Frat House Mother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Teresa's husband had passed away several months earlier and she took a job as the resident house mother for a college fraternity. One night, she finally gave into her natural sexual needs and desires and turned to one of the many young frat members she would fuck and suck in the years ahead.

Teresa, the fraternity house mother, had been in the job about 18 months and she'd never been happier. Since her husband had died in an accident 3 years earlier, Teresa had seen the job vacancy, applied and was hired. She'd never imagined what would transpire when she moved into her suite in the frat house, but her life had never been the same again.

One of the things that Teresa had immediately realized when her husband died unexpectedly was how much she missed the sexual life and intimacy of her husband having regular sex with her. Then, as time went on, that became more and more a persistent problem as she began to feel the sexual needs of a mature woman and she wasn't in a relationship to get those needs met. When she took the job as the frat house mother, Teresa quickly realized that she had moved into an entire house full of horny college guys with adult cocks, balls full of hot cum, and more need to get sexual release than she'd ever imagined possible.

Teresa was in her late 30's and she and her husband had never had any children so she sort of saw the guys in the fraternity as all being her sons. What Teresa didn't realize was what sort of sexy relationship she would end up having with her "boys". Teresa could distinctly remember that the topic of sex was never actually brought up in her job interview so when things began to take on a shape all their own after awhile, she clearly remembered that no one had ever said, "OK, now, you understand that you cannot have sex with any member of this fraternity, right?" That comment had never been made verbally or in writing. Teresa never realized initially that the reason that hadn't been said was because of the previous dorm mothers who had held that job.

Finally, late one night, Teresa was so horny and so needy of sexual attentions from a horny male that she did what she thought she'd never be capable of doing -- she seduced one of the frat house members. Larry was a sexy young blonde man who was in his sophomore year and she hadn't noticed him around the frat house with any particular girls and when she realized she was so horny she could screw anything with a hard cock, Larry was the lucky winner of her hot aroused attentions.

Teresa actually managed to lure Larry into her suite of rooms at about 11:30 at night and with her being so intensely horny, she was all over him in a heartbeat. Larry hadn't had any sex in quite some time himself and when he realized that Teresa was coming on to him, one of the fraternity members, he thought it was pretty hot. He'd actually thought for sometime that she was very sexy and he suddenly realized he had a chance of having sex with her.

Teresa had been sitting in her room wearing only a rather thin revealing robe, and when she stuck her head out in the hallway and made a comment that she wondered if Larry could come into her room and look at something for her, she knew she could lure him into having sex if she only played her cards right. When she got Larry behind the closed door of her room, Teresa made only a slight pretense of needing help and then she turned on her alluring skills full blast in order to get Larry to want her. She didn't have to work too hard.

Larry's cock was quickly hard and pushing at his pants when he realized that Teresa wasn't wearing anything underneath her robe. When she moved close to him, and he could smell the sexy aroma of her wonderful perfume, Larry realized he was dealing with a woman who was hot for a man's attentions. He looked into her sexy blue eyes as she stood there close to him, and then Larry reached out, sliding his hand underneath the nearly open space in front of her robe and his hand touched warm naked skin. Then, as his cock blossomed into full erection, Teresa got Larry's pants undone and she pulled them and his briefs down and she got down in front of the sexy young frat member and she quickly began stroking Larry's hardon and then licking the head and taking more and more of his stiff horny cock in her mouth. Teresa loved giving blowjobs and she soon lost herself in the taste and wonderful thick hardness of Larry's big cock. In fact, Teresa was so intensely horny from not having sex for so long that she wanted to pleasure Larry first and she decided to go ahead and suck him off to orgasm before she asked him to fuck her.

Teresa stroked Larry's hard cock and she was bobbing her head up and down on the swollen head and top of his cockshaft and he was moaning and letting her know how hot her wet mouth felt on his dick. She kept on sucking her horny new lover and then he bellowed that he was going to shoot. Teresa was the best cocksucker Larry had ever experienced and she kept her mouth bobbing and she was stroking his full nuts and his hard cock as he began spurting his jizz load into her mouth. Teresa loved the taste and texture of her young lover's cumload and as soon as he finished shooting down her throat, she licked his cock clean and then she got out of her robe and helped him get undressed before she led him into her bedroom. There, Teresa sucked Larry's cock again until he was fully hard and then she laid back on the bed in front of him and let him know she wanted his horny young cock to fuck her until they were both worn out.

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