Becky Was Bad

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: Two different ways of looking at the same story.

Becky Was Bad (1)

She had worked on me for over two weeks to talk me into coming to this party and I had to admit that my reservations about meeting and getting along with her co-workers were groundless. I was getting along great with them although I did wonder why the women, especially those talking in groups, kept looking my way. I kept wondering if I'd left my fly open. The men there seemed to be mostly my age and in talking with them I found that we had a lot in common. Several were old car buffs and they wanted to talk about the problems I had encountered, and was still encountering, in rebuilding my 1965 Mustang. All of them seemed to be sports nuts and with our fair city having five professional sports teams (if you count soccer) there was plenty to talk about. They were a very friendly bunch and went out of their way to help me fit in. I knew that my wife Becky was going to be in a major "I told you so" mood when we got home that night and I resigned myself to it.

Becky and I had been married six years when the company that I worked for went bankrupt. Regardless of all the talk about the economy being so great I had a hard time finding a job that paid as well as my previous job and I ended up taking on two jobs, one full and one part time, to help us stay ahead of our bills and keep us afloat while sending out resumes. Becky decided that she was going to go back to work so I could give up the part time job. It took her a week but she landed a job as a secretary/bookkeeper at a local warehouse distribution center. The money was enough to allow me to quit one of my two jobs, but I decided not to, at least just yet; I felt the need to build up the savings account against the next potential disaster.

Between Becky's job and my two we didn't have a well ordered home life and sometimes we would go with out speaking to each other for days; she would be asleep when I got home and I would be asleep when she left for work. As you might imagine, it played hell with our sex life. We did seem to make up for it when we did manage to get together and it didn't seem to be that much of a problem. This went on for over a year and I finally found a job that paid almost as much as I had been making at my bankrupt employer.

Once I began keeping regular hours I began to notice things that I hadn't been around to notice before. Things like the overtime Becky was working, the phone calls she got in the evenings from her co-workers asking her where things were; where this file or that might be and a couple of times a week she would have to run back to work and take care of someones problem. I hadn't realized that she had become so indispensable in her job. I told Becky that now that we were back on our feet she could quit her job, but she told me that she didn't want to. She said she liked the daily challenges and liked the feeling that they really needed her. This put me in a snit because now that I didn't have to work two jobs I wanted to spend more time with her and I did not want to share her with her job. That was the mood I was in when she asked me to go to the party with her and why I really hadn't wanted to go.

I was surprised, but I was having a really good time. One of the guys, Ted, asked me if I played pool and when I said I liked to but wasn't very good at it he said it sounded like my game and his were the same. He led me to the basement where there was a pool table and we started playing. He was right; his game wasn't any better than mine and I beat him two games in a row, mostly by using my secret weapon - luck - before a couple of other guys came down and challenged the winner.

I was on a roll and won three more games in a row against three different guys. Again it was mostly my secret weapon, but a lot of it was due to their dumb mistakes. I had some how managed to find a whole lot of players worse than me.

And then my life turned to shit.

I had to take a potty break and luckily, or unluckily as things turned out, there was a half bathroom in the basement. I was standing at the toilet draining the old lizard when I heard voices coming out of the vent just above my head. The ducting for the bathroom must have been pretty close to the duct to a room on the floor above and I could hear quite clearly.

"Stop you guys. I can't do this here. Not now, not with my husband here."

It was Becky's voice and a man's voice said, "Don't you worry your pretty little head about your husband baby, we have that angle covered."

"I don't care" Becky said, "It just isn't right for me to do this when he is here."

The man said, "Don't worry baby. Ted, Sid and Dale will keep him on the pool table until we are done and then Bill and I will go down and challenge him while Ted, Sid and Dale take their turn. Come on baby, this beats having to sneak out of the house and meet us at a motel."

Becky said, "I don't care, it's just not glumph" the last word garbled as if something had been stuffed in her mouth and I had a pretty damn good idea what that something was. Confirmation came almost immediately as another man's voice said, "That's it baby, suck my cock."

I was in the process of shaking the last few drops of my dick when I became aware of the fact that it was hard. Apparently the fact that my wife was being fucked in the room just above my head was more of a turn on than I would have thought. I should have been pissed but instead I was stroking my dick and wondering what she looked like with other guys fucking her. A man's voice said, "That's it Bill, fuck that tight little pussy. God honey, I sure do love the way you can use your mouth."

There was a muffled reply as Becky tried to say something with her mouth full and the thought made my cock twitch. I remembered all the nights that Becky had been called back into work to take care of a problem and know I knew what those problems were - hard dicks that needed attention. I wondered how long this had been going on; at least the last three months since that is how long I'd only been working one job, but for how long before?

Upstairs I heard a man's voice say, "Here it comes baby, I'm gonna shoot" and then a frantic Becky "No, no, you can't. I didn't wear my diaphragm tonight, oh god no!" as the man said "Sorry baby, too late."

Then the other man said "My turn now. God but I love the way you feel when you're full of cum."

There was a knock on the bathroom door and Ted said, "You all right in there?"

I opened the door and put a finger to my lips to indicate that I wanted him to be quiet and then I motioned for him to come in. When he hesitated I reached out and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in. He started to say something and then he heard through the vent, "That's it Becky baby, wiggle your ass, take my cock all the way in."

Ted's face paled as he realized that I knew what was going on at both the pool table and upstairs. He started to say something but I again put my finger to my lips and gave him a look that said "Shut up or get a fist in your face." Through the vent I heard a man say, "I'm cumming sweetie" and a garbled noise from Becky (she undoubtedly had a cock in her mouth again) who was probably trying to say please don't, I don't have my protection. Well, I thought, like the first guy had said, too late sweetie, way too late and I wondered if I was going to become a daddy because of the party she'd drug me too. She had at least two loads in her all ready and the night was still young. Upstairs I heard one man say that they needed to get down to the basement and give Ted, Sid and Dale their chance.

"Don't go away pretty Becky. There will be fresh cock for you in just a minute."

Becky said, "Are you sure my husband won't find out?"

And then a man's voice said, "Don't you worry your pretty little head about it baby, we'll make sure he doesn't find out. We don't want to go and ruin a good thing, now do we."

When the two men, Mark and Bill, came downstairs they found me sitting on the pool table and Ted, Dale and Sid standing off to the side looking worried. Mark said, "Okay, who's got the table? I've got the winner."

"Well, there seems to be some question about that" I said, "I am probably one of the worst pool players in the world and yet some how I've managed to keep the table long enough for the two of you to fuck my wife. I would even guess that since I still have the table I could probably keep it long enough for Sid, Ted and Dale to go up and do the same. Or am I wrong?"

Mark looked at me and then over at Ted and the other guys. Ted just shrugged and said; "He heard everything through the vent in the bathroom ceiling."

Mark looked back at me and spread his hands, "Okay, where do we go from here?"

I looked at him for a minute and then said, "I've still got the table. If you beat me you all get to go back upstairs and fuck Becky till she bleeds. If I win, all of you have to set me up with your wives, agreed?"

They all looked at each other and I could see that some of them did not want to agree, but Mark turned to me and said, "Rack them"

Things did not go my way. Since I had the table I got to break and I sank three solids. I sank two more before I missed. Mark sank one ball and then scratched. I sank two more and then all I had to do was call the eight ball and the game was over, but I didn't want to win. I had no interest in any of their wives - I wanted to watch them with mine. I looked at Mark and then deliberately shot the cue ball into the corner pocket even though the eight ball was at the other end of the table. Mark looked at me as understanding dawned on him and then he smiled and said, "Come on guys, let's go collect our winnings."

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