Oh! The So Innocent
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Incest, Mother, First, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young boy is comforted by his teacher due to teasing by his peers due to his small stature, but who comes out of it smiling

If anyone was picked on at the school camp it was young Jack Thompson. He was maturing faster than any of his fourteen or fifteen year old peers. His voice had started to break and facial hairs had made their appearance, but his size was the cause. Jack was the shortest of the group of boys attending the camp and all the pranks were played on him.

Frank was an only child to a single mother and in some ways he was a mummy's boy and his peers jibed him about this fact as well. So the week's camp had been a week of hell to young Jack. This fact had not gone unnoticed by the camp staff, but they didn't want to interfere for this camp was meant to build character. It would have defeated the whole principle if they had stepped in; anyway there was never any physical abuse, just verbal.

On the way back from the camp the physical education teacher a Ms Jenny Simpson sat in the same seat as Jack and tried to console him. She had noticed that he had been silently sobbing while looking out of the window to try to hide his distress.

"What's wrong Jack, you look sad while all the others are so happy?" Jenny asked him.

"I'm never coming to another camp, I have been picked on from the day we arrived, I'm glad we are going home," he replied in a voice just above a whisper, but Jenny heard every word.

Ms Simpson knew Jacks mother, well by her visits to school, because she was always concerned over Jack's progress. Ms Thompson attended all parent's days and any parents meetings with staff at the school. It was obvious that Jack was her whole purpose in life.

Not married herself and no regular boyfriend, Jenny put her arm around Jack and pulled his head towards her ample chest. Doing so she kissed the forehead of Jack and this seemed to settle Jack down. For some unknown reason Jenny kept kissing Jack on the forehead every few minutes as the sped through the darkness back home.

Jack lifted his head and Jenny this time kissed him on the lips, not a peck but a passionate kiss, driving her tongue deep into Jack's mouth. Their arms tightened around each other and the both of them were oblivious to everyone around them. Of course they were watched, but nothing was said or any derogatory remarks made.

Realising who she had kissed she pushed Jack away from her and seeing the other boys had been watching the pair of them, rose and moved back to the front of the bus.

For the next few days her actions on the bus played on her mind, so she decided she would have to apologise to Jack over her actions. She finally decided the best thing was for her to invite Jack to her apartment and apologise to him away from his school friends.

Jack on the other hand was getting ribbed by all his classmates. If it had just been a few jibes he would have shrugged it off, but it was almost continual and he was getting frustrated by this constant bombardment. Physically he couldn't lash out at them, as he would have been beaten to a pulp, he thought, so there was nothing else to do but try to ignore them.

Jenny caught up with Jack in one of the busy school corridors and stopped him.

"Jack can you call into my apartment on your way home from school this afternoon, 14B, The Gables, I'll let the Security Officer know you are calling?"

"Yes Ms Simpson, I'll call in. What's it about?" Jack replied.

"I'll tell you when you arrive," she said hurrying off.

Jenny's last class was at two so she hurried home and rehearsed what and how she was going to tell Jack that it had all been a very bad mistake. How could she tell a maturing boy the kiss had meant nothing to her, but had it? Why not just forget the whole episode, but she couldn't she had to speak to Jack face to face.

Just after four Jenny received a call from the main door telling her that Jack was on his way up. For some reason she started trembling as though this was her first date and not a boy she was going to apologise to. She was even getting an itch between her legs, something she never got with her last boyfriend. What was her body doing to her and all over a lad not yet fifteen?

All the way from school Jack's mind was racing. He loved the smell of Ms Simpson and she had lovely soft breasts just like his mothers. His mother often when they were watching TV together cuddled his head to her breasts. Jack had photos of bare breasted women hidden in his room and often wondered what it would be like to just touch a naked breast. Every time he surfed the net when his mother wasn't there he went and gazed at the women and pictured himself in the position of the men in the movie clips.

After only a few minutes watching these clips he dashed into the bathroom and masturbated. It seemed that nowadays he was masturbating more and more. The evening he got home from the camp he couldn't get into the bathroom quick enough to abuse himself while the sensation of Ms Simpson was fresh in his mind.

As he walked towards her apartment building his penis was hard at the thought of being alone in the same room as her. He had a crush on her from that night returning from the camp and she had been in his thoughts almost all of his waking hours. As he got closer his pace slowed, not knowing how he would react in a room alone with her. He also was worrying if his erection was showing and was trying to think of other things so it would go down. The more he tried the harder it seemed to get.

When he got to her door the first knock was only very light. He was crying out for courage just to knock on her door.

Jenny received a call from the Security Officer telling her that her guest was on his way up. Now she could feel dampness between her legs, as she waited for the knock on her door. It was almost five minutes since she received the message Jack was on his way up and still no knock. Jenny could wait no longer and opened the door just as Jack was about to knock once more, having plucked up the courage to do so.

"I was getting worried Jack, so I came to see if you had got lost," she spluttered, so unlike her usual self-assured self. "Come in, come in Jack," she added.

Jack moved in his usual way looking down at the ground a few feet ahead of him, not daring to look at Ms Simpson, hoping to hide his shyness.

"What do you want to speak to me about Ms Simpson, have I did something wrong?"

"No Jack, come sit on the settee, I just want to apologise to you," she managed to say, but she didn't really want to apologise.

Jack placed his school bag by the door and sat where directed.

"What do you want to apologise about?" Jack asked bewildered.

"For me kissing you on the bus, I shouldn't have done that."

"Oh it's all right, mum kisses me like that all the time, I didn't mind," Jack replied glad that was all there was.

Jenny couldn't help herself and took Jacks face in her hands and kissed him once more fully on the lips.

This time Jack placed his hands lightly on Jenny's waist and pulled her towards him. This action made Jenny fall forward and the both sprawled out on the settee. Her hand left his face and she tried to stop herself landing on top of Jack, but she missed the edge of the settee and landed full-length along his body.

It was then she felt the hard lump of his erect penis press against her lower abdomen. At first she wondered what it was, for this lump was far bigger than her ex-boyfriend ever felt. Forgetting herself she dropped her hand down Jacks body and moved her hand up the lump she was lying on.

The feel of both Jenny's body lying on top of him made jack's penis pump more blood into his already inflated penis. When he felt Jenny's hand move up and down his penis even though it was through his trousers made him feel he was about to explode.

Jenny pushed herself up with her other hand so she could look at both Jack's face and at the lump she had her hand on. "This can't be all you; surely not?" She said without even thinking, not looking at Jack's face but at the bulge in his trousers up to his waist.

"Yes, Ms Simpson that is another thing my classroom friends tease me about. It has been getting bigger for the past year," Jack replied rather sheepishly.

"It can't be, you must have a towel or something wrapped around yourself," she said still gently squeezing the long salami like bulge.

"No Ms, it's all me. I feel ashamed being so much bigger than all my other friends."

"Never be ashamed about that Jack, there are many women who would just love to meet you. Does your mother know you are as big as this?"

"Oh, no I hide from her when it becomes hard."

"What makes it become hard Jack?" Jenny asked to see if he would answer.

This made Jack look away and Jenny quickly took the opportunity to unzip Jack's trousers and released his massive penis which was over ten inches long and thick like salami.

This action made Jack drop his hand to try to cover himself, but Jenny pushed his hand gently away.

"Have you a girlfriend Jack?"

"No Ms."

"So you have never been with a girl? Would you like to?"

Again this made Jack blush and turn his head away, looking at a point on the wall. He couldn't believe this was happening to him, all the hours he had looked at the magazines wishing such a situation and now it was happening. "No!" He whispered still looking away.

"Lie down on the floor Jack and take your trousers off," Jenny said getting up off the settee, sliding her hands up her dress and drawing down her panties. She secreted them behind a pillow on the settee and by this time Jack was lying on her carpet with his monster cock sticking up rigid.

Somehow she knew that this was what she wanted to quench her sexual appetite, something her ex-boyfriend was unable to do. To think the one who may be able to fulfil that would be a boy barely fifteen years old.

"Just lie on your back Jack and leave it to me, I am sure you are going to like this."

Jenny took his massive cock and guided it to her dripping wet pussy and just lowered herself down. She knew in the first second or two that this was the cock she needed and realised in the feeling of filling her body as she slowly sunk down the entire length of this wonderful boy's cock.

Jack never imagined that such a sensation existed feeling how Jenny's body gently grasped his penis and the lovely feeling as he was encased in its warm walls.

For a short time Jenny just sat with Jack's rod of flesh buried deep within her body, never before had she felt so satisfied and wished the feeling could last forever. Then she started rocking back and forward rubbing her hair covered button against Jacks groin while watching Jacks face who obviously loved what she was doing. Moving up and down almost to the point where Jacks penis only had the plumb sized crown inside her then plunging down burying him to his full-length.

Every time Jenny plunged down Jack felt her cervix strike the head of his cock giving a further sensation on top of the ones her was getting. The best sensation was the one that almost rose from the soles of his feet and then he blasted his load into Jenny's pussy. This was far better than the way he relieved himself in the past and he made a vow to himself that this was going to be the only way in the future.

Jenny too loved the feeling of having her pussy flooded by Jack's seed, knowing there was no fear of pregnancy, for she was on the pill. She just sat there after they had both climaxed both with a smile on their faces.

"Jack please; tell no-one about this as I will get into very serious trouble." Jenny said still feeling this wonderful boy-man's cock deep inside her.

"Can we do this again sometime?" Jack asked.

"Any time you want Jack. What about calling in on your way home each afternoon, your mother works doesn't she?"

"She finishes at five, so I have to be home before then." He replied.

So a Trieste was made and for the next two weeks the pair indulged in sex from all positions, doggy fashion, to the one they just performed. This and doggy was Jacks favourites and now there was no shyness at all with Jenny.

Even though he didn't know it his mother did, she knew something was up. Jack wasn't her little innocent boy and she had caught him eyeing her up when he thought she wasn't looking. Also she smelt the distinctive smell of a woman on his underwear. Had her son grown up and going with a girl from school?

Jack's mum Sally tried to draw him into conversations to try to find out if he had a girlfriend. She knew that kids grew up and indulged in sex far earlier than she did, but not her Jack surely. So she decided to take an afternoon off work with the excuse of feeling ill. Sally waited outside the school and spotted Jack right off, but he wasn't lingering to talk to any of his school friends but hurried up the road. So leaving her car Sally followed and saw him enter a block of apartments.

Jack no longer cared about the jeers of his peers as he hurried every afternoon to Jenny's. Jenny had given him a key to let himself in in case she was late in getting there. The first thing Jack did was undress and lie on the bed waiting on Jenny. One of the things they did was leave the door off the snib to save the other time fumbling with a key. Once in it was a matter of clicking the snib and rushing into the bedroom which could be seen from the front door.

Jenny was held up by the deputy principal over some discipline matter and was becoming hot between her legs in anticipation of their expected tryst. Never had she felt so satisfied with sex than she had done in the past two weeks, this was what she had been looking for all along, a big cock.

Sally approached the Security Guard in the main foyer.

"My son just came in a minute ago can you tell me where he went?"

"Where he goes every afternoon, up to 14B, Ms Simpson's apartment."

"Jack is my son we are friends of Ms Simpson," Sally lied.

"She will be in shortly, I'm sure she won't mind you going up to her apartment to wait since your son is already up there," the Security Guard replied.

Sally went up in the elevator and stood outside 14B. She was going to knock, but tried the door instead; it opened without so much as a squeak. She looked straight into the bedroom and saw Jack lying on the bed with this enormous erection. She couldn't believe so small a boy could have such an enormous penis as the one she saw in front of her.

All she could say was "Jack!"

And he "Mum!" As they both stared at each other.

Just then Jenny came into the apartment and stood behind Sally. Sally turned and looked at Jenny. "What are you doing to my little innocent boy?" These were the only words that came into mind.

By this time Jack had leapt out of bed, dressed and joined the two women who were still facing off at each other, with no words spoken other than what Sally had said.

"Mum, just leave Jenny alone."

"She is a teacher at your school. You are under- age and obviously you two have been having sex together; I'm going to report her to the Principal. No I'll report her to the Police." Sally scolded Jack.

"You report her and I leave home and I'll never speak to you again."

"You can't you are still under-age and under my care."

"Then when I'm sixteen I will leave, I mean it," Jack quickly replied knowing that saying this would hurt his mother.

All this time Jenny just stood there. She knew she was in the wrong, but deep down she knew that Jack wouldn't let his mother report her. It was better to say nothing; after all they were both willing participants.

"You're coming home with me right now Jack, I want you out of this woman's clutches," Sally said.

"I'm not finished with you yet, I'm going to report you, just you wait," Sally said to Jenny as she dragged Jack after her.

In the passing Jack pursed his lips in a kiss as he passed Jenny, for one thing was certain he wasn't going to desert Jenny. He didn't love her and I'm sure Jenny wasn't in love with him they just loved having sex with each other.

Sally looked neither left nor right as they both walked back to her car. She drove home and not a word was said all the way.

"Now Jack how long has this being going on?" Sally burst out saying whenever they were indoors.

"A while mum, but you won't stop me seeing Jenny."

"I'm putting a stop to that right now; you will not see that hussy again. Anyway I'm going to write her Principal and tell him what I saw and then I'm going to the Police."

"You do and that is it between you and me. I know Jenny will take me in, why just forget it."

"No I won't forget it." Sally shouted.

"Then you will ruin three lives and for what. What is it, you jealous she was getting something you wanted?" Jack shot back and then stormed up to his room.

What have I have done and said. I never should have spoken to mum like that, for I love her, not Jenny we only have sex together, thought Jack as he threw himself down on to his bed. He fought back the tears that he felt rising; also he shouldn't have said the last bit to his mum.

Half an hour later jack was still lying on his bed, all thoughts of food the furthest from his mind when there was a light knock at his door.

"Jack, let's talk, maybe I should have spoken to you about this a long-time ago, can I come in?"

"You never bothered about knocking before, what's so different now."

Sally opened the door and sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at her son. "Jack what did you have on over your Willie?" She asked in a softer voice, for she couldn't believe what she saw could be all her little boy's. Sally still thought of Jack as still a little boy, her baby.

"Nothing, why are you asking, you never asked anything about that before," Jack replied turning on his side and looking up at his mother.

Sally's eyes weren't on Jack's face but now almost locked on the bulge which extended almost to his waist. Jack saw this and he did something two weeks ago he never would have considered. He lowered his hand and unclipped the top of his trousers and pulled down the zip as well as drawing his cock from his boxer shorts. His massive rigid salami sized cock was in full view of his mother and her eyes were open wide as she licked her lips. Did she want to taste it Jack wondered as he watched her?

"What are you doing Jack, how dare you expose yourself," she said but not convincingly.

Jack reached up and drew his mother down and he kissed her on her lips, but this time her mouth opened and this was no longer a mother to son kiss, but an eager woman looking for satisfaction. After about five minutes where she made no move to pull away Jack dropped his hand and slid it up between her thighs. Sally opened up to give him access to her now almost dripping wet vulva. Even the soft skin at the top of her legs was moist with the slippery secretion.

Jack's hand just moved aside the flimsy material of her panties and he plunger two fingers into her soppy wet vagina and just rolled then around the entrance.

Sally felt completely weak and wanted to feel once again a cock between her legs a feeling she hadn't felt in years. Jack's father had been a big built man too, but nothing near as big as Jack. She wondered what it would feel like to have such a monster buried between her legs. She loved again the feeling of someone else's fingers in her pussy, far different from the feeling she gets when she does the same to herself.

She didn't want to put up any resistance, for in a way she was jealous of Jenny for getting pleasure from her son while she was deprived of that pleasure. She didn't mind sharing Jack with her but she would have preferred it if she had been the first to feel his cock inside her body.

That was soon realised as Jack turned her over on her back and voluntary she opened and raised her legs to allow her own son access to the most private and intimate part of her body. Then she had the lovely feeling of his large cock sliding up inside and filling her as she had never been filled before.

His mother under him opening her legs without any effort from him was quite a shock to Jack, but there in front of him was the almost bald pussy of his own mother. He guided his bone hard cock to her wet opening and needed slightly more pressure than he had needed with Jenny but the feeling was just as nice as his mother's pussy encased him.

Sally had her hands up trying to grasp him as he relentlessly drove his cock deep into her eager vagina. This wasn't his mother beneath him but a woman, but he knew that this one loved him and what she had allowed him to do was far severe than what he and Jenny had done.

That wasn't the only thing he has spent his load into her and he doubted that she was on the pill. When he at last had spent he fell forward and now she had her legs and arms wrapped around his body cuddling him to her breast.

"Oh Jack we have done a terrible thing, please forgive me."

"What's so terrible, you liked it didn't you, I did and would like to do it again."

"You would? You don't despise your mother for allowing you to fuck her. You know you are the only one since your father and it has been a long-time to go without. Now you have and want to do it again I will say nothing about Jenny if you promise to stay with me always."

"Why not mum, we love each other, but you must get on the pill, I don't want any brothers or sisters."

"I will right away, but I must get a morning after pill first just in case."

"No use using this bed in future, I'll move in with you. One other thing I'm not giving up seeing Jenny." Strike while you can he thought for now he had his mother where he wanted her.

"I won't stop you sweetheart, just be careful though."

Everything went great for Jack during the next two years. Jack saw Jenny twice a week for a year then she was moved to a new school in the country. Sally his mother was trying to make up for lost time and they had sex every night, even during her periods. During this time his penis grew another couple of inches and even though his stature only increased to five seven he broadened out to a stocky young man.

Jack left school at sixteen and took up an apprenticeship as a plumber and he was now ending his first year as an apprentice.

Sally now glowed, being satisfied by a young man of her own.

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