Bad Case of Cabin Fever

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He wasn't supposed to show up until the next day.

I just found out that my wife of ten years is fucking another guy. On the one hand I'm angry and upset over that fact the she is an unfaithful whore. On the other watching her with her legs spread wide and taking another man's cock was the most sexually exciting thing I'd ever seen. It excited me so much that I jacked off twice while watching. So what do I do? The love is gone and I'll never trust the bitch again, but the lust is there and I want to see her spread herself again for another man.

We own a cabin on five acres up in the mountains. It isn't much; no power, an outhouse, and we have to carry water in, but foe an occasional weekend getaway it is just fine. The cabin was left to Brenda and her sister in their father's will and since I get along fine with Debbie and her husband Frank we frequently spend weekends up there with them. At the beginning of the week we decided to spend the weekend in the mountains and Brenda called Debbie to see if she and Frank wanted to go with us. At the last minute something came up at work and I wasn't going to be able to go up on Friday night. I called Brenda and told her to ride up with Frank and Debbie and that I would see her in the morning. The big emergency at work turned out to have a fifteen-minute solution and by seven o'clock I was on the road making the hour and twenty minute drive to the cabin.

The south wall of the cabin is all stone and is built around the fireplace. The way the cabin sits you have to park thirty feet away and walk up a slight rise to get to the door and since the south wall has no windows no one knows you are coming unless you have a real noisy vehicle. I parked and walked up to the cabin and as I rounded the southwest corner of the cabin I glanced in the window and saw Frank fucking my wife. They were on the floor lying on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, Brenda's leg were up on his shoulders and her hands were on his ass pulling him closer as he put the meat to her. Brenda was moaning something that I thought I'd been the only one to ever hear, "Oh God baby, I love your cock. Fuck me baby, make me cum."

I watched for five minutes as Frank banged away at Brenda and then he slowed down and finally stopped. Brenda pulled him down to her and gave him a passionate kiss and when Frank pulled away from her I saw a string of his cum fall from the head of his dick and onto her belly. Brenda scooped it up with a finger and then smiled up at Frank as she put her finger in her mouth and licked it clean. Frank got and went to the sideboard and poured two glasses of wine and took one of them back to Brenda. She took a sip and then set her glass down as Frank dipped the head of his cock in his wineglass and then knelt down by Brenda's head and then he drank his wine while looking down at Brenda as she sucked his cock.

At first I was stunned to find out that my wife could do this to me. And then anger took hold of me and I wanted to go inside the cabin and kick some ass. But first I would have to put my cock back into my pants. I don't even remember having taken it out, but it was hard and I finally realized that I was extremely turned on by what I was watching. Inside the cabin Frank put his empty wineglass down and moved over Brenda in a sixty-nine and started eating her cunt. Brenda's clit has always been extremely sensitive and I heard her scream in pleasure as Frank's tongue worked on her. The scream was a little garbled since Brenda had a mouth full of cock and I found the sound strangely exciting. Then something occurred to me. Where was Debbie? If she was up in the loft sleeping Brenda's cries would surely wake her up, but I saw no sign of her. After a couple of minutes of sixty-nine Brenda said, "I want you in me Frankie. Come on baby, give me your cock. I need it baby, fuck me, please fuck me."

Frank turned around and slid his cock into my wife's pussy and for the next ten minutes I watched him fuck her while she moaned, cried, and begged. He finally came and got up to refill their wineglasses while Brenda stretched like a cat and smiled up at Frank.

"This is nice. We need to do this more often."

Frank looked down at her and said, "We have all night. We just need to be sure that we aren't still at it when Bob gets here in the morning."

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