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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Oral Sex, Lactation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Grown daughter seduces her stepfather.

I won't bore you with much of a 'back story'. That isn't what you're here for anyway, is it? No, you're here for the juicy parts; the 'meat' of things. So that's what you'll get. However, I do just have to set the stage a bit first.

My wife is a cutie, though she is carrying around about thirty extra pounds. If she was 5'10", it might not be a big deal. But at 5'2" it shows clearly. Still, I've come to enjoy the sight of her curves and the feeling of running my hands (and tongue) over all her special hills and valleys. We've been married for three years and it has truly been an awakening for me. I'd previously been typical, in that I'd been programmed to believe that slender was supposed to be attractive while 'overweight' was ugly and should be shunned.

Meeting Kate was an epiphany. Her pretty face and her sense of humor were what first got my attention. Those traits caused me to look past her weight. Then she started letting her sexuality bubble to the surface. That was what really hooked me. I met her at a wedding reception and we exchanged numbers after spending two hours talking together and dancing exclusively with each other. She can really move on the dance floor. Those heavy breasts crushed against my chest during the slow numbers caught my attention, too. I called her first and we went out. Then we went in — in to my apartment, that is. After that things moved fast. Within six months we were married and living in a house we had purchased.

A few months after we were married, her daughter had a split with her husband. So there we were, just one happy family: Kate, me, her daughter, Fanny (her actual given name), and Fanny's little baby girl Brenda. I can understand naming your kid 'Brenda', but who names girls 'Fanny' these days? Oh well...

Kate had gone off to work one morning about two months after Fanny and Brenda moved in. They were still in bed. I had been laid off for several months, but Kate's salary kept us afloat, even with the additional expense of having Fanny and Brenda with us. I was working at the computer, trying to write. Everything I started seemed to come out pornographic. So I kept trying to come up with a story that could be published in some mainstream forum. It was the only way I could think of to add to the family coffers while I waited to be recalled to work.

I had just deleted several pages of the previous day's efforts when I heard a noise from the hallway. My den is down the hall from the kitchen and I knew it had to be Fanny out there. I picked up my empty cup and took it to the kitchen for a refill. I stopped just inside the door when I saw Fanny leaning back against the counter, a cup of coffee in her hand and Brenda attached to one tit and the other one just hanging there in front of God and everybody! Normally, Fanny kept herself pretty well covered up when she nursed. But either she was still half asleep or else she thought I'd be out of the house for some reason.

In any case, she didn't seem too disturbed when she noticed my sudden presence. She was yawning when I came in. She recovered from the yawn and gave me a sort of sheepish grin. "Sorry, Bud, but I had to pee and she was starving." She really wasn't taken aback by the fact that she was standing there in front of her stepfather in a pair of panties and nothing else.

Now I admit that I'd been ogling her tits since she'd arrived. I knew they were swollen because she was breast-feeding, but it didn't matter. Their appearance still drew my attention. They were big and looked juicy. Fanny wasn't as round and curvy as her mom but she was on the way, especially with her 'baby fat' still hanging on her hips and belly. She caught my attention the first time I met her, and she was seven months pregnant at the time.

So my first view of her bare tits — with their large, 'lactacious' nipples — made my dick swell in my sweat pants. Since I wasn't wearing underwear the reaction didn't go unnoticed. Fanny's glance dropped to my groin before snapping back up to my eyes. I felt my cheeks heat up as I watched her lips curve into a grin.

She stepped across the kitchen to where I stood. Her free hand went down to cradle the bulge in my sweat pants. My eyes went back to her bare breasts. The right one had little Brenda attached to it, but the left one was free and leaking a little colostrum. I hadn't tasted it since I was too young to remember it, but the opportunity made my mouth water as much as the simple appearance of her breast and enlarged nipple.

Her hand went to my neck. She must have been reading my mind because she pulled me down until her nipple was near my lips. When I held back, she groaned, "Please, Bud, it hurts. Brenda will only take the one anyway." My lips opened wide then to suck in that offered treat. All thoughts of Kate and everything my actions implied flew out of my head. I was just a man and this was a freely offered breast. What more can be said? I sucked and the sweet warm fluid began to flow into my mouth. Some long buried feeling arose in the depths of my mind. I suddenly felt safe and content.

After a few seconds of heaven Fanny pushed me away with a laugh. "As good as that feels, Bud, I have to put Brenda down. Unlike you, she went to sleep sucking my tit." She twitched her butt as she left the room. I fell to my knees there on the floor with my empty mouth open. I cursed myself for my weakness. My cock throbbed painfully.

I got up and started to get coffee. But Fanny was soon back, sans both baby and panties. She wordlessly took my hand and led me down the hall to the bedroom I share with her mom. She pulled my hand so I spun around and ended up on the bed on my back. Fanny grinned at me as she pounced on top of me.

She straddled my hips and her heavy tits swung back and forth above my face. Her crotch was shaved hairless and I saw her fluids glistening on her swollen labia. "Nursing always makes me horny, Bud," she said in a husky voice as she ground her cunt against my hard cock through my pants. My sweats soaked up her oozing juices. Then she leaned forward and we kissed. After that I was gone. There were no thoughts; no alarms or cautions in my head. It was all pleasure and sensation. My sweats disappeared and we slid together.

As sexy, horny and insatiable as Fanny proved to be, it was no wonder to me that she ended up divorced and pregnant. Kate had told me that part of the reason for her divorce was that the husband wasn't sure he was Brenda's father. She screwed me from front to back and back again. She particularly enjoyed using her hand to open her pussy over my face and leak my semen into my mouth. I gulped it down with relish. Then she used some of the scum to lube up before sliding my re-hardened cock into her ass. After I let loose into her bowels I finally had to call a time out. I was covered with fuck juice and sweat (and totally sated). I wasn't sure my cock would ever rise again.

Fanny rolled over and got to her feet. She swiped a hand through her crotch and stretched. "We'll have to do this again, Bud. Right now I have to shower and get down to the welfare bureau. Take care of Brenda, okay?"

Suddenly I saw the way she saw things. She had just used me! "Hey, I'm not a babysitter. Besides, what happens when she gets hungry?"

"Oh, there's some expressed milk in the fridge. Don't worry. She sleeps most of the time." Fanny left the room and I heard the shower start. What the fuck had I done? Well, I wasn't about to stand for it! I marched, bare-ass and flopping from side to side, down the hall and burst into the bathroom. Fanny was leaning her head back under the spray, her huge tits standing out in front of her.

I muzzled my initial carnal reactions and strode to the glass door. I shoved it open and said, "Fanny, I don't want to come across as ungrateful, but I don't work for you. I have things of my own to do and I can't spend the day taking care of a nursing baby."

Fanny wrung her hair out (making her tits shake attractively) and wiped the water from her eyes. She gave me a sad look and said, "Well, Bud, you really gave up your right to object about an hour ago. When you took my tit into your mouth you put your balls in my hands. From now on you will do whatever I want you to do, regardless of your desires. Otherwise I'll tell Mom you came on to me. I might even say you forced me to fuck you."

I just stood there, her wet, sexy body the least of my concerns right then. Then she reached out, grabbed my dick, and pulled me into the shower with her! She went to her knees and took my soft cock between her lips. The last place it had been was balls deep in her ass, but she didn't seem to care. I stiffened once more and I was as surprised by that as by her impromptu blow job. I was lost again. The heat of her mouth engulfed my entire being. I lifted one foot to the edge of the tub, spreading my legs. Fanny's finger slipped back between my cheeks and she prodded my hole.

I gave it up right then and there. I spurted what little semen was left in me into her mouth and she gulped until I stopped. She gave me one last lick and then handed me the soap. She turned away and said, "Wash my back, hun, okay?"

I numbly took the soap and scrubbed her back. I didn't stop there either. I worked down into her ass crack and scrubbed her there too. She wriggled and gave me encouragement and I worked my way under, into her cunt, and back up the front to her tits. I rinsed her tits and gave suck. I got a good mouthful from each before she pushed me away. "Brenda will want that later. Leave off!"

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