Tammy Starts Work In Africa

by expatdad

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a follow on to 'An African Boss Dominates and Exploits' after several requests. Blackmailed into delivering his daughter to a business dinner to be the corporate entertainment a father has to come to terms with her enthuiasm.

David Burton gripped the steering wheel hard as he drove downtown. A slight sweat beaded his brow. He glanced in the rear view mirror. His beautiful daughter sat there quietly. Her sapphire blue eyes watching the passing scenery as the light faded and another magnificent sunset broke over the African city of Harare.

His thoughts were far from the sunset, just one of many hundred panoramic and beautiful sunsets he had seen over the last 21 months.

As she turned her head and looked through the other window, her rich blond curls seemed to catch the fading light. Reflected through the rich yellow strands her pretty face seemed to be captured in a radiant glory.

At that moment she could have looked like an angel from heaven.

His heart lurched at her youthful beauty and his hands gripped the wheel so tightly he almost felt that in a moment it would snap in his hands.

He was taking his daughter for a date with a black man.

Not a handsome young African her own age.

A middle aged corpulent African nearly 10 years older than David himself! Nasam Togbi was the African President of African Conglomerate Trading. He was rich, powerful and influential, and he liked teenage white girls like David's 18yo daughter Tammy.

The sweat on his forehead dripped, though the heat of the day was passed. He dragged his gaze back to the road. Not that there was a lot of traffic in this early evening period.

Harare did not have a rush hour. Not enough Africans owned cars! Then there was the cost of petrol.

He tried to keep his mind off reality as he drove his daughter to her date. A late night dinner date with a black man.

A rich African man who was greedy for sex with nubile pretty white girls like his innocent daughter Tammy.

Except his daughter was not so innocent. He wished she was, but this would not be her first tryst with Nasam.

The memory of his daughter thrusting her aroused nipple into the eagerly sucking mouth of the overweight African as she lay beneath his bucking thrusting body haunted his soul.

While her lovely blond mother had been 'entertaining' other African men on her knees in their living room of their luxurious villa.

The paradise, miracles, and promise of Africa had evaporated into an erotic nightmare of corrupt men, and depraved sexual demands that had seen him on his knees submitting to the brute demands of Chuku Olanes, the black thug was employed as chauffeur to his African boss Igwe Orizu, while other African men enjoyed his wife and daughter inside the villa.

He cursed himself for thinking of his African boss. The man had seemed so charming at interview. An African with a brilliant mind, he had looked so dapper in his Saville Row suite as they lunched the refines of the Jeremy Club in London's Mayfair.

It had been his 'charming' boss who had ordered him to drive his daughter into town to meet Nasam Togbi tonight. It had been Igwe Orizu who had presented him with a contract that afternoon for his daughter to sign.

A job offer for his 18-year-old daughter! Marketing Manager it had said. What it had really meant was that Igwe was employing his lovely white daughter to go on 'dates' with African businessmen that Igwe hoped to deals with.

His beautiful blond daughter was to be the 'sweetener' in grubby corrupt contracts that would make Igwe even richer.

His once innocent daughter had not hesitated in signing the employment contract!

Where was the sweet girl he had raised and cherished?

At the hotel he pulled up and parked easily. Music came from the hotel in a deep beating rhythm. This side of the hotel was the respectable side. From here he could enter the hotel, and the lobby led on to the exclusive L'Escargo restaurant.

The restaurant was the hotel's saving grace. It was easily one of the best in Harare. He had been surprised at the quality of the restaurants in Harare. Rich men liked good food, and there were sufficient white expatriates with money to burn happy to spend it on a better meal than they could get back home, for a quarter of the price back home.

It was in restaurants that this that the white community brushed shoulders with the new black elite who increasingly had financial power as well as political power.

Even as he walked into the hotel he could hear the raucous laughter coming from the far side of the hotel. From the 'public' bar where poor Africans drank, sang, and danced. Though he supposed by African standards they were not poor.

African civil servants, company clerks, and others who had risen above the hard graft of the factory floor and celebrated their good fortune and demonstrating they were 'better' by mingling around the hotels were the rich Africans and whites relaxed.

When his family had first arrived in Harare they had spent a few weeks in the Holiday Inn. Other families on arrival had stayed at the Sheraton. However he knew that some of the single expatriates had been housed here, and some of those had complained that the hotel was nothing more than a glorified knocking shop. Some had even demanded to be re-housed following sleepless nights.

Nevertheless the hotel had a smart white interior, with an inlaid marble floor in reception. Slow circular fans hanging from the ceiling generated a cool breeze. This reinforced the old colonial atmosphere and decor. A number of black men sat at the bar, and their attention switched to Tammy as they walked in. Tammy was wearing a relatively short skirt and showed off her shapely legs, and a tight fitting top that hugged those well-developed breasts. David and Tammy were used to this and ignored the Africans at the bar.

David led Tammy towards the restaurant recognising the African Restaurant Manager he signed to him, and asked about Nasam Togbi and his party. The African nodded and indicated one of the special rooms set near the lift lobby. At no time during the whole conversation did his eyes leave Tammy.

David was only mildly annoyed at this attention to his daughter, and Tammy affected not to notice.

The Manager strode over and opened the door, and David ushered Tammy into the room. He heard his daughter's sudden inrush of breath and looked from the Manager into the room.

A circular table dominated the room and a lush spread of food was already set on it. The abundant display of fish, a rarity in landlocked Zimbabwe, demonstrated that Nasam Togbi placed a very high importance on this meeting/dinner.

He looked across at Nasam, who had rose to greet Tammy. His eyes reminded him of a cobra as they stared at Tammy. A glance at Tammy showed her eyes seemed to be trapped by his gaze. He noted with surprise that Tammy seemed suddenly breathless.

His eyes quickly took in the three other African guests. He quickly dismissed them as the typical smart suited executive sycophants that accompanied most successful African businessmen.

"Mr Togbi, my boss Igwe Orizu asked me to bring Tammy to join you at dinner. He made no mention of your guests?"

Nasam ignored David, and advanced around the table. His hands outstretched reaching for Tammy's hand.

"Are there to be some other women? I had not expected your guests... Igwe made no mention of Tammy being alone tonight with your friends."

He stopped hesitantly as Nasam dropped his head over Tammy's hands and his lips lightly kissed her hand.

What romantic nonsense he thought! Then he noticed that a light was shining in his daughter's eyes. Nasam had not released Tammy's hand. David looked across at his daughter and give a start as he realised she was breathing heavily. Tammy's full breasts were rising and falling.

"What do we have need for other women, which such a jewel as this adorns our poor table?"

David stared at him in disbelief. How corny could he be?

He turned to Tammy but his daughter's eyes were riveted on the big corpulent African businessman holding her hand so gently. Her eyes were sparkling.

"You can go now Mr Burton, we will look after Tammy." His eyes never left Tammy as he spoke.

David swallowed.

"I... I... I'll be waiting in the lobby," he coughed embarrassed.

Nasam looked at him with an amused glance.

David stuttered for a moment, then got a grip on his wits.

"To take Tammy home afterwards," he flushed with embarrassment.

"Hah yes... afterwards..." He smiled his eyes had left Tammy and were roving over, then dropped his head over his daughter's hand kissing it again.

"Afterwards," he murmured with a smile on his face.

David Burton realised that unaccountably his daughter was totally focussed on this obese African businessman.

He flushed and looked at the other three Africans, they were all looking at Tammy avidly.

"Please Mr Togbi, she is my daughter... err... please... I'll wait... just treat her with respect."

The Africans ignored him. The door opened and African waiters bustled in carrying hot plates and fish soup, and David Burton edged out of the room.

He was embarrassed, as well as confused. He found a quite spot on the lobby and settled down with a book he had brought with him. From there he could see the door to the room they were eating.

A waiter hovered and looked at him quizzically. David looked up and was about tom order a pot of tea, then realised how inadequate that seemed. He ordered a double brandy. Several double brandies later he was just as confused, but the drink fogged his mind. It was easier now through a layer of drink to remember the scene of his daughter beneath the corpulent though vigorously thrusting African who had just so politely and courteously kissed her hand.

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