Poor Janie

by Frank Noir

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: No-one understands why Janie doesn't leave her violent husband. And yes, he does treat her rough. But...

The two women walked past the ramshackle house on the corner. They looked disapprovingly at the unkempt garden, the grimy windows, the peeling paint. Finally, the older one shook her head.

"Poor Janie," she said.

"You mean that's where she lives?" her friend asked.

"Yes, the poor thing. I just don't know how she puts up with that husband of hers."

"No. I just saw him down at the garage the other day. I mean - you can tell he's violent. He must make life a living hell for her."

"Yeah. If only she had the courage to leave him."

"You're right. And why doesn't she? Things certainly can't get any worse!"

"No. I really don't understand."

"Poor Janie."

I'm standing by the kitchen sink, doing the dishes, when Ed comes into the living room. I turn around and smile at him through the door.

"Hi, Ed."

He merely grunts in reply.

"Would you like a beer?" I ask him.

"Yeah, sure," he says and sits down in his armchair in front of the TV.

He's still dressed in the dirty jeans and denim shirt he wears to work at the garage. Our big dog, Rex, shuffles over to the chair, lies down and goes to sleep.

I bring Ed a cold can of beer from the fridge, and he turns on the TV. But as I walk back to the kitchen, I hear him turn his chair around to look at me instead.

I feel a bit self-conscious. After all, it's a hot day and I'm only wearing one of Ed's big shirts and a pair of panties as I often do inside the house. Ed keeps looking at me, sipping his beer and scratching Rex's head.

"So, Janie," he finally asks. "What have you been up to today?"

"Oh, you know," I say, "the usual. Housework and stuff."

I'm wiping a plate as I say this, wondering why he's suddenly interested in my day.

"Oh yeah," he says. "The usual, housework, yeah. And masturbating, right?"


I'm speechless. Ed sips his beer.

"Yeah," he says. I bet you play with your pussy a lot when I'm not around. Don't you, Janie?"

"Well, I..."

Ed puts the beer down and gets up from his chair. Rex raises his head ever so slightly to look at him.

"I'm your husband, damn it," Ed says in a menacing voice as he walks into the kitchen. "I think I have a right to know."

"Well, yes," I blurt out. "Of course you do."

Ed's standing right next to me now, almost towering over me. I'm quite a tall woman, but you wouldn't notice that when I'm standing next to a big, burly man like Ed.

"Alright then," he says. "Show me."

I just look at him, puzzled. I honestly have no idea what he means.

"You stupid bitch," he shouts, grabbing my arm hard. "Show me your fucking pussy! Now!"

As he lets go of my arm, it still hurts. He pulls open my shirt, making the buttons fly across the room. My soft, round breasts are exposed, but I still have my panties on.

"You take them off," he says furiously, "take them off now!"

Frantically, I pull off my panties and throw them on the floor. Ed kneels down to inspect my pussy.

"Hmmm, yeah," he says. "Looks like you've been playing with that quite a lot."

Suddenly, he pushes a finger in between my labia and all the way up my slit. I moan.

"Shut up," he says as he pulls his finger out again.

Now he grabs both my arms and pulls me towards the kitchen table.

"Lie down," he orders, and I lie down on my back, still wearing only my shirt.

Ed pushes my thighs apart with both hands and inserts his finger into my pussy again. Helpless, I lie on the table as he slides his finger back and forth, back and forth, in a steady, demanding rhythm.

When Ed's in this kind of mood, I have no idea what he will think off next. Anything can happen to me. I'm afraid, but against my will, I sense my pussy getting wet - in fact, really, really wet.

"Yeah," he says, his finger getting wetter, each time it slides in and out of me. "This cunt has definitely been played with."

"Mmm," I moan, writhing on the table.

"You admit it?" Ed asks. "You've been playing with your hot little pussy when I wasn't home? When you should have been saving it for your husband?"

"Please, I..." I stutter helplessly, as I feel his rough finger plunging into my moist flesh again and again.

Suddenly, he pulls out and turns to the cupboards above the kitchen sink. After looking around for a few seconds, he finds a length of rope and a small can I've never seen before.

He turns to me again and grabs my left arm. Then, quickly tying one end of the rope around my shirt sleeve, quickly fastens my arm to one leg of the table.

"Oww," I cry. "Ed, that hurts. It's too tight." Ed doesn't react, but goes on to expertly tie my other arm to another leg of the table - just as tight. I can't move my arms, can't even lift my shoulders off the tabletop. And it hurts.

Next, Ed opens the can. It contains some kind of sweet-smelling ointment that he now starts spreading over my labia. It's cold and makes my tender flesh tingle slightly.

"Ed," I manage to whisper, "What is... ?"

"None of your business, Janie," he says. "Now, we need to get to the bottom of this!"

"Please!" I beg. "What are you going to do to me?"

Ed grins, watching my pussy glistening with the creamy substance. I want to get up and run before anything happens to me. But tied to the table, I'm helpless. Even if I wasn't, I'd probably be too scared to move, afraid to make him mad.

"Scared now, are you?" he asks triumphantly. "Maybe that'll teach you not to be such an arrogant little bitch!"

"Nooo, Ed," I whimper. "Whatever it is, don't do it. I'll be good. I promise." "Shut up!" he shouts. "You just wait - you'll get what you deserve. Rex, come here!"

I freeze there on the table, as the huge dog gets up and shuffles over to me. Ed grins wider, his eyes shining with anticipation as Rex sits down between my legs, placing his paws on my thighs.

"My God, no!" I cry. "Don't do this to me! Please!"

I feel the dog's cool snout grazing my labia, sniffing greedily at my pussy. Ed has obviously found an ointment with a smell that attracts the dog.

"Rex," Ed says. "She's been a bad little housewife. We need you to a search her like a real police dog."

Ed grabs my thighs and forces them apart, exposing my pink flesh to the dog. I gasp as I feel Rex's snout poking my clit, blowing his hot animal breath across my pussy lips. And now his rough, wet tongue starts licking my pussy.

I kick my legs weakly, as the dog's big tongue laps thirstily over my labia. With animal vigor, it strokes my sensitive flesh again and again, licking up the sweet-smelling ointment.

And as Ed watches lustfully, I feel myself starting to cry. Tears of humiliation trickle down my cheeks, as the dog buries its snout in my pussy and keeps licking me, slobbering all over my sex.

"Pleeease!" I sob feebly. "Stop it! Let me go!"

Ed grins manically, as he fetches another glob of ointment from the can to smear it across my pussy-lips. Spurred on by the appetizing smell, Rex increases his efforts, his rough tongue licking even harder at my tender flesh.

"Yeah," Ed whispers excitedly. "Lick that little slut. Lick her cunt."

His cock is bulging inside his workpants, as he watches me tied to the kitchen table in tears, the object of his perverted fantasies.

And as I yank at the ropes and kick my legs to no avail, I feel it happening.

"Nooo!" I scream. "Nooo!"

No, it can't be! I won't accept it! I close my eyes tight and bite my lip hard, trying to fight it off. But all I feel is Rex's tongue vigorously massaging my flesh, licking up my love juice, as waves of sensual pleasure roll through my body. My nipples are hard as pebbles.

And I realize I don't want him to stop! I want him to keep going. I want the dog to lick me to orgasm. And while my husband smiles fiendishly, a few more laps of Rex's powerful tongue pushes me over the edge.


I scream out loud, as I climax, throwing myself about on the table. My tied arms yank helplessly at the ropes as I cry out repeatedly with unbridled lust. The violent orgasm racks my body, until I feel I'm about to faint with pleasure, while the excited dog keeps licking and slurping at my oozing slit.

Dazed, I finally relax on the table, while Rex laps up the last drops of ointment.

As the dog shuffles away and lies down on the floor, I feel Ed untying the ropes. My arms are bruised and heavy, but I manage to raise them and rub at the sore skin.

I notice that Ed doesn't put away the ropes and the ointment. He merely places them next to the sink. Then he turns to me again, his face grimacing with disgust.

"You filthy slut," he sneers. "Letting a dog lick your cunt. Look at you! Now you're all dirty."

This is not fair! How dare he accuse me? He was the one that tied me down and forced me! But again, I'm too scared to speak.

Ed runs to the bathroom, and I hear him turning on the shower. Then he returns to the table, where I'm still lying, rubbing my sore arms and trying to catch my breath after coming so hard. He just stands there looking at me, shaking his head.

"I could never fuck a filthy pussy like that," he says. "Come here!"

And Ed pulls me up by my arm and drags me to the bathroom. I stagger along, my legs still weak from my climax.

"No, Ed. Please," I protest.

In the bathroom, Ed lifts me up and throws me into the bathtub. Above it, gallons of water are gushing out of the shower.

"Eee!" I squeal, as the water hits me, soaking my shirt and making it cling to my arms and my breasts.

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