Awoken and Used in the Dark

by the dirtnapper

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Zoophilia, Father, Daughter, DomSub, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Water Sports, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A lucky young girl is awoken in the night by a creature with one intention

Amy awoke with a start. She stared frantically into the pitch darkness of her bedroom but could see nothing; it must have still been the middle of the night. Something had touched her and made her jump. A few moments passed, sitting up in the blackness... nothing. She listened nervously to the sound of waves crashing calmly in the distance; she had left her window slightly open to let in some cool air. She slowly lay back down on her pillow, stretching her pale legs under the blanket once again, assuming she had been dreaming, but no sooner had she closed her eyes did something touch her again, something slimy. Amy didn't move a muscle, paralyzed with curious fear. Something slimy and sticky was making its way up her inner thigh towards her panties. It was warm and wet. Amy was only a young girl and was afraid of spiders and other bugs and so was about to prop herself up on her elbows, in order to drag herself away from the creeping entity when she felt something much larger sweep up her body and cover her with a suffocating grip. Struggling to free herself, Amy felt her arms constricted at her sides and the weight of something sopping and wet on her stomach, spreading over her writhing body but still, she could see nothing. What felt like slippery snakes or eels were making their way up her chest, sliding over her small tits and as they slithered upwards, brushing against her nipples, she could feel that they had little suckers of some sort. A strong smell of saltwater stung Amy's flaring nostrils as she wriggled in the creatures grasp, whining helplessly. She dared not cry out yet, not while she still had any chance of untangling herself from the situation on her own; the shame of having her daddy burst into her room when she was wearing nothing but her panties would have destroyed her.

Just as the many tentacles were finding their way over her little shoulders and around her fragile neck, Amy pulled her right arm free momentarily and in her panic grabbed at anything she could, now kicking and flailing her legs about. Fear and frustration rose within her as the feeling of suffocation increased; Amy was claustrophobic. The kicking of her legs seemed only to further entangle them in her blanket, now soaked in sweat and slime and the tentacles of the creature which were rapidly engulfing her, coiling stickily around her angles and thighs. In her state of panic, she gripped cloth in her right hand and tugged as hard as she could, grunting, and trying to roll herself off the bed, but she had hold of the curtain just beside her bed and as she pulled, a sliver of moonlight filtered through, illuminating her slimy naked chest and several dark emerald tentacles, slithering over it. Eyes wide in terror, Amy saw peering through the darkness at her hips the pulsating head and huge, deep black eyes of some gigantic octopus whose disgustingly coiling appendages were ravelling themselves about her young body. Only it was something far more monstrous than an octopus, but Amy had no chance to consider anything as the tentacles around her neck and shoulders tightened their grips and just as she was about to force a scream, they choked her and hoisted the body of the creature up onto her torso and she gasped in horror as she felt her entire head sucked into one of its vile cavities and her air supply cut off.

She was beyond escape now, her feebly thrashing limbs were clamped by the sopping tentacles of the beast, while she was enveloped in complete darkness, struggling to breathe. The wet, clammy internal skin of the creatures orifice was pressed against her face and head on all sides, smothering her, but then she could feel something descend and pressure her lips. As she gasped for air, the strange, dripping appendage entered her wet mouth and she tried to scream again but was gagged by the appendage forcing its way into her, flattening her wriggling tongue against the bottom of her mouth. Her whole body writhed anew and she fought desperately to shake her head, anything to prevent the sickening phallic object from probing her throat any further but it continued to extend mercilessly down her gullet, forcing her to gag and want to throw up as it filled her oesophagus and rubbed against her tonsils. Just as her eyes were rolling in her head and she knew she must be about to pass out, the descent of the monstrous appendage down her throat opened a pocket of air around her nose and could manage to breathe again, although in such an awkward and painful way that she could barely think. The oxygen flooding into her brain was such a relief that she felt a surge of gratitude toward the creature for forcing its oily member down her throat and allowing her to breathe. All her concentration was bent on not suffocating and her prayers for help were abandoned.

Her bare chest rose and fell steadily, now with the weight of the hideous creature on top of her. There was a moment of calm as the tentacles adjusted themselves slowly around Amy's quivering body but soon the moment passed and she was startled by new movement at her legs. Suddenly the grip on her ankles was tightened and her legs were forced upwards so her delicate calves were pressed against her buttocks. The original feeling returned and Amy sensed a sticky, oozing tentacle slide up her inner thigh and her legs were driven further apart. She could feel that this tentacle was different; it was smooth and had no suckers. The sensation of wetness and utter fear caused Amy to pee a little in her underwear and she became overwhelmed with shame. The threat of embarrassment if her daddy overheard her squirming and he came in and saw her with her legs spread wide and a tentacle rubbing at her crotch was preying upon her addled mind as much as the fear of what was going to happen. He would see the outline of her pussy lips through her thin cotton panties as the ooze of the tentacles mixed with her own urine which was now dribbling down her sweating ass crack and further dampening her groin.

As the strain of fear overcame her and breathing became harder, the tentacle which was stroking the crease in her sopping panties lunged forward; sliding into Amy's lubricated pussy, dragging her panties in with it. Again she instinctively tried to scream but the member in her throat pulsated and caused her to gag instead. With mounting terror and revulsion she realized at last that the creature's intent was not to eat her. It's going to fuck me! she thought, and she knew that it would; there was no way for her to escape from its slimy clasp and thrusting tentacles. It drove its way deep into her little pussy and she writhed in pain, but the creature forced her legs even further apart and shoved its tentacle in again, harder than before.

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