The Playroom - Part 2: Dolls Night In

by DB_Story

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Robot, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A continuation of EHY's charming "The Playroom" about two brothers and their four fantastic sex toys. But there's not much here about the two brothers. (Note: This is not part of my normal fembot universe.)


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Author's Note: This story was written as a continuation to EHY's story "The Playroom". I felt his story stopped abruptly and there seemed an obvious place for it to go next. EHY gave me permission to explore his idea further.

The part "The Playroom" gives important background information about the four android dolls in this story and how they've arrived at the situation we find them in here at the start of Part 2. That story is on SOL under author EHY.

Later That Night

Anna's systems had slowed down to almost standby mode when she suddenly heard a beep, followed by a distinct click.

"What was that?" she asked, somewhat rhetorically.

Bethany, who also seemed to be active again now, but only responded to a direct questions, replied, "That's my master's answering machine. A call must have come in for him."

Anna realized that somehow this call had brought her back to a higher state of awareness. And she somehow felt restless. Incomplete. Like there was something she should be doing. Could this be the result of her conversations with the other dolls that helped her refine her understanding of her role in her love's life earlier? Something felt missing at this moment, though she couldn't quite identify it.

Although Anna couldn't move, she could still see Katherine and Bethany. Michaela was out of sight behind her. Although she felt closest to Katherine, who was also a wind-up, Anna knew that Katherine would not be able to help her until she was wound-up again. She also knew that Michaela was likely in her standby mode and wouldn't respond to her voice. This itch to understand herself better however persisted. This only left Bethany.

"Bethany," Anna asked. "How are you feeling right now?"

"I feel strange, Anna. Something has awakened me, but my Master or his guest are not here. I want to do something, but I don't know what it is, or how I could actually do it."

"Do you think this feeling might be because of all of us talking together earlier?"

"I don't know, Anna. But something has brought me back to full wakefulness."

Anna thought some more. She had really enjoyed talking with the other dolls after they had been left together. Each one had her own set of needs, desires, and understanding of her role in life. She'd like to do more with them. But sitting here wound-down, that certainly wasn't going to happen. She wondered if this feeling was wrong, but it didn't seem wrong. Besides, she had only the thoughts she was programmed to have, so it must be okay. But Anna had never been allowed to interact with Michaela. Master Patrick had been specific that Anna and Michaela were not to relate to each other until he said so. And he had not yet given that permission. They could only interact with her love and his guests. Did Master Jacob feel the same way?

"Bethany. Does Master Jacob ever let you and Katherine interact together?"

"No," Bethany replied. Even though he has put all these wonderful sexual toys in our room here, he has never given Katherine or I permission to touch the other."

"It's the same with Michaela and I," Anna replied. Then she wondered. "Does your Master prohibit you from interacting with other dolls as well?"

"We've never met any other dolls like you," Bethany replied. Then she added, "Since my Master purchased us, that is."

"Bethany, are there things you would like to do, but Master Jacob doesn't allow you?"

There was a long pause. As if Bethany had not been asked this type of question before. Finally she answered.

"Yes. There are ways I like to be touched that Master Jacob seldom does, nor for very long. Also, he lets Katherine rub herself sometimes when she is running down. I am not permitted to do that to myself."

Anna realized that she too has had those feelings. She had just not understood them well enough to express them the way Bethany just did.

Even though Anna is considered the most primitive doll, she is still the only one whose mind is fully working and can initiate conversation. She remembered an earlier remark.

"Bethany. Whom must you obey?"

"My Master, of course. And his guests like Master Patrick when he allows me to, as he did earlier tonight."

"Are Michaela and I also Master Jacob's guests?" Anna asked carefully.

Bethany replied softly, "Yes... I think you are. At least in a limited fashion."

Anna considered her next question carefully. She felt this unfamiliar need to act. To do something. But she couldn't manage anything just sitting here frozen. Though Anna gave it all the consideration she could, there appeared no prohibition to prevent her asking. Her love certainly wouldn't object to this.

"Bethany," Anna asked. "Would you come over here and wind me up please?"

There was a long moment before Bethany suddenly broke her frozen stance and took an awkward step. After that first step though she easily took the next ones and smoothly moved over behind Anna. Anna heard and felt her key turning as Bethany wound her fully up. Not the usual few turns she expected, but fully until her key hit its stop.

Anna was overcome by a surge of pleasure that only a wind-up can understand. Being fully wound gave her nearly 24-hours worth of freedom of movement, and she shivered in the sheer ecstasy of it. Such a gift was seldom given her. After the unexpected pleasure passed, she uncrossed her legs, stood up, and turned to face her benefactor to give proper thanks.

Bethany continued standing where she was once she had finished Anna's request. Her program again waiting for its next question or instruction.

Anna wanted to thank Bethany for her gift. The only way she knew though was the same as when she thanked Master Patrick each time he made her feel special. And for that to happen, Bethany had to initiate the action.

"Bethany. Kiss me," Anna said, her lips now moving in synchronization with her voice. But Bethany didn't move.

Anna looked in puzzlement for a moment, then realized that she hasn't asked Bethany a question.

"Bethany. Would you give me a kiss now?"

This time Bethany answered with a strong, "Yes," in her beautiful voice and reached out to take Anna's face in her hands before giving her a long, deep kiss that Anna fully reciprocated.

Finally she finished and pulled back only slightly from Anna.

"I really liked that," Anna said, gazing into Bethany's beautiful eyes. Then she remembered to add, "Did you?"

"Very much so," Bethany replied in her soft and sultry way, eyes shining and seeming much more alive now then before.

"Would you like to do more with me?" Anna asked, surprising herself with that question.

"Yes," Bethany replied, anticipation in her voice.

Anna, in her own caring way, realized however that there were still two other frozen and silent dolls in the playroom. As she served her love so well with that caring attitude, she now felt she should serve his guests too. She could help Bethany move and act with the right questions, but Katherine still sat there immobile.

"Bethany. Would you go back over by the bed and wait for me?"

"Yes," Bethany replied. Just don't forget about me."

"I won't. I'll come over soon."

Anna then walked to Katherine. She realized she felt a kinship with Katherine because they were both wind-ups. She also felt that whatever is happening here in the playroom was probably affecting Katherine as well, though Katherine couldn't say or do anything about it. (It could affect Michaela too she thought, but still felt her command to not interact with her love's newer doll. Not even to talk to her right now.)

As Anna looked at Katherine, she realized that despite the earlier conversation where each doll seemed to want to one-up the others, Katherine really was her sister in many ways. And with her generous nature, she felt she knew exactly what Katherine would really enjoy.

Rather than winding Katherine up immediately, Anna placed her fingers on both sides of Katherine's face and stroked it the way her love liked so much. She then spoke to her, believing Katherine too is fully awake inside her frozen body. "Katherine, you are very beautiful, and I hope we can be the best of friends." Then she leaned over and kissed Katherine's unmoving lips.

Next she slid her hands down over Katherine's firm breasts. She kneaded them first gently, then firmly, after which she rubbed the palms of her hands around over Katherine's firm, erect nipples. Katherine remained unresponsive, unable to even blink.

After giving those breasts a full dose of attention, Anna slid her hands down Katherine's firm stomach and the full length of her completely smooth legs. Anna always enjoyed her love's touch anywhere on her body and suspected Katherine did too. Next she ran her hands up and over Katherine's back, avoiding only her large key. Finally she moved them to Katherine's inner thighs to reach that doll's more realistic sex.

Here though Anna felt stymied. While certain that Katherine enjoyed this intimate touch most of all, she didn't know quite how to proceed. Anna needed some advice, and there was only one other source.

In her archaic, genteel manner she asked, "Bethany. How would Katherine most like to be touched between her legs?"

"I don't know," came the soft yet, unhelpful, reply. "I have never interacted with her to find out what she likes, nor watched her when she rubbed herself there."

"What should I do?" Anna asked aloud, not expecting any reply.

"How would you want to be touched there?" Bethany replied unexpectedly.

That question gave Anna a problem she could solve. In her analytical way, Anna slid one hand between her own legs and moved it about, searching for what felt best, while using her other hand to make the same motions on Katherine. For long moments Anna repeated the motions of both hands until she suddenly found herself shivering again in pleasure. She repeated it a second time before she felt she had done all she can do here for Katherine. Finally Anna moved behind Katherine and, as she herself had been, wound Katherine up the full 9 turns to her key stop.

The moment Anna removed her hand from the key, Katherine let out an ear-piercing shriek as she shook all over as the delayed orgasm exploded upon her. Her key spun rapidly as one hand dove between her legs rubbing frantically, while the other grabbed one of her breasts pinching her nipple hard. She quickly took herself through two more orgasms -- those shrieks being only a little quieter than her first one.

Finally she slowed down enough to just be panting as she looked around for her pleasure giver. Spotting Anna, Katherine got up and gave her a big hug and deep sensual kiss without even asking. She then reached behind Anna and wound her up fully again. She held Anna tightly as Anna again shivered through a wind-up's pleasure of being fully wound and free.

Anna then kissed Katherine for that and wound her up fully again, giving Katherine another orgasm of her own. Not finished yet, Katherine then started to slide her hand between Anna's legs to return another form of pleasure when Anna noticed Bethany standing by the bed watching. Anna recalled that Michaela appeared still frozen as well, though she still didn't feel she could do anything there.

Anna looked into Katherine's lovely brown eyes and told her, "I'd probably enjoy all that attention from you, but I made a promise to Bethany I need to keep."

Katherine made her trademark sulk of disappointment, but then saw Michaela standing behind Anna. She remembered their earlier conversation and realized they had much in common. So as Anna headed over to Bethany, Katherine walked to the still frozen Michaela.

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