Helter Skelter

by Harddaysknight

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: It seems to be deja vu all over again. Infidelity can be so painful.

I stood in the hall, trying to time my entry for maximum effect. As the guy rolled off my wife of 22 years, I carried the tray of bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee into the bedroom. It took a moment for Gwen's eyes to focus on me, and another second for her mind to realize the ramifications. I saw fear in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Wow! I bet you guys are hungry after that hard fuck!" I gushed. "I have just the thing to help you get your strength back, Jack. I hope you like your coffee strong."

As I spoke, I placed the tray on the bed with the stands on either side of his naked body. To his credit, he remained calm as he watched me closely.

"Gwen's been needing a good hard fuck for sometime, now. I'm so relieved she found a real man with a big cock. I see you gave her a real big load, Jack," I told him as I motioned toward to Gwen's sloppy pussy. "Thanks for riding her bareback, man! If we have a boy, we'll name him after you. You don't mind, do you?"

"Jim! I didn't know you were home... I thought you were coming back this evening," Gwen finally managed to croak. "When did you get back?"

She tried to pull the sheet up to cover her tits as she spoke, but I had been careful to sit on her side of the bed with the sheet was still in a wadded-up ball, directly under my ass. She was unable to gain the modesty she sought.

"Sometime between the first fuck and the world class blowjob you gave Jack, Darling," I smiled. "Man, did you gobble his knob! I just had to beam with pride when I saw how well you could handle Jack's rather impressive tool. You are a cocksucker extraordinaire! She's quite the cocksucker, don't you think, Jack?"

Jack was beginning to relax and actually was sipping his coffee when I posed the question. Grinning, he looked over at Gwen and nodded.

"She sure is that," agreed Jack. "She's a natural and she never spilled a drop. If I knock her up, you can name the little bastard Jack, but use your own last name."

Gwen was recovering her senses and becoming quite agitated. Her eyes searched my face for some indication of where I was headed with the conversation. She held her left hand over her swollen pussy and her right over her chest.

"How did you like her tits, Jack? I know they aren't real big, but they still feel pretty firm, don't you think? Do I see a few little bite marks on them, you devil?"

To my surprise, Jack reached over and grabbed Gwen's left tit and pinched it as he answered, "Yeah, I've seen better, but they aren't bad, especially for her age and having a couple kids. I just couldn't resist chewing on her nipples," admitted Jack.

"What the hell is wrong with you two?" erupted Gwen as she pushed Jack's hand from her breast. "You shouldn't be having this conversation! I'm your wife, Jim. How can you talk about me like some common..." and her voice trailed off as the sentence went unfinished.

"Gwen, I know when I'm beat. Jack's made me a cuckold. I may as well get used to it. Congratulations, Jack. You really pinned the horns on me. I'll probably be eating your sperm out of Gwen's pussy after you leave. I'll bet it won't be the last time you leave a cream pie for me," I chuckled.

Jack was actually eating with gusto now. He grinned and nodded again as he finished his poached egg.

"I'll do my best to keep that cunt stuffed with cream. It looks like a win-win situation. Gwen will be getting a good fuck, I'll be getting some extra ass and you'll have dessert. Thanks for the breakfast, Dude. I have to get to work, but I'll be glad to stop in and fuck her for you a few times a week," Jack stated as he slid his legs to the floor and stood.

"I've heard of guys that like to have their wife fucked by men with big cocks like me. I'm glad you're one on those guys. It makes this whole situation a lot better. Thanks for the breakfast, and the fuck. The breakfast was especially good," he laughed as he walked from the bedroom.

"Let me show you the door, Jack," I offered as I jumped to my feet and followed him down the stairs.

I managed to get to the door to the garage ahead of Jack and I opened it and motioned for him to exit in front of me. As he walked past me, I estimated him to be about six foot-two and around 230 pounds. He wouldn't be easy, but I had it to do.

I stepped into the garage behind Jack. As he pulled his keys from his pocket and pressed the button to unlock his door, I clenched both my hands together and hammered him behind the head with all my strength. He dropped to his knees, like the poll-axed steer John Wayne always referred to in his westerns.

Then, as Jack kneeled before me stunned, I pulled my dick out and grabbed my digital camera of a nearby shelf.

"You look a little shaky, Jack. Let me help you revive."

Earlier I had finished off three cups of coffee and now was the time to rid myself of them. I began to piss on Jack's head and shoulders. I directed the stream with one hand and snapped a few pictures with the other. He came out of his funk and turned his head to yell something at me, so I just aimed for his mouth. That was my favorite photograph, by far. Jack's mouth was stretched wide open with piss flying in it. Jack started to get to his feet so I stepped back and put the camera back on the shelf as I squeezed off my stream and replaced my cock in my pants. A man cannot respond to danger very well while as his cock is exposed.

"You miserable little bastard!" yelled Jack as he started for me with clenched fists. "You cold-cocked me. Let's see how you do in a fair fight!"

I pulled my Smith & Wesson from my waistband and cocked it in his face. Suddenly, Jack wasn't as belligerent.

"A fair fight? You weigh 50 pounds more than I do and have three inches on me. That may be your idea of a fair fight, but not mine. You shit all over me when you fucked my wife. Surely you had to expect I'd be just a little resentful, you dumb fuck. In return, I pissed all over you and have a few pictures to prove it, asshole," I raged.

"A fair fight is when the rivals are equally matched. If you have the balls, show up at the county fair grounds at six this evening. Bring your biggest gun and we'll have a fucking fair fight! Now get the hell out of my house. If I ever see you near here again, you'll get a "blowjob" you won't like. I'll blow a fucking hole in your balls!"

I pushed the button for the garage door to open. Jack backed away and climbed into his car. As soon as it started, he sped out into the street. I closed the door and headed back upstairs.

Gwen was in the shower when I reached the bedroom. I stripped and went down the hall to the guest bathroom for my shower. I was back and getting dressed when Gwen finally turned the water off. I was completely dressed by the time she entered the bedroom.

It was obvious she had been crying. Her hands shook as she clung to the towel wrapped around her.

"Jim, I'm so sorry!" she wailed. "It was a mistake. I am so ashamed. Are you going to leave me, or throw me out?"

"Why would I do that, Sweetheart? I asked. "You've made me a cuckold. I'm new to the whole thing, but I've been reading up on it all night. I'm not an unreasonable man. I'll have to give it a chance and see if I like it before I do anything rash, like tossing your cheating ass out. Why did you shower so soon? It was my job to clean our your pussy with my tongue."

"Oh, Jim! I know you wouldn't do that! The very idea is sickening. Please don't suggest it again," cried Gwen.

"That Jack seemed like a nice guy, didn't he?" I lied. "Now that we have a bull, I'll be expected to do things to please him and show him my gratitude for fucking my wife. Maybe he'll give us a son! Wouldn't that be an honor?"

"Jim, don't talk like that. I don't want his baby. I feel nauseous considering such a horrible thing. Our two daughters are the perfect family."

"Gwen, you had him cum in your pussy, God only knows how many times. I'm sure you understand that's how women get pregnant. You wanted him to cum in you, so I can only conclude you want to have his baby. If it's a girl, let's name it Mary, after your mom."

"I don't want his baby!" bawled Gwen. "It's the wrong time of the month for me to get pregnant."

"Well, that's only reliable to a point. I remember how surprised you were when you got pregnant with Jen. No matter, the next time Jack sleeps over, he'll take another shot at it," I reasoned.

"Jim! What's wrong with you? He'll never get another chance. It's over! I'll never be unfaithful again. I swear!" sobbed Gwen.

"I have to get to work, Gwen, but we'll discuss this later. If Jack isn't a suitable bull, it's my job as the cuckster to find someone that is. I'll think about it while I'm working," I told Gwen.

She burst into louder sobs and threw herself on the bed as I headed out the door. I was hoping she was beginning to feel some of the torment I had experienced when I returned home a day earlier than scheduled.

It was around ten in the previous evening when I pulled into our drive. I decide to leave the car outside because the garage door opener was noisy. Gwen wasn't expecting me and hearing it open could upset or frighten her. It wasn't till later that I saw Jack's car in my spot in the garage.

I found a pair of man's pants at the bottom of the stairs, along with one of Gwen's dresses. It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what was transpiring. I went upstairs and heard moans and other noises that should not come from my bed. At least not when I was standing in the hall.

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