A New Time
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Harem,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Called into work on my day off, I had found myself driving through one of the worse storms I had ever seen. But it was just a storm, right? A storm can't change the whole world around you? Note: while there will be some sex in this story it will not be until later chapters.

Well here I was, spending my summer doing all the cool things that I had hoped to do; Like hanging out at the beach with all my friends, going to parties every night... Well okay, I wasn't quite spending it how I had hoped, instead I was spending my summer working. My family wasn't exactly rolling in money so if I wanted to continue to go to college then I needed to work every hour possible during the summer holidays. The only time I had spent at the beach this summer, was a couple of weeks ago on my 19th birthday when a few friends had thrown me a small beach party to celebrate.

Most of the rest of the time had been spent working as a sales person in a electronics store; my brother was one of the managers at one of the other stores in the same small chain, so he had been able to help me get the job. It wasn't exactly my idea of the job I had hoped for, but it was better than nothing and paid slightly more than some of the other summer jobs around. As I knew quite a bit about computers it hadn't really needed me to learn anything new. Other than computers and their accessories and software, we also stocked a small range of other consumer electronic products.

Today was meant to be my day off, but Jason, my brother had called to ask if I would work today as someone had called in sick. What he had forgot to tell me was that the person who hadn't came in was the delivery driver. We were only a small chain of nine stores but to keep the stock requirements down, we had our own delivery drivers so that stock could be moved to the stores where it was needed. We had also just started a sales promotion whereby we would take old computers in part exchange for new ones. So every few days these old computers had to be collected from the stores and taken to the small warehouse to await disposal.

I really don't think I would have been sitting here, driving this van if Jason had have told me who was off today. I had never drove anything bigger than my car before. So it had taken me a while to get use to the size of this thing; I guess it was just a normal size middle of the range white van, but to me it was big.

One of the guys in the store had offered to swap with me, but he was a more senior salesperson so it was decided that they would rather have him in the store than me.

"At least I don't have to make any more turns until i get to Rochfield," I thought in relief, having decided that I hadn't really got use to the turning arc of this thing yet.

I had just made a delivery to the store in Grants Crossing which had been my second delivery of the day and was now on the way to my next one which was about 20 miles away in Rochfield. Now that I had got of of town, it was a single road all the way there, which apart from having a couple of hills to climb was a good quality road that would allow good progress, so I didn't expect it to take more than 30 minutes to reach Rochfield. The only problem that looked like it might have an effect on that, was the storm that I seemed to be heading towards. The weather forecast had been for mainly fine weather all day with a few showers but hadn't mentioned anything like this storm. I never had liked being in a car or vehicle during a storm, I wasn't sure why but my mom had said that when I was young we had got caught up in a really bad storm and had to stop because my dad could hardly see the road ahead of him because of the strength of the rain. So as we sat in the car at the side of the road, a lightning bolt had stroke not far from us. My mom said that for the rest of the journey I never stopped crying. I couldn't remember it so I'm sure she was exaggerating about how much I had cried, but who knows. There were few things that I could remember from when my dad had been alive. A couple of years after that event had meant to have taken place, my dad had got killed in a car accident. So all told, driving wasn't my favorite thing to do.

Still a bit of rain wasn't going to hurt me, which was a good job too as the rain was now certainly stronger than a shower and looked like it was going to get stronger. I could already hear the thunder in the distance. Yeap this looked like it was going to a very strong storm and I was going to be driving through the middle of it.

After a few more minutes I really did start to think maybe it was best to stop and let the worst of the storm pass. I knew that there was a small diner a few miles ahead and then after that the only place I could think of was our old cabin by the lake; Which was one of about twenty cabins around the lake, that my dad had bought a few years before he died and even though I was about the only one of our family who used it now, my mom had never been able to think about selling it. Although, she had received enough offers over the years and we could have sure used the money but she had said no to all of them.

Once past the lake, the next place on this road was the Rochfield, which was still a good sixteen miles away yet.

"So the diner it is then." I thought to myself. It was only a few miles away now. I could just about see the tunnel in the distance and then once through that it was only a mile or so along the road.

Looking up at the black clouds above me, that were making it seem more like evening than the ten thirty in the morning that the clock told me it was, I just wished that I had said no to Jason. With the thunder getting louder and the lightning ever closer, something inside me told me this wasn't a place I wanted to be right now. Getting to that diner as quickly as possible was getting ever more important.

With a clear view in front of me, all the way to the tunnel, and not being able to see another vehicle at all, I decided it was safe to increase my speed a bit more, to make those few miles go by that bit quicker.

Everything went fine for the next few minutes and I was starting to relax ever so slightly, but then just as I got within a few hundred meters of the entrance to the tunnel, a strange mist descended onto the road, while the flashes of lightning suddenly got much quicker so that they were now every few seconds. The bolts darting through the sky while every now and then, one would strike the ground not that far away.

"Maybe I should just stop in the tunnel and wait it out," I thought.

But that same strange feeling inside me told me that right now I really wanted to be around other people, and I seemed to be the only person on this stretch of the road right now. So I decided to still press on towards the diner.

The tunnel was only about 500 meters long, as it made its way through the hillside. So it wasn't long before I emerged from the other side, to find that the storm was still as bad if not worse.

Turning up the radio, I tried to sing along to the song, anything to get my mind off the storm.

"What the hell," I shouted as I severed to try to avoid the lightning bolt that had just hit the front of the van.

The back wheels of the van start to skid away from me, while the front wheels crossed the boundary between the road and the grass bank at the side. Remembering what I had always heard, I steered into the skid and finally managed to get the van back under some sort of control.

Stopping the van, I just sat there in stunned silence for a few minutes, before I came around and started to think about what had just happened.

The van had actually got hit by lightning but I hadn't felt a thing. Wasn't I meant to feel it? I didn't know for sure what effect a strike on a vehicle would have. All I knew was that the flash of light had been more intense than anything I had experienced before; I was actually surprised that I could still see. Then it was over and I fought to get the van under control.

"I guess I better check what damage it has done to the van," I thought and then noticed my surrounding for the first time since the strike. I was stopped at the side of the same road I had been travelling alone but somehow it seemed different and the totally unbelievable thing was that the storm had mostly died away; From being a vicious storm a few minutes ago to just some light rain now.

It wasn't until I stepped out the van, that what was different about the road hit me; It was smaller. The road had been two lanes wide in each direction for years but now here I was looking at a single lane for each direction.

"This doesn't make sense, roads don't just change size."

"I've got to call my mom and Jason," I thought as I fought against totally freaking out, but I think I was losing that battle. While reaching back into the van, to get my mobile phone from the passenger's seat.

"Damn, no signal."

"Okay, I just need to check the van is okay to drive and then make it to the diner and I can call Mom or Jason or whoever from there," I rationed.

Walking around the van, it didn't appear that there was much damage. Other than a small brown mark where I guessed the lightning had hit and the fact that I had somehow managed to dent the side of the van.

"Hello is there anyone here? Is everyone alright?" I heard a voice call out.

Looking up, I saw a man and a women walking around the front of the van and then suddenly stop with the strangest look I have ever seen appear on their face.

"Err, yes I'm fine I think. Just a little shaken up."

"Oh my... ," the woman shouted. "What do you think you are doing."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Where are your parents?"

What a strange question to ask, I thought as I replied. "My mom's at home."

"Does your parents know you are out and like this?" the man started now. "Do they know how you dress."

"Excuse me?"

"Come on dear, we are going. There is no point in arguing with it. I don't know what it is doing, but it is not our problem," the man continued as he reached up and took hold of the woman's arm and then practicily dragged her away; While she still stared at me with her mouth wide open.

"Excuse me but I'm not a it," I shouted back at them, as I walked after them, still having no idea what they were talking about.

It was that that I noticed how they were dressed; The man was wearing what looked like a really old fashioned suit, like something out of the 50's including the same type of hat as they used to wear back then. While the woman was also dressed like she had just came off a movie set for a 50's film; Her dress was one of those ones where the hemline seemed to stick out for a foot or two all around her.

It was then that I also noticed the car that they were getting into. I wasn't sure what type it was but it too looked like it was from the 50's too, but in really good condition.

Okay so now, not only had the van I was driving got hit by lightning, and not only had the road, that I was driving alone, seemed to change size, but I had also got shouted at by a couple of 50's rejects. Whoever said my life was boring?

I had no idea what they meant about how I was dressed. Okay, sure I didn't look like I was stuck in a 50's time warp but I was dressed quite normal; wearing the black pants and white shirt of the store's uniform.

"I just need to reach that diner, and not let any weirdos get to me" I thought to myself before realizing how much that seemed to be a line out of some b-grade horror movie; maybe even one from the 50's. Where the plot was about someone trying to make it to some small diner, but all the time everything went against them and in the end, just as it looked like they were going to make it to the diner, something else happened and killed them.

"Bad thoughts, need to have good ones."

Knowing that I did have to continue onwards, at least until I got to that diner, I got back into the van and set off. Hoping that my movie plot didn't come true.

There it was, the diner I had been thinking about for at least the hour or so. Now I was less than 300 meters from it, and I heard myself let out a sigh of relief. "I guess sometimes movies can have happy endings."

"Damn," I thought, as I stopped the car outside the diner. It seemed that my movie plot had just got a extension as there parked outside the diner was that car that couple had been driving. What was more strange and maybe even more worrying was that the other five cars parked here were quite similar to that one. They all certainly looked like they came from the 50's or 60's. The diner itself also looked different, not sure how but it was different.

Just then I noticed some more people coming out of the door. There was a man and four women walking towards one of the old fashioned cars, and these were also dressed in a similar way to the original couple.

With the van door open, and myself half the way out, the man looked in my direction and I saw that same expression appear on his face as had on those of the couple.

"Hey Jeff, is that who you were talking about, over there in that white vehicle?" the man shouted out as he turned around to look back into the diner, while pointing his finger in my direction.

"Okay, I've had enough, I'm just going to get to the cabin and call Mom," I told myself and then started the van again and drove off. Even though this diner had been my aim for a hour or two, it just no longer seemed worth the trouble that it would have been to have faced those people again. Who knows what these people were really like, the couple had acted weird and than ran off but maybe they were really dangerous. I wasn't going to take the chance.

So although it was another four or five miles to the turn off for the cabins, I thought it was a much better place to be and to think, than going into that diner and trying to work out what was happening while being shouted at by those weirdos.

"Well at least some things don't change," I reassured myself as I reached our cabin. From the outside at least it looked exactly the same as it had at the beginning of this summer when I had last been here. Although, I guess the big test was what the inside was going to be like.

"What was that old saying? The outside can be deceiving? Don't judge a book by its cover, or something like that."

That was certainly the case with the cabin, from the outside it looked the same as it had always been, but as soon as that door was opened then I couldn't help but notice the differences. The whole decor was different; As was fitting with all the other strange things that I was seeing, it seemed to be at least 40 or 50 years out of date. Although strangely it looked like it hadn't been long since it had been redecorated.

I spent the twenty minutes looking around the cabin, trying to see to what extent the changes were. And they certainly seemed to be big, much bigger than just a change of decor. The main thing that I noticed was that all the things that I had left here, were nowhere to been seen. Not one trace of me. There were still things of my brother's here so at least I knew we still owned the place and that hadn't changed. I knew that only seemed logical, that if we owned the cabin before the lightning strike that we would still own it afterwards, but right now I was willing to believe just about anything could change. I had always kept some spare clothes here in one of the closets just incase I needed them anytime, but now they were gone, instead in that closet were men's clothes what I could only guess were Jason's.

Why would all my things be gone? Why would everything be as though the whole world was having a 50's fancy dress party? Maybe everything was just getting to me. I mean okay I had been hit by lightning and I thought the road had changed. But the thing that had got to me the most had been that couple shouting at me and the cars and the people at the diner. Maybe I was just still in shock and seeing things or something. There had to be some logical explanation.

"Your just letting yourself see too much in everything. So there was a few weirdos who like to think it is still the 50's around today. Maybe the storm brought them out, like full moons always brings the weirdos out so maybe storms are now having the same sort of effect. Whatever it is, doesn't mean it was related to getting hit by lightning," I reasoned with myself. "And so what if all my things have gone from here, maybe Mom has been down since I was last here and taken them home or something and forgot to tell me. Maybe she even redecorated."

But no matter how much I tried to reason with myself, it was a losing battle. I knew something strange was going on and I needed to find out what. One of my ideas had been that I had actually been transported back in time to the 1950's or around that time, but this couldn't be so as there were things belonging to Jason all around the cabin and he hadn't been born in the 1950's. Also I had found a couple of letters to him that were dated 2004 so the most I couldn't have gone back is three years. And besides, everyone knew time travel wasn't possible.

Still something was going on, my things going missing wasn't the only things that I had noticed while looking around the cabin. Amongst others, there was the tv, it was no longer our 32 inch tv but now it was more like an 15 inch old fashioned one, and our old playstation was also missing.

Another thing that I had not been able to find was the telephone. So my idea of calling my mom was on hold for the moment. Maybe the best idea was now carry on to the store and finish off my deliveries. The storm was over and I was recovering from the shock of the lightning strike so I didn't really need to call my mom any more anyway. What was bothering me more now was why so many things had changed and I thought that maybe I could find the answer here in the cabin or at least get more of an idea of what was going on.

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