The Nudist and his Lover's Mother

by Nudemac

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Mother, Son, Anal Sex, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mother is introduced to nudism and much more by son and his lover...



Wow, has my life changed. Just a few months ago, I would never have thought I would be living with a 19-year-old boy. I have never thought of myself as gay. Except for an occasional female-male-male three-way, in which I enjoyed having my cock sucked, my sex was always straight. I sure didn't think I was gay, maybe a little bit bi, but never gay.

However, all that changed when Mike my new roommate moved in. He was nineteen, a virgin and built like a brick shit house. Oh, don't get me wrong, we did not jump on each other's bone right away. It took a sunburn to get us together. Now, we are an item, a couple if you will.

Mike, a student at SF State, has been living with me for the past 8 months. In that short period of time he has lost his virginity, is openly gay and has become a nudist. He enjoys being naked just as much as I do and like me, when in public, will wear the least amount of clothing acceptable. We love fucking each other. I cannot get enough of his cock and ass.

Not long ago, Mike told his mom he was gay and I was his lover. She lives across the bay in a big house. Whenever she comes to the city shopping she calls us to meet her for lunch or early dinner. Out of respect for his mother, Mike asked me be clothed when ever she comes to our apartment. Of course I wear the least amount of clothing possible. Mike, who was quick to notice his mother's positive attitude towards my 'semi' nudism, did not waste any time dressing in less.

Mildred is a very attractive 40 something year old red head. The kind of woman that knows she is hot and loves showing off. She is tall and slender with long legs and a curvaceous figure.

When Mildred had a new pool installed in her back yard, she gave us an open invitation to use her new pool any time we wanted. Eager to try out the new pool, we promised we would spend a weekend with her just as soon as school let out for the summer.

Since I am nudist I did not own any swimsuits. Mike insisted I go buy one. He didn't think his mother would say anything if we did go nude, however, he didn't feel comfortable being nude in front of his mother. That evening when I got home, I wanted to surprise him. I went to the bedroom and change into my new swimsuit and then joined him in the kitchen.

When he saw me he let out a loud whistle and screamed, "WOW baby! You look hot."

"Thanks Honey. Don't you just love it? See, there is nothing in back except my hairy butt." I said turning around.

I had bought a C string pouch for myself. It's a pouch you stuff your cock and balls into and it comes with a thin waist band to help hold it up. Needles to say your completely exposed, bare-assed naked, except for your cock and balls.

I tossed him a bag in which was a tiny bright blue mesh thong I had bought for him. Boy did he look hot in it. The bright blue color contrasted beautifully against his smooth white skin and the mesh pouch did nothing to conceal his big meaty cock. When he turned around I could see the back of the thong disappearing between his smooth round bare butt cheeks.

"I bet your mom will just love it when she sees us in out new swimsuits," I said.

"What? You are kidding!"

"We can't wear this to her house. We might as well go naked," he said exasperated.

"Mike, don't be silly. She's seen us practically naked already. Your mom will have a blast with us in our new suits."

Mike seemed somewhat bewildered by what I had just said. He said he would call his mother and mention the bathing suits to her and see what her reaction would be.

The weekend after school let out; we were on our way to Orinda to his mother's house. I was looking forward to a fun weekend of relaxation, sunbathing and swimming.

We arrived just past noon. Mildred came out to greet us as we pulled into the driveway. We took our luggage to Mike's old room and changed into some tiny sunning shorts. Mildred was waiting for us in the patio, where she had lunch ready.

Imagine our surprise when we joined her. She was wearing a rather skimpy two-piece swimsuit. She looked absolutely fabulous. She was a real knocker, with her blue eyes, large perky tits, slender waist, outstanding bubble butt and long shapely legs. I could see where Mike got his good looks from.

Mike and I are both 5'8" tall; I weigh 140 and have a nice muscular build, black hair, blue eyes, flat stomach, hairy legs, hairy butt, and an uncut cock. Mike weighs 130 lbs, is blond, blue eyed, smooth, toned, and has a fat meaty cock.

We sat at the glass table where Mildred had set our plates. Our conversation drifted over several subjects until she finally told us she and Mike's dad had separated a few months back. She was glad for the separation and felt she now had the freedom to express her true self.

While we were talking I noticed that Mike's balls had slipped out of his shorts and that Mildred, who had also noticed, had a perfect view from where she was sitting. Mike who was unaware of his exposure, sat back in his chair moving his legs further apart, allowing the head of his fat cock to slip out too. Mildred and I looked at each other, smiled, and continued the conversation as if nothing was amiss. After we finished eating, she suggested we change into our new swimming suits and meet back at the pool.

Back in our room, Mike expressed concern about wearing such revealing outfits in front of his mother. That is, until I told him what his mother and I had both seen while we were eating lunch.

"You're kidding!" He exclaimed.

"Would I lie? Your cock and balls were hanging out for everyone to see. And your mom sure didn't seem to mind. Actually, she seemed to be enjoying the show."

Then quickly added, "I don't think she cares if are nude."

"Well, I am a little nervous. After all, she is my mom, you know."

Mike insisted we wear towels around our waists, just in case. I was irritated by Mike's silliness and was sorely tempted to walk out stark naked and put an end to his squawking.

When we reached the pool area the both of us stopped dead in our tracks. Mildred was wearing a tiniest yellow bikini thong. She looked fabulously sexy. The bra barely covered her nipples. And the piece over her pussy looked like it was painted on. You could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips and its deep furrow. It was obvious she shaved her pussy.

She put her hands up in the air and turned around showing off her new bikini. When I saw her bare ass, I felt my cock tingle.

Mike dropped his towel as he walked up to his mother, lifted her up in his arms and he gave her a big bear hug. I couldn't help admire both of their smooth bare asses. And, when he put her down his huge crotch pushed up next to his mother's pussy.

I draped my towel over my shoulder and walked up to the lounge closest to me.

"Nice ass and those hairy legs," she said. I just knew you would have a hairy ass."

I turned around and wiggled my butt, then bent over grabbing my ankles and gave them both a good view of my hairy ass.

"Wow! Wee! Nice show," she said laughing.

"Oh! He's just a big show off," Mike replied laughing.

"I'm rather enjoying it," she said.

Somehow, I knew I wouldn't be surprised by her reaction at our near nude state.

I sat down on the lounge with my knees up, feet apart and firmly planted on the seat.

When Mildred sat down, Mike was left standing, his crotch at eye level with his mother. His blond pubes and meaty cock were clearly visible through the mesh of his bikini. She commented on how nice he looked in his bikini.

We were enjoying the afternoon sun drinking beer and listening to Mike's mom telling us lewd jokes. The both of us were surprised by this unexpected side of Mildred's personality.

The combination of beer, lewd jokes, naked flesh and warm sun were making me horny. For all practical purposes I was butt naked, except for my cock and balls.

Feeling a little mischievous, I stood up and stretched in front of them, rubbing my hands up and down my torso, pinching and pulling my nipples. When I knew I had her complete attention I rubbed my hand down my stomach, then ran my fingers through my pubic hair combing it out and fluffing it up.

Her eyes were glued to my body watching every move I made. I turned around so my back was to them. I planted my feet wide apart, bent forward keeping my legs straight and grabbed my ankles stretching the back of my legs. With my head down between my feet, I could see Mildred and Mike starring at me. I bent my knees and squatted half way down exposing my hairy anus and my dangling pouch encased balls.

"Anyone want another beer?" Mike said getting up and slapping me on the ass.

"Wow Wee! After that hairy show, I need a drink," she said laughing.

I retuned to my lounge and reclined with my knees up and legs wide apart. Mike came back and stood at the foot of my lounge offering me a beer. While reaching for the beer with my one hand, I reached down and pulled my pouch up so he could see my hairy anus.

He grinned from ear to ear, when he saw my butthole. He offered a beer to his mother than returned to his lounge. After a few minutes of drinking and joking, Mildred got up and sat at the foot of his lounge between his feet resting her arm on his raised knee. His cock and balls were clearly visible through the mesh thong he was wearing. He didn't make any attempt at covering himself.

The three of us continued drinking and joking, all the time Mildred kept brazenly starring at her son. When it was time for more beer she volunteered to get them. When she came back, she sat on my lounge between my feet. While we were talking, I casually reached down and pulled my pouch up. I knew she could see my hairy anal area. I was sorely tempted to rip my pouch off so she could see my fat uncut cock.

"Bob, I hope you're not put off with my starring at you all the time," she said.

"Oh gads no, Mildred. Not at all, actually rather enjoying it, if you know what I mean," I said moving my legs further apart.

"Oh good, then I won't feel guilty looking," she said laughing.

I couldn't help laughing too.

Just then, Mike got up and jumped into the pool splashing water on us. Mildred and I both screamed.

I got up and dove into the deep end. Mildred ran to the shallow end and jumped in. We had him trapped between us. We started splashing water and jumping on him trying to dunk him under. The three of us were all over each other copping feels. We were laughing and screaming having fun. Mildred was certainly full of surprises today.

"Hey, you squeezed my nuts. That's not fair." Mike yelled at her.

"Poor baby, it was an accident." She said, the both of us laughing hysterically.

Mike jumped toward his mom. In her haste to get away from him, his hand caught the string holding her top and accidentally tore it off leaving her big tits completely exposed.

Screaming and trying to get away she didn't notice until it was too late.

"Nice boobs mom."

She looked down and saw her uncovered tits. She tried unsuccessfully to cover them with her hands while Mike and I starred laughing hysterically. Regaining her composure, she stood up and pushed her tits out. "I hope you boys don't mind my boobs," she said splashing water on the both us.

We continued splashing water and dunking each other copping 'accidental' feels and rubbing ourselves against each other every chance we could. It was absolutely delightful to see her big beautiful tits bouncing up and down as she tried to avoid being dunked.

Exhausted and out of breath, we stop to take a break. Mike and his mom walked out together from the shallow end. I climbed out using the ladder at the deep end and headed to my lounge chair.

The both of them were laughing and Mildred was pointing at me. I had no idea why they were laughing, but I started laughing too.

When I finally realized why they were laughing, I turned beet red. I had lost my pouch while in the pool and was standing butt naked in front of my lover and his mother.

Still laughing and with her arm around Mike waist she said, "Honey, if you want to take yours off too, it's ok with me. After all, you are a nudist."

Mike didn't hesitate one second taking his thong off. Finally released from the tight confines of his thong, his big thick meaty cock which was surrounded by a thick patch of pubic hair was able to swing free.

The both of us were stark naked in front of his mother.

"Mike, I had no idea your cock was so big. Your dads prick sure isn't anywhere as big as yours," she said licking her lips.

Mike beamed with pride as he showed off his swinging manhood.

"Well Mildred, aren't you going to get naked too," I asked?

"Yea mom, you're practically naked anyway. And besides, it's only us and we're all family."

Mildred untied her bikini strings and pulled it off in one quick move. I let out an audible gasp when I saw her pussy. It was puffy and slightly open with just a hint of wetness. It looked delectable and delicious and I was completely surprised to see a small landing strip of red pubic hair just above her pussy.

She raised her arms above her head and slowly turned around allowing us to feast our eyes on her gorgeous naked body. The fact that she thought the two stark naked men, with semi erections, feasting their eyes on her naked body was her gay son and his lover really turned her on. She could hear us making lascivious comments to each other about her tits, ass and pussy.

I wondered what she would do if Mike and I started stroking our cocks. Would she enjoy watching us fuck each other? My cock was tingling just thinking about it.

"Hey, since this is our first time together naked. Why don't we play a game of You Tell, I Show."

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