Helping A Young Mother In Need

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Lactation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Kelli is a new mother and Tom, her co-worker, finds himself in a postion of giving aid to Kelli in a way he'd never have expected. But he loved it.

This is a true story based on my experience several years ago with a very attractive and sexy young mother named Kelli. She'll know this is about her if she ever reads it -- which I doubt she will. I'll never forget Kelli and how we came to meet and know each other.

Tom couldn't believe what he saw that morning when he walked into the front office to ask his supervisor some administrative questions. His eyes quickly settled on a very attractive young woman, blonde, pretty and very nicely built, sitting there in the chair by the door waiting to be talked to as well. One of the first things Tom noticed about his young woman was her very shapely and nicely large sized breasts. He didn't know it at that time but Kelli was a relative newlywed and she'd just given birth to her first baby only a few weeks earlier. Her C-cup sized tits were partly due to the fact that she'd just given birth and was nursing her newborn child.

Kelli was hired and she was given a desk to work at right next to Tom's. He loved that arrangement and he and Kelli began to get to know each other very quickly. As Tom and Kelli began to work together and get to know each other, Tom found Kelli sharing a lot of rather personal details and information that he had never had another woman share with him before. He found out that Kelli's little boy was about 12 weeks old but he'd been very sick almost from the day he was born. She was worried about him because he seemed to be having a lot of sickness and he'd spent a lot of time in and out of the hosptial since they'd first taken him home.

Tom had noticed that Kelli didn't seem too comfortable with the increased size of her breasts in response to the fact that they were swollen from her pregnancy and from the larger cup size caused by the fact that her breasts were lactating as she nursed her baby. Tom couldn't keep from stealing peeks over at Kelli's chest as she'd sit there working in either a dress or a blouse or other top. He'd always found woman with nice busts very sexy and Kelli not only was a very attractive young woman in her early 20's but she did have a nice set of tits. The fact that he knew Kelli was lactating and that she'd share things about nursing and her tits producing milk made Tom very horny and he'd gone home at night or even to the men's room during the day and jacked off several times as he had images of Kelli in his mind.

Kelli's little boy continued to have various illnesses and he spent so much time in the hospital that even though she'd often breast-pumped her milk she finally got to the point where she wasn't able to empty her milk-producing breasts fast enough to keep up with their more than ample production. Kelli used to laugh and say that nice milk-producing females seemed to run in her family since her parents raised milk cows and she was turning out to be just as prolific in making milk as her folks' cows were.

One morning when Kelli came into work, Tom could quickly see that she'd been crying. He wanted to be caring and ask if he could help her, but he didn't want to appear too involved with another's man wife. He made some comments to Kelli to try to gently ask why she was upset and when he did, the floodgates opened and Kelli began to sob and cry right there in front of him.

Tom didn't even think as he stood and went over beside Kelli and he stood next to her with his arm around her shoulder as she sobbed and cried. "Kelli, is there anything I can do to help you?" Tom asked, wondering if she just wanted to talk or get anything off her chest.

Tom was blown away when Kelli answered his question: "Yes, Tom, there is something but honestly I don't think you'll want to know what it is," Kelli said as she looked up into his eyes, her own very pretty blue eyes fixating his gaze.

"Sure, Kelli, anything. What can I do to help you?" Tom asked.

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