The Beach

by Robin Pentecost

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Orgy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A beach house is a wonderful place to live out your fantasies. These two people use theirs to indulge their sexual fantasies.

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For several years Jill and I have spent our spare time at the beach. We have a neat, gray wooden house overlooking the sea, set a little back from the top of the dunes so that our front porch is sheltered from the sea breeze by the beach grass and the rise of the dune.

We bought the place because of the deck. We can lie naked in the sun all day, observing through the mesh that surrounds the railing those who, clothed, sun and play and swim below us.

The deck is on the upper floor overlooking the dune and onto the wide expanse of sand that slopes down to the water's edge, where the seagulls, terns and sandpipers run about on hungry errands. In the winter, it is beautiful and desolate and we prowl the beach for treasures, investigate the dunes and washes while there is no one to see but the creatures that live there so secretively. In the summer, it is still beautiful, but populated with sun worshipers from the city. The creatures withdraw into their burrows, except at night. The sea birds, ever hungry, never cease their search.

There are other houses along the dunes much like our own, but there is no other near us with a deck and with quite the view we have. We are very proud of it, we spend every day there we can. When we are not on the deck, we walk the beach, sit with others we know there, swim in the gentle surf.

On the lower floor another deck and back yard face the back of the dune. Even though it is open at the sides to our neighbors' yards, Jill goes topless there. It is private as few places are because it is obscured by tangled masses of prickly beach roses. I am convinced something lives beneath them.

At night we swim naked, knowing there are others who do so, too. When we meet them in the water, we pretend — either not to see one another, or to accept each others' nakedness as natural. But there is no doubt that after such a meeting, especially when we meet another naked couple in the brilliant moonlight, our lovemaking is raw, swift — more passionate than usual. Seeing our neighbors' naked bodies, being nonchalantly naked with them, excites me. It makes Jill wet and passionate beyond any dreams I once had of what sex with her would be. And, I'm an optimist!

Jill and I have been together only a little longer than we have had the house at the beach. Somehow, I think something about the place and its sexual heat, its feeling of sexual adventure, binds us together. We are very different; most of our interests diverge, though they do not conflict. We allow each other our freedom, to work, for friends, in most things. We are together because our genitals long for each other. Our life together is based on sex; fucking is our foundation. Talking about it is our communion.

When we met, it was at a gallery opening and I was attracted to her breasts, the sharply defined buttocks and dark Irish beauty; we left together soon after and stripped as soon as we could find shelter. I chewed her entire body that evening and all that night. Not just her breasts and her cunt and her mouth and her toes: every bit of her. I chewed her skin and swallowed her whole. I drank from her cunt, her armpits, her navel, the crack of her ass. I crammed my cock into her every opening, even those I could never penetrate. She demanded it.

'Fuck my navel, ' she said. 'Fuck my ear, come in it.'

We had sex from Friday evening until Monday morning and time for work. When we left work, it was to meet and mate again. It was not, of course, constant intercourse, but an evolving sexual adventure, touching, tasting, feeling, grasping, kissing. Lying together with our slippery, soaking genitals in contact. A constant friction of moist, naked nearness.

After a week of this, we sat naked together in her apartment. "You make me horny, ' she said.

"You're always horny, ' I replied.

"No, really. Mostly with you. I've had lovers; lots of them, I guess you'd say. The sex was just sort of what you did, and I did it a lot, but I could usually take it or leave it. You know, casual. You make me hot just to look at you. I see you and I want to strip you — like I did that first night. I want to do things with you... '

She got up and walked naked to the window, stood looking across the city street and confessed softly into the glass. "I want to do things I used to tell my girlfriends were dirty, disgusting.' She turned to look at me, leaning against the window frame, her buttocks pressed against the glass. "Until that night we met, I would never stand naked in front of a window like this. I never have, this is the first time.'

"Why are you doing it now?'

"Because it makes me hot to think that someone can see me — really, to know that you know they can — and know that you either want them to or don't care if they do. My cunt is dripping; it makes me want to fuck you.'

I got up and went to where she stood by the window. I could see no one across the street, but who knows?

"Turn and face the window, ' I said. She turned, and I pressed her nakedness against the glass. Her breasts and belly were flattened against the window pane. "Spread your legs, ' I said. She moved her feet as I slid between the cheeks of her ass.

"Fuck me, ' she said. "Right here. Let them watch.' I slid inside her and humped her against the glass, playing with her breasts, reaching to slip my finger into her sex and tickle her clit, kissing her neck now and then, but mostly exposing her body as we had the kind of open, wild, though languorous sex that was how we expressed our love for each other. I pulled back from her and fucked her ass until we came, framed for the world in the window. Afterward, for the first time, she told me she loved me.

The next day she met me after work at a bar we like. "I've been to the beauty parlor, ' she told me in the darkened booth.

"I thought you had your hair cut last week.' Jill's hair is very simple; she spends little on it.

"I got a wax job.' She grabbed my hand, pulled it between slick thighs; her vaginal folds were bare, smooth — and wet. She looked at me as she rubbed my hand on her sex. "No panties. It's another one of those things I always thought was dirty. So was shaving my pussy, letting someone see it. I sat there with my legs spread wide while this great-looking girl took all my hair off.' She grinned and moaned, humping my hand. "Like it?'

I took her home and we explored her new nakedness for hours.

We found the beach house some weeks later. We moved into it together and, almost as an afterthought, consolidated our living into the larger of our two apartments in the city.

In the city we are yuppie-stuffy. We dress seriously — our clothes are conservative armor against the workday world. We work hard, network intensely, play the professional games, make a lot of money, strive for advancement. Until we get home and we strip and fuck. Then, it is hard for us to dress again and go outside to shop or meet our peers. When we return, we strip again. We are naked as much as possible. Jill says, "I like it that you can just stick it in me. And I can always grab your cock and make you hard. I never knew it could be... ' She hesitated for a word. "Exciting. No, fulfilling. That's more like it.'

She told me she was serious about what she calls her "disgusters', the things she used to think were dirty. She is now resolved to try them all. "Until I find one I don't like, ' she said, "then I'll have to re-think. Somehow, with you, nothing seems dirty as long as it makes me feel good.'

At work one day, an email from Jill told me to meet her at an address I didn't recognize. It turned out to be a tattoo parlor.

"I want some roses, ' Jill told me. "And, I want you to watch.' So, I watched as the artist drew a red rose about one inch to the right of her hairless pussy, where it could only be seen if Jill spread her legs as widely as possible. When he was finished, Jill observed herself in a mirror. "Put a yellow one on the other side, ' she said.

As we left the parlor, she crushed my arm.

"You all right?' I asked, "Did it hurt? What was this one about?'

"I used to think letting a man see my panties was sick. That guy had his nose just inches away from my pussy for an hour. And, I'm so horny I could rape you here, ' she said.

One Saturday, Jill told me we had an appointment in the afternoon, but wouldn't tell me what it was about. She was dressed sexily — but that was standard weekend wear, now.

We went out, ending up in a loft belonging to a photographer. In the elevator, Jill told me, "I want you to screw me on camera. I'm going to put it on the DVD and play it all the time.'

We went in, and when the cameraman was ready, we stripped each other and began making love. "Make it last, ' she said, and I ate her, fucked her front and back, top and bottom, making her come as often as I could. We displayed her body, her sex, our mutual abandon in every way we could think of. Having the camera and cameraman peering at every fold of her sex, recording every squish and moan turned me on, but it also gave me enough objectivity to go on and on.

When we got home, she told me, "Dirty movies were disgusting. Letting someone watch was disgusting. But I know I'm going to love this.' She took the disc and put it in the player, sat down to watch. Now, it runs almost all the time, and the sight of our continuing sex display turns her on more than ever.

"What really turns me on, ' she says, "is when I see the roses.'

At the beach, we appear quite different from our outward city personas. A lot of our beach neighbors are clearly there to extend their up-tight city life-style, but we are not. Our clothes are simple, clinging, revealing, transparent. Jill has found us both what she calls 'wall-paper shorts'. In public, she is a scandal that delights us both; she wears tights that show the shape of her sex with a light scarf that scarcely covers her breasts; a singlet over tiny panties. She says she used to conceal her figure, only showing contours. Now, she says she's learned to wear her breasts as ornaments — and they are usually more or less visible, jiggling, moving, inviting. She is always a walking, swaying sexual invitation for me.

"I used to think a woman showing off her body was disgusting, ' she explained, "but I've discovered I've got a good body, and that showing it off is fun.'

"Fun?' I asked.

"Well, yes, but it's more than that. It makes me hot. What's better is, it makes you hot.'

One day — not the only occasion — as we left the supermarket, I was struck by her blatant sensuality and, in the midst of the shopping crowd I slipped my hand under her top, grasping her breast, thumbing her nipple. She turned and kissed me, grabbing my ass. "Fuck me, ' she said. By the time we reached home, she had me hard in her mouth.

At the beach, we relax utterly, soaking in the sun, walking the beach day and night. We look over the beach from our deck, not merely searching for sexual sights, but also enjoying the sunshine, the fogs, the changing color of the water and sky. Even the storms excite us, an opportunity for fireside lovemaking. We walk along the sand, finding shells, watching the dunes as they change, the people as they rest and play and exchange their sexual challenges. When we find a hidden byway, we use it, shedding what clothes we wear and making love in the open air.

Some evenings, we lean on the deck rail and watch the bathers in the dim light of the moon or merely of the stars. We watch them walk along the beach, watch them look about and speculate until they feel safe from prying eyes like ours, and then they drop their robes, their clothes, their inhibitions. They swim, caressing each other in the water, sometimes making love in the surging waves. Or, more often they come up the beach and spread their robes or towels on the sand and make love beneath the stars. We watch the women stretch themselves and spread their legs, the men mounting them. Or, they kneel in the sand, fucking frantically as the waves slip in and out around their knees.

We have watched dozens of these scenes, and when they are finished, or while they proceed, we are naked, too, feeling each other. My hands are in Jill's cunt, on her breasts. She chafes my cock, sliding her hand on my wetness, keeping me hard and slippery but not allowing me to rise beyond a certain point, or penetrate her until, when the lovers below have climaxed and are gone, we fall onto the mats and I thrust into her, meeting her rising, grasping cunt and we pleasure each other until we gasp and cry out our own orgasms.

Some of our neighbors, who are just as duplicitous as we are, will meet us in the water of an evening, naked as if by chance. We glance at each other's bodies and wander off to find a less populous place. In the daytime, we look at each other just as normal people, but somehow, there is an awareness, a secret smile that says 'I know what's under those clothes, that bathing suit'. I have seen neighbors — men and women — looking at Jill with knowing hunger. I have seen her undress them — no, simply ignore their clothes — perusing their bodies in a way that shows she knows the shape of their bare skin. Her gaze is positively feral.

No one says anything about this. It is a secret we share openly; keeping it is a trust we have all accepted. It makes life at the beach a sexual adventure with a power I can hardly describe. Jill says it is like fucking behind a glass wall. She loves it and so do I.

One summer evening this year, about midnight, we went down to the beach and dropped the towels that were all we wore. We went out into the water, swam for a few minutes, but without much interest. We had come to the beach to fuck, not to swim, and it wasn't long before we walked back up to the soft sand and spread the towels. Jill lay down and spread her legs, the open lips of her sex beckoning me in the moonlight. I fell between her feet and thrust inside her.

As we fucked, I saw a pair of feet beside us. Neither of us had looked to see if there were others approaching when we joined our bodies, but now we had company. Jill noticed about the same time I did, stiffened briefly, then thrust back at me with increased passion.

There were male feet on one side, female feet on the other. Jill's hand left my back and lifted, reaching toward the male, and then I felt a touch on the small of my back, a hand caressing my buttocks, slipping between my cheeks and cupping my balls. I thrust and moaned and prayed I could last forever.

Jill signaled she wanted to get on top. As though we were alone, I pulled back and we changed positions, her cunt sliding down on my cock. Now, I could see the two people beside us, naked as we were. The woman was full-breasted, the man powerful-looking and erect.

Jill sat upright, hands on her thighs, looking at them by turns as she lifted, then ground her cunt on me. She reached into her folds to play with her clit, and each of them took one of her breasts in their hands and kissed her nipples. The woman dropped her own breast to my mouth and I seized it with both hands, sucking her nubbin while Jill rose and fell on my shaft. The man kissed Jill; she grabbed his cock. The woman kissed me, probing, then reached into Jill's sex, rubbing. In moments, we came with moans and cries.

When we recovered, the couple was gone. We talked, hugging, rolling about before running into the water to wash the sand off. We agreed it was one of the most intense sexual experiences we had shared. And, we would take the implied chances again, whenever possible.

The next day, Jill returned from the supermarket. "I saw the woman from last night. She said to me, 'Nice to see you. Did you enjoy yourselves?' I nearly came on the spot.' We were on the deck, naked. Jill's hand went between my legs, grasping, lifting me against her belly, rubbing her cleft against my shaft. "She could see how hard my nipples were. She knew, and she positively leered at me.'

"But we didn't really do it with them, you know.'

Jill moved back, naked before me, her body tense with arousal. "I want to. I want to show off for you, show you how much I love it. How good I am at it. I've been thinking about it for weeks now. It used to be, I got hot looking at you. Now, I just seem to be hot all the time. My mind invents new things.' She looked at me, "I don't know what it is, but it feels wonderful.'

"I think about it every time I see you out there flaunting your body, and you know I love to see you do it. And last night — I can still see you holding his cock. Hold still.'

We joined again and it was fun and love and lust and hot slimy wetness and finally, exhaustion.

Days later at the supermarket, I saw the woman pushing a shopping cart. She smiled warmly at me, and when she pushed past me in the crowded aisle, her breasts brushed firmly across my back. When I told Jill, she admitted that, a day or so before, she had seen the man as well. She told me how, at a busy shelf, she had pressed her body against his arm and run her hand over the front of his shorts.

"I don't know what it is, ' she said, "but I can't get that night out of my mind. When I saw him in the store, I remembered holding his cock on the beach. I wanted him, do you know that? I wanted to put my hands in his pants and play with him right there. How did it make you feel when she rubbed you?'

"Just the same. It was all I could do not to grab her. What do you want to do about it? Anything?'

Jill leaned against the side of the deck, her legs spread. She looked at me and slid her finger across her clit.

"Yeah. Anything, ' she said. "Anything we can get away with.' Her shoulders wriggled involuntarily as her finger moved, exciting her. "How about I ask them over next time I see them? We can do a barbecue and see where things go. What do you think?'

I thought I liked it. Later that day, Jill rolled over in the sunshine. "You remember what I told you once? How, when I'm with you I want to do dirty things? I still do, you know. It hasn't gotten any better. And, I just had an idea. You want to come shopping with me?'

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