Mistress Faith
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Transformation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Faith lures anotner man to become her slave and slut, and to train him to please women and when done will sell him.

Faith and Tony had been working together for many months when finally after many tries to take her out, she finally agreed but insisted on cooking dinner for them. What he did not know was that she wanted to control and dominate him. She believed in female superiority, where the woman was viewed as a goddess. A Goddess, who is to be pampered and served by men, she liked to controlled men, use them selfishly for her pleasure, train them and then sell them.

Faith had decided to take control of him over the weekend. She would be an ebony goddess who would dominate a white man. That's right, Faith was black. She would dominate him and ultimately make him her slave. She would then train him to please women and finally sell him to another woman.

On Friday, Faith left work early to prepare for the evening. She dressed in a leather mini-skirt and tight blouse. She wore black lacey stockings, held up by a leather garter belt. Her finished look was sexual and dominant. She knew that he would be drooling from the minute he walked in.

Faith poured two glasses of wine and dimmed the lights. As she waited for Tony to arrive her stomach knotted and her pussy tingled in anticipation of the nightly events.

Faith met him at the door, "Welcome Tony, I have a wonderful evening planned tonight." Faith playfully kissed him and her hand slid down to his crotch and gripped his already swelling cock. Faith was pleased at the immediate effect she had on him. She tugged at his cock a few times and then giggled into his ear. "Follow me Tony."

He was surprised at Faith's welcome. In a matter of minutes he was fully aroused. As they kissed, his mind filled with erotic and pleasant thoughts and when she stroked his cock it drifted into a pleasant fantasy world. His cock strained for more attention but was left wanting as she walked away.

She led him to her den and had him sit on the floor by her chair. Her foot wandered over to his crotch. The warm foot pressed gently between his legs and caressed his hard cock through my pants. He smiled and opened his legs wider and savored the pleasurable foot massage.

Faith whispered, "mmmmm. You like that Tony?"

He closed his eyes and groaned. "Yes. That feels great."

"Unzip your pants for me Tony." Faith's tone was commanding and seductive.

He happily complied with her order and was rewarded with two warm feet around his shaft. Faith carefully and masterfully stroked his cock with her feet. Her toes teased his balls and stroked the underside of his cock. She pressed the bottom of her foot against his rod. After about 5 minutes of her foot teasing, Faith could feel dampness on the bottom of her stockings from the precum that was oozing from his cock. She was thrilled with the results of her teasing and was certain that her plan would succeed.

Tony began to move his hips and hump Faith's feet. As his orgasm neared, he worked his hips harder and faster. All his senses were preparing for release when suddenly the pressure around his cock disappeared and left him panting in frustration.

Faith giggled. "Calm down Tony. We've got a long evening to go."

He laughed and commented. "That was incredible! You look incredible!"

Faith said, "Tony I'm just getting started."

His arousal was heightened even more by the grasp of Faith's hand around his cock. She began to play with his cock. Her fingers traced his rod and tickled his balls. The friction from Faith's fingers was turning him to putty in her hands. She brought him to the edge of orgasm and then whispered in his ear, "Follow me to the bedroom."

It was firm order from Faith. She confidently walked away without waiting for a response. She could feel her sexual power radiating outward and knew that he would obey.

By the time he reached the bedroom door, his cock was hard and straining against his boxers. He entered the bedroom and his eyes went to Faith, who was sitting on the bed waiting for him. Her blouse was completely removed, leaving her in a lacey bra and leather mini skirt. She looked at him and ordered, "I would like a foot massage please."

Next to her feet on the floor was a small tube of lotion. He eagerly knelt down before her and picked up the tube. Her firm tone and dominant look combined with all the teasing and kneeling before her were having a strange effect on him.

"Mmmmm. I like a boy who obeys. Admire my beautiful legs. "

She enjoyed seeing him kneeling at her feet. Her pussy quivered and moistened from excitement and her control over him.

He started to massage Faith's feet and was enjoying being at her feet and bringing her pleasure. From his viewpoint he could see her silk panties pressed tight against her pussy. Occasionally she would move and he could see her neatly trimmed pubic hair poking out the sides. The shiny silky fabric seemed to barely cover her pussy lips. He was staring at her crotch, hoping to get a glimpse of pink flesh.

His stares did not go unnoticed. In fact Faith was purposely adjusting her legs to tease him. He was doing an excellent job at massaging her feet, but occasionally she would order him to rub her toes or caress her foot a certain way. It was her way of establishing control and getting him use to following orders.

She was also very appreciative of my obedience. "Mmmm my foot massage is fabulous. Thank you."

Faith looked down at him kneeling before her, with his cock poking out of his boxers. She moved her foot towards my crotch and slid her toes along the underside of his hard cock. "I can see you're enjoying this too. Getting a nice view up my skirt, aren't you? Would you like to see my pussy? I trimmed it nice a close as a special treat for you."

Tony replied, "yes," and moved his hands up her legs, but Faith quickly crossed them, denying him access.

She said, "Ask me nicely and maybe I'll show you."

He was surprised and unprepared for this response. "What?"

"You heard me. I want you to ask to see my pussy. You do want to see it, don't you?"

"Ahh. Yes of course." He said, "Please, may I see your pussy?"

Faith parted her legs, "and do you want to taste it?"

"Yes. I do want to taste it."

"Ask me nicely."

Faith's tone was steady and controlling. As this continued, Tony found himself feeling more submissive and less in control of the situation. Soon he was begging, "Please Faith, let me see your pussy. I want to lick it and taste it. I want to please you with my tongue. Please!"

"Mmmm. I just love having you beg at my feet. I love the attention.

You may remove my panties and please me with your tongue."

Tony excitedly reached up and pulled down her panties. Her pussy was swollen and glistening from her aroused state. He wasted no time getting down to business, and slid his tongue up and down the length of her lips a few times. He sucked and nibbled on the soft swollen flesh and pushed his tongue deep into her hole.

Faith nearly exploded from the pleasure. She gripped his head and pushed him in deeper. She had gained control of Tony and he was there for her pleasure. She was unmerciful and selfish as she humped his face. Her pussy sealed over his nose and his mouth. Her hands pressed hard against his head, forcing him deep inside her. She humped him with wild abandon. Her orgasm was long and intense. With Tony between her legs she screamed and moaned. Her juices filled his mouth and covered his face. Finally she released him and he fell back trying to catch her breath.

Faith made Tony get up as she removed her skirt and then laid down on the bed on her stomach. She gave him a bottle of baby oil and told him to rub it on her ass. All he saw was her bare ebony ass. And a beautiful ass it was! In fact, the most beautiful ebony ass he had ever seen.

So Tony began rubbing the baby oil into that fine ass. Right away she said, "You didn't thank me. Thank your mistress," she order, and he did.

When Faith had had enough of his gentle oiling of her ass, she said, "You've been kissing my ass, at work for a time now. Now let's see how you like kissing it for real!" It was a very submissive and humiliating act to do, but he kissed her ass over and over and loved it.

"Thank your mistress for letting you kiss her ass," she commanded him; and Tony did.

"Oh that was great Tony. Thank you. Hop up on the bed so I can give you some attention."

Again it was a firm order, but Tony did not think twice about obeying. He got onto the bed and lay on his back. Faith took his left wrist, and began to tie his wrist to the headboard with a soft silk cloth. Tony had not noticed the silk ties strategically placed at each end of the bed. He weakly protested, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Faith laughed and moved to the other wrist. Tony offered no resistance.

"Trust met. You're going to love this.

Faith finished tying his right wrist. She moved down to his waist and gently slid off his boxers. Next she secured each ankle to the corners of the bed leaving Tony spread eagle. Her handiwork resulted in Tony being tied spread eagle. This left his cock and balls wide open and put Tony in a very vulnerable position.

Faith sat on the bed next to Tony. She gripped his throbbing cock and slowly stroked it as she talked. "Well Tony, you've been a good boy with following my orders tonight. It's obvious now that I am in control. You are helpless and at my mercy..." Precum oozed out his tip and Faith used her fingers to massage it into his straining cock head. "... How does it feel knowing that I can do with you as I please? You like it don't you?"

By now Tony was thrusting his cock into Faith's hand. Her fingers were slick with his precum and he fucked them like a pussy. He loved every minute of her teasing. He moaned his reply, "yes. This is incredible."

Faith giggled and continued to stroke his cock. She brought him to the edge and then stopped her stroking. She enjoyed seeing him so aroused and needy. She enjoyed watching the desperate look on his face when she stopped. Her pussy pulsed at the control she had over him... She could tell he was enjoying the teasing. He wanted to cum but he didn't want it to stop. His mind was filled with nothing but pleasure. The continued teasing was a technique designed to breakdown the man's will power and reality and put him in a submissive state. Through continued and prolonged teasing Faith planned to breakdown Tony and overpower his thoughts.

She continued to tease his cock and keep him on edge. While he was in a frantic erotic state she started talking to him about his fantasies and asking him probing questions. In his weakened state, Tony did not hold back. He admitted to wanting to be dominated and tied up and spanked. Faith knew that he was so aroused that he could easily be manipulated. This was where she began to influence his thoughts. She started to ask many leading questions, manipulating him into the responses she wanted.

"So I hear a lot men fantasize about wearing girl panties, you've done that right."

"ah... what... um... no... no... I haven't."

Faith squeezed his balls lightly. "You don't sound so sure about that. It's O.k. honey. You can admit it to me. "Don't be embarrassed. I understand honey. I mean panties are so soft and sexy. Mmmm... it really turns me on to know that you would wear my panties. I bet you looked hot in them."

Faith' tone was one of excitement. It encouraged Tony to agree with her.

"I guess."

Would you wear them for me sweetie?"

Tony cock seemed to twitch and bob at the thought. He couldn't believe

Faith actually suggested that. "You, really want me to wear your panties?"

"Yes. I know you'll look so cute for me. Tomorrow I'll give you a pair to wear special for me." Tony couldn't explain it but the thought of wearing panties for her heightened his arousal. Tony was so close to cumming. He began to thrust into Faith's hand but she pulled away. He pleaded with her "Please make me cum Faith, I can't take this!"

"Oh, but this is so much fun. It excites me to see you so helpless and desperate. And you love this too. You are extremely aroused and excited, aren't you?"

"Yes. It's incredible! You're driving me crazy."

"Do you want this to continue?"

"Yes please!"

"Well then no cummies little boy." Faith said. "Tony I'm having so much fun with this and I'd like it to continue." Faith started sliding his silk boxers over his cock. The soft friction was light and caused his cock to twitch uncontrollably. "I love having you as my little slave boy. Do you like serving me?"

Tony couldn't believe what Faith was saying or his response, "Yes. I love serving you."

Faith smiled. "Good. I'm glad you feel that way. Since we're having so much fun, I want you to continue to serve me. I want you to be my slave for the whole weekend. Will you do that for me?"

Tony's arousal and excitement were brimming over. He blurted out, "Yes!"

"Are you sure Tony? Think about it. I want you to be my slave boy. That means you must do everything I say all weekend. You must pamper me and cook for me and even clean the house if that's what I desire. Are you willing to serve me in that fashion?"

Tony could not think straight. Faith's continuous teasing of his cock put him at her mercy. All he could do was agree. "Yes Faith. I will do whatever you say. "

"Mmmmm. And that means I control your cock. I control when you orgasm. You may not cum without my permission. Are you willing to give me full control of your cock for the entire weekend?"

"Yes. My cock is yours."

The control Faith had at that moment was exhilarating. She was thrilled that Tony had fully submitted to her. Excited, she mounted him and straddled his chest. The overpowering leather smell from her mini-skirt intoxicated Tony. Her swollen pussy was clearly visible to Tony. "I am very pleased with your answers Tony. See how excited that makes me slave. This weekend you exist to please me. You are my slave, my toy, my pet."

Faith leaned forward and placed her nipple above his mouth. "Suck," she ordered. He sucked on her long hard nipple. She pulled back and moved her other nipple in front of his greedy lips. "Suck!" Tony repeated the ritual of worshipping her nipples. Faith moaned at the pleasure and reveled in the control

Next she moved forward and straddled his face. "Start pleasing," she ordered as she lowered her dripping pussy onto his face.

Tony's hands were tied and he was helpless against her engulfing pussy. She sat on him and grinded her hot flesh into his face. He licked and sucked her swollen lips. She gripped the headboard for support and grinded her pussy onto his face. She saw his arms stretched out and tied, unable to fend off or control her grinding. He was struggling to keep up with her, struggling to breath. This power was a surge of energy for Faith. Her head titled back, her eyes closed tight, and her whole body tensed as an orgasm rippled through her. After the orgasm subsided, Tony continued to lick and suck her pussy. She was delighted at his eagerness to please her.

Faith finally stood up and released Tony from his bonds. She got a wet washcloth and washed his face and passionately kissed him. "Get some sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a long and fun day for you."

Tony couldn't believe what he just heard. He was on the edge of cumming and Faith wanted him to go to sleep. He started to protest. "Faith you can't leave me like this. I'm about to explode. Aren't you going to finish me off?"

Faith snickered with a devilish grin. "Now Tony, didn't you put me in control for the weekend?"

"Yes but..."

Faith interrupted, "And didn't you put me in control of your cock and when you can orgasm?"

Tony could see where this was going but he still weakly protested. "Yes, but I'm so horny! I don't think I can make it. Please let me cum! Please!"

Faith was pleased with his reaction. It was exactly how she wanted him.

Gently she squeezed his cock. A glimmer of hope for release was sparked in Tony but Faith soon smothered it. "Darling, this weekend you are here for my pleasure not yours. That's what you agreed to remember?"

Tony nodded his head. Faith continued to softly squeeze and stroke his cock putting Tony in a heightened erotic state. "You have loved every minute of this so far haven't you?"

Again Tony nodded his head in agreement.

"Good. Then trust me. I will not disappoint you. Go to bed now and rest up."

Tony was stunned. He never expected Faith to go this far. He was not sure what he agreed to. He rolled over and tried to sleep. The odd thing was that being denied sex seemed to make him even hornier and made him want to please Faith even more. It took Tony about 45 minutes to calm down and fall asleep. In the morning he was slowly brought out of his sleep by the wonderful sensation of silk rubbing across his cock and balls. By the time he realized it wasn't a dream, a pool of precum had formed on his belly and slid down his sides. Faith's soft voice brought him out of his trance. "Are you ready to serve your Goddess today?"

Tony smiled and nodded his head yes. Faith started in with the orders, "Why don't you start by making me breakfast, eggs, toast, and orange juice."

Tony was so relaxed and aroused he did not want to get up. However he wanted to please her so he forced himself out of the bed. Faith held up a black pair of silk panties. "Wear these for now slave."

Tony's whole body shivered with pleasure when he slid on the pair of silky panties. The day was just starting and he was already fully aroused. Tony headed downstairs with a hard-on and cooked Faith's breakfast. She had not come downstairs so Tony put her breakfast on a tray and served her in bed. While she ate, he sat at the end of the bed and massaged her feet. Faith was pleased to see that his cock was already hard and needy. She was in heaven!

After breakfast she led Tony into the bathroom and they took a shower together. Tony's cock remained hard the whole time. First Tony had to wash her. She enjoyed having him wash her hair and naked body. She let him linger around her private areas and she moaned at the pleasure of the slippery soap being massaged into her nipples and pussy.

Faith poured a small amount of liquid soap in her hands and massaged his cock. It felt extra thick and his balls seemed so tight. She guessed it was from him not being able to cum the night before. In a matter of minutes Tony's knees weakened and he was panting in her ear. Faith kissed him deep on the lips and then whispered in his ear, "Don't get too excited. Wash up and then get yourself some breakfast."

Next Faith adjusted the water temperature to cold. She giggled as she got out of the shower. Once again Tony was left horny and needy. He laughed to himself. He was beginning to enjoy her game even more.

While Tony was eating his breakfast, Faith got dressed for the day. She put on a tight white shirt that hugged her breasts and showed off her cleavage. A short denim skirt added to her sex appeal. On the bed she put out a pair of tan pants, a black polo shirt and a pair of red silk panties for Tony. She wanted him to look just as sexy as her.

Tony looked at her startled, "You want me to wear those?"

"Yep. Do it slave boy."

By now Tony knew that protesting was worthless and so put on the panties. They fit comfortably around his waist. His cock was hard and so the top inch or two stuck out over the waistband. The silk was so smooth and pretty against his cock. Tony could not believe how aroused he was. It wasn't just from the soft silk. There was some strangely erotic about wearing Faith's panties. He could not explain it. He just shrugged it off as being overly aroused from all the teasing.

Faith was waiting. She was glad to see that Tony still had a hard-on. She knew the he was extremely horny and this pleased her. She said, "Come on we have places to go." In the car she made him unzip his pants so she could see the panties. She reached down and stroked his cock through the silk. Tony's entire body shuddered. "ooohhh. They look so pretty and sexy on you," cooed Faith. She wanted him to know that she was pleased with what he did. It was like training a child, Positive reinforcement kept them obeying. Tony's reward was a few minutes of cock stroking. Faith stroked and squeezed his cock. "... I'm so pleased that you did this..." her forefinger rubbed across the tip of Tony's cock causing him to shudder again. "... It makes me so hot and wet to know that you did this for me. Your cock looks so sexy and dressed up in pretty panties..."

By now Faith was milking precum out of Tony's cock. She massaged the stickiness all over his swollen cock. His breathing was becoming heavy and erratic. She could see that he was losing control. Faith released his cock and patted it lightly. "Better zip up sweetie. We gotta go." Tony breathed a deep frustrated sigh and did as told.

Tony started the car and Faith directed him to the mall. Once they parked and entered the mall, things heated up immediately. Faith pulled a plastic bag from her handbag. There was a small box inside. "Go in the bathroom and put this on," she ordered.

Tony looked in and saw the box. He couldn't tell what it was. "What is this," he questioned.

"You'll see. I think you can figure it out. Now hurry up. I don't like waiting."

Faith instilled a sense of urgency in Tony and he hurried off, wondering what was in store for him. Inside the bathroom stall he pulled the box out of the bag. On the front was a picture of a leather harness covering a cock and balls. Tony had never seen anything like it before but he knew what he had to do. Unfortunately this time the bathroom was not empty. It was busy with men running in and out. Tony felt a little apprehensive about putting something so kinky on in the middle of a busy restroom. Although he was in a stall, he was paranoid about being discovered.

He did not want to disappoint Faith and so he put his awkward feelings aside and pulled down his pants and the red panties that he was still wearing. There were several straps and there were no instructions so Tony studied the picture on the box and attempted to put on the harness. After 10 minutes of struggling, he finally got the harness on correctly. The result was the base of his cock and his balls were caged between several straps. The tightness made his cock seem extra full and sensitive. He knew there would be no rest for his cock now.

Outside the bathroom Faith was waiting. A devious and knowing smile spread across her face when she saw the bulge in Tony's pants. "Feels good don't it Tony?"

Tony groaned, "ah yes. Very good."

Faith giggled and led him through the mall, mainly window shopping. After lunch they headed to back to her house. When they finally got there, Faith instantly ordered Tony to the bedroom and to strip down to his panties and stand before her. She sat on the bed and watched her weekend toy undress. She admired his red panties and once again complimented him on them. Then she reached over and slid then down to his mid thighs so she could see the harness. Tony inhaled deep as the silk slid down his cock.

Faith palmed the base of his cock and balls in her hand. "Mmmm. I love it. The harness makes your balls and cock so tight and hard." She removed her hand, but did not remove her eyes from his crotch. "It looks so restricting... so sexy!! I love it, don't you?"

What could Tony do but agree. "Yes. It feels great."

"I knew you'd love it." Faith pulled his panties back up. "Now, how about a foot massage salve boy." Faith dropped a bottle of creamy lotion at his feet.

Tony was happy to oblige. Kneeling in his panties he took her left foot in his hands and began to massage her foot with the lotion. He was happy to pamper Faith and bring her pleasure. Tony slowly massaged each of her feet. She became more relaxed and he became more aroused. She was fully dressed and he was almost naked. It was a perfect combination.

Eventually Tony's hands worked up her legs and over her inner thighs. Faith's relaxation had transformed into arousal and pleasure. Her legs opened up and invited him. "May I take off your panties," he asked.

Faith was amused at his obedience and submissiveness. "Yes you may."

Tony slowly slid off her panties. His fingers slid into her pussy causing her to shudder. He expertly rubbed and teased her throbbing pussy brining her closer to the edge. Faith placed her hand on his head and pushed downward. Tony did not have to be told what to do. Excitedly he dove into her pulsing pussy and tasted her sex. He licked, sucked, and probed her pussy with his tongue. She was in sexual bliss. Her thighs squeezed around his head and drew him inward. She screamed with delight as his tongue unlocked the deep passion within her.

When Faith caught her breath again she stood up and walked over to the suitcase. "I have another surprise for you," she said. She produced an odd shape plug. It was a butt plug and she was holding it in front of Tony.

Faith stroked Tony's cock a few times bringing him to the edge. It was easy to get him on edge since he was already overly aroused. "I think you need to give it a try. Will you do that for me Tony?"

At that point all Tony cared about was the pleasure in his cock. He wanted release no matter what. He figured agreeing with Faith would get him one step closer to relief and so he agreed to try the plug. Faith had him get on his hands and knees. She poured lubrication onto her fingers and slowly inserted them into his ass. Faith massaged the lube into his ass, eliciting moans of pleasure from him. To her surprise he began to rock against her fingers. "Mmmm. don't get too excited honey," she commented as she pulled her fingers out.

Next she coated the plug in lubrication and slowly pushed it into his ass. She was surprised at how easily he took it.

Before things heated up too much, Faith pulled the red silk panties up over Tony's waist. "These panties are a little tight. It should help keep the plug in. Now get dressed sweetie. We have places to go."

Nervously Tony replied, "You mean you want me to wear this in public?"

Faith smiled. "That's right. Don't worry, no one will know. It will be our little secret." Faith winked at him and went into the bathroom. She was relaxed and enjoying her control over him. While Tony dressed, she freshened up and prepared herself for the evening.

For dinner they went to one of the many popular buffets in town. Faith purposely picked a buffet so that she could keep Tony busy serving her. She sat at the table while Tony prepared her plate. She was aware of the sexual torture that he was enduring each time he got up and sat down as a result of the plug and cock and ball harness he was wearing. Although their conversation during dinner was normal, Faith made sure she sent Tony up to the buffet a few times, knowing the movement of the plug in his ass would stir erotic emotions within him each time.

The teasing continued during dinner as Faith gave an occasional squeeze to his cock, reassuring her that his cock would remain hard. During dinner she could see Tony fidgeting in his seat, enjoying the plug in his ass and the tightness around his cock and balls.

After dinner Faith was certain Tony was in an aroused shock. His mind was in a fragile state of mind from all the focused teasing and denial of orgasm and all he could think about was his cock and since she controlled his cock at the moment, it meant she had full control over him. What it all boiled down to was that he would do just about anything for her knowing that if he pleased her she would allow him to cum and get the release he desperately needed.

Faith was ready to put the theory to the test. She said to Tony, "I need $20. Do you have $20 with you?"

Tony pulled out his wallet without questioning her and handed it to her.

Faith smiled, "Thanks. I want to leave a good tip. When we get home, why don't you get the hot tub ready for me sweetie. I put bath crystals out for you to use in the water. O.k."

Tony simply agreed, "yes, Ma'am."

Faith thought it was cute and appropriate that he referred to her as ma'am. "Oh... and I expect you to be naked to, "she said. Then she leaned in and whispered in his ear, "and take care of my cock sweetie. Stroke it a few times for me but don't cum. I want it nice and hard when I arrive." Faith squeezed his cock in his pants

Tony was happy with the attention he was getting. He just knew that she was going to let him cum soon. When they got to her house, he hurried upstairs and filled the hot tub. He stripped down naked and waited for Faith. He was so aroused that it was not difficult keeping his cock hard. As he stroked his cock he thought about how much fun he was having by being controlled by Faith. He never imagined he would enjoy it so much. Several times he came close to cumming, but he was able to hold back.

Finally Faith came. She could see Tony's eyes fixated on her as she undressed and slipped into the hot tub. It was hot and comforting. The bath crystals created and aroma that was pleasant and relaxing. She ordered Tony to get her wine from the refrigerator. He obediently poured her a glass and brought it to her.

"This is nice," she said closing her eyes and letting the bubbly water comfort her. Tony sat by the side attentive to her needs. He reached over and began massaging her shoulders. His cock remained hard the whole time his serviced her.

When Faith was fully relaxed, she got out of the tub and had Tony dry her off. Then she lay on the bed and had him give her a full body massage. He was very attentive to her needs and he kept her relaxed and comforted. However, as with most men, Tony could not keep away from her most private areas. Eventually his hands began to explore her pussy and his mouth found her nipples.

She let him play with her for a while and then she sat up, with Tony between her legs. She squeezed her thighs tight against him, as if to let him know she was in control. She started to stroke his cock lightly and his eyes glazed over in ecstasy. "Tony I'm having so much fun doing this, aren't you?"

"Oh yes! This is great."

"Controlling when you cum is fun and I like having you as my little toy. You like being my toy don't you?"

Tony was lost in pleasure. He simply moaned, "yes."

"This is more fun than I ever imagined. I was going to let you cum tonight, but I'm having too much fun. I think you can go another day can't you?"

Tony did not like what he was hearing, but Faith was still stroking his cock and driving him crazy. He did not want her to stop. He did want to argue and displease her in fear that she would stop. He moaned, "ahhh... you're driving me wild. I don't know if I can make it another day."

Faith used both hands to squeeze his cock and balls tight, "mmmm. You can do it. Be strong for me. Just one more day."

Reluctantly Tony agreed and was rewarded with a deep kiss and a few more minutes of stroking. Then Faith put on a silk nightgown and got into bed. "Why don't you take a shower and cool down."

Tony laughed and headed into the bathroom. He removed his butt plug and cock and ball harness and took a nice cold shower. When he returned to the room, Faith was already asleep. Naked, he slid in and cuddled up to her. He was tired but very horny from all the teasing and denial and so he could not control the swelling of his cock. Once again it took him about 45 minutes to calm down and fall asleep.

In the morning Faith rolled over and instantly reached for Tony's cock. She was delighted to find that he had a morning erection. She figured she'd set the tone of the day for him right away and so she slowly stroked and squeezed his cock. Eventually Tony stirred and breathed deep with pleasure. "You're driving me crazy," he whispered as his whole body shuddered in warm pleasure.

"All part of the fun," teased Faith. Faith's fingers found her way down beneath his balls and to his newfound place of pleasure. "Hmmm. No plug. I didn't give you permission to take it out," scolded Faith.

"Sorry, I just thought it was o.k."

"Naughty boy. Nothing is ok, without my permission. Let's get you filled up again."

Faith's fingers carefully teased and lubricated Tony. He was on the edge and ready to explode. Slowly she pushed a plug into his ass. It took Tony a few seconds to realize it was a bigger plug than before. His eyes went wide when he glanced down and saw it. "Whoa. I don't think it's going to fit."

Faith did not want to hear any objections. "Relax, you can do it.

Concentrate and take it in."

Tony didn't have much choice. Faith continued to work he plug into his ass without waiting for him to reply. His muscles stretched and he relaxed. Just when he thought he couldn't take anymore, the base pushed passed the rim of his ass and the plug settled in. It felt so big and full in his ass. It felt strange and pleasurable. Tony's cock began to drip with precum.

Satisfied, Faith got out of bed and dressed. "I have an appointment I need to keep. You can rest up for a bit. I'll call for you in about two hours to come get me. Keep the plug in while I'm gone and put your harness back on. Oh... and since you enjoyed the red panties so much, why don't you wear black ones today. I can't wait to see you in them!" Faith headed out for her appointment.

When she was ready she called Tony and told him to come get her. When Tony arrived she could see that he could not take his eyes off her. "You look incredible," he exclaimed as he leaned in and kissed her.

She replied, "I figured I'd look my best for your big event today."

Tony's eyes lit up with excitement. "Oh yeah. I can't wait! Thank you."

Faith slid her hand over his. "Let's get going."

Back at the house Faith pushed Tony down on the bed and pulled off his shirt. They kissed deeply stirring warm erotic feelings within each other. Faith undid his pants and pulled them off. She cupped his hard cock through the black silk panties he was wearing.

"Very sexy," she whispered. Within minutes she was wearing nothing but her stockings and garters and he was wearing nothing but his harness and butt plug. Faith straddled Tony's chest and pushed his wrist up towards the headboard of the bed. "Hold on to the head board and don't let go."

Tony did as told. His insides were wild with lust. He waited anxiously for his moment of release. Faith leaned in and kissed him and then raised herself up. Slowly she pushed her pussy onto the tip of his cock and then lifted up again. Tony let out a deep moan. She repeated this a few times, teasing him to the brink. Then she sat back on his chest.

"Remember the rules sweetie. You can not cum until I say so."

"I don't know if I can make it," pleased Tony.

"Mmmm you are so weak darling. You haven't even pleasured me yet. My orgasm always comes before yours."

"I don't know if I can make it," pleaded Tony again.

"Be strong darling. I think I can help you." Faith pulled a bottle of cream from the drawer next to the bed. The cream was designed to desensitize his cock and prolong his orgasm. Slowly she massaged it into his cock. Next she handed him two condoms. "Put both of these. They should make you last a little longer."

Tony was a little disappointed that he would not be able to feel his skin against her hot flesh but he knew she was right. Without the condoms he probably would explode within seconds of being inside her.

When the condoms were on, Faith continued her teasing. This time it was more for her pleasure than his. Slowly she slid halfway down his cock, enjoying the thick hardness inside her tight pussy. She raised herself back up and then leaned forward so that her nipples were in front of Tony.

Tony took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked. Bursts of pleasure shot through her nipple. "Harder," she ordered as she leaned into him. He sucked harder, driving her into erotic bliss. She moved her other nipple over to his mouth and he obediently took it in causing her to gasp with delight.

Faith's whole body was tingling and she could not wait to have him inside her pussy. She moved back to his cock and slowly pushed herself onto his throbbing cock. She slid all the way down to the base and back up again. Faith began humping Tony with her own desires in mind. It felt heavenly to be selfish and in control. Every movement was for her benefit and her pleasure. Suddenly all the cells in her body came alive and she screamed with excitement. Faith's hands grasped Tony's wrists and pushed down. She leaned into him hard and pushed down on his cock as her whole body shook with pleasure.

After she was done, she sat on top of Tony. His cock was still hard in her pussy. Even after the orgasm, she enjoyed the fullness inside her. "That was incredible," she whispered.

Tony was out of breath from all the excitement. He was amazed and somewhat proud that he made it the whole time without cumming. The pressure on his cock felt amazing but there was not enough friction or sensation to make him cum. Faith had fucked him hard and yet his cock was still swollen and needy. Faith finally lifted herself off Tony. "Take the condoms off honey. I'll be right back." Faith went into the bathroom to prepare for the next surprise of the weekend.

The expression of uncertainty on Tony's face was priceless when Faith emerged from the bathroom. She was naked except for a strap-on dildo. Faith tried to be sexy and erotic, "I figured since you were wearing panties this weekend, this would be appropriate."

Faith couldn't help but start to stroke her new cock. "This is kinda fun," she said as she moved close to Tony.

Tony sat up and watched the unnatural scene before him. It was strange to see Faith wearing a dildo and even stranger to watch her stroke it. What was even odder was Tony's fascination and arousal from the perverted sight.

Faith moved in front of Tony. "Hmmm, you agreed to do whatever I wanted this weekend, right?"

" I guess I did." He saw the plan formulating in Faith's mind and was starting to regret with what he agreed.

"Good. I'd like to know what it's like to have my cock sucked. On your knees please."

Tony knew it was senseless to argue. He was even a little curious himself. He got on his knees and stared at the dildo before him. Faith pushed it towards his lips and Tony opened up. He let the flesh like dildo slide past his lips and into his mouth. It was hard for him to believe what was happening. He was giving head to Faith.

To Faith it was a phenomenal experience. She was prepared for the rush of emotions that engulfed her as she fucked Tony's mouth. There were feelings and emotions swirling throughout her body. Emotionally it was an erotic high to see Tony on his knees sucking her cock. He was submissive and focused. She was in control and loving every second of it. Faith moaned out loud. "Ohhh. This is great. Suck it. Yes... suck it baby!"

Faith's excitement motivated Tony. He became more excited and began to lick and suck the dildo harder and more passionately. He imagined it was real and that Faith could feel his lips and tongue. The more Faith screamed, the more he sucked. Finally Faith pushed him away and told him to lie on the bed. She wanted him on his back so she could see his face.

Faith removed the butt plug and got into position between his legs. She stroked her cock a few times, applying generous amounts of lubricant. Tony's ass was already stretched and lubricated from the plug that he wore all morning.

"Hold your legs up for me," she ordered. Tony spread his leg open to allow her access. Faith pushed the tip of the dildo into his hole. Tony inhaled deeply and the intrusion.

"How does it feel," asked Faith.


"Relax," said Faith calmly.

Tony listened to her words. He relaxed his muscles, his tendons, and his mind. He opened up to let her in. Slowly her cock filled his hole and it felt incredible. His eyes shut and he moaned in pleasure.

Slowly Faith pushed in and out, igniting senses that Tony never knew existed. Her pussy quivered and trembled as she fucked his ass. She liked being in control. She liked that he was solely focused on what she was doing to him. He had to focus and relax in order to enjoy it. He had to open up and trust her. It was a far more intimate experience than he ever imagined. Together they experienced new pleasures.

Faith pushed her huge cock back where it belonged; deep into his "pussy."

Tony felt Faith pull back, until only the tip of her cock was in him. Holding his hips firmly, she thrust with all her might deep into him, filling him to the hilt. With glassy eyes, he cried out, "Oh yes, Faith; fuck me good, fuck me for all you're worth, I'm your slut."

Faith did exactly that, ramming her huge cock into him, her flesh slapping against his repeatedly.

"Oh, Mistress Faith," he cried out. "I am yours. I am all yours, your little bitch. Fuck me hard; fuck me hard, harder, and harder."

When Faith was sure Tony could take no more, she reached down as stroked his cock. "Cum for me now baby!"

That was all Tony could take. The floodgates opened and his body tensed. His cock pulsed and fucked Faith's hands, and as Faith pumped into his ass, his cock exploded and cum shot out. Hot cum soaked his chest and stomach. Tony's orgasm was long and powerful. He could not believe how incredible it felt to be stroked while being fucked by a strap-on. It was one of his best orgasms ever. Faith continued to fuck him until he was fully drained.

Faith tensed up one last time, screaming, as she had never done before. Her orgasm almost made her pass out. She slumped backwards, gasping for air, leaving his pussy wide open.

"Why don't we try this way?" Faith said as she had Tony lie down and then straddling him, facing his feet.

Tony found himself staring helplessly up as her absolutely perfect ebony ass descended towards his face. Grabbing his head between her feet to hold it upright, she sat smoothly down onto my face. His face was jammed up into the crack between her beautiful ass-cheeks as she smothered him in this new way.

She laughed above him as she smothered the will out of him. He was weak, helpless, broken and terrified by this beautiful black woman; awed by her total mastery of him. Her ass ground down even harder onto his face as she leaned back. His whole world was ass now, her soft cheeks totally swallowing up his face.

Faith spread her cheeks and told him to worship her ass, and Tony proceeded to lick her ass like there was no tomorrow. "Come on now, ream me real good slave," was all she could say.

Tony began kiss her asshole and the area around it. He flatten his tongue and pressed it against her asshole and started to run tight circles around her puckered asshole. He kept his mouth moist and supple as he worked her hole over. He kept his tongue loose and started to paint wide circle around her hole. He could feel it relax a bit, and she ordered him to ram his tongue up her butt. He hesitated momentarily, then started to wiggle his tongue around the hole, slid it inside and moved it in and out. He made it tight, long and pointed to probe and penetrate her ass. He started to work it in and out, around and around, till he finally was tongue fucking her asshole furiously.

Like something happening far away, he could barely feel and hear the obvious sound of Faith's ever more urgent rush towards climax. He heard her crying out as he felt her ass twitching convulsively on his face. She didn't let him catch even the slightest bit of air during her lengthy orgasm; she just sat there oblivious to the fact that he was smothering under her. He was insignificant to her, just a toy for her to play with.

It took awhile for Tony and Faith recomposed themselves. When all was calm they took a shower together. After their shower, Faith said that she wanted him to move in and be her white slave boy.

Tony started to object, but Faith went to the TV and pushed the play button and told him to watch the tape she had made of the weekend — and did he want copies to be sent to all his family and friends or would he become her slave.

Faith was amused to see that Tony had a hard-on from this conversation, as he stared at the TV.

She kissed him and squeezed his cock. "I guess you agree to my terms, huh?"

Tony look down and replied. "Yes, Mistress, I'll be yours to do with as you want; your slave, maid or slut."

That's great, I have already submitted your resignation at work, and we'll call your landlord and tell him to sell or give everything away in your apartment, you won't need any of it. Here are my rules you need to study them, be able to recite them whenever I ask but more important you must follow them or get punished. Now read them:

  1. You will always remember that you are a slave.

  2. You will obey my commands immediately and fully.

  3. You will show enthusiasm in the execution of all commands.

  4. You will not show revulsion to a command.

  5. You will put my enjoyment ahead of your own.

  6. You will not attempt to conceal wrong doing from me.

  7. You will not try to escape.

  8. You will not be clumsy in the performance of your tasks.

  9. You will not lie.

  10. You will address me only with respect and finish each statement with either the word princess or mistress.

  11. You will not speak unless instructed to or if a proper response requires speech.

  12. You will not stare at me with your eyes focused above my ankles.

Now that that's out of the way, You now belong to me totally and I will make you the perfect slave and slut you should be.

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