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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The realities of married life.

"Mmm," she whispered, "Yes, right there."

He moved his hands down her shoulders to her back and dug in with the palms of his hands, and she let out a deep groan.

"Oh, you found it, that's the spot."

He felt the knot of muscle beneath his hands and pressed in with his thumbs. As he slowly moved them back and forth he could feel the knot popping and snapping beneath her soft skin.

"Oh... my... oh... God... feels so... Ouch! Too much!" she cried.

He laughed, "Sorry. I'll move lower."

He kneaded her lower back, then her tailbone, and then took two handfuls of her ass and ground them apart and then together, up and then down.

She groaned again, gasped, and then sighed, "Oh, nice. Very good."

She wiggled then and pushed him off so she could roll over. "I think my front side needs some attention," she said with a cute pout in her voice.

He grinned and leaned over to kiss her. "Me too."

His touch was light this time, starting with her eyes and her ears, he traced delicate lines on her skin moving out, down her neck to her shoulders and her collar bone.

Just as he was moving slowly toward her breast, swirling around, heading uphill toward a pink, erect nipple, the door rattled.

"Mom!" said a voice on the other side, "Andy won't let me use the computer!"

She started to speak, but the door rattled again, and the child on the other side started kicking it.

"Mom! Are you in there! Let me in!"

"Damn it!" she whispered, "She's going to wake up the baby! Do something!"

He reached down and pulled a pair of shorts on and opened the door a crack to whisper, "Alicia, stop kicking the damn door! Baby Carly is asleep in here!"

"Oh, sorry Dad."

"Why don't you go play outside?" he asks, the child.

"I don't want to play outside. I was playing on the computer and had to go to the bathroom, and while I was gone STUPID Andy took my place. He ruined everything!"

"Shhhh!" he whispered. "Quiet down. Stop yelling."


"Alicia, go do something else. Go watch TV, go play with your dolls or whatever. Just go do something else for fifteen minutes, and then I'll come help you play on the computer again."

The child sighed dramatically and then said, "Ok, fine. I guess."

"Thank you. Now go! I'll be out in a couple minutes."


He closed the door and locked it, then pulled his shorts off and stared at his limp penis.

"Not fair," he said.

"Come here and I'll fix it," she said.

He walked to the bed and she grasped him in her hands gently. "Poor baby is all small and wrinkly. Maybe I should kiss it and make it all better."

"Mmm," he groaned as she took his rapidly expanding cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked his shaft, slurping slightly and making the head pop when she pulled it from her mouth.

"Oh, yes baby! Oh, that's it," he said.

She pulled off him to say, "Shh. Keep it quiet or you're the one that's going to wake up the baby."

He nodded as he joined her on the bed. They cuddled and snuggled together, enjoying the feel of their skin moving and sliding against each other. He grasped a breast with his hand and squeezed, milking her up till she squirted a fine, milky spray up into the air.

She gasped at the sensation and said, "Don't let it go to waste, young man."

"My thoughts exactly," he said, and clamped his lips over her nipple. He sucked and felt his mouth fill with the warm, sweet taste of her milk. He felt his cock stiffen and throb against her leg as he swallowed.

"Oh God, you're so sexy," he gasped, and then latched onto her other breast and gulped the milk down.

She writhed under him, squirming and stretching. "Oh, I'm close."

He grinned up at her as he sucked, and then the door rattled again.

"Dad! Hey Dad, can I come in?"

"No!" He whispered. "Baby Carly is asleep. Stop banging on the door!"

"Dad, can I have a sandwich?"

"Yes, fine. Now be quiet please."

"Ok, thanks"

He looked at her, and she looked at him and they both sighed.

"You wilted again," she said.


The door rattled again, and a small head thumped into it.

"Dad!" said the voice outside the door. "Andy's getting into the pantry!"

"Damnit Alicia, I told him he could. He's making a sandwich."

"Oh. Um, can I have one too?"

"Fine! Just quit knocking on the door. You'll wake up the baby."


Then there was a squeak from the crib. The baby coughed, then rolled over and whimpered.

He held his breath, and she grimaced and held as still as possible.

More silence.

"Are we safe?" he whispered.

She shook her head. "Little longer," she mouthed.

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