Blackmail and Other Dirty Words
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A bit of blackmail and revenge doesn't go exactly as expected.

I'll never know exactly how I became a blackmailer. I'm a reasonably honest guy. I'm kind to animals (except in hunting season). I don't cheat (much) on my taxes. I go to church fairly often (and yes- more than Christmas and Easter). I'm loyal to my friends and I donate to charity (Salvation Army).

So why did I become a blackmailer? I could give you a lot of excuses. Maybe it was because of the hypocrisy of my victim. Maybe it was some deep psychological flaw in my character. Maybe. If I had to pin it down, I'd just say it was because I got mad, and because I could.

It all started on a bright early fall day in the little river valley town I grew up in. I was walking along, a bit distracted, on my way to have a cup of coffee and a slice of pie at the Center Diner. As I turned the corner onto Bank Street- I was roused from my musing by a chant coming from a small group of people in front of Dave's Video.

"No porn!"

"Protect our kids!"

"Stop the smut!"

There were a half-dozen people walking back and forth in front of Dave's door carrying homemade signs and repeating their chants.

Now, Dave is an old friend of mine. He's an ex-Navy Seal who looks like a refugee from a hippie commune of the 60's. He runs a little video rental shop, even though he has no need for the money. He's one of the most generous guys I've ever met. He sponsors a Little League team, a Midget League football team, and gives to practically anyone who walks in the door. He's a member of about every civic organization in town and he's on almost every town government committee.

His store always has free coffee, Kool-Aid and popcorn for customers, and it has become a place for kids to hang out and play the video game machines. He also has an "adult" video section. To get in, you have to walk by the counter, and if Dave (or his employees) don't know you, you have to show an ID to prove you're 18. I've never heard anyone complain about it, and Dave once told me privately that I'd be amazed at who rents porno.

"Johnny- it's amazing. I see little old ladies renting Bondage flicks, married couples renting gay flicks, and I've had several ummmm "men of the cloth" renting some pretty raunchy stuff."

All this ran through my head as I looked over the little bunch of protesters. I didn't recognize most of them, but two of them were, unfortunately, my neighbors.

Jerry and Sherry Lewis- two of the most humorless, stingy, colorless, unsocial people I'd ever had the misfortune to meet, sharing the names of famous comedians. They were, to put it mildly, extremely religious. He was a pallid, slightly pudgy, stoop-shouldered man. Balding, with a thin mustache and beady eyes peering out from behind thick, wire-rimmed glasses, he looked like a rat disguised as a human being. Sherry was a somewhat dumpy-looking woman with lifeless red hair. She wore black-rimmed glasses and dull-colored, shapeless dresses that hugged the ground. She reminded me of a mouse- scurrying around doing all the work of the household, totally browbeaten by her husband.

They lived a couple houses down from me on the other side of the street in a small white cinder-block house. He was the manager of the parts department of a local car dealer and she spent her days in housekeeping, gardening and being choir director in their church. They kept to themselves, rarely even acknowledging their neighbors. It was typical of them that at Halloween they handed out religious tracts about "Satan's Day" to the kids.

All this passed through my mind as I watched them pace the sidewalk.

I decided to see what Dave thought of all this, so I waited for an opening and slipped between Jerry and Sherry and headed for the door.

"Fornicator", shouted Sherry.

"Whoremonger", Jerry bellowed in my ear.

I turned and smiled sweetly at him.

"Go screw yourself," I said in my most pleasant voice as I opened the door and stepped inside.

I caught a glimpse of his face reflected in the door. Incredulity followed by rage flashed across it.

I smiled and thought to myself "well, my day hasn't been a total waste, I've annoyed Jerry anyway".

Dave was sitting behind the counter watching the scene on the street through the windows. His clerk Tom was busy putting videos back on the racks.

"Hi Johnny" he said " I see you've met my new friends out there".

"Yeah Dave, I don't think I endeared myself to Jerry, either"

"Well Johnny, I don't think anyone is going to shed any tears if Jerry is pissed off".

"I hear that!" I replied " Has it hurt your business, and when did they start this crap?"

"Nahhhh, they haven't kept anybody out. The started this yesterday morning- I think they're hoping for some TV time out of it."

I laughed "So he doesn't know that the news director at WPJT went to school with you?"

"No, and don't you tell him either" Dave ordered, " I want them to be out there in the thunderstorm we're supposed to get this afternoon".

"Dave, you're a hard man" I chuckled "I knew there was something I liked about you".

"You mean, aside from keeping Jack Thomas from kicking your skinny ass when he thought you were after his girlfriend?"

"Yeah, aside from that", I answered.

"Want to walk down to the diner and have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie with me?" I asked, "Tom can watch the store for a few minutes, unless you think the God Squad out there is going to batter the door down."

"Well, maybe I'll walk down there with you, but I don't think I'm going to have anything to eat- I haven't felt too good all day. It's like I have a big gas bubble right here", he said, pointing to the bottom of his breastbone."

"Dave, that's not where indigestion hurts!" I said. "Indigestion hurts here- in your stomach! How long has this been going on?"

"Since a little after I got up, it's actually gotten a little worse in the last hour."

I took a closer look at him. His color was a little ashen.

"Let me take your pulse, Dave", I said. "I don't like the way you look just now."

"Well, you're no beauty queen yourself, you know" he said with a weak grin.

I took his wrist in my hand and found his radial pulse with my index finger. His skin was a little cool and clammy. His nail beds were a bit bluish and capillary refill was slow.

While I counted his pulse, I also looked at his breathing. It was too fast about 18 breaths per minute and a little shallow. His pulse was 124 and slightly thready, and once in a while I felt a bit of a skip in it...

I let Dave's wrist go and picked up the phone on the counter.

"Dave, I don't like what I'm seeing here. I'm going to call an ambulance and get you checked out."

"I'm fine Johnny, I'll just go lie down in the back for a bit."

"Dave- you're not fine. Your heart is racing and skipping a beat now and then. You're breathing too fast. You have dull chest pain and you're not getting enough oxygen to your fingertips! Now sit still while I call 911, dammit and don't even think about standing up!"

"Yes Sir."

I dialed 911.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"This is John Darkscar, I'm a Firefighter/EMT-A with the Powder City Fire Department. I have a patient here with a possible MI (Myocardial Infarction, aka heart attack). I need an ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) ambulance here ASAP. Patient is a 55-year old male, with no history of cardiac problems. Pulse is 124 and thready, with occasional skipped beats. Capillary refill is slow and nail beds are slightly bluish. Breathing is 18-20 and slightly shallow. Skin is cool and clammy. Patient is slightly ashen in color and complains of dull chest pain."

"Okay, I've dispatched Medic 329 from their station. I've also toned out Powder City First Responders. Medic unit has a 4-minute ETA. Fire unit has a 2-minute ETA. I'll remain on the line until they arrive."

I looked over at Dave. He was looking even worse than before. He was grayer and had sweat beading on his forehead

"Dave, I want to get you on the floor."

"Tommy, come over here and help me with him."

Tommy and I got Dave on his back. I lifted his legs and had Tommy put a stool under him to help push blood into his upper body.

"Okay, Tommy- do you have a blanket or something we can cover him with to keep him warm?"

"There's a blanket on the couch in the office, John. I'll get it."

"Thanks Tommy"

"How're you doing now Dave?

"Not too good Johnny. My chest is hurting something awful- like it's in a vise!"

I checked his pulse again. It was running close to 160 and very thready- it seemed like it missed every fourth or fifth beat- not good at all!

I picked up the phone. "Are you still there?" I asked the 911 operator.


"Good- tell them to step it up! I think we may have a pending arrest!"

I passed along the new vital signs and the operator told me he'd contacted both responding units.

"Okay- thanks. I think I hear the sirens now."

I looked out the front window just in time to see Engine 321 pull up out front. I was relieved to see Captain Jeff Atkins and his two firefighters, Bryan Stover and Henry Harding get out. Both Bryan and Henry were paramedics that also worked part time for the local ambulance service.

"Back here guys- its Dave and he's getting worse!" I shouted.

They grabbed the first-out bag and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and ran inside. I opened the bag and hooked up a face mask to the oxygen bottle. I turned the flow up to 15 liters/minute to give Dave 100% oxygen and put the mask on his face.

Bryan cut Dave's shirt and hooked up the AED to the adhesive patches that he applied to Dave's chest.

I glanced over at the monitor screen one the AED. It showed a pulse rate over 160 with multiple PVC's. Dave's heart was very irritated and close to losing its normal rhythm and going into cardiac arrest.

Jeff had put the pulse oximeter on Dave's index finger. It showed a pulse that agreed with the monitor and an oxygen saturation level of only 80%, even with Dave breathing pure oxygen.

We covered Dave back up with a blanket just as Medic 329 pulled up out front. The two paramedics grabbed their cot and equipment and came inside. One looked at the monitor and printed off a record strip while the other set up an IV bag and large-bore needle and deftly threaded it into the vein in Dave's forearm. Per protocol, he injected some lidocaine into the IV line. Dave's EKG smoothed out a little.

"Okay guys- lets get him loaded and on the road." One of the medics said...

We slipped a backboard under him and lifted him onto the cot. I hooked up the cot straps and put the oxygen bottle on the rack under the cot. I picked up the IV bag and held it high.

"OK- ready to roll!" I said.

We rolled Dave through the front door of the store. The protestors mostly seemed stunned by the activity, staring at us as we crossed the sidewalk.

One of them offered up a little prayer, but my neighbor Jerry and his wife crowded up close to me at the head of the cot.

Jerry stuck his face over Dave's and hissed "This is God's punishment for sinners like you!" Sherry was close behind him "You'll burn in the flames of Hell for eternity, whoremonger!"

I handed the IV bag to Jeff as he took over pushing the head of the cot. I turned to Jerry and got right in his face.

"Jerry" I said "if you say one more word, I'm going to shove my foot up your ass so far you'll be able to bite my toenails! Now shut the fuck up!"

I turned to Sherry "I've never laid a hand on a woman, but there is a first time for everything! You assholes had better tend to the beam in your own eye before you worry about the mote in your neighbors!"

They looked at me as if I'd suddenly grown claws and fangs.

I turned back to the ambulance just in time to see both medics and Bryan climb inside with Dave. Jeff slammed the door.

"Henry is going to drive- do you want to ride in with him?"

"Why don't I drive, Jeff? Henry can ride and climb in back if they need more help. Hey- tell Tommy to call Dave's wife!"

"Okay Johnny- that sounds good. Will do! Now, get in and move that sucker!"

I jumped in the driver's seat and buckled up. Henry did the same on his side.

"All ready back there?" I hollered.

"Roll it!"

I put the ambulance in gear and released the brake. Henry hit the siren and I pulled out into traffic as we hit the main road out of town. The big Power-Stroke diesel took the truck up to 65 in no time.

I held it at that speed until we got on the Interstate headed for University Hospital. I floored it then and pushed the big truck up over 90 as the lights and siren cleared the light mid-afternoon traffic.

We reached the hospital in 9 minutes flat. I pulled past the ER bay and then backed the truck up to the loading dock.

Henry jumped out and ran around to the back to open the door while I shut the truck down and set the brake.

I got out and headed for the ramp just as they took Dave inside.

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