The Insomniac's Tango

by Jefferson

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a short story about a man suffering a night of insomnia and the way he found to cure it.

Copyright © 2006

"What are you doing up?" I jumped at the sound of her voice. I turned to see my beautiful wife, Annie coming into the living room through the kitchen. "Come to bed with me," she said, holding a small hand out to me.

I shook my head and sat back in the recliner, picking up the remote control for the television and changing the channel. "Not tired. Can't sleep and I didn't want to wake you." I could hear Annie's feet slapping the floor and knew exactly when she stepped into the living room proper from the sound change when she walked on to the carpet.

Annie came up behind me leaned over the back of the chair and kissed the top of my head. Her hands slid down the back of the chair and over my shoulders and then into the collar of my t-shirt. She laid her chin on my head and looked over at the television. "Anything good on?" She asked, the sleepiness obvious in her voice. She scraped her fingernails over my chest.

"Nope. It's strange. Back before cable, one of the networks always showed a good late movie. Now, we have two hundred channels and none of them show anything decent after eleven or so."

"Maybe it's not that the movies have gotten worse, but that you're spoiled to always having something on that you want to watch. Back then, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, you only had one or two options so you settled for something less than you wanted but better than you had hoped for." I know it doesn't make much sense but remember, she was half asleep.

"Go to bed, Annie." I told her patting one of her small hands through my t-shirt and chuckling at the nonsense that sometimes poured out of my very intelligent wife's mouth when she was half asleep.

"Come with me. I need you to hold me and keep me warm." Her chin left the top of my head and she lowered her head so her mouth was beside my ear. "I'll rub your back. Right where you like it." I smiled. I love having my back rubbed as I fall asleep and I love the feel of my wife's hands. She has small, soft little fingers. Somewhat like that of a baby's fingers.

My wife is small all the way around actually. She stands just under five feet two inches tall, weighs in just around a hundred pounds, has tits that are almost all nipple and disappear completely when she lays on her back. She has a slight paunch at the belly which I find sexy as hell. She keeps her pussy clean shaven, says she's been shaving since she was fifteen. She did it the first time on a dare. She liked it so much, she kept it up. She has short little legs, tiny feet and tiny hands. She keeps her blond hair cut short hanging just past her collar and cut in a way where no matter how much or how little she brushes it, it always looks windblown. She has a beautiful face with big, bright green eyes, a tiny little nose, thick pink lips around a tiny little mouth. Even her teeth are small, they look like they belong in the mouth of a child. Even though she's almost twenty seven, she's often mistaken for a girl half her age.

"I can't sleep dear." I said holding one of her hands through my t-shirt and giving it a little squeeze. I had the remote in the other hand and flipped the television to channel seven for the preview guide, hoping something would jump out at me. "If I came to bed, all I'd do is roll around and huff and puff and keep you awake."

Annie pulled her hands free from my hand and out of my shirt. She circled the chair and gently sat down on my lap. She then turned sideways, put her feet up, tucked them in between the arm of the chair and my legs. She laid her head on my shoulder and wrapped one arm around my neck, the other hand lay on my chest. The tiny nightshirt she was wearing flipped up so I could see her tiny blue panties in the dim light of the television. I wrapped one arm around her waist while I gently rubbed up and down the calf of her leg. I smiled down at her and kissed her forehead.

I turned my attention back to the preview guide. "I'd rather you were with me in bed, even if you did keep me awake," Annie grumbled.

I chuckled. Seeing the name of an old Humphrey Bogart movie that I'd never seen that was coming on in ten minutes, I punched in the proper channel but muted the television. I laid the remote on the arm of the chair behind Annie and pulled her against me a little tighter. I laid my cheek on the top of her head and closed my eyes. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too, Angel." She curled up a little more, pressed herself against me a little tighter at the affectionate name. She was quietly snoring by the time the movie started and I turned the TV up.

The Bogart movie was called "Sirocco". Bogart starred as a weapons dealer in Syria while it's under French occupation. The French make a deal with a local Emir and make Bogey play middle man. It was one of the few Bogey movies I hadn't seen. I sat and watched it for a while.

By the time it was twenty minutes in, I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and knew I should go back to bed. "I'm just not meant to see this movie." I thought to myself. I just couldn't bring myself to wake Annie up. She looked so sweet and angelic and seemed to be sleeping so well. I pushed on the back of the chair to make it recline a little and laid back. Within minutes, my eyes were closed and then I was gone.

I woke up to a dark room and Annie was still on my lap. She was gently running her fingers over my chest and it felt wonderful, even with the t-shirt between her fingers and my skin. What woke me though was the fact that Annie was sucking on the side of my neck. I wondered briefly if maybe she was still asleep and dreaming but, while my wife had some wild dreams and was infamous for talking in her sleep, I had never known my wife of five years to suck my neck in her sleep. I figured she must be awake.

She must have felt my breathing change or realized I had stopped snoring. My snoring was almost as famous as her sleep talking. She lifted her head, kissed my chin and then spoke. "Just branding my property," she whispered.

"Don't let me stop you," I told her without looking down at her. She didn't. Almost before I finished speaking, her lips were once again kissing the side of my neck and then sucking it. Annie loved giving me hickeys just a little less than she liked getting them. She preferred the neck and the valley between her breasts but was satisfied with the shoulder or upper arms. She continued sucking and licking at my neck and ear as her fingers continued to roam over my chest for a while.

"This would be so much better if your shirt was off." Annie stated while taking a breath. I sat forward and while holding her on my lap with one arm, my shirt was soon off with assistance from her and then thrown on the floor. I laid back again, pulling her back against me. I turned my head and sought out her lips. I missed on the first try and ended up kissing the tip of her nose. She figured out what I wanted and moved just enough so that the next time our lips made contact. Her tongue insisted on entrance into my mouth so I opened my mouth and our tongues started to duel.

I still had one hand behind her back and was gently rubbing up and down her back concentrating on the small bump just beneath where her neck and back met and down the center of her back. I knew this sent shivers through her body. She was sending shivers through me with her fingers on my chest. Our lips came apart only long enough to take a breath and then returned to kissing. As my hand slipped down her back again, I found the nightshirt she was wearing was bunched up around her waist. I slipped my hand over it and then under the nightshirt to find her silky panties. I slipped my hand into the panties and squeezed first one ass cheek and then the other.

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