Juicy Jules... My MSN Buddy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, BBW,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - the first time i met my MSN fuck buddy. Juicy Jules.

I first met Julie in a chat room called Face Party, and we added each other to MSN messenger after just a few days. We chatted a few times but nothing too risqué or too adult. We chatted about the weather, books, music, life, all sorts of crap really. Then one night, perhaps two or three months after we started talking, Julie came online early one night. I could tell straight away that she was out of sorts; you know when you just get that feeling about someone.

She was much quieter than normal, less chatty, and more than a little subdued. It took a while for me to drag the truth out of her. It turned out she had been on a date and then back to the bloke’s flat. It seemed she had been able to sort out this chap’s needs but he had not been able to help her out and she had faked it. I tried to explain to her that sometimes these things happen and that faking it occasionally was not a real crime.

In the instant, something changed in our relationship. She asked if I would mind calling her. We had never talked on the phone but she sent her mobile number in a text message and said she would go up to her bedroom so her kids could not hear her on the phone.

I gave her five minutes before ringing. She was a bit cagey at first, and then she started to blurt out the whole story. She had been married for years and her husband had never given her any pleasure; he had used her but had never seen to her needs, so she had always faked it. Then after they had divorced, she had been involved in a string of one night stands and brief relationships, yet she still had not found a man that could give her the ultimate thrill - she could not find the man to give her very first orgasm.

I tried to console her and tried to make all the right noises but she was adamant that it was her fault and that she was just a crappy lover and not sexy enough for any man to make the effort. Now I had seen her picture and, I promise you, she was a babe. She was good looking with a great smile, sexy eyes, and big boobs. What more could a man want or need!

We chatted for an hour or more but no matter what I said she would not believe me when I said it was the guys’ fault, not hers. She just got tetchy and upset and then cut me off. When I tried to call her back, she had switched off her telephone. I tried to call her back several times that evening and the following day but she never answered my calls and did not appear online. It was a few days before I heard back from her. I was sitting at work on a Friday afternoon when my phone buzzed indicating the arrival of a text message. It simply read “Sorry x. Jules”

I replied, “No problem — hope you are okay.”

“Nothing decent shag would not cure ... lol” was sent back.

I replied with, “well, if I can help in any way let me know, okay?”

I got home about sixish and threw a ready meal in the microwave oven. I poured myself a glass of wine and switched on my laptop. As soon as it booted up, I signed into MSN messenger. Jules sent me a message as soon as she saw me. We chatted as I ate my ready meal. She was obviously still very upset but I tried to console her as best I could.

She just kept asking me what was wrong with her. Why could she not reach fulfilment with a guy? I told her that the right person would know which buttons to press and in which order to press them. She told me she had to go offline for an hour but would see me later. She did not re-appear until the after ten o’clock. We started to chat.

Jules, did you mean what you said about the right guy knowing the right buttons?

Me: Yes, some men have the right touch some do not Jules: what do you mean?

Me: well some blokes know what is where and what does it for the woman.

Jules: and some men do not.

Me: yes and some men do not Jules: and do you think you do then lover boy Me: I have a very educated and active tongue LOL Jules: that’s what they all the men say LOL Me: I do not make hollow promises Jules: so do you think you could change my fortune then Me: Its guaranteed babe guaranteed Jules: that sounds like a threat to me LOL Me: Oh, no it is a promise, Julie Jules: yeah yeah yeah all the guys make that promise but I have yet to find one that can make the grade and keep his promise Me: I tell you what, give me a chance just one chance, if I succeed you buy dinner if I do not I buy, how about it.

Jules: well babe perhaps one day I will but for now, I have to get some sleep. Good night you xoxoxo I was having a lazy Saturday afternoon doing bugger all, to be honest, just surfing, and chilling. Messenger announced the arrival of an email. It was from Jules. It read: Hi, Zak The kids are at their dad’s and I am horny as fuck; just wondered if you fancy trying to break my losing streak. However, you have to honour your promise to either make me cum or buy me dinner! Let me know if you fancy it.

Love, Jules I replied immediately letting her know I was up for it. She replied with her address, which I looked up in my map book. I sent her an email back telling her I would be about an hour and to text my mobile phone if she changed her mind.

I shaved both my face and balls. I do love having my balls sucked and find that women prefer a nice smooth scrotum to suck. When my cock and balls were tidied up, I jumped into the shower, making sure I was as clean as a new pin. The drive over to her house was shit; I guess I must have been stopped by every red traffic light.

Then as I checked the map to make sure I knew exactly where I was, my phone beeped announcing the arrival of a text message. Shit, I thought to myself, she has changed her mind but it was just a message telling to bring wine, preferably white. I pulled into a local supermarket and grabbed a couple of bottles of wine and some flowers.

I parked on the road and hesitantly walked up to her front door. Jules opened it before I had a chance to knock. I handed her the flowers with a cheery hello and I walked into the hall. We kissed cheeks. She smelt divine. July was a big girl, I guessed at dress size 18 perhaps 20, with dark hair, a huge smile, and sexy brown eyes.

She was dressed in a loose peasant style skirt and blouse, the blouse doing little to hide her enormous boobs. The top two or three buttons were undone, giving me plenty of freckled cleavage to look at. She led me into her kitchen. I watched that big sexy butt swaying as I followed her. Fuck, I wanted her so badly.

I uncorked the wine as we chatted. We talked about my trip over and discussed the wine. It was total trivia really. The conversation stopped eventually and we both sat facing each other sipping our wine. It took a few minutes before our eyes met. I smiled at her and she smiled at me.

“So when do you want to eat?” I asked after a few moments.

“Zak, I really don’t know how to say this without sounding like a complete slapper but I really am as horny as a bag full or rabbits and you promised me an orgasm, or are you backing out of the deal?”

Jules looked like she was going to cry. I stood up and walked around to her side of the table. I took her hands in mine and pulled her to her feet. We stood face to face for a second or two before I leaned forward and kissed her ruby red lips.

She kissed me back, our bodies moulded together as we kissed; our tongues were fighting each other. She tasted so sweet and her lips felt good against mine. We kissed like long lost lovers. My hands reached down cupping her ample but firm arse, gripping her buttocks with my fingertips. Her hand grabbed the back of my head pulling me tighter into her kiss.

We kissed for what seemed like ages until Julie slipped away from me and grabbed both of the glasses.

“Grab the bottle and switch off the light,” she instructed her voice barely audible. I followed her upstairs admiring that big bouncy bum. She led me into her bedroom, a room that was dominated by a large four-poster bed complete with canopy, and side drapes. The bedside lamps were dim, casting the room with eerie shadows. I placed the bottle of wine and the glasses on a bedside table, and then we stood and faced each other.

I kicked off my shoes and moved close to her gazing into her gorgeous eyes - eyes like deep pools of blue.

“Julie, are you sure this is what you want? “I asked.

She was hesitant for a few seconds, then nodded and replied, “Zak, I want you to give me something no other guy has. I want you to prove it’s not my fault. Do whatever you need to do to make me cum. Use me, abuse me, but please make me scream out your name. I need this so fucking badly.”

I placed a finger to her lips to silence her, then taking her hand I swung her around so that her back was facing me. I kissed her neck, my hands reaching around, cupping and fondling her amazing boobs through her blouse. Her hands covered mine as I kissed her earlobes and the nape of her neck, licking, sucking, and biting. After a few moments, which I gave Julie to decide if she wanted me to stop, my hands dropped from her boobs and slid to her waist; at the same instant, I dropped to my knees.

Her skirt was held up with a zip at the back; slowly I unzipped it. The skirt fell almost parachute-like to the floor. She had on stockings - hold ups, to be precise. They were dark black with lacy tops around her white thighs. Her buttocks were white except for a strawberry shaped birthmark. I kissed first one buttock then the other before my tongue traced the route of the g-string that slid between her sexy bum cheeks. Jules stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside.

Julie was now standing with her legs apart, leaning on the edge of the footboard that ran along the base of the bed. I slid my thumbs into the waistband of the g-string and slowly slipped it down over her thighs, all the time kissing, and nibbling her buttocks. Jules gasped. I started to kiss her buttocks softly allowing her time to ask me to stop. Luckily, she did not. She just groaned in appreciation.

The g-string dropped down to her knees and she stepped out of it. I grabbed it, holding the gusset to my face, smelling her sweetness, smelling her excitement. I tossed it into a dark corner of the room and, still kneeling behind her, I started to lick the backs of her knees, running my tongue in circles. First one knee then the other, slowly I kissed and licked all the way up the back of her left thigh, then the right, finishing my gently sinking my teeth into the soft warm flesh of her ample bum.

I could hear her breathing and I sensed her nervousness. I started to use my hands to massage the flesh of her bum, steadily massaging, my fingers sliding across the flesh. My fingers were gripping, fondling, and caressing the soft firm skin. I dug my fingers into her flesh and pulled her buttocks apart, her little pink puckered asshole directly in front of my face. I kissed it before running my tongue around its circumference.

I lapped at it, my fingers caressing her bum cheeks as I tongued her sexy asshole. At first, she tried to pull away but after I had lapped at her for a few seconds, she was driving herself back onto my tongue. It took seconds before she was breathing heavily, almost panting. I pulled my face from her ass.

“Julie, can you hold your buttocks apart for me please, sweetheart?”

She leaned forward, resting her body on the bed before her hands reached around pulling her cheeks apart even wider than I had. I knelt down again and started to kiss her arse, trying to force my tongue into her tiny puckered asshole, almost French kissing it. At the same time, I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. My fingers slid over her plump soft pussy. I stroked my fingers over her mons, exploring and stroking.

Julies cunt was completely shaven - freshly shaven, I guessed - and she was, as they say, as smooth as a baby’s bum. I stroked her pussy, running my fingers down her thick lips. She already was quite wet. I slipped a digit inside her. She was velvety soft, warm to the touch and wet. I removed my finger and sucked her juices from it noisily, and she tasted fresh, tangy, and very tasty.

“Did you just do what I think you did?” I heard her say amongst the groans of pleasure emanating from her.

I thrust two fingers deep inside her tight warm pussy, causing her to gasp. I then stroked them around her sexy warm damp pussy, before I sucked them clean again. She was indeed very tasty. I returned my fingers, three this time, and started to slowly, firmly finger fuck her quim. At the same time, the tip of my tongue stroked her puckered asshole. Julie was starting to sway and moan a little louder. She was obviously enjoying it as much as I was.

I called for to open her buttocks wider. She did as I requested and her asshole gaped open a little. I was able to shove about three millimetres of my tongue inside her; she bucked her ass as I started to gently tongue fuck it. All the time my fingers stroked in and out of her puss, she was excited, I could tell, if not from her guttural noises then by the juiciness of her pussy. I moved my fingers into her soft tight cunt; I stroked them up and down, gently, and softly. Every movement brought a moan or a murmur of appreciation from my big sexy lover.

The squelching noise as I fingered Julie’s cunt was amazingly sexy. Her hips started squirming and rotating in little circles, moving against my fingers. I could not believe how wet her pussy was becoming; my fingers and wrist were already drenched in her hot sweet nectar. I started driving deeper and harder into her juicy pussy; Julie was breathing harder now and groaning for me not to stop. She moaned louder, and thrust her hips against my hand, rotating them and thrusting with an almost frenzied action.

Then she exploded, her pussy muscles clamped down onto my hand and her body spasmed. Her groaning was so loud I thought it would wake the neighbours. She cried out to God and then for Jesus and for a while her whole body visibly shook with passion. Once her orgasm had swept through her body, Julie slowly slid to her knees at the foot of the bed.

I let her settle down, which I judged by the pattern her breathing. Once I had waited for her to come back to earth, I then lifted her and sat her on the edge of the bed. I quickly stripped off, throwing my clothes to the floor. I knelt before her, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and massaged her big tits through her lacy bra. Julie’s nipples stood out like wine bottle corks.

I unclipped the front clasp and took off her lacy bra. Her breasts sagged a little, but they were magnificent. The skin was pale white, firm and silky to the touch. I reached out and cupped her big boobs with my hands, holding each one and gently squeezing it. I slid my hands under her huge melons and weighed them. They were so heavy; I fondled and caressed her tits for ages. Julie was leaning back and groaning as my fingers covered every inch of her glorious breast flesh.

I rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. They grew beneath my touch and a low groan emerged from Julie’s lips. I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, and she was biting her bottom lip. Her face was a picture of concentration.

I lowered my mouth to her big soft boob and licked my tongue across the pebbly surface of her hard nipple and its surrounding ring of brownish coloured areola. Jules arched her back a little, pushing her breast up to my mouth. I reacted by opening my mouth to its widest and sucking in as much of her soft warm tit flesh as possible. While I concentrated on one tit, Jules was fondling the other. I love it when a bird strokes her own tits - gosh, it is so sexy.

I sucked and slurped on her nipples, stroking my tongue all around their surface. While I massaged and sucked her breast, my other hand explored the lower portion of Julie’s body. I moved the tips of my fingers in soft circles over the gentle curve of her belly, moving them progressively downward with each stroke. My fingers found the indentation signalling the beginning of her pussy. Julie facilitated my explorations by spreading her legs even further. Eagerly accepting such a generous invitation, my fingers delved between her inner lips and into the warm wet opening. I stroked my fingers down into the depths of her pussy.

I moved my finger inside her, pushing into and then withdrawing from the tight clasp of her vagina. At the same time, I sucked vigorously on one of her big rubbery nipples, biting it, chewing on it. Sliding one finger from her, I slid two back in and stroked them back and forth, slowly but firmly finger fucking her tight juicy cunt. I started to slide them in a little faster and a little harder.

I had my fingers - four fingers at this point - all the way into Julie’s tight warm pussy, stroking in and out with long deep strokes. Julie had her eyes closed and her mouth open, grunting and groaning. Her hips were gently pushing up against my hand, matching each of my inward thrusts with one of her upward ones. I felt Julie’s pussy clamping down on my fingers and she let off a deep long sigh, at the same time her pussy flooded with slick hot love juice.

I dipped my face between Julie’s legs and ran my tongue over her thick juicy love lips, before using one hand to open her wide and slipping my tongue into her. She moaned as my tongue touched her clit and moved down to lick her wet pussy lips. I licked and sucked at her wet cunt, the tip of my tongue rasped over her clit, making her groan. I ran my tongue around it, over it, lapping at it. Her love bud was almost throbbing at the touch of my tongue.

I lashed at it, every broad sweep of my tongue bringing forth a groan: groans of pain, groans of pleasure, and groans of lust. Whatever they were, they were groans and long low slow groans at that. I spent ages munching on her clitoris before I felt Jules pushing at the back of my head, pushing me down toward her wet and warm sex. I headed south, all the time kissing, licking, and nibbling. By this time, Jules was thrashing around on the edge of the bed with wanton abandon.

Soon my face was pressed hard against her as I tongued her pussy; I thrust my rolled up, rigid tongue in and out of her hot twat. Her hot juices covered my face and dripped from my chin; she was literally flooding as I munched on her. I ate her with abandon, lapping at her, sucking on her lust-thickened labia, drinking up her tasty nectar. I ran a finger up around her asshole; an asshole already soaked with her juices, and circled it, playing with it as my tongue explored her soaking pussy.

I felt a hand on the back of my head pulling me into her; I sensed she was close to coming so I licked wildly at her clit, running my tongue around it, lashing at it, and sucking on it. As I sucked on her clit my fingers plunged back into her oozing love juice flooded pussy, I thrust my fingers into her hard and deep. I felt her body stiffen and rock, then she screamed loudly.

“Fuck, oh, fuck, yes,” Julie’s voice was distorted with pleasure. “Fuck, yes, you fucking bastard!”

I could feel the walls of her pussy clamping and release on my fingers, fingers that were pumping into her juicy warm pussy. Her muscle control was amazing. Faster and faster, I rammed my fingers into her. Her body started to shake with lust and passion, her groans drowned out everything else. I had trouble keeping my tongue and lips on her pussy as she thrashed around on the bed.

I could feel the heat and smell the excitement emanating from her pussy. I kept up my finger fucking as the tip of my tongue licked and stroked her clit. Then I felt her body try to rise up from the bed; at the same time she cried out, and her body was rocked orgasmic with spasms. Once she was in full flow, I knelt back on my haunches and watched as Julie’s body rode the crest of the emotional wave of pleasure.

Her chest heaved and her breath gushed from her body. I could hear Julie muttering but could not decipher her words. Her body seemed to quiver and shake with wild abandon. I watched with bated breath as Julie rode out the storm. Her body was flushed with heat and the excitement. After a few moments, I grabbed my glass of wine and lay down on the bed beside her.

Eventually, Julie looked up at me; her eyes were moist with tears. She moved up and snuggled up to me. I held her tight, feeling her body rock in my arms as she cried tears of joy. I enjoyed the feeling of her voluptuous warm body against mine. We lay for quite a while, and then Julie looked up at me before she kissed my lips, kissed my chin, kissed my cheeks, tasting herself on my skin. As her lips moved around to my ear, she whispered to me.

“Thank you so much, Zak. That was truly amazing.” Which, guys, was great for the old ego, let me tell you!

She ran a line of kisses down under my chin to the other ear.

“My God, I have never felt so satisfied in my life,” she sighed.

Her lips brushed down over my chin, kissing and licking my neck. I felt the tip of her tongue running in circles around my nipples, her lips sucked eagerly and noisily on them. Her hands caressed and stroked my skin as she headed south. By the time I felt her breath on the taut skin of my cock, I was as hard as a rock. I felt the tip of one finger trace a circle around my helmet, then down the length of my cock.

I watched as her tongue darted out and lapped at the pool of pre-cum that gathered on my throbbing mushroom shaped helmet. She looked up at me, before licking her lips, and then she slipped her mouth over the end of my cock. She went for broke, immediately taking me all the way in; now I am not the biggest of guys but I guessed even if I had been she was easily capable of deep throating me. As Julie’s lips dragged up and down my dick, one hand caressed my freshly shaved ball bag as she tried to suck the cum straight from my balls. Her mouth took me to new heights of pleasure.

She was one expert cocksucker. She took me slowly in and out of her mouth, her lips and tongue felt like butterfly’s dancing over my dick. Her touch was feather-like. Jules was kneeling at my waist giving me easy access to her ass and pussy. I stroked her and fondled her while she sucked on my rock hard knob. I reached out, sliding a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

She lips were slowly, very slowly, dragging up and down my saliva coated cock, all the time her tongue danced over it. Her fingers fondled and cupped my ever-tightening balls. Every now and then, they would drift down over the soft sensitive skin below my bollocks and tease their way toward my arsehole. Her head bobbed up and down to the rhythm of my fingers in her twat. As my fingers drove into her, her head went down and, when I pulled them out, her head came up.

I played her like an instrument, making her bob up and down on my cock faster until I thought I was going to blow, and then I slowed her down, my fingers dictating the pace. Deeper and harder I pushed them into her cunt. She called for more fingers so I slid in three. She gasped and asked for more, I slid in four fingers, she gasped and groaned as my fingers entered her, stroking in and out, deeper and harder.

Julie was sucking my dick, licking it with gusto, and I was enjoying every second. If I wanted to take it easy, it was beyond my control as this woman could sure suck cock. Her nails scraping my balls sending electric shocks running through my body, she pulled my cock from her mouth and stroked its taut red angry skin against the soft skin of her cheek. Her lips ran down the length of my knob and over my balls, licking, kissing, and sucking.

Julie licked my balls and then sucked each one in turn into her mouth. All the time her hand stroked up and down the length of my throbbing cock. Her hands gently pulled my legs apart and licked down over my balls and I felt the tip of her tongue lapping at the crack of my ass, then move back up over my balls. Julie’s lips were soft as they went around my rock hard cock shaft. Her fingers were holding the very bottom of its shaft in place, and rapidly she bobbed her head up and down my cock. I looked down, watching as that gorgeous woman blew me.

As her lips dragged up and down over my cock - my swelling, twitching cock - her eyes met mine and they locked as Julie sucked me off. My hips started to thrust in time to Julie’s bobbing. I knew I would not last long, and I warned Julie, but she just kept sucking, all the time massaging and fondling my cum filled ball bag. I knew I was about to cum so I grabbed Julie’s head and used my hands to keep the tempo up. I grunted and groaned as my cock jerked in Julie’s mouth and my cum shot deep into her mouth, long strings of jizz.

Julie swallowed hard but my balls were full and I noticed traces of my cum seeping out of the corners of her mouth. She let my knob drop from her mouth and licked her lips. Then she licked and lapped at my cock, thoroughly cleaning every trace of my sticky cum from my penis.

Once Julie had finished cleaning me up she flopped back onto the bed, but I had other ideas. My pole was still hard and I wanted to fuck her. I got up and walked to the base of the bed. I knelt down between Julie’s legs and edged my way up to where my cock could brush against her wet pussy, grasping the rigid rod at its base. I ran it up and down Julie’s warm wet pussy. I looked up at Julie, and she was watching me, her eyes wide open.

I stoked my helmet up and down her lust-thickened lips and rubbed the crown of my cock over her sensitive clit. This caused Julie to moan out loudly. I probed down until I found the right place and gently nudged the head into Julie until it penetrated her pussy about an inch. I put my hands down alongside Julie and lay my stomach against hers, slowly and gently pushing my cock into her cunt. Gradually, inch-by-inch, my dick penetrated Julie’s body. Soon I was all the way inside her, my cock completely buried to the hilt in her tight velvety pussy.

She reached up and pulled me down against her breasts. I pulled my cock out until only the helmet was left inside, and then slowly pushed it back into her. I leaned down and kissed her ruby red lips thrusting my tongue into her mouth. I continued my slow thrusts in and out of Julie’s warm pussy and each stroke brought a groan from her lips.

Julie soon matched my strokes; I pounded my cock furiously in and out of her warm wet pussy. I could feel the warmth of her juices. I took my time, enjoying the sensations as my dick slid in and out, in and out of her cunt. She was so tight and had great muscle control. I could feel my cock being massaged, as it wandered in and out of her velvety vice-like pussy.

Soon I was on the brink of my own orgasm and I drove my cock in and out of Julie’s tight cunt, moving as fast as I could make the hips go. Julie was gripping my back, her grasp becoming tighter with each stroke, her nails digging into my flesh. She drove her hips up against each of my thrusts, and soon our movements became frenzied. The room was now filled with the sounds of sex, grunting, groaning, and flesh slapping against flesh.

I could feel her pussy tighten down on my cock like a clamp, clutching it within its warm grasp. Her eyes grew wide and with a scream, she plunged over the edge. Julie’s intense orgasm drove me over the edge and I pumped my hot seed into her pussy. Our bodies shook against each other and tension seeped from both of us as the bedroom was filled with panting and groaning. I cried out Julie’s name and heard her call out to me; the room was alive with the electricity of sex.

I did not come back to my senses until a few minutes later and by this time I was laying on my back, and Julie was lying beside me. I could hear her breathing deeply.

“So was that okay for you, babe?” I asked and all I could hear was Julie laughing.

“So I guess dinner is on me then,” she laughed.

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