Welcome To The Happy Executive Swinger's Club

by Baptist Jack

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom welcomes twelve other men to help him break in his wife and join him in debauchery and hedonism.

Another man grunted and spilled his seed into Jenna's awaiting mouth and, try as she might, she only managed to swallow half of it as the rest oozed out of the sides of her mouth. Licking her lips and the tip of the man's cock, she eagerly glanced up to inspect his replacement's throbbing member. Glancing around the hotel room, her view of 5 or 6 men fondling their erections was quickly obscured by a familiar dick. This would be Tom's third go of it.

Tom grinned as Jenna sucked down his erection and began to go to work on it. As sad as he might have been about the unusually lackluster blow-job, the sight of his pretty blonde wife slamming her torso back and forth between the cocks in her pussy and ass more than made up for it. As it was his third run of the evening, Tom was able to disconnect from the tongue wrapped about his engorged phallus and congratulate himself at the well-executed party.

It hadn't been easy to get Jenna to agree to this, even with the liquor and his best friend Brian's help. While Jenna was certainly no match for her former prudish self, it had taken every bit of both his and Brian's efforts to even convince Jenna to come to the hotel to meet a third man. Some fast talking, copious promises and a lengthy tongue bath for Jenna had brought her to the conclusion that even if she didn't have a great time, the worst that could happen would be a great bit of collateral for future negotiations.

Of course, as Brian had predicted, wet her whistle and off Jenna had gone. The two men had taken the expedient of spiking Jenna's drinks with copious vodka and stoking her with a little bit of Ecstasy, but it turned out that as soon as his horny wife got yet another man's fingers inside of her twat and a new cock in her mouth, inhibitions flew out the window. While she had looked a little shocked and had tried to look hurt on the appearance of Jason and Scott, by the time the rest of the guys had shown up, higher thought had been replaced by the sheer lust overload that twelve eager cocks had done to her brain.

Each of the other men had worn condoms on the first go, except Tom and Brian. While Tom had checked all of these guys out, there was no need to distract from the action with petty details at this point and so each guy had unloaded a condom or two in either Jenna's pussy or her ass or had come up to her mouth with a condom on and let her take it off with her skilled tongue and teeth. So far, while Jenna's pussy and ass had been stretched out, Jenna's mouth had done the majority of the cum-channeling with a single load of cum in her ass working more as lubricant than to fill out her well-stretched back door. Tom took great pleasure that the sight of his horny little wife had kept the majority of the cocks in the room at full attention and that even after popping a load, every man in the room was ready for seconds, or thirds in the case of some of the particularly horny guys like Jason and Scott, who were currently tapping away at Jenna's bare pussy and shapely ass.

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