June - My Girlfriends Mother

by Zak

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Desc: True Sex Story: This is a true story about me and June- my girlfriend's mother. It was a one off, mores the pity!

It was the summer of 1990 and I was just 23 years old; I had started to date a girl that I had worked with about three months before. I was a barman at a big city centre pub and she worked in the bar and sometimes helped in the kitchen. Her name was Ann but I liked to call her Annie. She was a little younger than me, with a shocking mane of blonde curly hair, big blue eyes and great tits, big and firm. At first, our relationship was just a bit of fun, getting a blowjob or the odd quick shag in the back of the car when I dropped her home. She was living with her parents so there was no way of getting any fun back at her place.

Her dad, Freddy, used to be a pub landlord; he was older than Annie's mom by twenty years and had taken retirement the year before I met Annie. I had been going around to their house for Sunday lunch for a few weeks and never thought about June in any way other than as my girl friend's mother. She cooked a mean Sunday roast and was good company. I got the feeling that retirement suited Freddy more than it did June.

One Sunday, after we had finished lunch, they asked if they could have a chat with us both. Frankly, I was little worried in case they were going to try to have a "let's start planning the wedding" type chat. Their proposal came as a bit of a shock to us both, to be honest.

June had become bored and had decided that she wanted a little pub of her own to run. She had always helped Freddy manage his places and wanted a shot of running her own. She had helped Freddy to run city centre pubs but had decided she wanted a little country pub, the type that did food and real ales. As she once told me, she was 49 and not over the hill, and it was far too early for her to retire.

They asked, if she took over a pub, would we both like to work for her and help to run it. Annie and I looked at each other and agreed yes, it would be good fun. To be honest, my main thought was we would have to live on site in the pub's flat and share a bed. Cuddling up with my big boobed blonde babe every night was the clincher in the deal for me.

June and Freddy took a trip out one day and came back with some pictures and information on a pub they felt was ideal. A month later, we had moved into a pub in a small country village. To my instant dismay, Annie and I had separate rooms and mine was next to her mom and dad's so there was no slipping down to her room after lights out for a bit of slap n' tickle. The work was fairly easy, not too busy but too quiet. The wages were good and to be honest I was thinking of living there for a while, saving a few quid and then going travelling.

The pub ticked over nicely. I looked after the bar and Annie and June looked after the food side and helped me with the bar once they stopped serving food. Freddy mostly stayed out of the way. I think he had only agreed to buy the place to keep June happy. It was only after I had been living with the family for a few weeks that I started to notice what a foxy lady June was. She was a good looking lady, twenty five years my senior, but, to put it simply, she oozed sex appeal. How had I not noticed before? I think she was a cougar before cougars were invented.

Let me paint you a picture. June was about five foot, perhaps five foot two, with blonde curly hair, nicely put together, a nice bouncy fleshy bum, biggish boobs, perhaps a 44EE or maybe 48EE cup. Her smile would light up any room and her eyes shone bright blue.

She always dressed in a nice blouse and skirt and all the men in the pub gave her more than a lingering look. Many mornings I would meet her in the kitchen making coffee; at first, she would be wearing a very short towelling bathrobe, showing off her shapely legs, but Freddy caught me admiring her legs one morning and after that, the bathrobe changed to an ankle length model.

I first noticed just how really sexy she was one evening in early March, when the bar was very quiet. Annie had gone upstairs with a head ache. Her dad was also upstairs, and I guessed he would be asleep in front of the TV. This was his favourite pastime.

I had only a dozen customers in the place. June had finished in the kitchen for the evening. Her usual routine was to head up to the flat and freshen up before helping me in the bar. This particular night, after she had freshened up, she took a seat in the bar. She was trying to catch up on a mountain of paper work that the pub seemed to generate. I poured her a drink and sat beside her. She smelt absolutely divine. We ploughed through the paper work together. Every now and then our thighs would touch each other, and I could smell her divine perfume and my cock was throbbing like mad.

After last orders, she helped me to tidy up the bar and then we sat and had a nightcap together. We chatted about how the pub was doing - well, she chatted and I tried to get a better view of her ample freckled cleavage. Was she aware? At the time I thought not; when I look back now, of course she was. The smell of her perfume and the stolen glimpses down her cleavage had created a desire in me, a desire that would be more than obvious if I stood up!

When she finished her drink she touched me on the shoulder, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, thanked me for my help and headed off to bed. I watched as her ample arse swayed toward the door to the upstairs flat. I was as horny as fuck so I went to bed and sorted myself out. Thank god for madam palm and her five daughters.

The following day June and Freddy announced they were going out that afternoon and would not be back until opening time that evening.

As soon as we finished the lunch time service I told Annie I had a need, she giggled and told me we had to be quick in case her folks came back early. We did not make love, we simply fucked. There was little foreplay; we stripped and I took her from behind, her favourite position. Even though it was Annie's body I was using, in my mind I was fucking her mom. I grabbed her hips and drove my dick into her hot box, all the time thinking how nice it would be to be inside June. I came just after Annie and ten minutes later her folks arrived home. My cock was still covered in her daughters cum as I served June a cup of tea.

The next morning after breakfast Freddy asked a favour. June had to go to the city to see a police licensing board the following day. It was a formality he told me. She was running the pub on a temporary licence and had to sit before the police board to gain her full licence. As he put it, it was a bloody formality but it would take all day. He suggested that he should run the bar with Annie, so that I could I drive June into the city, wait for her and bring her back, because June did not like driving in the dark. Well, I thought to myself, if I take a good book at least I would not be bored.

So at crack of dawn the following day, I got their car from that garage and drove around to the pub's front door to collect June. She was dressed up to the nines. A black business suit, black high heel shoes, and hair in a pony tail, and smelling as sweet as any woman ever had.

The drive into the city was painful. Her perfume filled the car and that, combined with the close proximity to such a sexy lady, was making my cock stir in my jeans. We chatted about this and that and I kept stealing glances at her, and I was sure she may have stolen the odd glance at me. We found the police station and I got out to open the door for June, grabbing an eyeful of her legs, encased in black nylons. I wished her luck and she rewarded me with a kiss on the cheek. I watched her sexy arse all the way to the door. She must have sensed it because, as she opened the door to the police station, she tossed her hair and took a glance back at me. She had the most amazing smile.

I sat back in the car, pushed the seat back and started on the book I had brought to while away the hours it would take for the interview.

The car door opening startled me. June dropped herself in the seat beside me. I looked at my watch wondering if I had been sleeping. She had only been gone half an hour.

"Is everything okay?" I enquired worried she had been turned down,

"Yes Zak, everything is fine; passed with flying colours," she laughed. "The inspector in charge of the board knew me from the old days and said it was no problem, gave me my full licence without many questions."

"So straight back to the pub is it?" I said starting the car and pulling out of the car park.

"No, I tell you what. As we are not due back until this evening, I want to go and check that our old house is okay." She smiled. "We have not been back there for a few of weeks and there may be post there for us."

I did a quick u-turn and headed off toward their house. They had decided not to sell it or rent it out until they were sure the pub venture was going to take off. So half an hour later I pulled into the driveway of their house. Once inside June started to check around the place. She put the hot water heater on and asked if I would go to the corner shop for some milk.

"Well we may as well have a cuppa while we are here," she said with a smile. "It will do Freddy the world of good to do a day's work for a change instead of sitting around doing bugger all."

It only took me a few minutes to walk there and back. I made the coffee and opened a packet of chocolate bikkies. June was sitting at the kitchen table rummaging through some post. She stopped when I put the drink down. We chatted and sipped our drinks.

"So, is there anything you fancy doing with your extra day off?" She smiled, a glint in her eye. Looking back, I was more than a little naïve in those days.

"No, not really," I replied, unsure what she actually meant.

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