white girl!" they both hooted at him.

The second one unbuttoned her dress exposing a pair of breasts that were fuller and rounder than the 1st whore.

"Z$60 dollars, we do whatever you want..."

David shook his head. He was wasting his time.

He turned away and headed back to the lift.

"Blond white girl?"

David paused. Hope rising!

"Pretty blond white girl?"

David turned and looked at the two African whores.

"You want to find pretty white girl?" She paused, and made a gesture with her hands.

"Nice full breasts?" She jiggled her hands grinning at him.

"Yes, yes, can you tell me where she is?"

The African whore looked at him, with an assessing look.

"Yes I can tell you where to find her!"

She looked at him, and then stretched out her hand.

"Z$70 dollars," she demanded thrusting her hand forward. Her friend nudged her sharply, a look of shock on her face. Her head leaned forward and whispered fiercely into her friend's ear. Her friend ignored her.

"Z$70 dollars!!"

Relieved David reached into his pocket and peeled off Z$70 dollars.

She waved her figures at him, and he gave her his money. She clasped it tight. Then she grinned and pointed up.

"4 floor 4... room 424."

Her friend was staring at the money in disbelief. As David turned away he saw them both clasping the money and giggling.

He pressed the button for the lift, and turned to watch as the two whores clasped the money in both their hand and did a little dance together.

"Z$70 dollars for nothing... crazy white man!" they chuckled and laughed.

The lift doors opened and one of the African women called out to him. He turned and looked at her. She pulled her dress open and laughed.

"Z$50 dollars?" A clear query was in her voice. Her friend peeled with laughter, and they both clung on to each other laughing.

David could see the humour but was glad to get into the lift.

His heart went into his mouth as he pressed button 4. Was he finally going to find his daughter.

The door opened on level 4 and he stepped out. Down the corridor there was a queue of six African men pushing and shoving each other under the stern gaze of a tall African blocking an open door.

He glanced at the room numbers and headed towards the men, who paused to look at the approaching white man. He checked the door numbers. He was approaching room 24. What would he do if they had his daughter in there? Where was Nasam?

There was a commotion and one of the cutest looking young white girls he had ever seen darted out under the arm of the African blocking the door. She was blond, but with straight, silky shoulder length hair. That blond hair framed a heart shaped face. David caught his breath in his throat at her fresh pretty face.

It wasn't Tammy.

"Francis," she yelled. "You're not listening. My parents will be expecting me home!"

She looked about 4' 6" and was wearing a men's shirt, and it seemed nothing else. Her legs below the shirt were lithe and shapely. He wondered just how old she was.

The African called Francis glared at her furiously. Then he grabbed the front of her shirt and pushed her back into the room. That did not stop the shirt billowing out to reveal the nice full breasts that the whores from the floor below had referred to.

Not too young then, but she certainly looked it.

Francis scowled at the girl then closed the door.

"You don't understand... I will get in trouble if I'm late!"

Francis looked at the queue of men. There was Z$600 dollars waiting outside and Cindy was not going anywhere until he had it in his hand! Too hell with her parents!

He turned to glare at David Burton as he approached. How much could he charge this white man he wondered? He started getting excited perhaps he could charge this white man a Z$1,000 dollars! Fruit machine numbers started to roll in his head!

David stopped in front of him.

"Get to the back of the queue white man. No queue jumping here! You want to watch you pay me and the African fucking her."

The Africans in the queue grinned was this a crazy white man willing to pay their £Z100 dollars and bit more beside to watch?

David shook his head appalled again at the den of iniquity he was in. Somewhere in this hell-hole he had to find his daughter and get her out!

"No, you don't understand. I am looking for my daughter."

"Cindy's not your daughter white man!"

"I know, I know. I need to find my daughter."

"Look Mr? either join the queue or leave. You heard the girl Cindy's parents are expecting her home!"

He laughed and the other Africans in the queue laughed and rubbed their crotches lasciviously.

"Hey! Why you argue with this white guy. It's my turn and the girl's waiting!" The Africans chuckled and urged Francis to let him in. They were all eager to get their hands and the girl. Too fuck such a young and pretty white girl while knowing a white man waited his turn behind them would be a great boost to their satisfaction!!

"Ok, Ok, Give me your Z$100 dollars."

"Z$100 dollars! Give me a break."

"Z$100 dollars, or clear off and let someone else have a go!"

The African cursed, he seemed to struggle to let the Z$100 out of his hand.

"Z$100 dollars, that's outrageous, what do I get for my Z$100 dollars."

"You just saw what you get! You can do what you like for Z$100 dollars."

"Anything?" He voice sounded disbelieving as he was pushed into the room.

"Yes, anything, just tell her what you want!"

Francis sounded annoyed as he turned to David.

"Look I said join the queue or clear off. You are worrying my customers!"

"Ok you little bitch get down on your knees!" The voice of the African in the room carried clearly to the Africans waiting in the corridor.

There was a sudden indrawn breath in the corridor. Even David found his heart stopping at the image of that pretty young blond on her knees and being given black cock to suck!

"That's it girl kneel down there. Francis said you will do as I yell you!"

"Ok honey, now lick my arsehole!"

You could hear a pin drop in the corridor.

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