Jin: Hunting


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jin, a delightfully sexy, mysterious Asian woman, is out hunting for the next mortal whose life she'll change. She's at a club when she spots Kip, a man sitting the corner of the bar, hidden by the shadows. Jin finds him worthy of her attentions and takes him into her bed for the night for a life-changing experience.

The night was young and I was out hunting again.

I was at a bar called the Desiree, sitting up in the VIP section with a Pink Lady in my hand, gazing down at the steamy dance floor where the club's patron's dance furiously to the vigorous beat of the techno music blaring from the speakers.

I tapped the cool glass in my hand with my fingernail. Whose life would I change tonight? I mused to myself, male or female, young or old, there are so many choices. I smiled. Yes, there are many choices but there are only a few who are worthy, only a few who need to be redirected in their lives to be able to see the better again.

I was a djinn and even had my name play off the name of my true nature. I didn't look like those djinn shown on TV, I didn't have the harem dress, didn't have to grant wishes, and I didn't live in a lamp. In fact, I looked Asian, with the silky black hair I liked to keep long, the almond shaped brown eyes, button nose, and I only stood five feet tall with a petite build. To mortals, I was Jin, and to those that had encountered me, I was a blessing, a woman that came into their lives to rekindle the flames of their dormant passion, to show that life was not dissatisfying, that there were things to live for, and that there were knew paths in life that brought happiness. I thought of Mark Conners, a man who had become dissatisfied with his life, full of the feeling of being unloved and looked down upon. I had had a good time with him, showing him that he wad indeed a special man. He was truly one of my favorites.

But tonight, I would need to choose someone. I scanned the club for someone who needed a companion and soon I found one. He sat alone at the end of the bar, hidden in the shadows as he nursed a beer, head hung low. I watched him as he took another sip of his beer and I took a peek into his mind. His life proved to be dull, full of rejections in his earlier years which led to low-esteem, nearly no confidence at all, which opened the doors for people to just walk all over him. He seemed to be a painfully shy man but there was something more, something darker inside of him. It intrigued me.

I delved more into his mind, seeking out the image of his ideal woman: smart, slightly conservative, gentle, and old-fashioned. I could fashion an outfit to fit that image easily. Stepping into the shadows, I transformed the plain white dress I wore into a sleek dark maroon dress with a high collar, three quarter sleeves, a zipper down the back, and black heels. Around my waist I wore a thin black leather belt and I kept my hair loose. White pearl earrings appeared in my ears. Underneath, I wore a white bra with lace edge and matching panties. I was ready.

I made my way down to the main floor and over to the bar. My target was still there and as I got closer, I saw that he was attractive and big, though not in a fat sense, rather in a "he's probably six and half feet tall and three hundred pounds" sense. He wasn't the hot-stud-type, but more of the big burly lumberjack type that ensured either ultimate safety because of his massive size or the type that ensured you'd be ripped limb from limb. He had curly black hair, open honest brown eyes set in a rugged face, and tanned skin, and he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a pale blue dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. I somehow couldn't imagine why a woman wouldn't want this man, unless they found him to big and daunting. I smiled and slid onto the stool beside him. He looked up, startled, his face drawn, but when he saw me, his face closed up. I quickly slipped into my role.

"Hi," I said nervously, letting a blush stain my cheeks, "I don't do this very often... but, I was wondering if I could... buy you a drink."

His expression softened, there was even a hint of smile playing on his lips as he watched me tuck my hair behind my ear. "Sure," he said, finishing off the beer he had.

I blushed again and hailed over the bartender. "One beer for him and a rum and coke for me," I said. The bartender gave a nod and soon our drinks were placed sweating in front of us. "I'm Jin," I said, offering my hand.

"Kip," he said, enveloping my small hand in his big paw. He gave it a gentle squeeze

"That's a nice name," I said, "Short for Christopher."

"Yeah," Kip said, "My mom named me Christopher but everyone in my family got to calling me Kip. Now, your name is interesting as well. It's Chinese, right? Means gold, metal, money or elegant or ferry, I think."

"Wow, impressive," I said in genuine admiration, "You know, you're the first one to ever know what my name means."

Kip shrugged his big shoulders. "I like to read," he said. He took a sip of his new beer. "I run a bookstore downtown so I have lots of time and lots to read."

"You know, I wouldn't have pegged you to be the bookstore owner type," I said, looking at him, "I mean, you look like you could run your own gym, or something, or a lumber business."

This got a laugh. "Ah, is that so?" he said, grinning.

"Yeah, you know? It's just that," I said, blushing, "You're so big." Our eyes met and I blushed more.

"I see," he said in a level voice. I touch my mind to his and detected interest and arousal. "And what about you, what do you do?"

"I actually am just a writer," I replied, "I travel and write about the places I visit."

"Yeah, I pegged you for a writer," Kip said with a friendly grin, "Small and dainty, what else could you be?"

I nudged his arm playfully and he returned the gesture and soon we had a little nudge war. I knew that he was warming up to me, his guard was lowered and I knew that it was time to make the clincher move. I kissed him. It was a small kiss, right on his cheek. Kip froze and blinked in surprise. I sensed no hostility in him just surprise and hope.

"I... I'm sorry," I stammered, acting flustered, "I shouldn't have done that, oh god, I'm sorry, I'll-I'll just go and-"

Kip caught my wrist in his. His skin burned mine as our eyes met and he pulled me in and kissed me full on the lips. My eyes widened and I let them slide shut as he deepened the kiss, running his tongue along the line of my lips. When he broke the kiss, we were both breathless and flushed. I didn't need my powers to know that he was aroused; I felt it against my belly. We looked at each other, communicating silently. He wanted me and I wanted him.

"I haven't done this before," he breathed.

"Neither have I," I said.

"So what do we do?" Kip asked.

"I don't know, I guess we go and find a room," I said, "Actually, I live nearby."

Because of my mission and lifestyle, I owned hundreds of apartments across the nation and stayed in thousands of hotel rooms, never staying in one place for too long. I needed all of this to bring my chosen ones to, to change their lives.

"That sounds good," Kip said. He pulled out his wallet and slapped a twenty on the bar and got off his stool. "Did you bring a car?"

"No, I took a cab," I told him.

He took my hand and led me out of the bar and to an Opal Blazer that was parked in the parking lot. "Just tell me where it is," he said.

I directed him to the building where my apartment was and took him upstairs. "It's not much," I said, opening the door, "I just moved in recently." And that was the truth. I had just moved in a week ago, purchased furniture and had just gotten things set up. It was a modest place with heavy oak furniture and scenic paintings. The bedroom was also simple. It was furnished with a low bed, queen sized, with peach colored sheets and soft down pillows and quilt, two low night tables, and covering the tile floor was a large Persian rug.

"It's very nice," Kip said when I closed the door behind us.

"Thanks. Um, do you want something to drink?" I asked.

Kip looked at me and shook his head and he came over to me where I stood in the living room. He pinned me up against the wall, my wrists trapped in his big hand as he kissed me hard. His tongue slid into my mouth as his leg slipped between my thighs, spreading them apart. I felt his warmth seep through the material of his jeans to scald me and I gave a moan, pressing my body against his. Kip's other hand cupped my neck, then slid down my body to cup my breast through my dress. I felt his thumb rubbing over my nipple which was already hard and erect, and he gave the soft flesh a gentle squeeze.

"Please," I breathed between kisses, "Touch me."

Kip smiled against my lips. "I am," he said, letting his hand slip lower, down along my waist and the curve of my hip. "I want to see you," he whispered hoarsely. He released my arms and pulled down the zipper of my dress. I waited breathlessly as he slid the outfit down over my shoulders, easing the sleeves down my arms till it was pooled at my feet. Kip sucked in a breath when he saw and he brushed his knuckles along the swell of my breast. Soon my bra and panties followed and I stood dressed only in my garter belt, black stockings, and heels. "Beautiful, beautiful," he murmured and he swept me into his arms and took me to the bed.

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