Mike, Beth and Cathy

by johntackle2006

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Cheating, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman gets revenge on her rival by having her boyfriend impregnate her.

Mike and Beth quickly snuck in to the darkened room and locked the door behind them. The music from the party was muffled but could still be heard. They made out passionately against the door. Eventually their eyes began to adjust to the dark and they could make out the form of a bed in the middle of the room. Beth caressed mike's cock through his pants and began to pull him over to the bed. "We don't have any condoms"Mike whispered. "Just be careful and pull out and Ill finish you with my mouth" Beth purred.

Beth was wet with anticipation as she pulled her panties to the side and lay on the edge of the bed."Be careful" she reminded him as he positioned himself against her opening. After a few quick shoves he was in her and began to fuck her rythmicly. Beth lay back and enjoyed the sensation of his long cock filling her up. She was reaching her hands over her head to streach out a little when her hand bumped in to something soft and warm. She froze. She felt around and realized that her hand was on what felt like a breast."Oh my god, Mike stop." she hissed "But Im not even close" he complained. "There's some on the bed" said Beth. "Oh shit" said mike as he pulled his cock out of her with a wet sucking noise.

Beth turned on a light on the night stand and recognized the girl on the bed immediately. It was that girl Cathy that Beth absolutely hated.

Cathy and Beth had been rivals throughout their first three years of college. Beth considered Cathy to be a stuck up scheming bitch who tried to steal everything Beth worked hard for. She had stolen two of her boyfriends and had gotten on to an important research department that Beth should have been in by cheating. She was one of those ant abortion fundamentalist that thought they were always morally superior to you. In short, Beth hated her.

She stood there for a moment looking down on her helpless enemy. It looked like she had too much to drink and had stumbled in here to sleep it off. "We should get out of here " Mike said.

Beth looked over to Mike and say that he still had his cock out and that he was still rock hard. The sight of seeing mike standing over Cathy with his still wet cock hanging out turned her on for some reason. "No, lets finish what we started. Im sure you'd love to cum, wouldn't you Mike? We wouldn't want you to get blue balls?"

"Um, what about Cathy?"asked Mike. "She wont wake up. Besides it'll be fun. Haven't you always wanted to fuck me with another woman in the bed?" she half joked. She lifted Cathy's skirt up to reveal red silk panties. She watched Mikes cock twitch appreciably. An evil plan was starting to form in beth's head. She smiled to her self and lay down next to Cathy. She let Mike mount her and take him to go slow because she wanted him to last. Mike began to slowly slide in and out of her. She reached over and took Cathy's hand and placed it between Mike and her so Mike could feel the limp hand against the base of his cock. She could tell that Mike was really getting turned on."

Mike was looking at Cathy's face as he fucked Beth. "You like her don't you? That's ok, you don't have to lie. I bet you like to fuck her, wouldn't you?"

"No Beth, I love you"

"I know you do, but this has nothing to do with love. Its ok. You can touch her if you want. Go ahead."

Mike tentatively reached out and cupped one of Cathy's breasts.

"You like that?"


I bet you like to see them. I know you like small breasts. I wont get mad.

She gently pushed him off of her and began to pull of Cathy's top and removes her bra.

"You like what you see?" She said as she massaged his member.


Beth told mike to turn around and removed the rest of Cathy's clothing.

She leaned in close and whispered in her ear"Bitch, it's pay back time for all of the times you stole what was rightfully mine.

"You can turn around now' Mike turned around and saw his fiancé laying on top of Cathy kissing her and grinding her pussy against Cathy's thigh. She kept grinding and calling Cath names like 'Bitch and Cunt' until she finally climaxed. After Beth had stopped cumming she rubbed her wet pussy against Cathy's lips.

Mike was in heaven watching this and felt like he was going to explode soon.

"Don't worry honey, I Haven't forgotten about you"she told mike. She crawled off of the bad and positioned Cathy on the edge so she legs were hanging off of the edge.

"I know you want to fuck her. I want to watch you fuck her"

"But Beth, that's rape"

"I know, I know exactly what you think about when your jerking off. I know what you look at on the internet. I know you want to rape and knock girls up. Im ok with it. I actually kind of like the thought.

It's so naughty."

"You know?"

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