Blackie's Revenge

by raw1022

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Humiliation, Sadistic, Bestiality, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lady finds that turning down a friendly offer of a free drink will cost her dearly!

Paula was just looking for a drink before heading home after a long day at the office. Her boss was such a jerk and had kept her over to finish an assignment that was not due until late next week.

She just wanted a drink or two to calm down, then a quick dinner at home and eight good hours of sleep. She had just finished her first drink when she noticed the man approaching from across the bar.

Hi, he said. Your drinks are on Mr. LeVale and he would like you to join him for a drink and a chat at his table. Paula said to tell him no thanks but I just want to finish my drink and go home.

Miss, Mr. LeVale does not like the answer no and I suggest you at least talk with him, he is buying your drinks and it's the least you can do. Paula wanted nothing to do with the man at the corner table.

Besides, he had three other men sitting with him and she did not like the odds. The gentleman was returning from delivering her news to Mr. LeVale and he did not look happy, as did neither Mr. LeVale!

Miss I suggest you see him or he is going to be pissed, he does not like rude people! Tell him to kiss off, I make my own decisions. With that she threw 20 bucks on the bar and stomped out!

How dare they think they can just dictate to her like her ugly ass boss! She was not having two men in the same day take advantage of her.

Damn Tony, you're losing your touch! What happened? She just did not want any part of coming over here boss.

Follow her Mitch, find out where she lives. I don't like no for an answer, plus that was one fine looking piece of ass. I have an idea to teach her a lesson she will never forget!

Paula was so tired and upset she did not see the dark sedan that had pulled in down the street and across from her apartment. She went to her landing and fumbled for her keys as the man in the car watched her. Finally she found her key and went into apartment 3A. The man in the car smiled and drove back to the bar.

Boss she only lives a couple of blocks from here in those apartments by the Hanover Bridge. Apartment 3A is on the bottom floor. Mr. LeVale turned to the other older man named John at his table and said, get your two friends and meet me in my office; I have a job for you.

One week later after watching Paula come and go from her apartment, John and his two accomplices were ready to strike. All the other arrangements had been made at the farm in the country and he was looking forward to the night's upcoming action.

John's accomplices hid in the shadows as Paula returned from her work out at the gym. She was tired and wanted a quick shower and something to eat before settling in for a movie on TV tonight.

She found her key and just as she opened the door, the man lunged and quickly pushed her onto the floor of her apartment. Another man was quickly on her before she could scream and put is hand over her mouth and twisted her arm painfully behind her.

In a flash the other man closed the door and immediately put handcuffs on her hands behind her back. Then he placed some type of black object against her mouth but she fought to keep her mouth closed.

Then one of them reached up and grabbed her left nipple and pinched so hard she started to scream. Before a sound could leave her lips the ball gag was jammed hard into her mouth.

She now laid on the floor breathing hard through her nose and wandering just how this could happen to her so quickly. The two men with masks were looking down at her and one said something she could not make out to the other man.

We can't do to you what we would really would like to do but he never said we could not touch. Then one of them reached down and jerked her standing by her cuffed arms. You twitch one muscle and you will live to regret it very painfully and very quickly! Understand?

She shook her head yes as tears started to stream down her face. One of the men said you better save those tears darling, you will need them later. With that he grabbed her ankle and pulled her legs very far apart.

She jerked, pulled away and pulled her legs together which brought a hard slap on her right breast that almost knocked her to the floor again if not for the other man holding her. Do that again and it will be five times as bad next time!

He then slowly spread her legs and immediately did what she knew was coming, he ran his hand right up her leg and grabbed her right on her pussy. His fingers kneaded, pulled and pushed on her cunt very hard.

Feels really good baby, now let's get on the other side of these panties! At that he ran his hand down her shorts and again started punishing her pussy! He pushed, probed and grabbed her very harshly. Hurting her to no end!

Darling this is nothing compared to what is in store for you. Let's just see how tight your little firm ass is. He then jammed his middle finger forcefully into her cunt and said, whoa she is tight, Blackie may have trouble getting where he needs to be in this one.

Maybe I should help Blackie a bit. With that he wiggled and forced two more fingers painfully into her abused snatch. When he had all three in he looked straight into her face and started jamming his fingers hard into her pussy! Harder and harder hurting her enormously. Enough said the one; the look on her face later will be much better than we are seeing now, let's go.

The ride into the country took a couple of hours and the handcuffs were cutting into her wrist. She was more than glad when the bumpy ride was over not knowing what they had in store for her.

The men removed her from the back of the van where she had been placed and took her into a building that looked little more than a barn. Inside there were lights, a video camera on a tripod and a funny looking table sitting in the middle of the floor.

She did not like the looks of the table as it had ropes and chains of different types hanging off of it. The man standing behind her said, see baby that table is meant for you! With that the leader walked over to her and said, now you will get something that you really deserve for being such a bitch a couple of weeks ago.

Paula searched her mind for who she could have pissed off so bad and then it hit her. Could it be those men from the bar who had invited her for a drink and she had refused? Let's get on with the show boss! This is going to be fun!!

With that a man approached her with a knife and she fought to pull loose from the strong hands that held her. It was no use; they were much too strong for her.

With that the man with the knife began to cut her clothes. First her sweatshirt was cut away revealing her tight white work out top. Look at her nipples; they are hard as rocks sticking through that shirt. This bitch is hot for it!

She wished she had not taken off her sports bra before she had left the gym but it would have been cut off her anyway she thought. With that the man placed the knife at the bottom of her shirt and quickly cut off her shirt exposing her heaving breasts!

Man those tits and firm and nice, before she is ruined at least let us lick and suck on them boss. Paula thought what did he mean by ruined? With that two men quickly approached and each grasped a breast.

She pulled back but again the arms holding her were too strong. Each man leaned over and started licking, sucking a biting her nipples. At first she was almost sick to her stomach and then it regretfully started to feel good.

What was her body thinking! She was being abused by several men and her body was betraying her! Then both men turned their gaze at each other and at the same time both bit down hard on her nipples.

The pain was almost more than she could bear but the gag in her mouth muffled her scream. Enough yelled the man in charge; let's get on with the show. Someone go get Blackie and let's get her on the table.

The man with the knife quickly cut off her sweat pants and panties. Paula face flushed with embarrassment as the men stared at her nakedness. What a nice piece of ass boss, too bad Blackie gets to have all the fun with it.

The big boss said Blackie and Blackie only was to have her. He didn't want anybody stretching her pussy out and making it easy for her. With that the men picked her up and tied her arms way out to her side.

Then they grabbed her ankles and spread her legs so wide it felt if she would split apart. Sorry baby, Blackie needs plenty of room to get at you. With that her legs where raised almost over her head with her legs spread so wide it was painful.

The men then took a strap and placed it right above each of her knees. They then used those straps to pull her legs even wider apart. Look at her guys, those pussy lips and spread and she is already getting wet.

Paula had felt her wetness growing when the men and been sucking and biting on her nipples. Darn she had always been quick to horniness even with her toys and the occasional cucumber or banana. All the men gathered around looking closely at her wet pussy embarrassed her even more!

With that she heard a noise from the other side of the room and to her horror a man was approaching her leading a miniature horse! She fought and tried her best to fight free for she knew that this had to be Blackie.

They meant for this horse to fuck her! I can tell by the look on your face that you know what Blackie is about to do to you. He is going to fuck you senseless and then some. This table was built special to allow Blackie to enjoy you.

It will allow him to screw you without his weight being on your body. Tears streamed down her face as she looked at the prancing and excited horse. Blackie smells your excitement and it is exciting him!

With that two men grabbed the horse by his front legs and placed them in straps over her. She could smell his foul smell and looking down was worst! Hanging from his belly was already a cock that she knew would not fit in her.

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