my slave journal

by Marina Tete

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Enema, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: a pussy slave (see the meaning inside) asks her mistress to write about their affair. the slave gains a lot of fun from it but also some punishment becomes due.

I have always fancied having a kept journal for the things that happen to me but I never committed to writing one. This time I will do something different, I will write a journal about my days as a pussy slave. In my definition a pussy slave is the one that can't get enough from her mistress, either enough pussy or punishment that doesn't matter, and I think I have met this definition and I will let you be the judge of this through the story.

Part I

I told my mistress about my idea for a journal and she agreed to let me include all our encounters in it. She said she will give me a very hot session today for me to begin writing about. I couldn't hide my excitement and dropped to lick her pussy in gratitude (you know me can't get enough pussy). She pushed me away and ordered me to go and wait for her in the dungeon. I entered the dungeon on the dark and didn't dare flick the lights on without permission and sat on the floor awaiting my mistress. Mistress followed me in a few minutes and had changed her outfit into a very sexy black corset that clung to her body and revealed her charms.

The corset let her breasts hang upright and slightly shelved them from below so that they were easy to be reached and have an extremely mouth watering sight. The corset traveled down her torso and engulfed her hips to give her the classic overly sexy hourglass shape that ended with the unobstructed view of her pussy through a tiny satiny thong clipped to the corset.

I was staring at her body for while and she got wet from my lustful looks, not wanting to delay things even more she ordered me to get up and kneel on the whipping post with my tummy downwards and I knew my butt is in for a very tough ride but silently imagined how the reddish tan I end up with arouses mistress and I get a dream fuck afterwards. She tied my ankle and wrists to the built in bolts, I felt her massage my but cheeks with her hands and my body writhed around, and moans escaped my mouth. She silenced me saying I shouldn't moan when I could sing loudly. I dreaded the sound of these words and their implications on my butt.

Of course mistress couldn't resist the chance of taking me by surprise and quickly brought her first blow with the paddle on my cheeks; I squealed from surprise and calmed down to thank her for the blow. She chuckled and said that was nothing, again her word dreaded me and I soon felt the second blow but this time on my right cheek only. I didn't have the time to thank her before the next blow and the next and the next paid their homage on my butt cheeks. She didn't stop before she reached 50 blows and I was straining to say the exact number of thank yous that matched the blows.

She then untied me and carried my limping body to a sheet spread on the floor, I felt her rubbing something cold on my butt and I thought it was a soothing cream to absorb the heat but mistress had other plans. The cold cream quickly turned into heat that fired up my abused cheeks even more, I was soon back moaning and mistress laughed at me saying couldn't have believed 50 strokes are the whole session. She left me wiggling on the floor and I tried to rub my butt to ease the heat which caused further spread of the cream and increase in the heat produced.

Mistress then ordered me to lay on my back and spread my legs, I knew that she was going to fuck me anyhow but I tried to ask her not to. I told her my butt is on fire and I cannot take the friction resulting from her fucking but my pleas were ignored and she plunged her strap on dildo into my pussy and with all her might she fucked the dildo in and out from my pussy. I cannot deny that the whipping aroused me nor can I deny that her rough fucking drove me totally over the edge. Achieving her climax as well mistress got off my body and removed her strap on. She looked at my spent body lying on the floor and carried me to the bath.

Part II

I woke up and found my self lying next to mistress in her bed and my body was still soar from last night and some how I knew this wasn't the end for today because soon after I woke up mistress woke as well and ordered me to fill my enema bag with hot water and prepare a douche for my pussy. I followed her commands and prepared everything in the bathroom adjoining her room. She came in holding a little bottle that smelled of cinnamon. I dreaded her next action and feared what with happen to my tender inner tissue when cinnamon takes its action.

Mistress knew that I loved to drink my coffee with cinnamon but can't do that very often because it agitates my nose and eyes. But I never imagined someone would wickedly put it in my butt or pussy, but here I am ready to take it to please my mistress. Seeing my dilemma mistress softly said this is not cinnamon it is cinnamon extract oil which means it only contains the oils that give cinnamon its characteristic smell and effect. (She winked at me)

Then she approached me with the enema and emptied it in my bowels and closed the nozzle trapping the hot water and the oil from hell inside, next she made me sit on the floor and emptied the douche bag in my pussy. At first I couldn't feel a thing the shock/anticipation but in about five seconds from the water settling inside me I started to feel the burning of cinnamon. I was beginning to moan in response when mistress lowered her pussy in my face to gaga me and I moaned into it and started to suck and drag my attention away form my burning holes.

I licked away at her folds and nibbled here and there to get her off and she might have mercy on me. The strange thing is she said that as soon as she comes she will replace the old liquids with new one, and this didn't slow me down one bit (I can't get enough pussy). True to her word she came and pushed me away towards the toilet seat and let me release the trapped water. I saw her fill the bags again but she didn't put any more cinnamon. She looked at me and said I will have my cinnamon in my pussy and butt from now on and never again in my coffee. I took the other two bags easily and released them into the toilet with mistress's permission.

We exited the bathroom and I prepared breakfast for mistress, she ate and ordered me to begin writing my journal and if I write nicely I might earn my breakfast, I sat on her desk in the living room and typed away at the computer. She would come every now and then to check on me and feed me the eggs I prepared for her from her mouth. She finished breakfast and came to sit beside me, of course my concentration was blown away and she noticed this. She d=said if I didn't finish writing what happened more will happen and it will be very, very hard to write about, so I picked up my writing and tried to forget she was sitting right next to me.

Unable to ignore her, I tried to reach her right nipple and suck on it while I typed our session last night and she got angry because I made so many mistakes and had to write it from the beginning all over again.

She told me to finish it and then to report to her in her room, I was sad and frustrated but was mostly excited beyond believe that she will punish me again (I can't get enough of that a well). It took me two hours to finish and I printed the journal and took it up to mistress's room. I knocked and she said she wanted her pussy pet in not the pussy slave. So I got down on four and scratched with my fingers on her door and did little meowing sounds and she got up and opened the door for me.

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