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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two women come to work and he wants them badly, but they're involved with each other. They tease him constantly and he just has to have them. One day, he witnesses one of them doing something illegal and sees his chance to have them both.

Grey Pharmaceutical, I'd worked here for five years, in the office, when the two of them started here, Mandy, a 5'2" brunette, with huge tits and a big hand grabbing ass and Marilyn, a 5'4" blonde, nice body, medium tits and an ass that just begged for a cock, nice and tight. I'd tried my best to get a date with them, they always begged off and one day I found out through the rumor mill that they were involved with each other, but they still continued to lead me on. They would make little sexual comments and rub or touch me whenever no one was around, they made my cock rock hard on more than one occasion, I vowed that I would have one or both of them someday, somehow.

My chance came, shortly after they'd been there a year, I happened to pass by the storage room and there they were, stuffing pills in their purses, I had them right where I wanted them. Stealing drugs could net them 10-20 years each, surely they would bargain away some of their pussy for my silence. I whipped out my notebook and took notes on the lot and batch numbers from which they had stolen the drugs, the date and time and then went back to my desk and wrote it out on company letterhead, addressed to Mr. Walker, our boss, my cock throbbed as I realized this letter would be my ticket to some great fucking. I waited a few days after the theft to confront Mandy about it, I wanted to gauge her reaction, I knew that Marilyn would do whatever Mandy told her to.

I got Mandy alone in the stairwell and confronted her with my letter and what I had seen, I could see the fear in her eyes, her career would be over, as well as Marilyn's. She begged me not to send the letter, to show compassion, my cock throbbed as I thought of what I was going to get from all of this. I told her that I would be willing to keep the letter and their theft secret if she and Marilyn would come out to my cabin for the weekend, she reluctantly agreed, knowing that she and her girlfriend would be sex toys for the weekend for me. I felt bold, so I grabbed those big tits and squeezed them through her clothes, she didn't fight me, those tits felt like huge soft pillows and I had her nipples hard in no time.

I wanted a blow job in the worst way, but I also realized that sex at work would give her slight leverage on me, so I just resolved to go the men's room and jerk off afterwards, but I had a hard time letting those fun bags go. I reminded her that her commitment started Friday night and ran until Sunday evening and for her and Marilyn to be at my house promptly at 6 Friday for the trip out there, I didn't want them driving, I wanted them to have no means of escape, other than their feet, I slapped that big ass as she walked away. I locked the bathroom door and whacked off, imagining her pouty lips wrapped around me, sucking for all she was worth, I coated the toilet with a super load.

The two of them avoided me the next day and I found myself looking for them, I wanted to impress my dominance over them and how they would do what I said or go to jail. I caught Marilyn in the copy room, two other people were in there, but paid us little mind, I asked her if she understood the deal and she nodded yes, like a broken puppy, then I rubbed that tight ass of hers through her skirt, I felt no panty lines, but then felt the ass strap of a thong, my cock throbbed for attention, I quickly checked to see if anyone was watching, they weren't. I reached around her waist and felt her medium tits, she wore no bra and they were very perky, her nipples responded as quickly as Mandy's had, but hers were much larger.

Her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers and I kneaded them as I stood behind her and rubbed my cock up her ass crack, I was getting close to cumming. "You're first," I whispered in her ear and then gave her tit a squeeze and headed for the bathroom to relieve myself. I could see that her face was crimson as I started to move away from her, that's what she gets for all the fucking teasing. I had another super eruption in the men's room, these two bitches would pay for all their teasing, I went back to my desk and made a few calls, then daydreamed about my fun weekend coming up. They avoided me like the plague the rest of the week, but were at my place on time Friday night, they were dressed down, jeans and loose tops, trying to look unattractive, I didn't care, they wouldn't have clothes on too long anyways.

I made Mandy sit in the back seat and Marilyn up front, when we left the city and got on the country roads, I opened my fly and pulled my cock out and made Marilyn suck me, she hesitated at first, but I pulled her head down on me and her mouth felt great, though I don't think she'd had a lot of experience at sucking cock. It didn't take me long before I was ready to pop, so I pulled over and put the car in park and made her finish me off, she tried to pull her head off when I came, but I held her firm until I unloaded in her mouth, when I let go of her head, she whipped around and spit my cum out the window. I put my cock away and we continued our trip, neither one said much all the way, I think Mandy was afraid I would fuck her alongside the road, she kind of huddled in the back seat out of my view. When we turned on the driveway to my cabin, they seemed rather scared to be so far out in the country, no doubt they knew they couldn't escape, I smiled at their predicament, serves them right for teasing me for over a year.

We all carried our bags in and sat them in the front room, I ordered them to both strip naked, they again hesitated, but complied and there they were, buck naked in front of me, the two women I had dreamt about for over a year, mine to use as I pleased. I collected their clothes and their bags and took them back out to my car, locking them in the trunk, I didn't want them backing out and I figured they were less likely to run naked and on foot, when I came back in, they were whispering to one another. "Ok, Ladies, now for your next surprise. Come on out, Guys," and they were horrified when they saw five more guys come out of the bedroom and stare at their naked bodies, they tried to cover up, but I slapped their hands down.

Mandy immediately protested, but I showed her the letter and informed her that she would do as I said or spend 20 years behind bars as a lesbo toy. Mike, one of my coworkers, quickly shucked his clothes, the rest of the guys followed suit, then I joined them and picked up all of the clothes and put them in the bedroom so the girls wouldn't get any ideas. Phil suggested that the girls give us a girl on girl show to start things off, I could see they weren't too thrilled with that idea, I'm sure they thought they'd fuck me and suck me for the weekend and that would be the end of it, but now they had 6 guys telling them to do a 69 with each other. I threw a blanket on the floor and told them to get busy, they knew they had no choice, Marilyn laid on her back as Mandy assumed a 69 position over her, the guys went nuts, stroking their cocks as they ate each other.

Even though this was Phil's idea, he soon interrupted them by getting on his knees behind Mandy and guiding his cock into her cunt, she squealed out into a face full of Marilyn's pussy as he sank into her. Mike soon followed suit and lifted Marilyn's legs and subsequently Mandy's head as he aimed at Marilyn's ass, she screamed out as he penetrated her tight rectum, but he held her firm as he sank his cock into her ass. He then shoved Mandy's head down on her pussy as he began to fuck her ass and Phil pumped Mandy's pussy. Phil jammed his thumb in Mandy's ass, she tried to buck, but was held firm, I got my video camera and started to record, they didn't even notice. The other guys were getting restless, but the girls only had 6 holes between them and in their current position, could only service the two guys on them, my own cock was starting to throb and Marilyn had just drained it on the way up here.

When Mike and Phil finally came, the rest of us had raging hardons that needed relief and the girls were soon being double penetrated by the four of us, I think they knew better than to protest and besides, I could tell they were a little into it. I handed the camera to Phil as I stepped in behind Mandy's big ass, she had a mouthful of Derek's cock and I grasped two handfuls of her ass and opened her cheeks to get a look at the prize, her pussy was oozing cum, but her puckered anus looked far too inviting to resist. I dipped my cock into her cum soaked pussy to coat it, then poised at her puckered hole, my cock felt like it was so hard, that it could be made of stone. Her rectum encircled my cock as I broke through her sphincter, she was no virgin, but my eight inches made her gasp on the cock in her mouth, as I sank it to the hilt, my balls slapping her cum soaked pussy as I began to pound her with zeal.

Her ass began to make a slurping noise, which almost matched her sucking mouth, my cum coated cock plowing in and out of her, my own orgasm approaching. Marilyn was getting DP'd as well, but her pussy was getting its first cock of the day, it was a wild fuckfest, I hoped Phil was getting it all on tape. I had two handfuls of Mandy's ass, I could feel her trying to pull away as I increased my tempo, my release close at hand, when I blew, I jerked her ass to me, burying myself deep as my cum spurt deep into her bowels, it was heaven. When I finished and dropped back, my own cum began to ooze from her still open ass, as I fought to regain my breath, just then, Sam erupted in her mouth, he had a handful of her hair and I could see she was struggling to swallow his load.

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