Pet 2

by Daniel1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Third in a series begun with The Visitor and The Pet, The Pet 2 continues the adventures of a remarkable woman and her man in the pursuit of the pleasure of bestial menage. For readers who have been follwing these submissions, The Visitor and The Pet have been revised to work with themes that have begun to emerge in Pet 2.

She liked to wear stretchy little thongs when she was hot and playing with herself for me.

We were sitting back on the couch, naked, except she'd put her thong back on. It had somewhat dried out, but it was still a cum-crusted little rag. It was now getting a fresh soaking from the animal emissions of her most recent, titanic fuck. She knew what it meant to be a dirty girl. I could tell she was still hot for more. She was touching herself, looking at me with those smoky blue eyes.

"So, now you know."

"Yup, now I know."

"Still... like me... love me... need me... can't live without me?"

"Yeeesss... and can't stop touching you since you let me watch you... can't stop thinking you're more incredible than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. It was the most lewd and sexy thing to watch.

"You really get off on this stuff, huh?"

"Yes, I loved it! Can't stop thinking how much I love you."

"Good... cause it's just... so wild. It's obscene. And, I'm really starting to like it... I really like you... I love you... and I love doing things to please you. And... well... this is that... and a whole lot more!... And I... I need you on my side with this stuff."

"I'm with you like glue, babe! I am loving your heat and your nasty passion... more than you are!"

"No way!"

"How often have you done it with him?"

"You mean 'How often have I fucked him?' hhmm?" Her fingertips went under her little panty as she said this.

"Just tell me the dirty stuff." She chuckled and blushed.

"The only time I had the opportunity was Thursday, you remember when the Spencers left Charley on Wednesday? Well, they picked him up on Friday. Wednesday night was our first time with Charley. So, the first time he fucked me was on Thursday morning, and the second time, Thursday night. The third time could have been on Friday morning if they hadn't gotten back on time. I wanted to, and so did he. So, the third time didn't happen until today, with you. It's been a long week."

"I'll bet! Have you been wanting to talk about it? I'll bet it's been driving you nuts!"

"Sometimes, yeah. I've been thinking about how perverted I've become." She gave me a teasing look. "How perverted you've made me. And, I let you!" I kissed her.

"You were all set to be a private little, sexy... dream showgirl, if a guy had the luck to be invited into your theatre... and get a box seat, so to speak."

"That's what you call it? Well, that's something you've really got! Thinking about doing it with him... with you watching... has kept my pussy buzzing all week."

"Been playing a lot?"

"Hmmm... Yes... Lots." She was touching herself now as we spoke. We were close and I had my arm around her. I lightly began to tweak her nearest nipple as she continued her story.

"Tell me about the first time."

She paused, considering her answer.

"Well, I started thinking about it right away. You held me still for that great licking he gave me; and it made me so hot. I got into the fantasy that night while he was getting me the first time... you forcing me... to let him lick me... maybe even forcing me... to have real sex with him. Not really... I mean I know you wouldn't have... but that was a delicious little thought. Thinking about it lit my pussy on fire when he was making me cum with his tongue. It was wild, and I felt a little bit like I was going crazy. If you would have asked, I think I'd have gone right ahead. But, as it was my pussy had another animal to take care of that night." She took my cock and licked the tip. "And, he did me good."

I took over the pussy touching, and she rubbed my cock while continuing her story.

"I wanted those delicious little thoughts to go away for a while... but they didn't go away. I'm getting such a dirty mind. I never used to think about having sex all the time. I now noticed things about him for the first time, like the way he swaggers when he walks... definitely male. He's got a great set of balls, big, and dark, hanging between his legs, with these short bristly looking hairs... thought about them rubbing my pussy... with him in me... ooohh. And... he likes me... it's like he thinks I'm sexy, and he's confident about expressing his feelings about that. It makes me hot when he looks at me that way... and I love to tease him."

"I still had him for another day and a night before the Spencers returned. You were out of town. It gave me time to think about how I felt... and time to play with him myself... all alone." She looked in my eyes and smiled.

"So, the first thing I did was to call the office and arrange to take the day off. I put on my bathrobe and went out front. I was interested to see how Charley would be, but he didn't behave very differently. He was happy to see me, and he licked my hands and my face. But, he also obeyed all my commands immediately. He did once approach me to give me a lick on the knee while I was filling he water bowl, but I just said 'No! Sit! Stay!' and he immediately obeyed."

"I had a little bit of breakfast while he ate his food. All the while, I was sizing him up to imagine what I was getting myself into. He's big! I got down next to him, on my hands and knees while he was eating, and he was taller than I was that way. I don't know if he's a lot bigger than me, but he seems a lot bigger. And, even though his fur is quite thick, it doesn't hide how muscular he is. I wondered how long he could go. I wondered if he'd let me go once he got started, if I tried to make him stop. I should have been scared thinking about this, but it just made me hot to think about it."

"I looked at that tongue of his while he ate and drank... and those teeth... It was hard to believe that I... spread my legs for him to lick me... and even bite me a little bit... Oooohhh... touch it... yes... right there... Aahhh. He used that tongue on me so good, I thought of how it felt to have it licking deep inside, and licking my little clit... my god... I think my clit and my pussy-lips are getting bigger! They feel swollen all the time, now! Does having a lot of sex do that, I wonder? It makes me hot! It made my heart hammer just watching him eat his meal and knowing what I was planning to do. I took him out in the back yard to potty, and then left him up front while I went back to the bedroom to take a shower."

"The shower is another story, but it was not enough to satisfy my needs. Still hot and moist, I put on a skimpy little cotton thong... this one as a matter of fact... and some sandals with medium high heels. I put on make-up and looked at myself in the mirror while I did, amazed that I was preening myself for this animal... so vulgar... knowing that I would very soon be playing with my thong for him, and showing him my pussy... to get him to fuck me. This forbidden act was turning me on so much! My heart was beating fast... and my eyes looked dreamy. I felt flushed as I brushed my hair until it was big and natural. My nipples were swelling, stiffening, aroused and sensitive to the cool breeze from the AC. My nipples and my clit were beginning to feel like... stung... like after a bee stings... and in need of caressing and stimulation. I couldn't stop my dirty thoughts."

"I chose not to use any perfume, wanting him to smell only me. I put on my short, silk robe... the one that belts around my waist and makes the little skirt that just comes to the top of my thighs. In the mirror I looked really cute and ready for action. My legs were just a little shaky when I went back up front. I took two pillows off the bed with me, and dropped them on the floor when I entered the living room."

"Charley was sitting looking outside through the verticals. He came to his feet and turned all in one motion when I came into the room. I said 'Sit Charley, Sit! Watch!' and he did... just as he was told. I stood with my legs spread and reached down to my little skirt to draw it up... slowly. I couldn't keep my knees from shaking. He started to stare... that way he does now, when I show him my thong. He began to get up, but I said 'No, Stay Now!' And he did. So, I just made him watch me for a minute."

"My heart was beating fast. I had to breath deep and I felt hot with passionate feelings. I held my skirt up with one hand and reached between my legs with the other to touch myself on the outside of my thong... right over my clit and lips. A wet spot grew where I touched... my pussy had been... salivating all day... from the desire... for this animal fucking... OHH... my... FUCK!! I bent my knees and spread wider for him. And I trembled and trembled... standing there exposing myself in order to arouse him."

"Still, I was just touching myself, but the thought of it... really brings me close to full heat. He was staring at me... touching myself... and he began to tremble. I was having difficulty breathing, thinking of what I'd done with him, and of what I was planning to do."

"He was breathing heavily, too. His mouth was hanging wide open, and his tongue was hanging out the way dogs will do when they are trying to cool themselves down. It was shiny with his saliva and he seemed to be licking the breeze to try to cool himself down. But, I knew the way he was looking at me, nothing was going to cool him down."

"I wanted that tongue for myself and didn't want to wait any longer. I walked over to him slowly and sensuously. I ordered him to 'SIT!' whenever he seemed to be losing control. He stayed until I was close... then I was straddling his nose... aaahhh... just the right height in the heels I had chosen."

"My heart was pumping hard when I pulled my little panty to the side and said 'Lick my pussy, Charley'! He was so fast it took my breath away and the touch of it was... ooohh God... it's so sexy and ticklish at the same time. I can't stand it... and I can't stay away from it... his tongue. It's just so different... and I haven't near got my fill of it."

"Oooohhh... the point is... that it was incredibly difficult to stand there, and shiver and dance, all the while trying to hold still, while he was petting my little pussy with that big wet thing. Oooohh, he was licking me so good. He started to get stimulated too... because he started to groan. I was startled at first because I never heard anything like it... like a groan... but long... drawn out... a sound an animal makes when it's aroused. The second groan was longer... with more energy. These continued with short alternating whimpers that vibrated and resounded into my crotch... all this along with his tongue in my pussy. When his groans turned into long growls... his tongue deeply in me... his teeth to my lips... ooohh... I knew that I was going down to the carpet very soon."

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