Rough Day With My Panties

by Marina Tete

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, .

Desc: Sex Story: i am a panty fetishist slave, who have a great domme that supplies me with great sessions with my fetish as the core.

I simply love skimpy panties and thongs; they make me feel extremely sexy but somewhat uncomfortable which increases my excitement to levels beyond my belief.

I enjoy going out to buy them then model my purchases for my girlfriend/domme, then she would make me wear them while cleaning and working around the house. When I finish I feel completely soaked with my juices and incredibly horny, she toys with me for hours through my work but eventually eases my horniness with her love and discipline.

Sometimes she shares my fetish with me, and creates scenes for us to play that include primarily my famous panties. One time she made me masturbate in them till the fabric got drenched and she would make lick them clean then punished me for my sluttish attitude. Another time she covered my panties with whipped cream and made me walk with them and whenever some cream seeps out she would wipe it with her fingers and lick it to excite me even more.

I really love her because she can come up with a totally new theme almost every couple of days, and this makes life highly pleasurable and interesting. The one time which I will not probably forget happened a week ago, I woke up and made her breakfast then we shared the most wonderful love we had in sometime.

"Good morning Gail" I said while carrying the tray in to our room- she never allows me to call her mistress-. She looked up from her sleep to find me in a frilly half cup bra and its matching thong panties which I intentionally pulled them between my pussy lips to rub my little nub for me.

"We are horny today, aren't we?" she asked, and I blushed to her question.

"Do you like?" I asked her, and then I placed the tray on the bedside table and turned around to give her the full view.

"I like very much. Now come here you naughty girl" she said and pulled me onto the bed from my panties. I winced to the surprise and the feeling of the panties digging further into my flesh.

She was naked in bed, with her proud C breasts jiggling against my BBs which she pulled out of the straining bra and into her mouth.

She sucked both of them into her mouth making me moan with pleasure. She twisted our bodies to make me sit with my back to the headboard and she pinning my body and toying with my breasts.

Then she held my nipples with her fingers and tweaked them making me moan and seep more juices into my now itchy panties.

She took hold of my left breast and suckled on it then she did the same to the right one. I was just extending my hands to her breasts but she sunk down the bed to sit between my thighs, she made me spread them with her hands and her fingers instantly attacked my soaking sex. She touched and fondled my opened lips from outside the panties and then rubbed my little nub vigorously to make me wiggle on the bed trying to escape her hands and in the same time not wanting to upset her so I turn again to her fingers.

She kept on touching and outlining my vagina through the thin cover which was now useless except for tormenting me. Having had enough plays with my body she held the waistband of my panties and slipped them off me, then she retook her position but now instead of her fingers her tongue is tormenting my soft areas.

She licked my outer lips then gently blew some air on my clit, my body clenched in anticipation of the first contact of her tongue on my clit but that never happened. Instead she licked my love hole and entered her tongue deeply inside to agitate my quivering vaginal muscles. I pleaded with her to stop and give me my orgasm, but she didn't come through and got up from the bed and brought her special strap-on which she tied to her waist. The dangling tip found its way to my vagina. Again I thought she was getting me off but it turned out to be in need for lubrication, then she moved its tip to my asshole and entered eased by my natural vaginal lubrication and the herbal enema I administered this morning.

Her strap-on is designed to give her double the pleasure when she uses it roughly on me; it has a little bumper that stimulates her clit and a huge cock to enter her. She quickly surrendered to her lust and humped into my asshole with the monstrous cock, I usually like rough ass fucks but I didn't enjoy this one. On the other hand she was moaning and wiggling to reach her orgasm quickly.

After a good 15 minutes fucking her orgasm hit her and pulled out of me, and then I cleaned her and the strap on. It was nearly time for her to go to work so she ate her breakfast and gave me a paper with the instructions to do while she is away for the day.

I waved her goodbye then opened the paper, it said that today she has a new scene for us; she has included new elements for my pleasure and annoyance as well.

It said: 1- You have to shave all of your pubic hair cleanly and thoroughly.

2- Then bring the ointment in the yellow pack from the bathroom supplies closet. Apply generous amounts to your mound and asshole and your vagina.

3- Wear the panty I have picked out for you in the bathroom and your tracksuit.

4- Go jogging for 45 minutes, and then return home and do your chores only in your panties.

I'll be home about 3 be ready.

I got wet simply from reading her instructions and hurried to the bathroom to get on with it. I brought a razor, shaving cream and warm water and sat on the closed lid of the toilet. I spread my legs widely and applied the shaving cream, then I held the razor and with a few strokes I cleaned my outer lips. Then I held my inner lips for some close shaving, I could feel the rush go through my body and could hardly wait to see what will happen, after flushing my front I got off the toilet and creamed my ass cleft then I spread my legs and started shaving. Finishing I jumped in the shower to rinse and then dried my self.

I went to the supplies closet and looked for the yellow pack; I found one and wondered when had she bought it but didn't linger on that thought and opened the pack. I took a large amount of the seeping ointment and applied it first to my ass hole then to my vagina; it was very thick and had little pink pebbles in it which tickled against my flesh. I thought of Gail's instructions and reapplied some more ointment to gain her approval.

I closed the pack and put it away and found the panty she had picked out, it was tiny and probably several sizes small. She knew I liked to wear tight panties and intentionally buy ones of smaller size to feel them brushing against my skin. I put it on and as I anticipated it was very small and it tightly held my sex in it while it dug between my ass cheeks to make the pebbles tickle even more.

I realized why Gail ordered me to go jogging without her today, she wanted the panty and the pebbles to tease me and the jogging will make several times more. I got hornier from this thought and my nipples hardened painfully.

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