Black E-mail
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sandra has a dark secret that someone at her work has found out about. Now she has a choice to make, live with the secret being revealed, or do what her blackmailer requires her to do.

Sandra Noce was working at her desk in the accounting department of Jones and White Inc. She had worked at JWI for the past eight years working her way up from AP clerk to assistant controller in charge of cash management. She had worked her way through college while working full time and was proud of her skill in the day to day management of all of JWI's bank accounts, and investments. She was well paid but felt that she was worth more, but then what employee doesn't think they are worth more than the boss is willing to pay them.

She was still single at thirty two years of age, her sometimes boyfriend, Bill Allen, was a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company. He was gone at least four days a week, but that was fine with Sandra; she was not really in love with him but just waiting until someone better came along. The problem was no one was really out there to come along. Between her long hours on the job and the dull routine of her life she never met anyone. She was pretty; her dark hair and blue eyes attracted most men and she knew that she turned heads when in public. She dressed very well, her clothes were always stylish and she was always dressed in the newest fashions. Her body was well toned, and her breasts were above average in size, her stomach flat, and her legs shapely and well tanned. She just could not seem to give herself fully to anyone.

Meeting someone at JWI was out of the question. JWI's fraternization policy was draconian, and any couple who some much as had dinner with each other would quickly be ordered to have one of them leave the job. The HR department was legendary for their ability to find out about any illicit relationship almost as soon as the couple began seeing each other. JWI's sexual harassment policy was also swift and harsh, any suspected infraction was investigated at once and any even slightly guilty party was immediately fired, that also went for any woman, or man who filed a false complaint, if any complaint was found to be baseless the complaining party was immediately fired.

Sandra also had a secret, one that was so deep and serious that the only way she kept her guilt from overwhelming her was to put it from her mind, make herself feel like she was someone else when she was doing it. In fact some times entire days would go by without her worrying about what would happen to her if anyone found out. Then the e-mail arrived, it was flashing in her in box, its subject line blasting its dark nature, "I know what you are doing."

Her hands trembled as she opened the e-mail and began reading the contents. As she did so she wondered, how anyone could know that she had been embezzling from the company, and if they did why didn't they turn her in. She was terrified that she was going to be arrested and sent to jail. Stealing had not been that hard, the company's controls over cash were not that good, and Sandra was in a perfect place to cover up her thefts. She had stolen almost five hundred thousand dollars over the past few years, and now someone knew about it.

She read the e-mail it was short and to the point, "I know you have been stealing from the company. I own you now, and you will do whatever I say, whenever I say, and however I say. Failure to comply with my requests will result in you being turned in arrested and thrown into a very nasty prison. I am sure some the girls in the penitentiary would enjoy a sweet, pretty thing like you joining them."

With her heart in her throat she continued to read, "In any event we have a full management team meeting in 10 minutes. I will be in the room with 18 other people so my identity will still be a mystery. Just to show you that I am serious I want you to remove your bra before the meeting so I can see your nipples poking out from your big tits during the meeting. So now you know that I am one of the people on the management team, and I will be in the room, but you still don't know who I am. We will let that little mystery go on a while longer. Now make sure you have no bra on when you enter the room or you will regret it. This is just a little test so don't mess this up, or you will definitely regret it."

Sandra's mind was whirlwind of thoughts, she couldn't think what to do, run, turn herself in, or do what the blackmailer asked? She looked at the clock with alarm and realized that she had two minutes until the meeting started. She grabbed her laptop, her company was wireless so everyone brought their laptops to take notes, and she ran to the meeting. She almost forgot until she was there, she had to get rid of her bra. She cursed as she realized that she had worn a clingy sweater tank top today. Her nipples were big, and she knew they would be popping out right in front of everyone at the meeting. She ducked into the ladies washroom and pulled up her sweater top so she could pop off her bra. Her big tits shook as she exited the washroom swinging freely with out the encumbrance of a bra. Just as she feared her big, thick nipples jutted out, clearly visible through the clingy fabric of the sweater tank. The door to the meeting room was right ahead

She breezed into the room as quietly as she could. The president of the company, Steve Jenkins, had already begun without her. He was forty eight, with steel colored hair, trim and athletic for a man his age Sandra had always admired him. He ran the company with an iron fist, no excuses for failure were allowed. Sandra was late, and Steve stopped talking as he came into the room. Holding her writing pad over her free swinging tits, she said, "I'm sorry sir, I lost track of the time."

Steve starred at her with his dark eyes and answered coldly, "You know how I feel about wasting valuable time by being late. You realize this meeting costs over thirty dollars per minute. I will not tolerate this again. Am I making myself clear?"

All eyes in the room swiveled to her, and she was acutely aware how red her face must be. Steve's eyes seem to bore into the back of her head as he waited for her to say something. Finally just before the silence stretched to absurdity Sandra forced herself to speak. "Yes sir, I understand, it won't happen again."

Steve went back to speaking as she took her seat. His precision of thought and movement were legendary. He delivered the dressing down she required, and then went back to his agenda without even giving her another thought.

Thankfully she settled into her seat and put her notebook on the table logging onto the network and bringing up word to take any notes she might need. She finally caught her breath and looked around the room, tuning out the meeting for the time being. She wondered who her blackmailer could be. She realized that in order for the person to have knowledge of what she was doing the blackmailer would have to have access to financial information. That eliminated most of the people in the room. There were six suspects as far as she could tell four men and two women. The men were her boss, Jason Rollins, the controller, his boss, the CFO, Ron James, Asst. Controller Jeff Chambers, and of course Steve the President. The women were the VP of SEC reporting, Mary Samson, and Sarah Jones, Director of budgeting. Each one of these people could have potentially had access to the information that could have allowed them to see where Sarah had been stealing funds from.

She was roused from her review of potential suspects by a sudden silence. Everyone in the room was staring at her and she realized someone must have been talking to her and they were waiting for her to answer, the problem was she had no idea what the question had been. "Sandra, I asked you to give your cash report. I am not accustomed to repeating myself," she heard Steve's steel hard voice say.

She was relieved; this was something she could do. She popped open the excel spreadsheet on her laptop and tied it into the wall projector in the room. She stood up as was her custom, and began to delver her weekly report on the company's cash position. She noticed that everyone on the room had their eyes focused on her chest, Oh my god she thought, I forgot I have no bra on. She glanced down and saw that her erect nipples were visible to everyone in the clingy sweater that she was wearing. She started to stammer, and she could feel her face turning bright red.

Steve again spoke sternly to her, "What on earth is the matter with you today Sandra? I expect a concise presentation from a professional, not a stammering, babbling school girl. Please compose yourself and finish."

Sandra tried to compose herself and ignore all the stares at her tits, especially from the men in the room who could not seem to tear their eyes from her tits. She felt faint, and hot, her whole body was sweating profusely. Somehow she finished her presentation and sat back down. She was so humiliated she could not believe it. Why would her blackmailer want to humiliate her like this? She had worked hard to be a professional her whole career and to overcome the inherent sexual prejudice that existed in the company against women. She glanced at her laptop screen and saw that she had new mail; opening it she saw another e-mail from her blackmailer.

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