Unique Up On Her

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, BBW, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When a man finds a stranger he wants to fuck, how does you get her in bed? Simple. Unique up on her!



Damn! I knew I was horny but I didn't know just how much. It hit me when I realized I was watching her, imagining what it would be like to get that dress off her and chow down on her bulbous looking tits, maybe lift those heavy legs to my shoulders and spread her enough to bury my head in her weighty bottom.

Yeah, it was true that she was the sexiest looking woman within my sight but then there weren't many women within my sight either. I'm sure she would never see sixty again. And probably she would never see the lower side of 200 pounds either. Her face was attractive enough although she had applied her makeup rather thickly but she had jowls that hung down low enough to give her a bit of a bulldog look.

She was wearing an ankle length black sheath dress that covered everything but showed some leg through the slit up the side when she walked but not higher than her knee. The dress was sleeveless and I could tell that she had a heavy set of globes on her chest but they were certainly not on display. She had silver-brown hair that was cut just above her shoulders. She appeared to be completely engrossed in what she was doing. And I was completely engrossed in imagining my cock plowing her sloppy wet cunt while I sucked on her big hooters.

I was so deep in thought that I was startled when she stopped in front of my car and demanded "What th' hell you staring at?"

Snapping out of my reverie, I lied "Oh! Nothing, nothing."

"I know better, sir. Now I demand an honest answer. What were you doing?"

"Well, I... uh, well, I was looking at a sexy woman and thinking about... well, you know, having a good time with her."

She looked around but knew that she was the only one that I could be looking at. Turning back to me, she said "What are you talking about? Are you thinking about sex? With me?"

"Yes... and yes."

"Well, what are you going to do, rape me?"


"Then how did you think you'd get me to have sex with you?"

"Well, I was hoping you'd agree to let me... sample your... delights."

"Oh, my lawd! You've gone completely crazy! You think I'd just say 'come on, have at it', huh? Well, that's not going to happen."

"Oh? Sorry. I think we both could have enjoyed it."

"Maybe so, hon, but I'm not in the practice of inviting strange men into my bedroom."

"No, I didn't really suppose so."

She turned and went to her car. I finally climbed into mine and started the engine but I just sat there staring at the woman, thinking about what might have been. She put her bags in the car and slowly climbed in. I noticed that she glanced my way several times. She started her car and pulled out of the parking lot to the exit.

On an impulse, I followed her. A curiosity had developed in my fevered mind. It wasn't hard to keep her in sight. She didn't go far before she turned into a residential area and still I followed. When she turned into a driveway, I followed her, stopping just behind her car as she was climbing out.

She didn't seem all that surprised or dismayed to see me. When I got out, she asked, "What are you doing?"

"I thought I'd help you carry your purchases inside."


She picked up a couple of bags and headed for the door. I grabbed the rest of the bags, closed the trunk, and followed her, arriving just as she swung the door open. I was right behind her as we stepped through a utility room and into the kitchen. She put her bags on the counter and I did likewise.

We faced each other and she asked, "Are you going to rape me now?"

"No but I was hoping you'd let me try a sample for a few minutes. If you don't like it, I'll leave and promise I will never come back."

"My word! Do you know how crazy it sounds for me to let you have some kind of sex with me just on your say so?"

"Yes, I know but I think you're worth the effort for me to give it the best try I can."

"You do? Damn! I... Oh, come on."

She led me down a hall and into a semi-dark bedroom. Very carefully she took off her dress, leaving her in old style full-coverage panties and her flip-flop shoes and nothing else. Her huge tits were unfettered and they were as big as I had thought. They had a significant droop but still I liked them.

She said, "Here they are. You can kiss them or suck them for a few minutes and then leave."

I knelt in front of her and reached up to fondle both big breasts, working my tongue over her right one, finally sucking it into my mouth. I sucked it for a couple of minutes before switching to the other one and doing the same thing. I let my hands begin to rove her back from mid-shoulder to her waist and back. I saw her eyes close and think she liked the massaging effect.

Then catching her completely off guard, I hooked her panties and pulled them swiftly to the floor. Giving her a little nudge, she sat heavily on the edge of the bed. To continue her motion, I lifted her legs to my shoulders, leaving panties and shoes on the floor and forcing her to lay back on the bed.

She started to bluster, "Hey! What are you doing?"

"This is part of my few minutes." I said. "Lay back, relax and see if you don't enjoy this."

I pushed her knees apart, got my thumbs between her deep, puffy outer lips, and buried my face in her cunt. She grunted and I felt her legs try to close but I held them apart and began to explore her pussy with my mouth and tongue. At first there wasn't much moisture but the more I licked, the more she secreted and, as usual, I loved the taste. When I finally concentrated on her clitty, it was a little reluctant to come out and play but it finally did and stood proudly.

A few seconds after my tongue first touched it, she began to make a keening sound like, "ooooooooouuuuuuueeeeee!"

It lasted for nearly a minute and gained in pitch until it was high like a dog whistle, except that I could still hear it, just barely. At the end of it, she began to shake and shiver and quiver and quake while her legs tried to close the circulation to my head.

After maybe eighteen seconds, she relaxed and slipped back to the bed and demanded, "What th' hell was that?"

"That was an orgasm. You've had those before, right?"

"Hell, no!"

"Well, wasn't it worth it?"

"I... I don't know."

"There's more where that one came from. Let's see what happens."

I buried my head in her twat again, finding a small river of hot lava waiting for me to devour. I obliged and then went back to her clit. A minute or so later, she was again keening the same sound, with the same stiff-legged quaking orgasm. When she came back down, I went right back to work eating her pussy. Three or four minutes later, the sound started a little lower in her throat but unmistakably rose to the same high-pitched keening that ended when she climaxed.

When she relaxed, I started eating her again, searching out the fresh cunt juice first. I realized I had missed some so I spread her buttocks and slipped my tongue into the valley of her anus and licked up the escaped honey.

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