Nobody Rides For Free
Chapter 1A: Austin's story

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1A: Austin's story - Married couple finds out that sometimes things can go wrong in ways unanticipated. This couple finds that their love and marriage are tested... severely.

The vibrations of my 'ride' were perfect for my mood. I have been riding my custom built chopper for about ten minutes. This ride wasn't for pleasure however... matter of fact, this ride was keeping my away from home and my very beautiful and loving wife by choice. Having built this bike all by myself, even down to machining some of the detailed dresser parts, I was understandably proud of it.

I had opted for a 280-rear tire; a 124 S&S engine and a nice five-speed belt drive transmission. I had power to spare, and the rumble of my ride as it cruised down our street would bring kids to the edges of their yards trying to catch a glimpse of us. I say us because I considered my 'ride' to be a person in it's own right. When I rode, it was 'us', me and my ride.

Married, and quite happy, I had decided to get back into riding again. Instead of buying a Harley off the showroom floor though... this time I opted for building my own from the ground up. I had friends that rode, and they helped me when I needed some special assistance. It had turned out to be a magnificent ride. One worthy of cover page magazine with an inner spread.

I am riding now mostly to calm my nerves. I have something in my life that has me upset. I have more or less asked a friend to do something for me and now that has upset me way beyond anything I can imagine and everything I hold near and dear is in jeopardy.

I knew that some of my friends rode on the 'edge' of life. Always one-step away from the law or jail. They lived free and mostly acted as such. Still, they were good people... especially to have as friends. This particular friend had save my life, and probably my wife's too. I had paid him back by doing this... to myself. I only hoped we would survive this all.

Several buddies had spent hours working with me on my ride and in doing so had gotten to know my wife. Since most of the work was done in my home garage after my regular job, we had all started hanging out there. The overhead door was usually open and there were almost always several other rides sitting in my driveway. I knew that my neighbors didn't fully approve, but then, they didn't ride like we did either.

Riley, my wife, is about 5' 8" in height, and very well put together. I met her in college, and was her first lover. When we first went to bed I broke her hymen... taking her virginity. It was a momentous occasion since she had been raised to be a 'good girl' and hadn't messed around much before that point. Heavy petting was about all she had done.

Our first years together as a married couple had gone smoothly, and now, after nine years together as husband and wife, we had been talking about having kids. Riley worked for an engineering firm that did mostly public projects. Since she had a civil engineering degree her department worked mostly on highways and interstate projects. She was happy in her job.

I work for an aircraft parts manufacturer, as a design engineer. I worked my way through college as a machinist in a small shop, and knew all the ins and outs of machine tools. Now, instead of running the CNC lathes or mills, I run the department, overseeing about twenty people. It is interesting work.

At home in my garage/shop I have a small lathe and a little milling machine. They came in handy while I was building my chopper. Riley had been pretty patient with me and my need to build this bike. She had even managed to find a great artist to paint it as it all came together. She would help me time to time, usually if none of the other guys were around.

We were close. In the early days of our relationship I still had my Harley and used to take her for rides. I noticed that after those rides she would be especially hot to trot, and as soon as we got somewhere that she considered safe... well... I'd get some of the hottest sex we had. I had parted with that one, working things out to get into this one that I was near completing.

After a time most couples get that... well, bored with each other thing going on. Riley and I had yet to have that happen to us. Matter of fact Riley seemed to work extra hard to make sure we didn't slip into that zone. Several times she had come up with different things to do in bed from reading magazine articles or even stories from online erotic story sites.

When some of the guys would come over to help me Riley would fetch us beers and chips or whatever. She volunteered to do this and it was always appreciated. When she'd wear cut-offs and tube tops or tank tops the guys would always have some flirty comments for her, as she is a very sexy woman.

I was comfortable with the flirty stuff since I knew that she was faithful to me as I was to her. I'd even get a kick out of it at times when one of the guys would really get her going. Once in a while she'd even get caught off guard and start blushing when some of the remarks got more... personal. It was always in good fun, so I never gave it any thought.

When 'Dog' started coming over things slowly started to change just a bit. He was a rather large guy, and he was also a real biker type. Long hair, big beard, tattoos, and even an attitude that at times that made me nervous.

His bike was a traditional Harley with his own style blended in to it. Rough and tough, he was still a gentle giant kind of man if he knew you. I had learned that he could be a hell of a good friend, as well as a damn bad enemy. He was always loyal to his friends, but as it seems to be with some people, he had a whole different idea of what loyalty really was.

Riley was comfortable around all the guys, even Dog. Once in an while one of the guys would take her to the local convenience store for beer or chips and always, she'd come back hot to trot. The vibes of the bikes as they rode would work her into a zone where at times; it was hard for her to wait until we were alone to jump my bones. It was always interesting after she had been on a ride.

Dog had a saying, one that we all laughed at and I never figured that any of us took seriously. He used to say...

"Gas Grass or ass, nobody rides for free."

As usual, if he was making the run with Riley to the store for beer, the beer would suffice for one of the three.

As time went on and my ride was about finished, Dog was spending more and more time helping me to detail the bike. His talents were in the finite and minute things that bring a bike from 'okay' to 'top of the show'. He had experience since he worked for a bike shop.

His help and advice had helped me to bring my bike to a state of the art and top quality ride. Once I was done with it I planned on putting it in a local bike show. Just to see how it fared. Dog was certain that it would be in the top five... if not the top ride period. Deep inside I was pretty certain that he was right about that.

One day when Riley was about to make a run to the store, he volunteered to take her.

"Honey, we need some more beer, maybe some chips too."

"Do you want me to make the run?"

"No, I can go. How much beer should I get? You still planning on having the birthday party for the bike this weekend?"

"Yeah. Maybe a couple of six packs for now... we can make a real run with the pickup for the party stuff later."


Dog was standing there looking at Riley. She was wearing some cut-offs that had been cut rather short. One could see the cheeks of her ass as she walked. I loved to see her in them, as did all the guys. Just to see her walking in them was enough to make everybody hard as a rock... one time when she bent over there were actually moans around the garage at the sight that unfolded.

As she bent over, the cut-offs rode up her ass until only a very small piece of material was showing between her legs. I know from where I was standing, I could see the start of her pussy lips, and her little asshole was barely concealed. As she stood up again, one of her breasts had popped out of her top and everyone got a nipple shot.

I knew that Dog was interested in Riley in more ways than just as a friend. I also knew that he would, if he could, try to get into Riley's pants. In that same way, I knew or was reasonably certain that Riley would never allow that to happen.

"Hey, I can run you over if you want. Of course... you know the logo babe. Gas Grass or Ass... nobody..."

"Rides for free, I know Dog. Lets see... beer has worked for the grass part in the past... so how's about I buy you a tank of gas today?"

"Gas it is then babe. You'll let me know when you'll give up some of that delicious ass someday too... right?"

"Hey Dog... you know that the only guy that will get the ass part of that deal is Austin. Hubby's always win in that regard."

"Yeah... well you can't blame me for trying to tap your beautiful ass. I swear you are the most beautiful bitch in the whole state."

I waited for Riley to jump on his having called her or referred to her as a 'bitch'. I was mildly surprised when she just smiled and kissed me on the cheek as she walked over to stand by Dog's ride.

"The whole state huh? I'm not sure about that Dog... but thanks anyway."

As they roared off to get the beer I had a premonition that nagged at the back of my mind. Shrugging it off I decided that if I couldn't trust Riley to be with Dog or anyone else for that matter, what did I have? I certainly couldn't go around watching her all the time at work and off elsewhere. I had to trust her.

I knew that she was above average in looks. I also knew that almost any of my friends would be hard put to not fuck her if they had the chance. Still, I knew as well that Riley wouldn't to that... well, I was fairly certain of that anyway. As far as I knew I had been enough to keep her satisfied and she never had complained or even hinted that our sex wasn't anything but great.

Still that little warning bell had caught in my mind and was faintly ringing.

It took them a bit longer to get back than usual. I noticed it was only about fifteen minutes more, so I figured that Dog had given her a scenic tour. A couple of times here or there all of the guys had taken the long route so that Riley could enjoy the ride. Each of those times she had been wilder than ever in the sack later on.

She breezed up to me and kissed me using a lot of tongue. I could tell that she was real hot to trot and as a matter of fact, so was I. I think I was wanting to make sure my 'territory' was claimed and marked. Anyway, Dog seemed to find a need to be somewhere right after they got back.

"Hey you two... I have to head out. Got some things to take care of. I'll stop back by tomorrow afternoon and give you a hand with the oil tank mounting Oz."

Most of the guys had taken to calling me Oz, a shortened and much loosely version of 'Austin'. I guess it was easier to spit out than my full name at times. More... comfortable too. I kind of liked the nickname anyway.

"Cool Dog. I'll be looking forward to that. I don't think I'm going to get much more done tonight anyway."

Riley hit me on the shoulder as I winked at Dog. He looked at us and laughed.

"If you don't fuck it all up, you're about to get laid pretty well buddy. Catch ya tomorrow."

As he roared off, Riley was rubbing up against me. She was hot. Real hot.

"Come on Oz... I need you. Bad."

"Can I finish my beer first?"

I was teasing her, laughing as I said it.

"No... Later. Right now I have something I want you to suck on other than that damned beer."

She was serious.

Taking me by the hand she almost ran us into the house. In the living room, she stopped and turning, started to strip off my clothes. I was surprised since we had rarely done anything in the living room.

As she dropped my pants, she went to her knees, taking me in her mouth. She had learned to give great head, and I knew I was in for a treat since she had jumped right to that immediately. Usually this was part of our foreplay, but only after I had worked her up with some pussy licking.

I found myself being pushed back onto the couch, and as soon as I was seated, she really got on sucking me off. She didn't slow down as I started to cum, and even though I warned her, she just kept on sucking me. I shot off into her mouth, and her eyes went to mine as I came. I wasn't ready and I will admit I came rather quickly. Far faster than normal that was for sure.

Riley kept sucking and licking me, until I was hard again... then she slipped up and onto my lap. Her cut-offs had disappeared and she slid down my shaft taking me into her very over heated and wet pussy. Even though she was real tight, she took all of my shaft in one shove. Holding me tightly, she began to rock back and forth, hard... and fast.

I bent down and licked her nipples, having pushed her tube top up over her breasts. Hard nipples stared at me, begging me to suck and bite... so I did what came naturally. Moaning and mewling she worked herself into an orgasm almost as fast as she had worked me into one. The one exception was she worked herself into one, then another, then still another.

I was hard as a rock and knew that I wouldn't cum any time soon. Riley worked on her orgasms for quite some time, and pretty soon I started to cum too. I figured that she had had around seven or eight orgasms to my two. She had at times been multi-orgasmic, but this time was a lot more than all the other times had been. She had really been worked up today. In the back of my mind I had to wonder what had caused this extra excitement for her?

Afterwards, as we laid on the couch, I worked up the nerve to ask her about her sudden up-kick in the sex.

"Wow. That was great. So... to what do I owe the pleasure for this great time anyway?"

Riley blushed deep red. This had my interest too. In the past us talking about our sex had never caused her to blush.

"Oh... It could have been just the ride that Dog gave me... but... well..."

"Well? Well what?"

"Promise you won't get mad?"

"Okay. I won't get mad."

"Are you sure? I mean it Oz... you can't get mad at me. Promise me."

"I promise. What's gotten into you Riley?"

"Well, when we got to the store, Dog came in with me. There were several people in there and one of them, some creepy guy, made a gesture like he wanted to grab my ass. Just as I was about to make a comment, Dog reached out and grabbed my ass, then without a pause, he looked at that guy and told him I was his bitch... and he'd better keep his eyes and hands off me."

"What? Dog grabbed your ass and told them that you were his bitch? What the fuck? You let him get away with that?"

"You promised... you wouldn't get mad."

"Yeah, that was before I knew that Dog had claimed you too."

"It wasn't like that. He was making a statement to that creep. It worked, the creep left as quick as he could. Dog apologized for grabbing my ass and saying that I was his bitch. He just figured that it would move the attention away from me and onto him."

"So... you're okay with that then?"

"With what?"

"Dog... claiming you and grabbing your ass."

"I TOLD YOU... he did it to keep the creeps attention on him, away from me. It worked too. I'll bet that even if I run across that creep alone someday he'll stay way the fuck away from me."

"Why did that get you so worked up then?"

"I don't know. Maybe the danger. Maybe that Dog acted like I was his property instead of a buddy's wife... I'm not sure. It was all so sudden too. All I know is that once we started home and that bike started working on my clit, it worked me up to a frenzy. I think that's why Dog left so fast too. He knew. I left a wet spot on his seat. A very big wet spot."

"What about his calling you his bitch? I have never been able to call you that. My bitch."

"That's because you wouldn't. You love me and your type of man doesn't have to call their woman crude names. Dog... well I think its second nature for him to refer to any woman as a bitch."

"As 'a' bitch or as 'his' bitch? Is that it? Do you have some kind of fantasy about Dog now? Who were you fucking just now? Dog? Or me?"

"AUSTIN... damn you. I was fucking YOU for your information. Dog got me worked up... yes. But he got me worked up for YOU."

I let her think that I bought that explanation. I really wasn't sure now though. I knew that I had better get my ride up and running quick so that she'd have me to rely on for the good vibrations going to the store.

I was troubled by Riley's revelations about her ride with Dog. In my heart I knew that she'd never intentionally cheat on me... on us... but I also knew that as worked up as she got when on a ride she could slip one day. I tossed and turned, wanting to sleep but having nightmares about demons on motorcycles taking Riley away from me. Funny thing about that was that none of the demons looked at all like Dog.

The next day I headed out to work. Riley had the day off, and was getting things ready for our party on the weekend. She was working in the backyard, so when I left I went out that way and kissed her goodbye.

"See ya later... gater."

"After a while... You'll be home on time today right? I'll need to run to the store and get some things later and I'd like your help."

"Yeah. I should be home right on time. You could call up one of the guys and see if they could pick up some things for you too though. I think Charlie and Dog aren't up to much today. Up to you."

"I'll need the pickup for this stuff. Although I may call Charlie and see if he could run me out to the orchard for some veggies."

The orchard was a place on the outskirts of town. They were a truck farm that had fresh organic produce at a fair price. Riley and I had found the place one-day on a drive and ever since most of our vegetables were bought there. It was about twelve miles from our house, but we still liked the idea of knowing where our food or at least most of our food was coming from.

"That'll be cool Charlie has those monster saddlebags on his ride so you'll be able to carry everything pretty well."

Kissing her goodbye I headed out. Once on the road I drove straight for work. Arriving, I found everyone standing outside and it seemed like they were waiting for something.

"What's up guys?"

"Power's out. Guess a truck hit a power pole over on Sixth Street and took down this whole section of town. They told us that we won't have power back until late this afternoon. If then."

"Damn. Well... I guess you all can head on home. I'll put in your time for the day. Hopefully tomorrow things will be smoother."

They all left and I went in. After a bit, my boss stopped in and talked to me. I told him that I had sent everyone home due to the power outage, and I also told him I had taken care of the time cards.

"I can remember the days when a power outage was a day off... without pay. Unions. Oh well. They do get the job done and in the long run a lot cheaper than the alternative."

My boss... always a bit against unions... until he realized just how close he had come to losing his operation one time. Then, the union had managed to make the difference between him getting the contract that put him on the map and not. The outfit he had sub-contracted for was union and they had to cut a contractor. It ended up being the other outfit since they were non-union. It worked out for the best and ever since his ideas about unions had undergone a metamorphosis. A necessary evil he used to joke around about. Not any more.

He sent me home with blessings, and so I headed out after only spending about an hour at work. No power pretty much prevented me from finishing up some of the work I had to do. As I drove home I thought about Riley and how nicely surprised she'd be when I got home. That was an understatement.

Partially anyway.

On the way home it started to rain. As the air cooled down from the rain I hoped that Riley's work for the party hadn't been ruined. Once home the rain let up and the sun came back out. I pulled into the garage and closed the overhead door, as it was still quite cool. I walked into the house, calling out. Nobody was home.

Looking in the backyard I saw the Riley had everything covered up. Evidently Charlie had come by early and picked her up to make the veggie run. I decided to go work on my ride until they got home. The way it looked, by the time Charlie got home with Riley on his 'love machine' she'd be ready for a roll in the hay.

Charlie's bike was one that caused some consternation among the rest of the bikers he hung out with. Just in front of the seat where the gas tank came down and met with the seat, he had fabricated a large knob. The knob was covered with some Naugahyde, but it wasn't padded too much.

All of us, to a man, figured that ol' Charlie was nuts. If he ever had to stop fast or took just the right kind of spill... well... that knob could make someone less than a man. The way it stuck up it was about level with the top of the seat and once a man was sitting there... well... the family jewels would be exposed to a rather large, hard knob that had no give in it at all.

There had also been quite the speculation on why that knob was there too. Charlie never did tell anyone why he had built it into his design, and we were all at a loss as to why he'd want that lump there. It just didn't fit in with the whole look the bike had at all. Of course, over time I had learned that every biker has a couple of things they like that others can't quite see the why of.

I tinkered on the ride for a bit then I heard the phone ringing in the house. I picked it up from the garage extension, and for the umpteenth time kicked myself for not having gotten the ringer fixed on the phone in the garage. It had been lucky I heard the phone at all.


"Yeah... it's Dog. What are you doing home man?"

"Oh... power outage at work. I decided to work on my ride. Riley and Charlie went to the orchard to pick up some veggies for the party this weekend."

"CHARLIE picked up Riley? Oh man... that's bad... real bad."

"Why? I don't understand."

"Do you know that Charlie has a thing for Riley man? I've warned him off before. She could be in serious trouble... especially if she's on his ride."

"Why is that? I figured Charlie is pretty harmless."

"Not while he's on that ride. Why do you think he calls it his 'love machine' anyway?"

"Never have known."

"You know that lump... in front of the seat? The one that everyone can't figure out?"


"Well, Charlie likes to have women ride up front sometimes, under the pretense of teaching them to drive his ride. When they sit there, with him on behind, they're pressed them into that lump. It's a straight shot from the engine to that lump."

"Yeah... so?"

"Jeeesus man. Think. You know how worked up Riley gets when she's on a ride?"

"Oh... OH SHIT."

"Yeah. Exactly. Charlie could be out to get into Riley's pants right now."

"He wouldn't do that would he? I mean... she's my wife and all, and we are buddies."

"Nobody is Charlie's 'buddy' lessen they have something he wants. I tried to tell you about him sometime back but you didn't want to hear it. Of course, you already knew him then and I had just met up with you guys."

"Oh man. Wait though... if Charlie comes back with Riley and she's behind him... it will be all right though right?"

"Yeah... more likely. I wouldn't bet on it though. Not at all. I don't trust him... at all."

"Fuck... I'm going to try to find them then. I'm sure they headed over to the orchard. I'm headed that way."

"I'll stop by your place in a bit then, and hang out. I have my cell phone if you need some help."

I jumped in my truck and slammed it out of the garage, tires spinning. I'm sure my neighbors must have figured I had lost my mind. I never drove that way... ever. Driving down the street I turned and got on the interstate, thinking that Charlie would have gone that way and taken an exit. It would put the vibrations about right to work up any woman. Highway speed was about the perfect speed to start out with.

I drove over the speed limit as far as I dared. Right now I didn't need to get a ticket. I should have kept it under. Either that or my neighbors had called in my reckless driving and given the cops a heads up. I was cruising along when the lights went on behind me. BUSTED.

I pulled over at a nearby rest area, and the patrolman came up behind me in his car. He got out and slowly walked towards the truck, ticket book out and a wary look about him too. I put both hands on the steering wheel, cussing myself for losing my mind driving. I knew better.

As the cop was writing up my ticket I heard the distinctive sound of a Harley going by on the other oncoming lanes of the interstate. Looking across the median I saw Riley and Charlie. The very first thing I saw was the Riley was in front, hands on the handlebars. Charlie was behind her, his hands on her hips. His smile was not something I wanted to see right at that moment. It almost looked like they were actually fucking as they rode by.

I could see that Riley had on my favorite cut-offs too. I was in a real hurry now. That's when the cop decided to slow down and take his time. Evidently he had nothing better to do and sensed that I was in a hurry. I was fuming by the time he finished up all the paperwork and cut me loose.

Twenty minutes after I had seen Charlie and Riley go by. I got going and managed to catch an exit within a mile, getting turned around. Now I was cruising in hopes to catch up with Charlie and Riley before that something bad happened that Dog had warned me about.

Wanting to get there now, and also not wanting another ticket, I was torn. I finally decided that I'd better take the time rather than the ticket, and kept in under the speed limit... not much... but close. I drove with an eye out for them and never saw them. Arriving at home I heard Charlie's bike. He had pulled it into my garage and closed the door. I had left the door open in my hurry to find them, leaving him the perfect opportunity.

The bike was revving up again and again. From an idle to a nice throbbing mid range speed, over and over. I knew that he had Riley worked up for certain. I got out of the truck and ran to the side door. Once I tried to open it, I realized that I had locked the damn thing that morning. I fumbled with my keys, hearing that motor racing and idling.

Slamming the door open I saw what I never thought I'd see in a million years. Charlie was slamming in and out of Riley as she was bent over his gas tank. Straddling his bike, probably never having gotten off the damn thing, he had managed to get his cock out and up into Riley from behind, in a semi-modified doggie style position.

Riley's eyes were streaming tears, and then I saw that Charlie had a grip on both of her hands, holding them on the handlebars with one of his hands. His other hand was twisting on her breasts through her top, almost viscously. It was obvious that Riley was not a willing partner in this.

He was humping away; not even aware I was there. I ran at them, and as I came up to where they were, my fist slammed into Charlie's head, hard. It knocked them to one side and the bike slowly fell over taking them with it. Riley managed to keep her leg out from under it as if fell over, and the motion had caused Charlie's cock to pull out of her pussy.

Reaching over the bike I grabbed Charlie and yanked him out from under it, and began to beat the holy living shit out of him. I was as angry as I'd ever been. Riley had gotten up from the bike and was running off towards the house. I noticed that the crotch of her cut-offs was hanging down between her legs. Evidently Charlie had either torn them away or cut them away from the back.

I didn't know what she was doing, but at that moment I found I suddenly had my hands full. In my searching out where Riley was, Charlie had managed to get up and start to fight back. His strength and agility were more than I had bargained for.

Charlie wasn't as easy to put a beating on as I would have liked. Pretty soon it became apparent that his extra height and weight were going to win out over mine. I was now the one in trouble. Charlie was smiling as he began to gain the upper hand. His fists were putting a hurt on me and I was tiring too fast.

I found myself on the floor of the garage, ears ringing, and a darkness clouding my vision. He was banging my head again and again into the concrete floor. Darkness was the last thing I remembered. I'm not sure how long I was out, but when I came to it was quiet. Too quiet. Trying to get up I realized that I had been hog-tied and left laying. I started working on the knots, trying to loosen them... after a bit I realized that he had tied them far too tight.

Looking around my eyes found just what I needed. Just how to get it was going to be the question. Standing up was out of the question... and that box-knife on the workbench was out of reach. I rolled myself over several times to get right up next to the workbench. Looking around some more, my head throbbing, and my eyes fuzzy... I finally saw a short stick.

Getting my back to it was difficult, but I finally managed to grab it, and then I began trying to poke between the boards of my bench top in an effort to dislodge the knife and have it fall down near me. I worked at it for twenty minutes, almost crying in my desperate need to get loose and save my wife from that asshole. I was also having trouble with one of my hands. It hurt like hell every time I tried to move it.

Just as I got it to fall, I heard another bike pulling up. It was Dog.

"Man... what the hell?"

"Riley ran inside... Charlie's after her. Never mind me... go save Riley. She needs your help."

Dog ran off with an oath. I managed to grab the knife and slowly began to saw at the rope binding me. Once they loosened I knew that I was only a few seconds away from freedom. Head throbbing and my eyes still unable to focus too well, I finally stumbled into my house. I could hear someone crying loudly and a scuffle going on somewhere upstairs.

Still unable to maneuver too well, I groped my way up the stairs and down the hall. The sounds were coming from the guest bedroom I pulled myself up to the door, hanging loose, the top hinge pulled out of the door jam, and the bottom hinge barely holding it upright. I saw Riley on the floor, crying hysterically, her top torn, and breasts hanging free. Her cut-offs were still on, but I could see that the crotch was now torn away completely. She had bruises on her cheeks, and arms.

I stumbled over to her, and tried to gather her into my arms. Instead, she hugged me tightly. Her hot tears were dripping on my face. I collapsed, unable to keep going any more. I was vaguely aware that there was one hell of a fight going on just on the other side of the bed as I passed out again.

When I came to I was in a clean white room. There was a tube in my arm, and I was in a bed. I could feel tight bandages around my chest, and something wrapped around my head. I had one hell of a headache, and my face hurt too.

I couldn't feel my lips or nose, as they were numb. My right hand was bandaged up into a huge ball. Evidently I had been hurt. My memory was fuzzy like, and I was having a hard time remembering who I was or why I was here. I didn't even know what had happened to me.

"He's awake."

Some woman in a nurse's uniform was standing by the foot of the bed looking over at someone out of my range of vision. Suddenly a pretty blonde was next to me, crying her eyes out. I looked at her trying to figure out who she was, and for the life of me couldn't remember. It seemed that I should know her though.

"Oh Oz... oh baby. We've been worried about you."

"What happened?"

"You can't remember?"


"I went to The Orchard with Charlie and he raped me once we got back home. You busted in and started fighting him off of me, I ran, the next thing I knew Charlie was in our bedroom having his way with me. Then Dog came in through the door, and started to beat Charlie. You came in all beat up and hurt, and collapsed on the floor beside me."

"Who's Charlie? For that matter, who are you?"

"Austin? What's wrong? It's me, your wife, Riley."

"You're my wife? Who's this Dog... person? Animal?"

"Oh my God... You really don't know me?"

She collapsed onto a chair next to the bed; her tears were pouring down her cheeks. I felt bad for having hurt her feelings, but I really didn't know who she was. I mean, she seemed familiar somehow, but I just couldn't place her.

Some guy dressed in a white uniform came in. His stethoscope was draped around his neck and his nametag said he was 'Doctor' so and so. He began to poke and prod at me, asking me questions and listening to my heart. He even put the stethoscope on the back of my neck in a couple of places too. Finally he took a stool that a nurse had brought up beside the bed.

"Well... Mr. Davis... you've had quite a week."


"You've been in here a week. Can you remember anything at all?"

"Uh... not really. Flashes of weird things... but nothing I can picture clearly."

"Well, you were brought in here unconscious. You had been beaten rather badly. I will say that the man accused of having caused your condition was almost dead though. Anyway, you've been out for about a week. At first we put you into a coma intentionally to protect you while the swelling in your brain went down. You've had a tube place in your cranium to drain excess fluids as well. Lets see... six broken ribs, a broken hand, broken nose, cracked jaw, cracked skull, cuts, abrasions, and probably one hell of a headache."

"You're right about that."

"You also seem to have suffered some type of amnesia. This isn't uncommon, although I will say that I'm surprised you didn't recognize this beautiful woman as your wife, Riley."

The name Riley struck a chord deep within me, but I still couldn't remember anything more than I hurt... all over.

"You said I had been beaten? Was I in a fight like in a bar?"

"No. From what the report said, it was in your house. The other man had attacked your wife and you came in on it. Evidently you tried to fight him off, succeeding for while, then he got the upper hand and... well here you are."

Suddenly I had a flash of a memory. It was gone before I could even see what it had been. I thought it had seemed like a motorcycle or something like that. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Later I woke up finding that pretty blonde's head on my leg. She was sleeping, so I didn't move or try to move. I just looked at her, wondering who she was.

As I laid there a nurse came in and started to wake up the blonde. I spoke softly... hoping that I didn't wake her.

"She's all right. Let her sleep. She looks tired."

"She should be. Poor thing. First beaten and raped, then her husband lays near death for a couple of days, and now you've got this amnesia going on. I'm surprised that she was able to even function today at all. She hasn't slept more than ten minutes since you've been in here. Hasn't left you at all other than to go to the bathroom. Once some guy came by and took her home so she could change and shower up."

"This... she's my wife?"

"Yes. Riley. Riley Davis. Mrs. Riley Davis. Does that ring any bells for you?"

I thought about it. The name seemed... I don't know... 'right' somehow. I just couldn't think of why.

"No... sorry."

"Don't be sorry. It will come back to you. Most times it does. It just takes a while. Some people take more time than others. Depends on the damage and other things too I suppose. I'm sure you'll get your memory back soon."

I laid there, alone with my 'wife' after the nurse finished up her checks. I just looked at her as she slept peacefully on my leg. I wanted to reach out and brush the hair out of her eyes, but she was on the side that my broken hand was on, and there was no way I could have done that.

She seemed vaguely familiar, but try as I might I couldn't figure out who she was or what she meant to me. I could tell I had some strong feelings for her though. It was weird. I couldn't even remember my own name, let alone my wife's. She seemed... right... but as it was, I didn't know what kind of 'right' that feeling was yet.

Wife? Friend? Confidante? Had we been in love? Had we been happy? Were we good together? How long had we been together? I had so many questions, and for the moment, no answers. None at all. As I was thinking about all these things, she woke up. Her eyes were on mine suddenly, and I realized she was smiling; yet that smile had a very scared look to it.


"I'm sorry. I fell asleep. I hope your leg isn't dead now."

"No. It's all right. I told them to let you sleep."

"Oh Austin. Are you okay? Do you remember anything yet?"

"Uh... not, not really. Flashes of stuff. I seem to remember a motorcycle. It's in a garage somewhere. Red paint with some kind of design on it. It appeared to be a chopper of some type."

"That's your ride. Your bike. I helped you with it. Lots of..."

She had a terrible look come across her face and suddenly she was crying. I put out my bandaged hand, even though the move hurt me, and tried to touch her, to let her know it was all right. It had been an instinctive reaction on my part. Her hurt, her pain, for some reason, hurt me. Deeply.

"I'm... s-sorry. It's just that... he... he helped you. Us. Then he..."

More tears, and I was about to cry myself. I wanted to really hurt who ever had hurt her. I could see that she was having a hard time with something. All I wanted to do was to take her in my arms and hold her. I felt bad for her, and even though I still didn't remember who she was to me, for some reason, to see her like that tore me up inside.

They had told me she was my wife. I supposed that was why I had these feelings inside of me then. Still... why couldn't I remember her? I moved a bit, discovering in the process that I was hurt in a lot more places than I knew. Suddenly an alarm was going off and people came running in. I had pulled something out of position and caused an immediate reaction with the hospital staff.

"I'm okay Austin... I am. You lie still. You'll hurt yourself."

A nurse came up to me with a soft smile.

"Hey... you need to lie still Mr. Davis. You unplugged yourself. That's bad. If you keep doing that we may just have to tie you up. Not really... but you do need to lie still and not jerk these things out."

When she said 'tie me up' I had an agonizing flash of memory. I seemed to remember cold concrete floor... and a knife of some type... a large hairy man running past me... it was all so fuzzy though I just couldn't put names or places to any of it.

I was hoping that I would get my memory back soon since this was driving me crazy at the moment. I hated not knowing who I was or who the people who were important in my life were. I hated not knowing why I had ended up here. The doctor's explanation only had caused me to wonder what I had been doing to get in that fight... who the man was that I had been fighting, and what had all happened.

The big hairy man in my flash of memory was in the back of my mind now. Friend? Foe? Who was that man? What connection did he have with any of this? Questions... I had lots of questions, and no damned answers.

Later that day I discovered that I was right handed, and my hand that wasn't wrapped up in a huge ball of white, looked as if I had some kind of desk job... or a job that I didn't use my hands all that much. They looked soft... for the most part. No calluses. No dirt under the fingernails to speak of either.

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