June - My Girlfriends Mother

by Zak

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, InLaws, Oral Sex, Petting, BBW, .

Desc: True Sex Story: This is a true story about me and June- my girlfriend's mother. It was a one off, mores the pity!

It was the summer of 1990 and I was just 23 years old; I had started to date a girl that I had worked with about three months before. I was a barman at a big city centre pub and she worked in the bar and sometimes helped in the kitchen. Her name was Ann but I liked to call her Annie. She was a little younger than me, with a shocking mane of blonde curly hair, big blue eyes and great tits, big and firm. At first, our relationship was just a bit of fun, getting a blowjob or the odd quick shag in the back of the car when I dropped her home. She was living with her parents so there was no way of getting any fun back at her place.

Her dad, Freddy, used to be a pub landlord; he was older than Annie's mom by twenty years and had taken retirement the year before I met Annie. I had been going around to their house for Sunday lunch for a few weeks and never thought about June in any way other than as my girl friend's mother. She cooked a mean Sunday roast and was good company. I got the feeling that retirement suited Freddy more than it did June.

One Sunday, after we had finished lunch, they asked if they could have a chat with us both. Frankly, I was little worried in case they were going to try to have a "let's start planning the wedding" type chat. Their proposal came as a bit of a shock to us both, to be honest.

June had become bored and had decided that she wanted a little pub of her own to run. She had always helped Freddy manage his places and wanted a shot of running her own. She had helped Freddy to run city centre pubs but had decided she wanted a little country pub, the type that did food and real ales. As she once told me, she was 49 and not over the hill, and it was far too early for her to retire.

They asked, if she took over a pub, would we both like to work for her and help to run it. Annie and I looked at each other and agreed yes, it would be good fun. To be honest, my main thought was we would have to live on site in the pub's flat and share a bed. Cuddling up with my big boobed blonde babe every night was the clincher in the deal for me.

June and Freddy took a trip out one day and came back with some pictures and information on a pub they felt was ideal. A month later, we had moved into a pub in a small country village. To my instant dismay, Annie and I had separate rooms and mine was next to her mom and dad's so there was no slipping down to her room after lights out for a bit of slap n' tickle. The work was fairly easy, not too busy but too quiet. The wages were good and to be honest I was thinking of living there for a while, saving a few quid and then going travelling.

The pub ticked over nicely. I looked after the bar and Annie and June looked after the food side and helped me with the bar once they stopped serving food. Freddy mostly stayed out of the way. I think he had only agreed to buy the place to keep June happy. It was only after I had been living with the family for a few weeks that I started to notice what a foxy lady June was. She was a good looking lady, twenty five years my senior, but, to put it simply, she oozed sex appeal. How had I not noticed before? I think she was a cougar before cougars were invented.

Let me paint you a picture. June was about five foot, perhaps five foot two, with blonde curly hair, nicely put together, a nice bouncy fleshy bum, biggish boobs, perhaps a 44EE or maybe 48EE cup. Her smile would light up any room and her eyes shone bright blue.

She always dressed in a nice blouse and skirt and all the men in the pub gave her more than a lingering look. Many mornings I would meet her in the kitchen making coffee; at first, she would be wearing a very short towelling bathrobe, showing off her shapely legs, but Freddy caught me admiring her legs one morning and after that, the bathrobe changed to an ankle length model.

I first noticed just how really sexy she was one evening in early March, when the bar was very quiet. Annie had gone upstairs with a head ache. Her dad was also upstairs, and I guessed he would be asleep in front of the TV. This was his favourite pastime.

I had only a dozen customers in the place. June had finished in the kitchen for the evening. Her usual routine was to head up to the flat and freshen up before helping me in the bar. This particular night, after she had freshened up, she took a seat in the bar. She was trying to catch up on a mountain of paper work that the pub seemed to generate. I poured her a drink and sat beside her. She smelt absolutely divine. We ploughed through the paper work together. Every now and then our thighs would touch each other, and I could smell her divine perfume and my cock was throbbing like mad.

After last orders, she helped me to tidy up the bar and then we sat and had a nightcap together. We chatted about how the pub was doing - well, she chatted and I tried to get a better view of her ample freckled cleavage. Was she aware? At the time I thought not; when I look back now, of course she was. The smell of her perfume and the stolen glimpses down her cleavage had created a desire in me, a desire that would be more than obvious if I stood up!

When she finished her drink she touched me on the shoulder, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, thanked me for my help and headed off to bed. I watched as her ample arse swayed toward the door to the upstairs flat. I was as horny as fuck so I went to bed and sorted myself out. Thank god for madam palm and her five daughters.

The following day June and Freddy announced they were going out that afternoon and would not be back until opening time that evening.

As soon as we finished the lunch time service I told Annie I had a need, she giggled and told me we had to be quick in case her folks came back early. We did not make love, we simply fucked. There was little foreplay; we stripped and I took her from behind, her favourite position. Even though it was Annie's body I was using, in my mind I was fucking her mom. I grabbed her hips and drove my dick into her hot box, all the time thinking how nice it would be to be inside June. I came just after Annie and ten minutes later her folks arrived home. My cock was still covered in her daughters cum as I served June a cup of tea.

The next morning after breakfast Freddy asked a favour. June had to go to the city to see a police licensing board the following day. It was a formality he told me. She was running the pub on a temporary licence and had to sit before the police board to gain her full licence. As he put it, it was a bloody formality but it would take all day. He suggested that he should run the bar with Annie, so that I could I drive June into the city, wait for her and bring her back, because June did not like driving in the dark. Well, I thought to myself, if I take a good book at least I would not be bored.

So at crack of dawn the following day, I got their car from that garage and drove around to the pub's front door to collect June. She was dressed up to the nines. A black business suit, black high heel shoes, and hair in a pony tail, and smelling as sweet as any woman ever had.

The drive into the city was painful. Her perfume filled the car and that, combined with the close proximity to such a sexy lady, was making my cock stir in my jeans. We chatted about this and that and I kept stealing glances at her, and I was sure she may have stolen the odd glance at me. We found the police station and I got out to open the door for June, grabbing an eyeful of her legs, encased in black nylons. I wished her luck and she rewarded me with a kiss on the cheek. I watched her sexy arse all the way to the door. She must have sensed it because, as she opened the door to the police station, she tossed her hair and took a glance back at me. She had the most amazing smile.

I sat back in the car, pushed the seat back and started on the book I had brought to while away the hours it would take for the interview.

The car door opening startled me. June dropped herself in the seat beside me. I looked at my watch wondering if I had been sleeping. She had only been gone half an hour.

"Is everything okay?" I enquired worried she had been turned down,

"Yes Zak, everything is fine; passed with flying colours," she laughed. "The inspector in charge of the board knew me from the old days and said it was no problem, gave me my full licence without many questions."

"So straight back to the pub is it?" I said starting the car and pulling out of the car park.

"No, I tell you what. As we are not due back until this evening, I want to go and check that our old house is okay." She smiled. "We have not been back there for a few of weeks and there may be post there for us."

I did a quick u-turn and headed off toward their house. They had decided not to sell it or rent it out until they were sure the pub venture was going to take off. So half an hour later I pulled into the driveway of their house. Once inside June started to check around the place. She put the hot water heater on and asked if I would go to the corner shop for some milk.

"Well we may as well have a cuppa while we are here," she said with a smile. "It will do Freddy the world of good to do a day's work for a change instead of sitting around doing bugger all."

It only took me a few minutes to walk there and back. I made the coffee and opened a packet of chocolate bikkies. June was sitting at the kitchen table rummaging through some post. She stopped when I put the drink down. We chatted and sipped our drinks.

"So, is there anything you fancy doing with your extra day off?" She smiled, a glint in her eye. Looking back, I was more than a little naïve in those days.

"No, not really," I replied, unsure what she actually meant.

"Are you sure?" Her fingers stroked the back of my hand. "Anything at all?"

"Well, there is one thing. I would absolutely love a decent shower," I replied. "The one in the pub is a bit feeble."

"Sounds like a good idea." June smiled again. "Might do the same thing myself later. You know where the towels are love; help yourself."

"Okay, well, as you are busy, I will go first," and with that I was gone. Freddie and June's bathroom was luxurious to say the least and their shower was brilliant. One of those big power shower jobs. It produced lots of hot water and with lots of volume. I grabbed a couple of towels and stripped off, dumping my gear on the bed in what was Annie's room.

Once in the shower I turned up the water to full blast, basking in the steam. I soaped and rinsed and soaped and rinsed again. In the pub the shower was a mere trickle of lukewarm water, so this was a real treat. I must have been under the shower for half an hour or more when I heard the knock at the door. I turned off the water worried I have hogged it for far too long.

"Fancy another cuppa, Zak?" June called out.

"Yes, please," I called back. "I'll be straight out."

I heard June walking back down stairs as I dried myself off. I wrapped one of the big fluffy towels around my waist and padded back to Annie's room, pulling the door shut behind me.

I start to towel off, using the towel from my waist to dry my back.

"Nice butt, kiddo," I heard June laughing.

Shocked I turned but turned far too quickly, as luck would have it. It dawned on me a microsecond after I had turned when I saw June leaning on the door frame, coffee mug in hand. I was too late to stop her catching an eyeful but I dropped the towel to my crotch anyway. She laughed again, a deep raunchy laugh.

June moved into the room. Placing her coffee on the bedside table, she moved toward me a glint with in her eye.

"Well, I can see what my Annie sees in you - a nice tight bum and, from the glimpse I just got, a nice big cock too." She said in a sultry voice.

Her hands reached down to mine and I felt her take hold of the towel. I could hear her breathing inches from my face. Her face was flushed and her eyes shone with desire.

"Mind if I get another look?" she said looking directly into my in the eyes. I was dumbstruck. My mind told me to speak but my voice was lost inside me.

She pulled the towel away slowly. She looked down at my cock, and there was no way for me to hide what was beginning to happen; my cock was starting to get hard, swelling with lust. June's face and neck flushed bright red and she swallowed, catching her breath as her eyes gazed slowly back up my body, and back into my eyes. We locked gazes for at least a minute. I stood like a statue. Unable to say anything, or perhaps unsure what to say, I swallowed hard, waiting. My pulse was thundering and I was sure any second I would wake from this dream covered in sweat with a huge hard on.

"It's nice and big, isn't it? It's been a while since I have seen a nice big hard cock," June purred, her hand on my chest, pushing me back onto the bed.

She sat down next to me. I was dumbstruck, unsure what, if anything, I should do or say.

"Freddy hasn't been hard in over twenty years," she murmured, her hands stroking my inner thigh, her red painted fingernails grazing my skin.

"The only thrills I get these days are from leaning against the washing machine when it's on spin cycle," she giggled.

I watched as her fingers slipped up my thigh, before they traced a pattern over the taut skin of my hairless ball bag. My cock responded to her touch with a sudden jerk.

"Do you shave them, Zak?" she purred, as her fingers fondled and caressed my balls.

"Yes, I do, June. Annie likes them smooth," I said, my voice tight.

June's eyes were glued to my throbbing cock. It was swelling, and she watched as it grew in front of her eyes, growing almost at the will of her sensual touch. She asked me to move further onto the bed and I did as I was asked. She lay down, her head level with my balls, and her hands returned to their job. I could feel her hot breath on my cock. Those sexy red tipped fingers ran all over my balls and she watched almost silently as my cock swelled, twitched and bobbed before her very eyes. The only noise in the room was our combined breathing, both of us obviously excited by the events that were playing out.

I just lay there almost paralysed, trying to hold my breath, wondering if all of this was a dream and, when I realised it wasn't, wondering where it all would lead. I felt June's hand cup my heavy ball bag. I looked down and noticed she was looking up at me. As I watched, she dipped her index finger into the tiny pool of pre cum that had gathered on the tip of my cock. She rolled her finger around, covering it in the sticky fluid. Then slowly and deliberately she moved her finger to her ruby red lips. The tip of her tongue snaked out and she licked the clear sticky goo from her finger. She purred with delight and my heart missed a beat.

"My, oh my, Zak! A cute bum, a big cock and very tasty cum. My daughter is indeed a lucky girl," her voice little more than a whisper.

I watched as her tongue flicked out and lapped up all of the pre-cum that gathered at the tip of my knob. Her tongue swirled around like a lizard's. Lapping, licking, her hand gripped the base of my shaft and pulled my foreskin back, exposing my shiny helmet.

"If only she knew how it tasted," I replied. "Annie won't taste me."

"You're joking. That girl does not know what's good for her." June giggled. "Has she never taken you all the way, never swallowed your tasty seed, lover boy?"

"Not once," I groaned, feeling June's fingers stroking around the base of my cock.

"Well, I think it's time one of the ladies in this family gave you the blow job you deserve. Lie back and think of England, Zak, and when you want to shoot your load, just shoot, okay?" she said in voice thick with lust and desire.

June's hand slipped off my cock and drifted down over my balls. As she stroked and caressed my cock, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. When it stopped, I opened my eyes to see that June had stood up.

Immediately I thought to myself 'fuck, she has changed her mind' ... but she smiled at me and kicked off her shoes. She reached behind herself and seconds later, her skirt hit the floor. She was wearing a pair of skimpy black lacy undies and her legs were clad in sheer black stockings, held up by pencil thin black suspenders. Her black suspender belt was also lacy and matched her knickers. She started to unbutton her blouse slowly, deliberately, teasing, pausing after each button. All the time her eyes were locked on mine. The blouse was shrugged off and thrown onto a chair, leaving her in stockings, knickers and lacy black bra. She turned around slowly, giving me the full tour.

"Do you approve, Zak?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

I nodded my approval. I tried to speak but my voice seemed to have gone. I watched awestruck as her fingers moved to the clasp in the front of her bra. She pulled the cups away from her breasts with a very theatrical 'taa-daaa'. Now Annie had great tits, big and full and firm. June's - what can I say about them? - June's were bigger and fuller. Okay, they drooped a little but, by Christ, they were gorgeous. Her nipples were big, thick and berry brown. They screamed out to be tugged on, screamed out to be sucked, screamed out to be bitten.

"So, do you like the twins?" she asked.

She lifted her hands under her boobs, cupping them and giving her boobs a jiggle. They were divine. So full, so sexy. Her thumbs stroked over the tips of her nipples, making them grow to the size of wine bottle corks. June smiled down at me as she pinched her large, dark nipples playfully, and traced circles around her large, dark areolae. She fondled and stroked them as I watched. She was obviously proud of her boobs and rightly so. She stroked them and tweaked her nipples. As she did it, I watched, almost dribbling with excitement. June slipped a finger into her mouth and with a wet fingertip left a shiny pattern around her huge nipples. June slid her hands under her boobs, and held them out, presenting them to me.

"I have seen you trying to grab a glimpse of my boobs for a while now. Do they live up to your expectations?" she said with a giggle.

"I like them. I like them very much," I growled.

She gave a sexy wiggle and a giggle, and then slipped off the suspender belt and suspenders. Finally, her panties slid down her sexy legs, exposing her dark, hairy pussy in all its glory. She was such a sexy woman, her creamy thighs and supple hips looked inviting, and her wild, untamed bush was making my mouth water. Her boobs were beautiful, hanging proudly above her smooth, rounded belly. June was so beautiful. The sight of her big sexy body gave my cock an instant jerk. I could feel it begin to throb.

"Okay lover, let's give you the blow job you deserve, young man, a blowjob you will remember for the rest of your life," and with that she knelt on the bed, moving between my knees.

I looked into her face and she looked at me. With a wicked smile and a wink, she dipped her head and I felt her kissing and licking my ball sack. She used her hand to manoeuvre it, making sure her tongue missed not one tiny bit. She kissed each ball; she sucked them; she licked them; her tongue covered every single millimetre of my scrotum flesh. Then she took my balls into her mouth. She sucked first one into her hot mouth, then the other. Her tongue traced patterns all over the taut smooth skin. She licked them with long slow sweeps of her broad tongue. I was in heaven. She moved my sack to one side and slid her tongue into the channel between my balls and thigh. As she licked along it her downy cheeks rubbed over my balls and thighs driving me wild.

"Wow, I have never sucked on a pair of shaven balls, and it's very nice," she said before dipping her head back between my thighs.

My hands grabbed the bedspread, willing this not to stop. June pushed my legs wide open. I raised my knees to give her better access. Her tongue licked up and down the area between my arse and my balls. Her fingers wrapped around the base of my cock, not stroking but just holding it. June's mouth smothered my balls. Her kisses were like butterfly touches all over my sensitive skin. She kissed, she licked, and she sucked. Me? Well, I just lay back and enjoyed the roller-coaster ride. I was in heaven, as every new touch and every new sensation drew a gasp from my lips, and every gasp drew a giggle from June. She just kept commenting.

"Nice! You like? Want more?" It sounded like the script from a cheap 70s porno movie and my answers were usually mumbled - "Yes!" "Oh, god!" and the like.

June's tongue ran all over my balls and then she licked all the way up the length of my cock. By now, she was kneeling up between my thighs, her left hand wrapped around the base of my cock and her right hand was cupping my ball sack, fondling, stroking. Every now and again, her nails scraped over my ball bag, sending lightning bolts of pleasure through my body. My body jolted when I felt one of June's fingers slide over the soft skin around my anus.

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