Where I Belong

by Lady Lessa

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: After months of online chats and emails, a sub meets her Master for dinner.

Chapter 1

Running a hand over my hair for probably the hundredth time, I search for a faster way to the restaurant. It figures — on this night of all nights, I'm running late. Well, not late — just later than I wanted to be. It took so long to get ready. Making sure my garter belt was fastened properly. Choosing which bra to wear for Him Deciding the necklace... all the little details. At least my hair had cooperated! I have to take joy in the little things. Hair. AAAgh. And making sure that I was smooth for Him. It was an absolute requirement — I had to be smooth. And that task was simply not easy. I felt a bit like a contortionist trying to make sure that I didn't miss a hair. Fearful that I wouldn't get it done properly and disappoint Him. And having my mind wander as I yielded the razor... Wasn't a safe thing either. Imagining Him gazing at my denuded pussy. The feel of the first caress. --

Shaking my head, I focus on getting over onto the exit ramp. Finally! Checking the mapquest directions again, I make the final turns into the parking lot. Soon — so soon — I will see Dave, Him. What am I thinking? Meeting a man from the internet? Meeting one who wants to control parts of me? I have heard the stories, the cautionary tales. And yet here I am, getting out of my car. Smoothing my skirt. Checking my purse for my cell phone. And walking into the restaurant.

I quietly follow the hostess to the table, lost in my thoughts. A little relieved that He isn't here yet. A few minutes more to collect myself. A chance to get my bearings and feel secure... Well, as secure as I can feel. I check the volume on my cell phone. Amanda will call me in an hour or so. Taking my seat, I flash onto the story of O, and shake my head at my idle fancy. I run my hand over the table cloth, smiling. Allowing myself to imagine His words, from His dream Will He touch me as we sit at this table? Oh, He will, and I will relish it. A smile crosses my face as I realize how eager I am for His touch. What will He... no, what will we do tonite? Will it be a simple dinner — where we discover we aren't compatible? Will it be an interview? Will everyone in the restaurant sense how insane I am feeling?????

Dave is here. I feel frozen and yet find myself standing to greet Him. He takes my hand and squeezes it — sensing, probably, how nervous I am. Or maybe, He just needed a little reassurance Himself. He may like to control — but He can't control everything. And another smile crosses my face. We take our seats, not touching but close. Menus are supplied and perused. We give our orders and I realize that He just passed a test... whether or not He would insist on ordering for me as so many of those Doms in the stories did. I remind myself of all the times He told me that we would define our relationship... After our drinks are placed on the table, we attempt small talk. His trip, the weather. Traffic on the 8. He comments on my attire. Noticing all the details - all the thing that I fussed over. A small voice inside says... see, I can dress myself w/out assistance. I have to turn that voice down... If not OFF. It's not that I can't dress myself well, it's that He needs to choose. He needs to decide. And I need to feel His presence. "kitten" --Focusing on Him again... We laugh and talk. And most of the anxiety fades as we simply enjoy eachother. He listens as I tell Him about work. He offers suggestions and the occasional compliment. He asks about my family. I regale Him w/ stories of my nephew.

"kitten, I want to touch you"

I hear the words. And realize I've been holding my breath, waiting.

"Do you want that?" softly I answer yes.

"Yes, what?" and here it is... what I need to say... for me and to Him.

"Yes, Master, I want You to touch me"

I don't know if that's what He was demanding... but it is what I needed to say. And He smiles.

"Raise your skirt for Me" Taking a deep breath, I comply.

"Good girl, now spread your legs wide for Me."

Looking into His eyes, biting my lip, blushing... I spread my legs.

"You are amazing, My kitten" He says as He caresses my knee and slowly moves up my leg. I feel myself push towards Him and hear Him chuckle...

"eager aren't you?" and I blush more. I glance around and realize that no one has heard the loud pounding of my heart. Well, no one but Him.

What do I do? Stare at Him? Watch His hand? Close my eyes? Touch Him? Aren't I supposed to be doing something??? Whatever it is, I can't forget to breathe!! As His fingers brush against my smooth pussy, all other thoughts fade. Staring at Him... waiting. And seeing Him smile, hearing Him give a little moan as He caresses solid (if wet) proof of my obedience to Him.

"You please Me so much, sexy girl"

Thanking Him... I look away. Unsure of all the feelings Can I please Him all the time? How can I wonder if this is all real, when His hands are on me? So silly sometimes. He knows that my mind doesn't shut down well. And I can see that He is a bit torn Himself... torn between exploring my slutty wetness and between caring if I am ok.

I jump a bit as my cell phone rings. It's Amanda — has it been all that long already? I tell Dave who it is as I answer. I try to reassure her as to my wellbeing as I feel His fingers circling my clit. Turning to look at Him, phone still at my ear, I stifle a laugh at the innocent look He has attempted to use. I swat at His arm as I close the phone. And then pause — is that Ok?? He laughs. Whew. Slowly removing His hand from beneath the table, He signals to the waiter that we are ready for the bill. And now it's time to make a decision. What decision — I know I'm going with Him. No doubts. Not even Amanda and her fearful predictions will sway me.

A serious discussion is about to happen. Do I trust Him not to hurt me? Do I trust Him to take care of both of us? Do I trust Him enough to truly submit? Yes. Did I bring my toys as He requested? Yes. Do I have any more fears about our compatibility? Definitely not. He holds my hands as we talk. And I feel stronger for the contact.

It's that contact that keeps me moving as we enter the hotel. His arm around me. His breath against my cheek. We enter the suite quietly. He goes to turn on lights and I remain where He left me... just looking around, fingers fidgeting. Knowing in my head what I want. What I need to do. And confident it will happen tonite. He returns for me. Leading me into the room. Pulling me into the circle of His arms, gazing down at me. Tracing a finger down my cheek, we kiss. How odd that he has seen so much of me. Has already touched my clit,... and this is our first kiss. And yet, perfect.

"What do you want kitten? What do you want to do?" and suddenly, I can't find my toungue. My mind goes blank. I mumble "I don't know." But He won't let me get away with that, not for long anyway. He knows how slutty I want to be for Him. Settling in a chair, He directs me —

"take off your blouse My slut"

And as I've done a hundred times before on my webcam, I comply — laying the blouse on the empty chair nearby. The skirt soon follows. I stand in my bra, garterbelt, stocking and heels. Twisting the ring on my finger. Letting my gaze wander around the room. My mind barely registering the compliments that He is giving me. That inner voice telling me they are just words. No one can find you that amazing, not physically.


my gaze focuses on Him. On my Master.

"Come here, My sexy kitten."

Slowly I approach the chair and wait, tapping my fingernails nervously against eachother. He asks again, "what do you want to do?" It seems an odd question, but it's as if He knows there is something I need to do. I blush as I try to say the words. It's not like it's anything outrageous. But it's big for me to say... to admit that I need to do this. Taking a deep breath, and looking at the floor, I say it "I want to kneel for You." A pause. If I didn't know better, I'd think He was laughing at me. Heck I would!

"Take off your shoes and Kneel for your Master."

And I sink to my knees and place my hands behind my back. Forcing my breasts to stand out, for my hands to slow their fidgeting, and my brain to focus just a tiny bit. Another one of those breaths I didn't know I was holding is expelled.

"Look at Me" and I raise my eyes to Him. "You are Mine" I sigh. "You are so beautiful and you have pleased Me so much." And I hear the words. And I feel beautiful.

"Master... ?" Yes, dear?

"May I touch You?" and He smiles at me again... This time I'm pretty sure He chuckled.

"Of course you can, my eager sexy one. But first... remove your bra for Me, slowly"

I slipped the straps off my shoulders, keeping my eyes focused on His. Reaching behind I unfasten the hooks. And then I slowly pull it away from my chest, tossing it to the floor. Moving into the space between His legs, still on my knees, I slowly move hands up His thighs. I touch His left hand, resting on His thigh... take it in mine and bring it to my lips. He smiles and then takes my hand and places it where we both want it to be... on His cock. Even covered by His slacks, I can feel the warmth and hardness. Standing slowly, (and drawing me to my feet) He commands, " Undress me."

A tingle goes down my spine. Trying to remain calm, I comply. Finally getting to see His chest. Smelling Him. Ending up back on my knees as I remove His pants. I am staring at His cock. I want to lick, to taste Him. And He knows it. "You are a little slut, aren't you? Look at you, on you knees drooling for my cock. Open that mouth and take my cock into that hot mouth of yours"

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