Joe The Driving Instructor

by Gemini

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One of my many failures in love. It's an acount of my experiences with my driving instructor, which happened when I was 17.

While I was nurse training and only 17, I decided to learn to drive, this is when I met Joe, my instructor. He was in his 30's and very charming with the gift of the gab. It wasn't long before he'd arranged my lessons at the end of the day after which he'd suggest we go for a drink.

After our drink he drove to a secluded spot, we were kissing in next to no time. His hands were soon removing my upper clothing and expertly exploring my body, which I enjoyed.

"We'd be more comfy in the back", he suggested. I was more than willing and hurriedly changed places.

We then moved to the back seat where he stripped me completely naked, as he kissed and fondled me all over.

"What a great body. I love pert, firm breasts; yours are perfect", he said, his hands expertly caressing them; he had obviously done this before.

Gripping his head I kissed him passionately, as his fingers entered my eager sex. He was soon thrusting them back and forth, deep and fast. I was so excited I instantly climaxed. "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" I cried, collapsing back in the seat.

He was very experienced, quickly pulling my legs apart he burying his head between them. His hot, probing tongue found my clit, giving me the most fantastic oral sex, which I was desperate for. As his tongue darted around my throbbing clit his fingers thrust into me; I was groaning with pleasure.

"Oh yes Joe, oh yes", I cried, pressing my sex towards him, desperate for more.

"I'm going to give you a present", he said. Releasing his cock, he instantly thrust it up me, and in the confined space, began fucking me fast and furious.

"You'll pull out wont you", I pleaded; he wasn't using protection.

"Yes, yes", he replied, continually thrusting into me, making me cum, time after time.

It was very passionate and frantic; we fucked like animals, both needing to be satisfied. I eventually felt the tell tale warmth flood my insides as he began to cum.

"Sorry about that", he said as he eventually pulled out, covering my belly and pubes in last few jets of his sticky seed. "I couldn't pull out in this confined space", he continued.

"But you enjoyed it didn't you", he said.

"What do you think", I replied, as I lay there in a state of complete nakedness, a sated grin on my face.

"There's more where that came from", he said, pulling my head down to his flaccid cock. "Suck him back to life", he demanded.

I sucked greedily; his cum soaked cock soon rose to its rigid state, filling my mouth. His hands guiding my head up and down the fat shaft.

"Yes, that's good, suck it, suck it", he said. "You're damn good at this", he remarked. "If only he knew", I thought.

Pulling my head from his cock, he opened the door, pulled me out and placed me on my knees, my head and arms resting in the car.

"You can have it again now", he said, and positioned himself behind me.

He began guiding his cock head between my wet pussy lips, once between them he rammed into me, sinking it deep into my cunt.

I spread my knees and took it all; the sensations were exquisite.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me", I found myself saying; I was wild with excitement and ready for anything.

He penetrated me with long, deep, slow strokes; his cock gave me the most intense pleasure. His technique was exceptional; I wanted more.

Gripping the car, I was almost in tears of joy; my orgasms were so powerful, as he continued his long, slow, deep thrusts.

"Please, Joe, oh yes, please", I whimpered, begging for more.

He slapped my firm, round buttock hard; it glowed warmly.

"You want more", he remarked, the slow deep thrusts of his cock thrilled me.

"Oh yes, more, more, keep going, don't stop", I pleaded.

Pulling his cock from my cunt, he slid it between my arse cheeks, rubbing its stickiness back and forth before, sinking in back in my cunt.

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