Off Chance

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is meant as a humerous interlude not a sex story. A naval attache meets a beautiful woman at a embassy reception in Kiev, Ukraine. The have a quick tryst and later he finds out who she really is.

It was a reception for Evan Hunter; the newly arrived American Ambassador and it was being held at the Ukrainian Embassy in Kiev. As the American Naval Attaché I was one of the distinguished invitees and had spent the last hour drinking and greeting fellow embassy staffers. Our new ambassador had just arrived that morning via an American Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., and no one had really met him yet, much less his family. Bedecked in my Dinner Dress Whites (a military tuxedo for you land lubbers) I had been circulating throughout the seven room mansion chatting with different attaché's from other embassies and drinking when 'she' caught my attention. 'She' was an absolutely stunning woman and a definitely '10' by anyone's book. She looked to be at least 6' tall with long blonde hair, blue eyes and legs and breasts that were... well needless to say they were magnificent. I moved towards her rear so as not to be noticed and watched her for the better part of the next hour, and then I saw her make a move towards the bar.

"Can I buy you a drink?" She turned and smiled and my heart melted.


"Yes, Commander James Wilson, Naval Attaché, and you are... ?"

"Marissa, and yes I'll have a champagne cocktail."

I ordered her drink and another scotch, my fourth I think, and as the bartender poured them Marissa took a cigarette out of her case and tamped one end then looked around. I handed her the cocktail and pointed towards a door. "I think the smoking section is out on the veranda."

"Yes, I believe you're quite correct. Would you care to join me?"

"Absolutely." I took her elbow and escorted her through the French doors and out onto the empty veranda replete with a beautiful view of downtown Kiev. I lit her cigarette and asked, "And where are you from Marissa?"

"Actually I'm from Paris..."

I cut her off. "Ah yes, the City of Lights. I was there once - in the spring, very lovely." She smiled at me but didn't reply. I was thinking about a line, any one that would get this beauty into my bed but nothing came to my mind. My brother had always told me when chasing women... 'You've got to just be bold Jim and invite them into your bed. You'll get your face slapped more often than not but the time you don't you be in for the ride of your life.' I had never had the guts to actually try that but maybe this was the right time, after all, French women were known to be liberal in their sexual thinking. Why not? "Marissa, I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and would love to take you to bed." Well it was too late now; I had already said it. She crooked her head and looked quizzically at me.

"My but you are bold!"

"Faint heart never filled a flush, well you know the old line."

"Humm, yes I do. Do you think my husband would approve of you?"

I hadn't thought about her being married and it was definitely too late now. "Well we could go ask his permission or we could just sneak out and go to my place."

"Sorry Commander but I'm afraid I would be missed. Look, I do think you're a nice looking guy and all, and in a different situation I might even give you a second thought but I don't think the timing is right, sorry."

Be bold Jim, be bold! I pulled her to my lips and we kissed. For several seconds nothing happened then her tongue slowly slipped between my lips and we played tag. My hand ran down her back and cupped her buttocks and squeezed as we continued to kiss, and then she pushed me away.

"What do you think you're doing? God anyone could come out here and catch us like this and I'm sure your embassy wouldn't want a scandal."

"I agree, so let's move over towards the side doors, they are blocked off by the piano and if someone does come out here it will give us time to compose ourselves."

"Alright but I have to warn you, if we get caught my husband will have you shot!"

I laughed as I walked her over into the shadows, "It's alright Marissa I've got diplomatic immunity, he couldn't touch me if he wanted to." Once again I pulled her to me only this time as we kissed I massaged her right breast. She moaned and her hand dropped down to my pants and she unzipped my trouser and put her hand inside and stroked my cock. "No fair, I can't touch you." She responded by pulling up the hem of her dress until it was at her waist. Once again she broke the kiss.

"Feel me Commander, feel how wet I am."

I reached down and slid my fingers under her panties and into her pussy. She was wet all right, like she was sitting in a friggin bathtub. I slid off her panties and lifted her up onto the cement railing and pulled my out my cock and aimed it towards her pussy. I was holding onto her back for support when she pushed out her pelvis and took my cock and guided me inside her wet tunnel. "Christ Marissa you're so damn tight, like a virgin."

"It's been a while Commander, my husband is a very busy man and hasn't been as attentive as he should be."

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I stroked in and out of her velvet pussy. She was moaning and massaging her breast through her dress when I felt myself getting ready to cum. "I'm almost the Marissa, ready to cum, do you want me to pull out?"

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