What about Brian?

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cheating wife story with alternate endings. Pick the one you prefer.

Thanks to 'LadyCibelle' and 'Techsan' for their editing of my story. They are definitely two of the best. Without them my stories would be a mess. I really do appreciate both of them.

Part 1

Chapter 1

Having been married for twelve years, our life seemed good. Twin girls age eleven and a son age nine. Then we had the little one Mary, who was now three. My little pride and joy. I have a good job as a computer programmer. I work for a major company and I also do a lot of side jobs on my own. It takes a lot of money to raise a family this size. Barbara was a homemaker, a darn good one. We decided after getting married that she wanted to be a full time mother, especially after the twins were born.

We were a happy family and did all the little family things you read about. We ate at home most of the time. Grilling in the back yard was a regular thing with us. Taking the family out to a restaurant was a special treat. We did a lot of free things with the kids. We had debt like any other couple. That's why we spent a lot of time at home but that was a good thing. Family time with the kids was great. We played board games and of course the outside games like tag and red rover. We even played cowboys and Indians. We only lived a block from the park but in today's society we had to go there with the kids. They loved the swings and slide.

A couple of years ago we figured we could afford to put in a pool for the kids. Barb and I ended up using it as much as the kids. We loved to go in it after dark. We saw to it that all the kids were in bed and then we had our personal pool time. The one thing about Barb was that she prided herself in her looks. She bought an exercise machine after the twins were born and used it religiously all those years. When the kids were in school and Mary was in for her nap, Barb exercised. That's one reason why she looked so good.

I remember the first time we did it in the pool. We were playing around in the pool and we began kissing. That's when I unfastened the top of her bathing suit. I remember her saying, "Brian, what about the kids and neighbors?"

I told her the kids were in bed and as long as she stayed low in the water, the neighbors couldn't see anything. Then I slid her bottoms off gently began to massage her mound. It felt so great for both of us. Me doing the massaging and Barb receiving it. She leaned against the side of the pool and wrapped her legs around me as I pushed my member into her. God, it was great. I know that Barb loved it as much as I did. As I came in, her she asked about the cum in the pool. I told her that's why we bought the better pool filter. I mentioned she might not want to swallow any pool water for a few minutes and laughed as she slapped me.

Doing it in the pool became a regular thing. Swimming nude was another thing we did regularly. We had to spend a few more bucks and put up a privacy fence around the pool. I told Barb that I had to get my money's worth out of her body to make the fence worth buying.

That's how our life went. Good, fun-loving and family, I couldn't ask for more. To most people we were the perfect family. We weren't rich but we were able to make ends meet. We had love and that made everything else in life palatable.

Darla, Barb's sister came over to see us. She and her husband separated after she found her husband had been cheating on her. She said she couldn't trust him again after finding out he was with another woman. She told us he apologized over and over but the trust was gone and probably the marriage. They had two kids ages eight and seven. She brought them over regularly so they could enjoy the pool with our kids. I know she felt somewhat lonely seeing our loving relationship. I know she still loved Dan but right then just couldn't forgive him.

I met with Dan a couple of times and he told me what a foolish mistake he made. He asked me why guys are so weak. They see a pussy and go after it. He told me if he could do it all over again, he would do his best to be true to Darla. He missed her and the kids and the once nice life they had together. He used the old adage about not knowing what you had until you've lost it. I really felt sorry for the guy. I believe he really was sorry, not for just being caught but for doing it in the first place.

Dan would go over twice a week to see his kids. Sometimes he would bring them over to our place since they enjoyed it so much. When I asked him what caused him to stray in the first place he told me that he and Darla had a spat about finances and he got pissed and walked out. A few drinks later he didn't give a shit. A bar broad came up to him and asked for a drink. One thing led to another and he took her to her house and fucked her.

He said it was good. He kind of snickered and said he doesn't ever remember having bad pussy. There was no love, just stick your dick in and pump for awhile and then climax. He felt bad about it later that night when he went home. He was going to tell Darla and get it off his chest but when he walked back in the house she started yelling at him about leaving to get drunk and it just pissed him off all the more so he didn't say anything. The next day he went to work and when she did the laundry she saw his underwear. They had cum stains and juices on them. She knew they hadn't had sex in the last couple of days and figured he cheated on her.

He told me he came in from work and thought it over and decided to leave well enough alone and never do it again. He sat down for dinner, she had made his favorite stew. He said he smiled at her and she pulled out his dirty briefs and threw them in his face and began calling him a cheater. He wasn't sure what to say then and she could read the cheating on his face as she took his stew and threw it in his lap. The kids started crying and she took them into the other room and shut the door. She then walked back out and told him to please leave. He told me he wanted to tell her everything but by then it was too late. He missed his chance of being honest with her. He went to pack a suitcase and went over to stay with his brothers. It was about three months ago. Since then he had rented a cheap apartment. He told me he hoped Darla would get over it. He had no idea what else to do.

One day when Barb, Darla and I were talking I brought up everything that Dan said. I remember Darla saying that he only said it because he got caught. That's when I said that I believed him and I could see it happening exactly the way he stated. He had no reason to lie to me. Darla was giving it some thought.

I told her, "Darla, he really loves you and the kids. He made a mistake and is admitting it. Do you really want to end your marriage because of that one time?"

Darla was crying saying she still loved him but didn't know what to do. That's when I told her, if it was her pride, not to let it kill their marriage. If she no longer loved him, then let it go.

After all the crying she almost forgot what she came over for. Her girlfriend had four tickets to Las Vegas for the weekend after next. There were four girls going. April, Beth, Darla and the fourth gal couldn't make it and they wanted to know if Barb wanted to go?

Barb told Darla she couldn't afford to go but Darla told her that the transportation, room and food was paid for. All they needed was money for extra's like drinks or gambling. They even had free tickets to a couple of shows. I could tell Barb wanted to go. We never went anywhere that special like that before. I know she was waiting on me to say something.

"Okay, Barb, go ahead. I can manage a few days here without you. You deserve a chance to get away for a few days. Darla, you take care of her and make sure she doesn't get into trouble. She means the world to me and I don't want to see her get hurt."

The two sisters were jumping up and down like they just won the lottery. The kids all came running in when they heard the commotion. Barb and Darla explained to them that they were going to Las Vegas for three days. My kids asked who was going to take care of them. I told them they could all stay here. I'd call Dan and he could stay here also and help me watch the kids.

For the next week, Barb was walking on cloud nine. I received some of the best sex ever. Barb and Darla went shopping to buy a few new clothes for their trip. I told Barb to buy nothing too revealing because it wasn't for me. She laughed and showed me a red see through teddy. I told her she wasn't taking that with her and she laughed saying she was going to wear it for me the night before they left. It was my going away present for letting her go. I told her I would go get a bottle of wine and she could put on her teddy and we could take care of business.

Dan agreed to stay with me and the kids for a few days. He offered to drop the four women off at the airport. I knew he wanted Darla to see he was really trying. Barb kissed me goodbye and said she would see me Sunday. All the kids waved goodbye to their mommies as Dan drove off.

Then it was kid watching time. I already missed Barb and she had only been gone ten minutes. I couldn't help it, she was the love of my life. The kids and I decided we would roast hot dogs. It wasn't long after the fire was hot that Dan returned with a grin on his face. He told me Darla kissed him goodbye and said they needed to talk when they got back from the trip.

Barb called me that evening and told me how much she loved me and that they were having a great time. They were getting ready to go to a stage show and she would talk to me later. I told her to remember the time change and that Las Vegas was open all night. She didn't need to call me at 4:30 in the morning. She laughed, said she would talk to me sometime and added an "I love you." Before hanging up, she asked if Dan was there because Darla wanted to say something to him. I handed Dan the phone and went and checked on the kids.

No one called Saturday at all. Dan and I took all the kids to the zoo and were gone most of the day. There were no messages on the answering machine when we got back. We weren't worried because we told them not to call too late.

On Sunday morning Barb called and told me the time they would be at the airport so Dan could be there to pick them up. She sounded a little withdrawn and I asked her if everything was alright. She told me that they didn't get much sleep and she was just tired. I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me too. Something felt wrong, I guess I would find out later.

Dan was excited as he took the car to go pick up the girls. When he got back the kids ran up to see their moms. Lots of hug and kisses. I was standing back holding little Mary. I didn't want her to get trampled in the melee of people kissing and hugging each other. Mary was calling for her mom when Barb came over and kissed her and then kissed me. I knew something was wrong but had no idea what it was. It's funny how a spouse can spot a difference. I guess it's because of knowing them and being with them for so long.

Darla asked Dan if he would take her and the kids home. She was tired from the trip also. Darla hugged Barb and said her goodbyes and then got in the car with Dan.

I hugged Barb some more telling her how much I missed her. She had tears in her eyes and I asked her what was wrong. She told me that nothing was wrong but she missed me and the kids so much.

On Monday everything seemed pretty much back to normal. That evening Barb told us about her trip and gave each of us a souvenir from Las Vegas. She was telling us about the shows and all the food they had to eat. She said she was going to have to exercise extra this week to make up for all the food.

Well, maybe everything was all right. Time would tell. On Tuesday after I went to work, Darla must have called Barb. We have one of those answering machines that if you pick up after the message goes off it will record your conversation. Well, that's exactly what happened.

I had the answering machine in my office. Since Barb was home most of the time, she very rarely used it. When I got home I went into the office and noticed there was one call on the answering machine. It looked like a long message. I hit the rewind button to listen to it. Barb was it the kitchen making supper.

The call was from Darla, D. "Where were you? The phone rang 5 time and the answering machine picked up.

B. "I was laying down with Mary to get a little rest while the kids were in school.

D. "Did you tell him yet?"

B. "No, God, I want to but I'm afraid he'll leave me."

What was she talking about? Leave her for what?

D. "It was a mistake. You were drunk and things just went too far."

B. "We both know that's not true. We both wanted it. It made us feel young again. He won't understand and I'll lose him. I should have never gone to Las Vegas. God, I wish I wouldn't have gone now."

D. "So what are you going to do? It's over with now. Are you going to be one of those who says, 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' people."

B. "I don't know. I just want it all to go away. You're the only one who knows and you did it too. Was it worth it to you?"

D. "Well, mine was kind of getting even with Dan. We're on even ground now. He cheated on me and I cheated on him."

B. "I'm so ashamed, letting another man have me even if I was drunk. God, I'm glad we were able to get the morning after pills. Those guys didn't use protection. I'd die if I would have gotten pregnant. I mean it, I'd commit suicide. What about Brian? He deserves a lot better than me. If he wanted to get even and fuck someone else, I'd die."

D. "Well, sister, your secrets safe with me. By the way Dan's moving back this weekend."

B. "Good for you, you guys belong together just like Brian and me. I'll never go anywhere without him again."

D. "Is there anyway Brian could find out if you don't tell him?"

B. "No, just me and you and the two assholes we fucked. God, why did I ever do it. My Brian's ten times the lover those guys were and I'm really taking it hard. I love Brian so much."

D. "Barb, I was wondering how you paid for the pills?"

B. "Oh, my God, I put them on our credit card. I have to make sure Brian doesn't question it. I pay all the bills but I will have to watch out for it.

I heard Barb start crying, "Darla, I love Brian so much and if he acts like you did with Dan when he cheated on you, I'll lose him. God, I can't live without him. He's my life, my husband and the father of my kids. I'll just have to live with this mistake and do everything I can to make it up to Brian."

D. "Well, honey, you're secret is safe with me. I better go. Dan will be coming by. After talking to you I feel kind of bad about cheating on Dan now. It's never going to happen again with me either. Dan means more to me than any man out there."

B. "We screwed up big time, little sister. I learned what I have is definitely not worth losing. God help us. I don't ever want to talk about this again, even with you. I want to pretend that it was a bad dream and when I wake up Brian will be there with me."

Wow! What the fuck do I do now?

Readers, I wanted them to get back together.

I also wanted him to tell her to shove it for what she did. So I wrote alternate endings.

They are all short. Let me know which one you would have liked to see happen.

DG Hear

Part 2

Chapter 2 Alternate ending #1

I didn't know what to think or what to do. She says she loves me, yet she fucked around on me. I wonder if this was the first time, the only time since we got married twelve years ago. She has never shown any signs like this before. Do I really want to end our happy marriage here and now? I know that once I tell her I know that life will never be the same again between us. I'm torn on what to do. Maybe I should keep silent and let her live with the guilt the rest of her life. She said she would make it up to me. God, I love her so much but what kind of man would I be if I just let her step all over me and lie to me. I know if I never mention it that I will always be watching her demeanor. I remember telling Darla not to let her pride ruin her marriage. Should I take the same advice.

No one knows that I have this tape. I will also need to verify that she bought the pills. I have to take the chance and put my children and my marriage first. If Barb meant what she said, then our marriage should be an even better one.

I took the tape and put it in an envelope and put it in our safe. I hoped to never bring it out again. I walked into the kitchen and put my arms around Barb and hugged her oh-so-tightly. I told her I loved her so much and was so glad she was once again home with me. She turned around with tears in her eyes and said she loved me and never wanted to go away again unless we could go together. She told me Las Vegas was nice but would have been so much better if I would have been with her.

Life from that day on was fabulous. The sex couldn't have been better. She never denied me anything. Our family was considered the fairy tale family on the block. I remember our kids saying as they got older that they hoped they had a marriage as good as ours. Happiness, trust and love, they told us, they learned from us. I glanced at Barb as she smiled and had tears in her eyes.

I had made the right decision. It's been twenty years since all that happened. Her sister, Darla, and Dan ended up divorced. She cheated on him again and when he found out, he ended the marriage. I remember he told her that he loved her but cheating intentionally on him was wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right. He never did know about Las Vegas. I guess Darla figured she got away with it once she could get away with it again. I remember Barb saying how stupid her sister was for cheating on her husband. They could have had such a good marriage, just like ours. Some women just don't learn. She gave me a quick glance to see if that might have been a slip up. I didn't give any reaction.

Barb and I grew old together. I never mentioned Las Vegas and neither did she. I feel I made the right choice. Maybe 'Silence is Golden' in at least this situation.

Chapter 2 Alternate ending #2

After listening to the tape, I walked into the kitchen where Barb was standing making dinner. She smiled at me and saw that I wasn't smiling back. She was a smart woman and knew something was up.

"What's the matter, Brian? Is there something wrong?" I handed her the tape player and as she was listening to it, I went and packed a suitcase.

"Brian, let me explain, please," as she was crying.

"You don't need too. You've had three days to explain and I don't remember hearing a word."

The tears started to flow out of her eyes. She knew I knew about Las Vegas. She mouthed I'm sorry as I walked out of the room. To pick up my suitcase to leave.

I said, "I'll call you in a couple of days. If you need money, take it out of our savings. If the kids are looking for me, tell them I'm out looking for a strange fuck."

I left a crying Barb as I walked out the door. I had no idea what I was going to do. This wasn't any accident or like cheating wives like to say," It was a mistake." This was plain and simple, a married woman went to Las Vegas, found a man or two in this case and fucked them. If it was murder, it would have been pre-meditated. My problem is how did Barb really feel? Was she sorry she did it? In a sense that's how it sounded.

I needed somewhere to go. My parents lived about fifty miles away so I headed to their place. When I went into their house, they knew there was a problem. Of course they asked me what was wrong. I told them the truth. Barb went on a trip to Las Vegas and had sex with other men. My parents couldn't believe it. I told them I knew it for a fact and now I had to deal with it.

I didn't call Barb for a couple of days. I needed time to think. When I called, she was crying and told me what a mistake she made. I asked her to explain the word mistake, because I would be interested in her idea of a mistake.

She asked me to come back home and we could work it out. I asked her how I was supposed to work it out. I didn't understand. I told her she intentionally went and let two other men fuck her. I also mentioned that if I found out when she bought the morning after pills that I was willing to make a bet that it was before their fuck session. That she had every intention of doing it.

I told her I needed time. Lots of time. I also needed my children. I would be coming back on Sunday night and I would fix up my office as my bedroom. I wanted absolutely no contact with her. We might end up getting divorced or living lives under the same roof. I didn't know yet.

I returned on Sunday and all the kids asked where I had been. I told them I went to see Grandma and Grandpa. I hugged and kissed all my kids. I had to pick up little Mary and hug her, and kiss her little cheeks. I said hello to Barb but when she came to hug me I just held up the palm of my hand and said, "No."

After talking with the kids for awhile I told them I had some work to do. I went in the office and started to convert it into an extra bedroom. Basically I took out a book stand and a lazy boy chair and put in a single bed and a dresser that we kept as extras down in the basement for company.

My kids aren't stupid and asked why I was making a bedroom out of the office. I told them that I haven't been sleeping good lately and I wanted to make sure I didn't disturb their mother who needed her sleep.

By the time I got all the changes made it was near bedtime. I said goodnight to all the kids and went to my new bedroom. I could hear a light sobbing coming from Barb's room. I started cutting all loving ties with Barb. Other than dinner I did nothing with Barb unless it was with the kids also. I would take the kids to the park myself or play in the pool with them. Whenever Barb got in, I waited a few minutes and then made an excuse to get out. I did my best to put on a front for the kids sake.

We lived like this for about three months. I couldn't get the thought of her fucking these men out of my mind no matter how hard I tried. I decided this living together this way wasn't going to work.

One Sunday while the kids were all outside and I was in my room Barb knocked on the door. She looked at me and said, "When is this nonsense going to stop. You're my husband and acting like a spoiled child."

I said, "It can end right now. I can move out and we can sell the house and divide all the assets fifty-fifty. I will ask for rights to see my kids."

"God, no, Brian, I want you. You won't even talk to me. I don't know how long I can live like this. I miss you. I miss you in my bed and in my life."

"What is there to talk about? You went to Las Vegas and intentionally fucked two men. I saw the credit card. I know you bought the morning after pill ahead of time. You went there with every intention of fucking other men. For all I know there were a lot more than two. Maybe it was only two that I found out about. I can't believe anything you tell me. I can't respect you anymore. I can't trust you anymore. I really don't want to make love to you again. You made a cuckold out of me on purpose. I have always been good to you. I didn't deserve this. Whenever I think about you it's about you getting plowed by two men at the same time. That is what happened, isn't it?"

"Don't you love me anymore, Brian?"

"I both love you and hate you for what you did to our family. Yes, our family. When you did it to me, you did it to all of us. Then you say, big mistake, I'm sorry now let's get back to our life. Barb, our fairy tale life as we always knew it is gone. I don't know if the pieces can ever be put back together."

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