The Bet

by raw1022

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, BDSM, Humiliation, Sadistic, Bestiality, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife feels she is being forgotten and makes an untimely bet with her husband. Now she must pay!!

Missy kept contending that all I ever do is ride my motorcycle with the guys and actually hardly ever invited her to come along. Then she had the nerve to bet me that I could not stay off my bike for 30 days!

Depends on the bet I replied. She said if that I lose I would give her $500.00 to spend on clothes. She already has more clothes than the rest of my previous girlfriends put together!

I agreed but said if I win, she had to submit to an evening of whatever I wanted, no questions asked. She agreed saying that there was no way I could stay off the bike in the middle of the summer for one month.

Needless to say I parked the bike and by the 3rd week she was starting to sweat the results. I just smiled and continued to plot my weekend with the soon to be slut.

The month passed and she could not believe her luck. She wanted to extent or increase the bet to try to ensure her win but I would have no part of it. I just smiled and said no as I rode away on my bike to put the finishing touches on my plan with a friend who had 2 trained accomplices I would need for my fun.

Next weekend arrived and I told her not to pack many clothes because she would not be wearing very much this whole weekend. She replied I knew that would be what your always-horny ass would want as she finished packing her bag.

The drive to my friend's farm that I advised was away attending a wedding in New Mexico took no time at all. I told her I had agreed to look in on his place a couple of times while he was gone and a change in scenery would do her good. If one ceiling looks any different than another while you are on your back!

We arrived and as we went into the house Max and Ben, Jerry's two very big mixed breed dogs greeted us. Missy stated that they were the biggest dogs she had ever seen and even just one probably weighed almost as much as she did at 120 pounds.

Both dogs were brothers and indeed weighted over 100 pounds each. She asked why they were wearing boots of some type on their front feet and I advised they were to keep them from digging in the yard. She seemed to accept that lie and was to find out soon what the real purpose of the boots on the dogs front feet were for.

The evening progressed well and I lead her off to the room where the night's event was about to take place. I had been drinking several big shots of whiskey and she worried aloud, you keep that up and you won't be able to get it up. I told her to wait right were she was while I turned on some good screwing music. As we kissed I slowly kept removing her clothes as I backed her close to the table I had prepared for the evening. As she leaned back against the table, in a flash I put the handcuff on her right wrist.

What is this she yelled as I pulled her quickly across the table by her left arm and cuffed her left wrist before she could get away. She lay there with her chest heaving and her firm tits sticking up like ripe melons ready to be squeezed. I'm not sure I'm ready for this type of activity she stated.

You lost the bet now you are mine for the weekend as I took another long pull on the whiskey bottle I had brought with me. As I secured her feet to the bottom of the table spreading her as wide as I could get her, she again said you are going to be too drunk to do either of us any good.

Not to worry I slurred as I placed the pillow under her ass to establish the perfect angle to attack her already glistening pussy from the juices that were starting to flow from her excitement. The opening at the end of the table was just perfect to allow someone or something to approach her spread and defenseless cunt.

She kept trying to raise her head to see me but could only raise it slightly because of the tightness of the cuffs holding her down. Now you are ready you fucking cunt and just to make things better, I think I'll stick my fingers in your already wet pussy just to see how ready you are.

Her hips jumped to meet my fingers as I rubbed her already swollen clit as she soaked my fingers with her flowing juices. Let's rub some this pussy juice on those already hard nipples of yours to make them taste better later.

I covered both nipple areas with a liberal amount of her juices that seem to make her already hard nipples even harder. As I took one more draw off the whiskey bottle I stared to stumble as I walked around the bottom of the table. The next thing she heard was the noise of me hitting the floor as I passed out on the floor.

She laid there a second or two and then yelled for me to get up and turn her loose before I passed out for good for the evening. She yelled several times for me to get up and then exclaimed, "great the asshole has passed out and I am stuck here until the prick wakes up".

Oh shit, what if more of Jerry's friends come over before the asshole wakes up and finds me spread open and naked like this! The next thing she heard was the snoring sound coming from the floor below her.

Little did she know that I had been faking my drinking and the snoring was actually a recording I had made for just this occasion. I quietly crawled out of the room and put the next event in motion.

She attempted to wake me with yells a couple of more times and then it seemed she resigned herself to waiting until I came too from passing out. Ben and Max's nose could smell her aroma from the next room and were pulling hard on their chains when I turned them loose.

Missy almost jumped out of her skin as Ben's wet cold nose hit her right in the crotch. She yelled again at me to wake up as she squirmed to get away from Ben's rush at her. Problem for Missy was Ben and Max had been trained to know the smell she was omitting from her pussy and they knew it meant fun for them.

Ben immediately starting licking her already juicy cunt and she again yelled for me to get up and get this rough tongued beast off of me! I just sat on the floor with my camcorder and filmed away.

At that point Max was prancing around trying to get a piece of the action when his nose smelled the aroma he was looking for. It was spread all over her nipples and he immediately rushed to her left tit and starting licking the taste he had been looking for.

Missy could not move away from the hot rough tongues that were relentless in trying to take the skin off her clit and nipples. Get up, they are hurting me you stupid bastard she yelled again. Their rough tongues were really hurting her by the way she was trying to squirm away from them.

Then I noticed the squirming slow and her hips starting to move in rhythm to Ben's attack. She was starting to enjoy the tonguing she was receiving. Her moans and hip movements told the story that her horny little body was enjoying the rough tongues as Max moved over to the right tit.

The left nipple was red and hard as a rock from Max's constant licking and I knew her little clit was probably just as rock hard and swollen from Ben's licking. The increasingly flowing juices increased Ben's pace and I heard her gasp as she turned her head and saw the now growing large and even larger by the minute, big tool hanging beneath Max's legs.

Surely they would not attempt to fuck her in her helpless position she wondered! She almost wished another of Jerry's friends would come home and save her from the large and horny beast like dogs. Then the orgasms approach overtook her thoughts and it soon rocked her body as she moaned several times as her pussy lips jerked and tightened pushing more flavor out to Ben.

Ben's tool had grown to its usual enormous size and I reached up from my sitting position to pull him away from her open legs. Missy was panting and Ben sensed it was time for the next act.

Since he had been trained well by Jerry, Ben knew to jump and straddle the spread woman so he could sink his dick deep into the hot and wet cunt to satisfy his savage desire.

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