Depraved and Then Some

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Gang Bang, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I was once called the most depraved man in town. I might even have been just that.

I have been called a depraved individual by some, and in fact I have been called THE most depraved individual by a lot of people that know me. And you know what? I am. Even though I am now in my mid-forties I'm still not sure if I came by it naturally or if I had to work at it. Because it started at a very early age I'm leaning toward 'natural'.

The first time my depravity came to light was when I was six years old. You know how young boys usually don't want to have anything to do with young girls, but young girls always follow the boys around and want to play? Glenda was like that. She was the five year old that lived next door and one day when there was no one else around for me to play with I broke down and let Glenda come over and play with me. We ended up showing each other our peepees. I was amazed that she didn't have one - all she had was a crack! I told Glenda she could stay and play with me, but only if she let the other kids look at what she had (or didn't have) and she said okay. I rounded up all the kids in the neighborhood I could find and charged them to come over to our garage and look at Glenda. A cookie, a candy bar, a comic book, a penny; I took anything I could get to let them in to look at Glenda. I gave her a cookie and she stood there unconcernedly as guy after guy (all five, six and seven year olds) looked at it, and walked away shaking their heads. I don't think it took two hours before every mother in the fucking neighborhood was out looking for me and that night my dad used a hairbrush on me.

Next to up for sale was the sanctity of my parent's bedroom. Since what ever they did was always behind closed doors there must be something in there worth seeing, right? The house we lived in at the time was built in the early thirties and had a full attic and I found that if I lifted a certain floorboard I could look down in my parents bedroom through a gap between the ceiling itself and the bezel for the ceiling light fixture. I was nine at the time and wise in the ways of the world because I had seen a deck of French postcards and I recognized right away what my parents were doing on the bed.

One day I saw the door closed and heard the sounds and so I ran out and found some guys and told them they could watch for a dime each. I had four of them with me and I had them take off their shoes and we snuck up to the attic. I had a blanket hung over the attic window so we wouldn't be back lit when we looked down through the floorboard. I lifted the board and held out my hand and one at a time they gave me a dime and got down and looked into the bedroom. They were all deathly quiet and when they backed away from the hole I could see awe and wonder in their eyes. I helped them sneak out and then I went back and looked for myself. Holy shit! I could just see my dad swinging his belt at me if I ever got caught. It wasn't mom and dad down there, it was dad and Mrs. Holbrook from across the street and Mr. Harmon from next door and they both had their thingies in her. The word got around and soon I had so many guys who wanted to watch that I raised my price to a quarter - and got it. For the next two years I saw my dad and over half the other men in the neighborhood with Mrs. Holbrook and sometimes with her daughter Beverly. But all good things eventually come to an end. My dad got a job in Detroit and we had to move.

Next on the road to depravity was the stop at my step sisters bedroom window. The house in Detroit was another old house and two of the bedrooms were in the basement. I was thirteen and she was fifteen trying to be twenty-four. I found that if I adjusted the curtain rods I could lie on the ground in the back yard and have a clear view of her dressing and undressing. I even got to see her fooling around with her boyfriends. Naturally the first thing I thought of was to share my good fortune, for a price, with some of the acquaintances I had made since moving in. Soon I was collecting anywhere from a quarter to a half-dollar to let guys enjoy the show. My sister is what they refer to today as a fox and she was a very good draw. By the time she was sixteen every boy in the neighborhood had seen every inch of her naked body. That led to the next step in journey to becoming a depraved individual. I had seen her give a blow job and I had watched as her boyfriend had pulled out at the last minute and sprayed his stuff all over her face, blouse and skirt. After the guy had gone I had seen Doreen hide the skirt and blouse. I knew I was going to blow my money making gig, but I was after bigger fish now. I went down to Doreen's room, told her what I had seen and if she didn't do the same for me I was going to tell mom and dad. She told me to go ahead, that it would just be my word against hers and everyone knew how creepy I was. I told her that I had proof and she had to make up her mind right then because when I got up I was going to go straight upstairs and rat her out.

"What proof?" she demanded and I told her I had seen her hide her stained clothes,

"And you won't have time to get rid of them before I bring mom and dad back down."

She looked worried, but still said no until I got up and headed for the door. "Wait" she said, "No one ever finds out, right?"

I had some other minor successes as a teen, but the crowning achievement of my teen years was when I sold my date to the senior prom to the highest bidder, not once, but six times. Sarah was a round-heeled slut. She had started fucking boys for Popsicle's and had played pin cushion ever since. She was my date because no one else would take her, but I saw the financial possibilities right away and I leaped at the chance. It was a big thing back then to lose your cherry by the senior prom. There were quite a few guys who were desperate to lose their least prized possession and a lot of them were going to the prom with girls who were not going to give it up (heartless bitches) but Sarah would give it up in a heartbeat. There were always several parties after the prom and I knew where the desperate guys were going to be. At the first party I scored within ten minutes and for fifty bucks John Rolf got to be Sarah's second fuck of the night (we all know who was first, right?). When he was done Sarah and I split for the next party on the list where for sixty-five dollars Roy Hall got the "exclusive" use of Sarah. At the third party Keenan Harpe and Doug Weebs both bid fifty and neither would go a dime higher and so I let both of them have her. At the fourth party I got seventy, the fifth party got us sixty-five and then we headed for the college campus.

What was Sarah getting out of this besides being fucked a lot? Fifty percent - she was a pig, but she wasn't stupid. On campus we didn't do so good; there were too many girls giving it away for free. Every frat house had a mattress room and almost every one had a resident mattress queen. The best I was able to do was a deal.

"You can fuck that blonde over in the corner and we get to fuck yours."

I looked at Sarah and she said, "I'm tired of running from party to party. I just want to play."

So be it. I fucked the blonde several times, she was twenty-two which made her my first older woman, and at six in the morning I went and found Sarah and drove her home. I stopped two blocks from her house and fucked her one more time and then I walked her to her door, kissed her goodnight and made a date for Friday night. Hey - she was a pig, but a damned good looking one and she did put out - always important to a teenaged guy. I tried to do the same thing with my date at a college dance, but two huge football players simply picked her up by the arms and walked away with her. I didn't see her again for four days and then she wouldn't speak to me. I did several little things in college, just enough to keep my reputation alive, but nothing of note.

The next big one didn't happen until I had put all of my perversions behind me. It wasn't even a perversity, it was a bad rap, but who was going to believe me with my record? My last year of college I met and fell in love with Ava. We were married two weeks after graduation and settled down to build our new life together. We had a really great marriage and were happy together. I started a great new job and we formed a new circle of friends and Ava settled in to be a housewife. After three years of marriage I fell in with a bunch of guys at work that I thought were a lot of fun and I started hanging out with them. We bowled together, played golf together and played poker every other Friday night. At one of those games I lost all that I had with me and Barry came up to me and said straight out that he liked my wife's looks, "I'll give you five hundred bucks if you'll let me fuck her."

I laughed at him, "No thanks. Even if I went for it she never would and I wouldn't even ask her to do something like that."

Barry said, "You won't have to. I'll give you the five hundred and you bring her to my party tomorrow night. If she does or if she doesn't you still keep the five."

Talk about chumps, he was giving free money away. Ava would never in a million years go for something like that. We got to the party at seven and by eight-thirty Barry had fucked her twice and at nine o'clock he was selling her at a hundred bucks a pop. I heard he made a grand off of her that night. She was too drunk and out of it to talk when we got home that night and I got up early and left for golf the next morning.

When I got home Ava wasn't there and she didn't show up until nine that night When I asked her where she had been she said, "I've been over at Barry's."

"Doing what?"

"Having fun and making money. Most fun I've had in years and I'm getting paid for it" and she showed me four hundred bucks. "It's what you wanted me to do, isn't it? Why else would you have sold me to Barry."

I tried to explain, but Ava said, "Bullshit baby, it's what you've done all your life. I don't know why I thought I was special to you, but I obviously wasn't."

I knew I had already lost so I didn't say anything. For the next three years Ava would go over to Barry's three or four times a week and come home with anywhere from four to six hundred dollars and then one day she was gone leaving me and Jared, her two year old son. I say "her" son because I had never wanted kids and I'd had a vasectomy before we were married. But hey, it wasn't the kid's fault so I raised him as if he were my own.

I heard that Barry had taken Ava to Las Vegas and she was working for him as a high priced call girl. When I hadn't heard from her in over two years I divorced her. I really missed the bitch. It wasn't until she was gone that I realized how much I really loved her. The only good thing to come out of that mess was that every dime Ava brought home from Barry's she put against the house and I got the house in the divorce.

My second wife was just as depraved as I was. Shirley started out our relationship by telling me we couldn't have one.

"I like cock too much honey - way too much to settle for just one man."

It took me a while, but I finally convinced her that we could make a go of it but she made me prove it. "All right" she said, "There is a simple way to tell. When you throw your bachelor party make sure you have at least fifteen guys there. I'm going to be the entertainment and when it's over let's just see if you are still standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me. I was and when it was my turn I said, "Damned right I do, cum stained body and all."

The preacher was thrown for a loss, but I got a blush and a big smile from my new bride. Shirley and I spent the next twelve years being happily depraved. She never saw a cock she didn't want to try and I never saw one I wasn't willing to give her too or sell her too. She fucked my bosses to get me raises and promotions, she fucked my customers to help me get big orders and she fucked anyone of my friends who would ask her nicely. Guys would call me up and ask me if they could rent or borrow her for such events as:

Poker games

Bachelor parties

Frat parties (those young boys loved Shirley)

Just for the night

Just for the weekend

And I'd send her off and she would always go. Shirley didn't do it for the money, as far as she was concerned any one could fuck her for free - well almost. We had two lists at the house. If for some reason you pissed Shirley off or if for some reason she didn't like you, you ended up on the B list and if you called she would still fuck you, but you got charged for the privilege. If you were on the A list she would fuck you damn near to death and it wouldn't cost you a dime. And Shirley never "fucked" anyone; Shirley always "entertained." Tragically, I lost her when a drunk ran a red light and hit her broadside while she was on her way to entertain at a bachelor party.

One day Jared came home, he was sixteen at the time, and asked me how come I'd raised him when he wasn't my kid. I asked him where he had come up with that pearl of wisdom. "My mother told me." It turned out that Ava was back in town and had been waiting outside his school to see him.

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