Joining the Family
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I and my sister, Casey, have been fucking for the past six months or so. Of course, we have done this carefully so that Mom and Dad won't find out.

I and my sister, Casey, have been fucking for the past six months or so. Of course, we have done this carefully so that Mom and Dad won't find out.

I'm Mike, and at the time we started fucking I was two months before turning 15. Casey was, at the time, 13 years old. Let me tell you how we got started.

It was Friday night, and I dated the hottest girl in my age group, Anna. After having a hamburger with fries and seeing a movie - it turned out that Anna - as hot as she was - practiced a very old fashioned system of birth control - keeping her knees tight together. So, by 11 pm I arrived home with a bad case of blue balls.

Arriving home I found that my parents 'went to sleep' early - but the sounds coming from their bedroom told me what kind of 'sleep' that was. That also added at least an inch and a lot of starch to my already hard cock.

Passing Casey's room on the way to mine I heard some sounds that were very similar to what I heard from my parents' room. This made me very curious, so I knocked on her door. The noises stopped and I heard: "Come in, Mike."

"How'd you know it's me?"

"Come on, didn't you hear that the folks are busy? So who else could it be? How was your date? You are back early."

"The date ended lousy. Anna is a tease."

"I could have told you that had you asked. She looks like a little miss hot-pants but her pants are filled with ice."

"I never knew I had to consult my baby sister about my dates. I'll know next time though. Anyway, I heard some interesting sounds from this room a few minutes ago. What have I interrupted?"

Casey pulled the remote control from behind her and re-started the video she had been watching. What I saw on the screen just added to tonight's frustration. A gorgeous girl, about 13 or 14 and a nice boy of about the same age were fucking in the center of a circle, which consisted of a group of nude people, adults and teen-agers who were watching, masturbating or groping each other.

"God, sis, where did you get this? This is not just porn - it's illegal porn too!"

"I'm surprised you haven't found them earlier, big brother. This is from Dad's stash, and his stash is full of these kind of tapes. Every time they fuck - I take a video."

"Oh, shit. First the lousy date, then hearing Mom and Dad and now watching this. I think my cock is going to fall off tonight."

We watched the movie together, and after a few minutes I noticed Casey's hand crawling under her nightie and start moving back and forth.

"D'you mind if I join you?" I asked, and without waiting for a reply I unzipped my Jeans and pulled my cock out. I had a nice enough cock - I was not yet 15 and it was 6" long and quite fat. I immediately started stroking slowly.

"Need some help?" She surprised me.

She hadn't waited for a reply either. Her small hand wrapped around my cock and started stroking.

"How about you?" I offered.

"Let's get you off and then you can take care of me."

All of this was taking place in a casual manner as if we were doing each other regularly, but, believe me, this was our first time.

After a few minutes of her stroking me and me groaning and grunting my pleasure - she suddenly leaned over and started sucking my cock. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, took a deep breath and then plunged all the way down, taking in my whole cock to the hilt.

"Keep... this up... and you'll... have a... big drink." I warned.


"Ohhh shit... I'm Cumminnngggg." I started spurting into her mouth, and watched her swallow all of my cum. And after this horny night - there was a lot of it.

After I finished panting and got back to normal breathing, I had to ask.

"This was the work of an expert. When did you learn it?"

"Since my 12th birthday."

"Are you still a virgin, sis?"

"Let's kill the questioning. No - I'm not a virgin, I've been regularly fucking since I was 12. No - I won't tell you with whom, it's none of your business. Yes - I'm on the pill. I know someone with access and he got me the pill. Any more questions?"

My 13 year old sister had me surprised, my mouth open and my jaw dragging on the floor.

"Jeez, sis! I didn't start fucking until I was nearly 14! Can I fuck you too?"

She giggled. "Everybody wants a young girl, but who wants a young boy? You have a good reputation at school, though, both as an excellent cunt lapper and as a good fucker."

"Do girls compare notes too? I thought only boys do that."

"Just shows how much you still have to learn about girls. But back to your previous question - first eat me out and then I'll decide whether you can fuck me or not."

"It's a deal."

Casey turned off the VCR and the TV, lifted her nightie and pulled it off, lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

I looked at her in awe. My little sister was simply gorgeous!

"You are beautiful, sis. I never knew how beautiful you are!"

"Thank you. I guess you are going to learn a lot about me soon, that is, if you justify your reputation."

I leaned over to her pussy, the scent that hit my nose made me dizzy. The smell of an aroused female was wonderful and I kept inhaling again and again.

"Get to work, brother dear. I'm waiting to see where your reputation is from."

I started licking her. First the outer lips from top to bottom, then I pushed my tongue between her lips and reached her fuckhole which I started to tongue fuck. Flicking my tongue over her clit a few times started her gasping and moaning. Her juice was flowing freely down to her asshole. I started fingering her asshole, and while sucking on her clit I suddenly shoved my finger in.

She bucked, raising her pelvis in a sudden movement that almost threw me off her, and started shivering all over. I heard the start of a loud wail and clamped my free hand on her mouth. She kept bucking for a minute or two before collapsing on the bed.

"God, that was... a good one!... Your reputation... Is justified! You sure know what you are doing!"

"Is it justified enough to fuck you?"

"Oh, yeah! But let me get on top."

"Suits me. My hands will be free for your great body."

I lay down on my back and Casey straddled me. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times then she aimed it at her pussy and with one slow move she impaled me all the way.

I can't really describe what I felt. She was hot, extremely wet, and - oh, so tight. As she slid down on me I felt a wave of pleasure I've never experienced before. I knew then that it was going to be the best fuck I ever had. (Up till then I had 5 different girls, a few times each, so I wasn't exactly a novice to fucking).

She started sliding up and down on my cock. First with slow movements but gradually accelerating to a good speed. In the meantime my hands were all over her - on her small but lovely breasts, on her thighs, on her ass.

I felt that I wouldn't be able to hold for long, so I let one hand circle her and start playing with her asshole, with my other hand I started rubbing her clit. Within two minutes both of us came hard. Again she started to wail and again I had to clamp a hand over her mouth.

We both slumped down, Casey remaining on me with her head on my chest under my chin.

After our breath returned to normal Casey said:

"You really are very good for your age. Almost as good as... Ooops! I can't tell you that! But the reputation you have with the girls is surely justified. I may agree to do repeats."

"You really have me curious, sis. Maybe even jealous. I hope that sometime you'll tell me who your partner was."

"Is. Not was. I started at 12 but I still have my partners from then and more."

"Partners? In plural? I hope you are not a slut, Casey, because if you are I won't want to touch you again."

"I'm not a slut, but please stop asking me. I really can't tell you. Let me just say that you surprise me about how slow you are about some things. You didn't know about Dad's porn flicks and you never suspected about me. You should really show some more interest in your surroundings."

So, as I said at the top, this happened about 6 months ago, and to tell you the truth, up till recently I haven't found either Dad's porn stash or whom Casey was fucking. During those 6 months we were fucking about twice a week, though for some reason - hardly ever on weekends.

Last weekend we had guests. Uncle Fred (Mom's brother) and Aunt Jane, with their twin kids Rachel and Tom, both 14 years old. These visits were normal as they visited us about once a month for the weekend, and we visited them about once a month on their farm which was about a 3 hour drive from here. On these visits Rachel and Casey shared a room while Tom and I also shared a room.

Friday night and deep in sleep, I felt someone shaking my shoulder. Tom woke me up holding a finger to his lips signaling for quiet. I looked at the clock, and damn!, it was 2am.

"What's up?" I whispered.

"Come quietly" he whispered back. "There is something you must see."

He led me to a spot where we could peak down to the family room, again signaling me to be quiet.

What I saw made my jaw hit the floor.

There were six people in the family room, all naked and all active in different sex acts.

Dad was fucking Aunt Jane in the missionary position while Rachel was sucking her breasts. Uncle Fred was fucking my sister Casey doggy style, while she was eating Mom's pussy.

I was really stunned. I've never even dreamed of such a scene. I was tremendously turned on, and yet I felt insulted. My family was having fun with my younger sister and I was never brought into it!

"Tom," I whispered. "Do you have any idea how long this has been going on?"

"No. Sometimes my bedroom door is locked from the outside at night, so I suspected my parents were having some action with friends who were visiting, but I've never really seen it, and never thought my sister was in on it too. I got up to take a leak and that's when I saw it and got you up. Look how hot our sisters are!"

We kept watching the action until all the participants reached their climaxes. That was when we could really see all of them, full frontal views.

Mom, at 38, was a real beauty. Her tits were firm like a teenager's tits; she had an hourglass figure, beautiful legs and a clean shaven pussy.

Aunt Jane was a bit taller and her tits a bit heavier, sagging just a little, but she had a smile I always considered sexy. I fantasized about her more than once mainly because of that smile. Whenever she smiled it was like a seduction.

Both Dad and Uncle Fred were well endowed - Uncle Fred had an 8" thin cock, while Dad was really big - I think it was about 10" of fat cock.

I've already described Casey, and Rachel looked about the same, as if they were sisters.

Then they started to talk, and I couldn't help but listening in.

"Isn't it time that we brought the boys into the family fun?" Mom asked no one in particular.

"They may still be a bit too young" replied Uncle Fred.

"Come on, we started with the girls when they were 12. Tom is 14 and Mike is now 15. How long do you think we'll be able to keep hiding our activities from them?"

Dad was now thinking aloud. "You know, if they find us out by accident they may be really hurt. I don't know about Tom, but I'm sure that Mike has been sexually active quite a while now. If he finds out about our activities with Casey he may feel really left out. I wouldn't want that."

"I've never told you about it," said Casey, "but Mike and I have been fucking for a few months now and I must say that he is very good. He does not have your experience, but I decided to check him out after hearing about him at school, the word is he has got himself a very good reputation with a few girls. His reputation is really justified and I enjoy fucking him."

"That wasn't very wise, Casey." Dad said. "Didn't he ask where your experience is from?"

"He did and I just told him to stop asking because I'm not going to tell. He stopped asking although I know he is very curious."

At that stage they started moving around, some of them for the bathroom, so I motioned to Tom and we went back to our bedroom. It turned out well because a few minutes later our bedroom door opened and both mothers checked that we 'were asleep'.

"Good." I heard a whisper. "In our house we do not lock doors. When Mike sleeps nothing wakes him up."

After they left, both Tom and I got our cocks out and jacked off without a word to each other.

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