by Robin Pentecost

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A wife and a woman, her lover and her husband.

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Dear Eddie,

William has told me I must write you every day and tell you exactly what I have done. His command is like what you and I have played with in the past, I suppose. I am a pretty decisive and confident person - in everything but sex. You told me I am a submissive, but it's only true about sex and because I like it that way.

When William called, he made me put him on the speaker, as you recall. He told me to come and spend this week with him in San Francisco - that I was not to bring any clothes, and I was not to wear any underwear. "Only one layer", was the phrase he used.

I long ago learned from you how much I love to be told what I am to wear and what I am to do in bed. I never thought of refusing William.

On the plane I remember how we met William that night in the hotel disco when you had made me wear a see-through blouse and no bra or panties. I used to love doing that because it made you happy and made me horny when men looked at my body and when we went home you would fuck me for hours. When you agreed we would go upstairs with William, I was amazed at how excited it made me, how quickly I felt myself getting wet, how badly I wanted it.

Looking out the window of the airplane, I think about how you both stripped me and how you fucked me first, there on the bed, and then William put his huge cock into me. Even though I was swimming with your come, he spread me in a way I had never known. We spent all night like that, and I don't remember how many times he put that wonderful thing in my cunt - indeed, both of you, and - marvelously - both of you inside me at once.

I wear an old jump suit I haven't used for years; Eddie suggested it. It zips down the front and, as William instructed, I am wearing nothing under it. The man sitting next to me looks into the opening where I have let the zipper rest far down between my breasts. My pussy is wet with anticipation.

When I get to the hotel, William opens the door, and smiles at me. When he has kissed me, he looks in my eyes and says, "Strip." I pull the zipper down to the bottom and let the whole thing fall on the floor. "Fuck me," I say.

It is a suite, and I go to the table in the corner of the living room and sit on it, spreading my legs. He comes and stands in front of me and I pull down his pants, pulling his dick out and bringing it close to me. I make him take my legs in his hands, and I rub his cock all over my pussy, watching how it spreads me, slipping the head in and out of my cunt, feeling the almost-pain of being spread by it. But then he says, "That's enough," and thrusts into me, hitting my back wall and making me howl with the sensation. And he fucks me while I watch his cock slide in and out, watching my lips convulse around it.

He makes me lean back on the table while he bites my nipples. He fucks me with his big dick, and I love it, even while I think about how it feels when Eddie fucks me. He fucks me until I come, and he keeps on fucking me until he comes. I just sit there and feel him pumping into me and loving it.

"Get dressed," he says, and I put my jump suit back on, feeling his come run down my thigh. We go out of the hotel; in the taxi, I rub the juices off my thigh with the material of the jump suit. He takes me from one store to another, buying clothes he chooses for me. His choices are excellent, the best quality; the sales people seem to know him and know what he wants. There is a navy blue wool double-breasted suit, a blouse you can see through in the right light or if I press it against my breast just so, a skirt with lots of buttons, stay-up, thigh-high stockings, two pairs of shoes and nothing else.

He tells me to wear the blouse and skirt, leaving most of the skirt buttons undone, and we go to an expensive restaurant where he is known and the food is wonderful. When we are seated, he says, "Undo four buttons on your shirt". I do, and it leaves the inner slopes of my breasts visible. Before we get up to leave, he says, "Undo all the buttons on your skirt, except the top one". I walk out of the restaurant with my breasts almost visible and my right leg bare to the waist.

At the hotel, William takes me to our room and removes my clothes in the living room. He pours wine for us both, gives me a glass, but tells me to remain standing where I am, beside the mirror that shows my naked body.

He says, "These are the rules for the rest of the time you are here. You will wear what I tell you, and nothing else. If I tell you to take something off, you will do so, immediately. We will be meeting a number of people I do business with, and you will say nothing unless you are asked. They will think you are my mistress, and you will behave as though that is all you are, and you will do exactly as I tell you. Is that clear?"

I nodded my head.

"Say it," he demanded quietly, "tell me you agree."

I said, "I am your mistress. I will do as you say, no matter what." I felt wetness begin to seep down the inside of my thigh.

... That was when he told me I must write you every day; tell you everything. I am sitting naked in the bedroom as I write, using his laptop. He is lying naked on the bed where I can see his body. His huge cock is erect. As soon as I have sent this, he has told me I am to sit on it. When you read this, know that I will love feeling its hard fire in my cunt - wherever he will put it. More later...

Dear Eddie,

William fucked me three times last night, and I loved it. I would have loved it if he could have fucked me a dozen times, but he is - to my surprise - human...

He fucked me again this morning. Before breakfast and again after. Bent over the breakfast cart, his big cock spreading my anus; the intensity of the sensation, the spreading, the invasion making me growl in my throat like an animal. My orgasm made me weep with joy.

I am surprised when William tells me to shower again, to wash my pussy and my asshole and make sure I am - "spotless" he said. I am to wear the suit, stockings and the shoes that go with it. He is wearing a blue business suit, and we are a matched pair.

It is late when we leave the hotel but we stop at a jewelry store, and he buys a necklace that he fastens around my neck, against my naked chest. The vee of my jacket ends deep in the valley of my breasts; the cleft is fully visible. The necklace is a gold chain with a deep red, facetted pendant that hangs just a little below where the cleft begins, cradled between the beginnings of my tits.

We arrive at an office building by about eleven and are met by a very pretty woman whose suit probably cost as much as the one I am wearing. William calls her Elaine, and she is lovely. She looks at me, once when William's attention is elsewhere, with a hungry look that makes me shiver. She shows us into her boss's office.

Hervé is tall, slightly gray and very handsome. He meets William with a warm handshake and cheerful pleasantries. He meets me with a handshake and a look that leaves me naked. My knees turn to jelly; the lips of my sex swell.

The two men sit at Hervé's desk, going over a contract, discussing each page of a draft. I sit in an armchair next to William and watch, now and then feeling Hervé's glance slide across my chest and into my jacket, or up my throat to my face. It makes me feel warm, especially in the crotch, and my mind wanders back to being fucked on the breakfast cart.

Then, suddenly, the meeting is over. Hervé says, "I'll have this re-done while we're at lunch," and we are heading out the door. Hervé tells Elaine to attend to the contract, leaving directions for what is to be done. As he talks to her, I look at her breasts beneath her blouse and wonder what they look like, what they feel like.

At the restaurant, the two men sit on the banquette, placing me in front of them where they can look at me with their hungry eyes. I am quickly wet with desire, and I move to show as much of my breasts as I can without attracting attention. William looks at me with approval, nods slightly as I reveal the slope of my right breast, though still concealing the nipple. I play with the chain of the pendant, hoisting it up and down the space between my tits like a target for the eyes of the two men. We eat sumptuous food and return to the office.

Elaine is at her post, explains that she has placed the new contract on the desk. We begin to take the same positions as before when Hervé stops before his swivel chair, looks at us both and removes his beautifully fitted suit jacket, hangs it over the back of his big leather chair. He looks at William, who removes his jacket, places it over the back of his chair and looks at me. It is clear what is expected. I take off my jacket, place it over the back of my chair, and sit down. The necklace hangs between my breasts - warmed by them. My nipples are erect and I sit straight-backed so they point directly at Hervé's eyes.


For the next half-hour, the two men go over the papers again, initialing each page. Hervé looks at my breasts after each page - absently, as though reminding himself that the view is still there. His casual lust excites me and I clench my thighs around my cunt every time I feel his gaze.

Hervé says to me, looking at my eyes for the first time since lunch, "We will want you to witness our signatures."

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