Consequences 2 - Mother

by FamilyMan

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Desc: : Consequences is a group of stories, each of them separate and not connected to the others. Their main issue is the effect of illegitimate sex on the family unit. Readers who are looking for active sex scenes and descriptions - please find other stories to read. This is the second story of this group.

Special Note: Due to some personal problem my proof reader couldn't work on this story. I hope that you won't find my grammar and language too bad to read the story. I'll welcome any remarks about that aspect of my writing too. (Just remember — English is not my first language. Hebrew is.)

It is about four months now since I found out that my mother has become a slut. A very active one too.

I'm Gary Green, now 18 years old. It's been a month now — just after my 18th birthday — that I've left home to never go back.

My parents are Don, 42, and Barbara (Barbie) age 40. My Dad used to be a local salesman for a large toy company, and was promoted about 5 months ago to become the sales manager of the same company. The promotion almost doubled his salary, but it although forced him to be on the roads and on airplanes most of the time. The company was 'considerate' and allowed him to be home one week in every month.

Before his promotion I used to hear him and Mom making love every night, without exception. At that age I already understood very well that this was good, because it kept them actively loving each other. I also understood that they were really highly sexed people.

About a month after Dad's promotion and while he was on one of his trips, I had some kind of a stomach poisoning while at school, and was sent home at about 12 noon.

Entering home I immediately heard the familiar sounds of sex from their room. Was Dad home? I knew he just left three days ago for a two week sales trip. Maybe he came back after all...

I went into my room and left the door slightly open. I'll see Dad when he comes out and I'll have Mom take me to the doctor to deal with my hurting and nauseous stomach.

No one came out until nearly 3 pm, my usual time for coming home. When their bedroom door finally opened I had the worst surprise of my life. The man who just came out of the room was not Dad — it was Tom Hanks, his boss at the toy company. Mom followed him dressed in a robe she usually wears around the house, put her arms around his neck and kissed him hotly.

"You should go now, Tom. Gary is due home soon and I want to shower before he comes. It would be quite a disaster if he sees us together."

"I would have loved to stay longer but you are right. Getting caught would ruin both our marriages, whatever is still left of them."

"Call me when you can come over again during school hours. I don't want to give up your wonderful big cock."

"How come Don does not satisfy you? I always thought you loved each other a lot?"

"Don satisfies me when he is home and I do love him, but we were used to have it every day, and now that he is away so much I just can't be without it. So, if we are not caught, my marriage is sound and good and don't you have any plans beyond fucking. You are a good fuck mate, but not more than that."

All this conversation went on about 8 feet from where I was sitting and listening. I was mad, I was in rage, and I felt insulted for Dad. Dad was working his ass off in order to make better life for us and the bitch had 'a good fuck mate'!

The week after that, our history teacher with whom I should have had my last period of the day was sick, and I arrived home at about 2 pm. On our driveway I saw my Uncle Ron's car. Uncle Ron is Dad's younger brother. I expected to meet my uncle, whom I like a lot — but not where his voice came out from.

You guessed it. My uncle and my Mom where fucking, Mom voicing her pleasure loudly as usual, but I could also hear my uncle.

"Oh Barbie, I wanted to do that ever since you started dating Don. After 20 years I get to fuck you at last, and it's so good it was worth every minute I had to wait. God, how do you do that? I'm cumming again! Never in my life have I cum 4 times in a row!"

I stayed in my room, and didn't come out until late at night. I had to eat something, but I just couldn't face Mom. The whore!

During the following weeks, until school ended, I arrived early a few more times. There wasn't a time there wasn't a man in Mom's bedroom, and hardly repeating the same man twice.

Tim Blake, our neighbor. Paul Schultz — Mom's best friend's husband. Gerry Fitz — my history teacher (now I knew why he had been missing from school several times). Tony Gerald — my girlfriend's father. A UPS messenger whose car I saw outside — a black guy who made Mom scream obscenities more than any other guy. Another kick in my stomach was Rick Margolis — my 18 years old class mate and friend. There were, of course, quite a few others I didn't recognize.

I stopped checking and looking. I was so disgusted with Mom that I just couldn't face her at all. Well, she noticed.

"The last few weeks I haven't seen you at home much. Where are you spending your time?"

"Just out with friends. The final exams are over and we can relax a little."

"How about Janna (my girlfriend)? I haven't seen her around here for a while?"

"Oh, we broke up two weeks ago." I couldn't tell her that I had told Janna I won't be seeing her any more because I just couldn't enter her home. When she asked why — I told her why. I told her that I saw her father fucking my Mom and I couldn't pretend with him that all was OK. Janna and I both sat and cried our heart out, but she understood me fine. Now she had a problem facing her father.

"Why? You seemed to really love each other."

"We just broke up, Mom. No use digging in fresh wounds."

"Something is not all right with you. You are out more than you've ever been and you speak to me short and angry. What exactly is bothering you?"

"I don't want to discuss it, Mom."

"Well, I hope it's not girl trouble. Girls today can be such sluts and you don't know what you pick until it's too late."

This blew my mind and I lost control.

"Girls can be sluts, Mom? And what exactly are you? Fucking different men every day! I'll tell you what's on my mind! I'm deliberating whether I should tell Dad about you or not, or should I call him on his cell phone or should I wait until he is home! Dad will be broken! He loves you so much, and you even fuck his brother! That's what bothering me! My mother turning into a slut! The town whore! You fucked Dad's boss and friends, you fucked Janna's father which is the reason for our break up, you fucked a school teacher of mine and you stooped so low as to fuck a classmate and friend of mine. These are a few of what I saw with my own eyes. How many more have you fucked that I haven't seen? Huh, whore?"

Without waiting for any reaction or reply I stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind me. I couldn't listen to her even if I'd wanted to, and I didn't. This outburst was not planned. I had wanted to call Dad and have him catch her red handed, but I lost control and blew it.

I took my car and started driving around without purpose. I stopped a few times at quiet spots just to try to think. I cried a lot. I drove again for an hour and stopped again. Around midnight a police patrol car had me stop on the side.

"We noticed you driving for many hours without any purpose. Are you in any trouble?"

"No, officer. Just having a family crisis and trying to clear my head. Have I broken the law somehow?"

"No, but watch it. Don't start drinking! You are in the mood for drinking, so don't."

An hour later they stopped me again.

"Are you Gary Green?"

"Yes. What have I done now?"

"Your mother alerted us. She is scared that, quote 'you may do something stupid' unquote".

"Look, officer, check me out — I'm not drinking and I'm not on drugs. Hell, I don't even smoke cigarettes. If I haven't broken any law, how about getting off my back? You must be the only guy in town my mother hasn't fucked, otherwise you'd have known what my problem is."

"OK, OK. Don't blow your fuse. We won't stop you again, but if you don't go home we'll keep an eye on you until you do."

I reached a few decisions during my turmoil, though. I went home to sleep, but at 1.30 am Mom was still waiting for me at the door.

"Gary, we have to talk."

"There is nothing to talk about, whore. Move out of my way. One thing you should know — next week I turn 18, and on that day at midnight plus one minute I'm leaving this house to never come back and never see you again. You'd better tell Dad everything when he comes home, because three days after he comes I'll contact him, and if you haven't told him everything then I will."

"Please, Gary, let me explain..."

"Nothing to explain, Mom. During the last weeks I happened to come home early a few times and I saw you in action. I would have understood if you had a lover, but what you do is simply being a whore. The only thing missing is you charging money for your favors. I don't want to live with you and keep seeing this. I'm ashamed that I'm your son!"

I had some money saved, so during the last week I searched for a small apartment across town, found a furnished one bedroom place and rented it. I had been enrolled to the local college, otherwise I would have left town.

True to my word, I had all my stuff packed on the day before my 18th birthday, and a minute after midnight I packed all into my car. It was surprising that 3 suitcases were enough for all my stuff plus a few carton boxes and my computer. All got easily into my old Ford, and leaving Mom with tears on her face I left home.

"I'll leave my cell phone number for two weeks for Dad's use, but I won't answer your calls. Remember, if you don't tell Dad exactly and in detail why I left — I will do it 3 days after his return."

I drove around town for a few hours, and at 6 am I started unloading my stuff to my 'new' apartment. By 8 am everything was settled in place and I got into bed for some much needed sleep. My Mom's indiscretions floated in my mind and as tired as I was I had trouble falling asleep.

When I woke, my cell phone had about 20 messages on it, all from Mom. I deleted all the messages and didn't answer any of them. I went shopping for groceries (the first time in my life) and filled up the small refrigerator in my apartment.

Then I went to the bank. Dad had opened a savings account in my name when I was 10, and by law I could only open it when I turned 18. Well that was that day. I was surprised to find that there was about $18,000 in my name. I changed the account to a checking account and ordered a credit card. This enabled me to continue a normal life.

Mom kept calling and leaving messages, and I kept ignoring them. I really didn't want to have anything to do with the whore.

The day of Dad's return arrived. The first day I haven't heard from him. Same on the second day. On the third day, I called his cell phone at a time I knew he should be in his office.

"Hi Dad. Welcome home. Haven't you missed me?"

"Where the hell are you, Gary? Your Mom told me that you had a bad fight about something and you just packed and left after bad mouthing her. I didn't expect such behavior from you and I'm very angry with you. What was it all about?"

"Hadn't Mom told you the reason why I left like that?"

"No. She just said that you've lost your temper about something trivial."

I sighed deeply. The whore has left it for me to tell Dad.

"Dad, we have to meet urgently."

"So come home in the evening and we'll talk."

"No, Dad. I'm never going to step again into the house where Mom is. We have to meet just the two of us someplace secluded. You should prepare yourself for some very bad news."

"What? Did you get a girl pregnant?"

"No, Dad. It's much worse and really don't want to discuss it over the phone."

"OK, there is a new McDonald's at the south exit from town. Be there at 7."

I started crying again, after a few days that I haven't. It was going to be hard telling Dad about his wife of 20 years becoming such a slut. I had bought some natural essence tranquilizers just for this occasion and had them with me.

I arrived at the restaurant before Dad, and took a table at the very far corner. When Dad came in I rose and waved him over.

After the usual greetings and hugs we sat down and Dad got straight to the point.

"So what made you so angry that you insulted your mother and left home like that?"

"Dad, before I speak I'd like to ask one very personal question. Do you and Mom have any kind of an open marriage agreement?"

Dad turned white.

"No, we don't. Now what is it all about?"

"Well, Dad, I have some very bad news for you. For the past few weeks of school I came home early several times. On each and every such time Mom had lovers with her. I didn't see with my own eyes what went on in the bedroom, but I don't have to tell you how noisy Mom is when making love. Hearing this, seeing the men step out of your bedroom and even listening to a few conversations when they said goodbye was enough. And Dad, it wasn't one lover or two. Every time I saw it there was a different man. She's turned into the worst kind of a slut, Dad."

Dad was white and speechless. His head fell down and he was holding it with both hands, while tears started streaming down his cheeks.

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