Tales of a Predator

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man who prowls Shopping Centres in order to satisfy his carnal feelings.

Copyright© 2003

The woman with the blue-rinse hair with the lovely turquoise dress was sipping her coffee and her eyes never left me as I walked past the shopping centre tearooms. I was checking out what was the most willing looking woman of the many who were here for the company only.

I could spot them now so easily, the lonely women, the forgotten ones. Out all the ones I spotted old blue hair seemed the most receptive. I also spotted a woman I had taken home months before but she seemed not to notice me. Anyway I have made it a rule to only fuck them once. Once, then there is no ties or attachments. I get what I want and they get the attention they just scream out for silently.

I went into the café and sat down at a table alongside Blue hair and saw her cup was nearly empty as I ordered mine. I stood as though to take the money to pay my coffee and bumped into her table making her cup fall over.

"I'm dreadfully sorry, let me buy you another." I said without waiting for her reply. "You don't mind if I join you, do you?" Again not waiting on her reply but sitting opposite her.

I had been doing this for to long now to misread my target.

"Such a considerate young man, thank you and you may join me," she said in a quiet voice.

She was aged in her high seventies early eighties, but age was no barrier to me. They were nearly only too eager to have a young man talk with them, who was well-dressed and clean-shaven, and wearing a low scented aftershave.

"I'm Betty," she said without me even asking, this old woman was definitely lonely and only too happy to talk to anyone.

"Frank," I said holding out my hand. Which she took in hers and placed the other on top. Frank was the name I was using today; I never use my own name.

She looked so small and frail, but I knew from past experiences this was very deceptive and these women were more durable than they looked. Her gold necklace was worth a good deal of money and I was surprised she wore such expensive jewellery to a shopping mall where so many bag snatchers roamed.

Her face had been made up to hide the ageing which showed at the corners of her mouth and eyes. She wore fancy glasses which I could see were bifocal.

We chatted through another cup of coffee and were like old lost soul mates by then. I was feeling in a good mood today so I suggested we go and have a meal at the International Food Hall which she readily agreed. I held her upper arm as she rose as she held it up when she started to rise. Once up she just linked her arm into mine and we walked slowly to the Food Hall.

After we ate and rose. "If you have a car could you drive me home, I like a rest in the afternoon. I know you are a nice young man and will help an old woman."

"Sure Betty, I'll willingly do that for you."

"We can have a cup of tea when I get home, can't let you go away without a drink, can we."

I knew that it wasn't a cup of tea she was wanting but a length of cock. But you had to play along with them or dip out all together.

After I got her in the car she directed me to her home which was only a few streets away. I drove straight into her driveway and opened the door to let her alight.

"Manners too, I am honoured," she said shyly or was it slyly.

Once she opened the door with two keys, we stepped in to a clean tidy home which looked very feminine with little nick-knacks on shelves and in a glass cabinet.

"I must go into my bedroom to change, you don't mind Frank."

This was her way to say follow me, I'm getting undressed, yes I have been through this too.

I gave her two minutes and walked in. She had her dress off and was standing in bra and high waisted panties only. "Frank what are you doing in here, I'm getting changed."

I just walked over and took her in my arms and she put hers around me and hugged me to her. I undid the bra clasp at the back and eased the straps off her shoulder.

"What have you done Frank?" She said but made no effort to pull her bra back over her breasts as it slipped down between us.

I took the bra and pushed it down as well as the top of her panties and she pushed the side down with her free hand and stepped out of them. She was now naked and I placed my hand between her legs and she was running like a tap, a juicy pussy all ready and eager to accept me.

I hadn't taken off a thing, yet here she was all ready for me. No kiss just a hug. I quickly got rid of my shirt and trousers and I too was naked with my cock between us. Twelve inches of cock at that I know I was deformed and always the butt of snidey remarks by my peers.

My size drew no remarks from Betty as we moved on to her bed and she raised her legs as if we were old lovers. Her breasts were flat and her tummy was creased but she still had a working cunt and that was where I placed the head of my cock and gently inserted it, sliding slowly into her small frail body. I felt her vaginal walls resist slightly as I entered, but they too seemed eager to have at last a cock to grasp.

All the time Betty was smiling no finches or anything as I sank into her. She was even thrusting her small hips up trying to hurry my entry. I had waited a week to sink my cock into a woman and I was savouring the feeling to the maximum.

These elderly women were all the same they tried to get as much in as quickly as they could. I always took it easy and appreciated the honour they had placed on me by allowing me to fuck them. Once I was fully penetrated I slid my hands under her hips and was able to gain about another inch.

Now I had her body and mine pinioned with twelve inches of cock with a diameter of about three to three and half inches nailing us together. When I looked down before I inserted it at her pudenda you would never think that a cock of this size would ever go in. From past experiences I knew it always did and she was eager for me to start fucking her. For now her hips were rocking eager to feel the movement of it in her vagina.

We kept it up for well over six minutes before I at long last emptied my amassed sperm into her body. It felt great having her suspended on my cock, I like the small women the best, but I am not particular, I've never tried a really fat female, for you seldom see them out and about.

I rolled over on my back bringing Betty with me and she sat on my thighs with my knees raised so she could sit and lean back. She was getting the full penetration now with her own weight driving it as far in as my cock would go. Soon it would start to deflate, but sometimes I can raise a second hard on without leaving a woman. This was what I was trying to do here.

Betty looked like the cat who had caught the canary as she sat on my hips with my cock embedded within her. I could see my cocks base as it entered her and now I was getting hard again. I could see the happiness come on her face, how she seemed to love, having me deep within her was as great as my pleasure of having my cock inside her body.

I wasn't interested of having blow-jobs or fucking women's rectums. I liked the hole that Nature made for my cock. I get all the satisfaction from that opening and need no other.

I let her work on my cock and she now had her hands on my chest. Her thin breasts hanging down rubbing on my stomach as she moved her hips rapidly working herself up then she fell on to my chest and looking up at me.

"I can't go on any more Frank," she said as if she had failed by not being able to continue.

I rotated her as she sat on my hips and she was now facing away from me. Carefully I got my legs from under her and she was now in front of me and on her knees. I then shoved my cock deep inside her and started pounding. Our bodies slapping together as the sweat started to flow, then I shot again inside her and withdrew my shaft from her body I watched as her vagina closed. It was like an eye slowly closing.

I got off the bed and went to the bathroom I saw as I had entered her bedroom earlier and washed myself using the only towel hanging there. And returned to her bedroom and started dressing.

"Will I see you again Frank, I would like very much to see you again."

"I now know where you live, I may call round." What does she want me to say? I wasn't going to lie to her and I have been known to call in and see one of my women, if I pass their door.

I left her home making sure the door was locked and drove back home. And it was just after one o'clock.

Tomorrow I was going to visit the shopping centre in a high cost suburb. And surprising though it may seen this was where the easiest pick-ups were made. We have four high cost area's in this city with two or three centres in each. Or these suburbs serviced by them.

If people think all Shopping centres are the same they want to travel between the poorest areas and the richest. Even the goods offered for sale are of a higher quality in these high cost housing areas and from the cheap China made goods in the low cost housing shopping centres.

Today I was among the super rich, but I wasn't out of place in my dress. One thing that really turns all these women off in all areas is body piercing, unkept hair and scruffy shoes. It may be accepted by the younger women as fashion but not with the dowagers.

I had just walked the length of the Shopping Centre and I hadn't seen one that took my fancy, but this sometimes happens. I just walk through again. I had just sat down when I saw this thin elegantly dressed East Asian woman walking towards me. She stopped at a shop front and I could see she was watching me in the reflection. Whenever she caught me watching she looked away. Then she fiddled with her hair, and then smoothed down her already smooth dress.

When she started to walk again I smiled at her and she smiled back and turned towards where I was sitting and sat at the other end of the bench. I used the oldest trick in the book I looked at my watch for a couple of seconds and then when I looked up she looked at hers. Bingo, here was a woman who was interested.

She wasn't as old as Betty from yesterday as her hair was still jet black and cut collar length, but like most Asian women her hair was thick so was straight. I made a judgement that she was possibly Filipino but I get confused telling the various Asian races apart.

She was looking around as though searching for something or someone.

"You look lost, can I help?"

I was going to slide up to her but she slid down the bench until she was close. Now her shoulders were square on and she was smiling.

"Oh no, I thought I heard a strange noise." She said touching my forearm.

The only noise you heard lady was the blood running to my cock I thought. She has made the first body contact now it's up to me.

"I was just going for a coffee, want to come."

"Well, yes I will come with you but you must let me pay." This is a standard answer in these areas, as if they wanted to buy you. I let it go and we walked to the nearest café, where we ordered coffee and a slice of gateau each.

As we talked she kept tapping my forearm and laughing at anything I said. Also I noticed that as she sat her feet were apart, I had almost all the signs that here was going to be a very receptive woman.

I took the initiative for I saw she had a wedding ring on her finger. "Are you married, I see the ring on your finger?"

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