My Wife's Little Sister
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Jakelyon

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife has a half sister name Sarah who is 22 years younger than my wife. Sarah had just turned 20 and my wife invited her to come visit us. I was amazed at how the skinny little kid had turned into one sexy, seductive woman. I could not keep my eyes off of the tall, blonde beauty, with her long shapely legs, and big, C cup tits.

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My wife has a half sister name Sarah who is 22 years younger than my wife. Sarah had just turned 20 and my wife invited her to come visit us. I was amazed at how the skinny little kid had turned into one sexy, seductive woman. I could not keep my eyes off of the tall, blonde beauty, with her long shapely legs, and big, C cup tits. She was a young woman who had it all and I had resigned myself to doing little more than looking at her awesome body when fortune broke my way.

My wife called me at work and said that her grandfather had a heart problem of some kind and that she needed to go and take care of him for the weekend or so. She also asked if I would mind entertaining Sarah for that time as she did not want her to get bored. I told her I would be happy to take care of her little sister. When I got home that evening my wife was all packed and ready to head off to her Grandfathers. Sarah was watching TV, and I kissed my wife's cheek and she headed out the door. "Now don't you ignore Sarah, were her final words to me, and I assured her that I would not forget about her lovely sister.

"You know that you can just get lost in a book and not pay any attention to anyone. Make sure you do some things that she wants to do."

Again I assured my lovely wife that I would be happy to and then finally she was gone and I was left alone with Sarah. Sarah is a shy girl and we had not talked much since she had arrived a few days before. She had mostly talked to my wife, and if she had noticed me staring at her big tits she had not shown it. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that did nothing to hide her ample tits, and her tight jeans looked like they had been painted on they fit her hard ass so well. I sat down on the other end of the couch and said to her, "So what would you like to do tonight?"

She answered, "Doesn't matter to me. What sounds like fun to you?"

Well how about we get some dinner, and rent a couple of movies. We can spend a quiet Friday night catching up on some recent flicks. How does Chinese food sound?"

"She gave me a happy smile and said, "That sounds good to me."

I called in the dinner and told her that I would be back in a while after I got a chance to pick out the flicks and pick up some dinner. I picked out a nice romantic comedy, not my usual fare but I was trying to get Sarah in the right mood. We had a nice dinner, the conversation did not drag at all and I learned a lot more about what she liked and disliked. I also learned that she had only had one serious boyfriend, and he was in the past. High School guys are dumb shits I figured as she was about as hot as they get, and if I had been in High School with her I would have made trying to get into her pants a full time job.

We finished cleaning up our quick dinner and I said I was going to put in the movie. Sarah answered me that she was just going to change into something more comfortable. Damn, I thought to myself. I was enjoying the view of her tight ass in those jeans. Then she walked in the room and I was glad she had changed. She was wearing some short silk pajama pants that showed off her legs to perfection, and a white camisole top that made her tits just pop out. She had no bra on and I could see her nipples right through the sheer fabric, and her pink nipples and small round areoles were hard for me to tear my eyes away from. Her tits were large, and had almost no sag to them. Her upturned nipples were poking out semi-erect through the thin fabric and I had a mental fantasy of my cock sliding in between her firm globes as I tit fucked her. I could just see myself ejaculating a huge load of cum on her erect nipples and watching her rub my cum all over her tits.

She broke me out of my horny daydream, "So are you ready to watch the movie," I heard her ask me.

I tore my eyes away from her nubile body and said, "Yeah it is in the DVD player. Grab the remote. I sat down on the couch and watched as she bent over to grab the remote off of the bottom shelf. She was not wearing any panties and I could see her blonde pubic hair, and tight ass cheeks, and the mound of her pussy clearly as she bent over. My cock went hard as stone in seconds as she showed me her body.

She flipped back around and then sat on the floor between by legs. The movie started but I was not the least bit interested in it. I was more interested in the perfect view of her tits that I had down the front of her top. I couldn't quite make out the nipples, but I could imagine them and my cock was screaming for some attention. Keeping my eyes fixed on her awesome tits I unzipped and snaked my cock out of my pants. The fat head of my cock was slippery with my pre-cum and I began to rub my hand all over my cock head. I could feel the tingle of incipient orgasm already I was so turned on by the hot body of my wife's little sister.

She startled me by laughing at the movie and I thought she was going to turn around and see me cock in hand jacking off, but she just threw her head back and leaned it against the couch scant inches from my balls and the hard shaft of my cock. When she leaned back I had and even better view of her bare tits and I resumed my masturbation. I went slowly so I did not make any movements that would startle her, my hand rubbing up and down my cock, my thumb working the sensitive head ever closer to orgasm.

Her pink nipples were small, and centered perfectly in her small round areole. They looked like they would swell impressively when erect, and I went back to daydreaming about tit fucking her, sliding my cock between her prefect globes. I wished my wife had tits like this, it would be fun; the few times a month she consented to sex. Damn I was so close now that there was no holding back; I reached orgasm and clenched my jaw trying not to grunt in pleasure. I capped my hand of over the fat head of my cock and shot my load right there, inches from Sarah's head.

Right at that instant she turned towards me saying, "Do you want some pop..." Her eyes opened wide as she took in my hard cock, the fat head smeared with cum.

I sat there stunned. I had been caught jacking off by Sarah. She looked at me for a moment, "What are you doing?"

I was busy trying to shove my shrinking cock back into my pants, and before I could try to formulate a reply she stood up and headed off to her room. I figured I was cooked now, that once my wife heard this I would be divorced and labeled some kind of sexual deviant.

I went to her door and tried knocking a couple of times, "Come on Sarah, let's talk about this. I can explain."

All I got back was, "Just leave me alone."

So finally I did. I went to my own room and had dreams of Sarah and my wife cutting me into pieces, it was some weird shit and I can't say that I slept well. I had work to do in the morning so I got up about six and headed into the office figuring to at least get something productive done. Then about 10am I headed home. I unlocked the door and headed up the stairs to grab a quick shower. I was just walking along casually when I heard a soft moan, the kind of moan a woman makes when she is in sexual heat, and I slowed my steps and slow peaked around the corner into my bedroom. There was a sight that made my cock swell to full hardness in an instant.

Sitting on my bed was Sarah, she had her pajama bottoms down around her ankles and her top was off, thrown on the floor at the edge of my bed. Her small, pink nipples were fully erect and she must have been playing with them as they stuck out all swollen and hard. Her fingers were busy playing in her cunt, and as I watched she slid two of her fingers into her tight pussy and began to fuck herself. I could hear the wet squishy sounds of her fingers working in and out of her fuck hole. She was watching one of my pornos on the TV, and was really getting into the big cocked porn star slamming his long, thick cock into a big titted blonde. Apparently Sarah was enjoying imagining being fucked by the big cocked porn star and she was getting closer and closer to orgasm as I watched her. Her fingers were soaking wet with her cunt juice and as I watched she brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean.

I took my own cock in hand and began to jack off as I watched my lovely sister in law finger fucking. The guy on the screen had flipped the girl over and was fucking her doggy style, giving her his hard cock to the balls on every stroke. Sarah moved to her knees and kept shoving her fingers into her wet pussy from behind like the guy was fucking her from behind. She had turned her pussy towards me and I watched as she buried her fingers in her pink, twat over and over. Her face was on the bed, and her eyes were glued to the screen.

Sarah flipped onto her back and kept pumping her pussy, and then she moved her other hand down to rub her clit as the guy on the screen got ready to blow his load. He pulled out of the porn actress and started to spray his porn queen with a huge load of cum. Sarah brought herself to orgasm as she watched the guy spew his load, and I joined him spilling my cum into my fist, trying not to make too much noise so she would not hear me. Sarah's hips bucked and she jammed her fingers deep in her cunt, and rubbed her clit as she orgasm. I could hear her soft moans of pleasure as I backed out of the doorway and crept down the stairs.

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