by Samuel Kincaid

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mistress teaches her slave a lesson with the G-String.

It started off like any other morning. I got up and proceeded downstairs to get the Mistress and myself a cup of coffee. I returned to the bedroom and set the coffee cup on the nightstand careful not to awaken her. I then moved into the bathroom to immediately begin my morning activities of showering and shaving.

I was in the shower soaping up when I immediately started to daydream about our last love making session. The Mistress had purchased new boots that laced up in the back. I had really enjoyed them and during washing up got a little too vigorous with my cock and immediately started to obtain an erection. I had to stop or I would come and the Mistress would be very disappointed.

As I exited the shower, to my surprise, she was standing there looking me over. "What have you been doing without me?" she asked. I stammered and said "Just showering." She looked down at my throbbing penis and said "It looks like a little more than just showering." I glanced sheepishly down at my erect cock and just shrugged my shoulders.

She had a mischievous look on her face and said "Stand there and don't move." She then disappeared back into the bedroom and returned with her riding crop. I was a little concerned that she had always disciplined me at night but never in the morning. She grabbed hold of my penis and pulled me forward over to the sink. "You must never get aroused unless I tell you to." I explained that I was thinking of her when this happened, but that did not look like it was going to get me out of trouble.

She told me to lean over and hold onto the counter. I did and she started to caress my bottom. This did not help the erection and the fact I was about to erupt. Then the first slap of the riding crop woke me out of the daze.

She continues to alternate between spanking and caressing my bottom. She then reaches through my legs and grabs my balls. "You must never come unless I tell you to." I responded with a weak "Yes ma'am." With that she swatted me and pulled harder on my balls saying "YES WHAT!" I of course replied with the correct answer, "YES, MISTRESS!" She said that was better and I needed to remember my training.

She gave me a couple more seriously good swats and then said "This should remind you today of your misbehaving. But to be safe you need an all day reminder." I started to worry now, not knowing what she was thinking.

After a moment she returns into the bedroom with something waded up in her hand. She gives it to me and when I unfold it, find a lace G-string. It looks like one of hers, but I had never seen this one before. It was pink and had a sheer lace triangle of material connected by very thin pink elastic straps. She tells me to "Put it on now?" I stand there with just a raised eyebrow. I try the G-string on and it just barely covers my erect cock. She says "Turn around and let me see how it looks." I did as asked and she looked at me approvingly.

She tells me "You need to wear this today to remind yourself of this morning." She then moves nearer and says "Now as punishment for your disobedience you need to pleasure me." She slowly removes her underwear and sits down on the edge of the bath. "Eat me good Slave!" was all she says. I kneel down and started to eat her pussy. "That's a good boy" was all she said as she grasped the back of my head and pushes me tighter into her pussy. She is already wet and the smell and feel of her pussy drives me wild. After about 10 minutes of this she came with a wild orgasm of screams and shudders.

She leaves me kneeling on the bathroom floor and goes into the closet and appears with a pair of her favorite black patent leather high heels. I looked up at her and she smiles. "Finish yourself for me. Come on my shoes." I reach over and get some lubricant out of my bathroom drawer and put a small amount on my cock. I started to masturbate while looking at her beautiful legs and pussy. She lifts one of her legs and places the shoe near my mouth. "Lick it!" she says. I obey by licking the top of the shoe and then working my way around to the heel, which I took all the way in my mouth.

It does not take long and I am about to come. I reach down and pick up her other foot to bring it near my cock. I explode over the toe of the shoe. She looks down with a pleased smile and says "Clean it up." I can hardly get up to get a washcloth to clean with.

Once back with the wet wash clothe, I begin to wipe up all of the cum from her shoes. Making sure to get every last drop and then take a dry clothe to buff the shine back into the patent leather.

When I am done cleaning the shoe, I get up and start to take the G-string the rest of the way off. "What are you doing?" she asks. "I am just getting ready for work." "Put that back on, I want you to remember me the rest of the day." I shrug again and pull it up. It is a little tight on me. I am not a huge man, but have a pretty good sized package and mine didn't fit too well in this. "This doesn't fit me very well, Mistress." "Tough!" she said "Keep it on all day, and think of me every time it squeezes you."

She leaves the bathroom to let me finish my morning rituals. I pick out a shirt and pants that would cover up my erection, which I was sure to have all day due to these 'underwear'.

When I am done I come out of the bathroom and she is sitting on the bed drinking her coffee. She looks approvingly of what I am wearing. "You need a little something to cover up today?" she asks. I said that I needed something so my associates wouldn't see my all day erection. She approves and says "Yes, that is only for my pleasure and not to be shared with anyone else. Understand!" I reply with the correct answer of "Yes Mistress" and kiss her goodbye for the day.

I go out to my car and get in. Driving to work, I initially start to daydream about our morning session and began to get aroused. "DAMN" I shriek. As I start to get aroused, that g-string pinches my cock and hurts like hell. She is right, I will constantly remember her all day with that thing on. Not to mention the welts on my ass.

I got to work and start with my usual morning activities. My work requires me to sit at a computer most of day. Towards mid-morning my ass is hurting and the g-string is starting to cutoff circulation. I get up from my desk and slowly make my way to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I go into one of the stalls. I had barely closed the door of the stall when I drop my pants and pull the g-string down. I am massaging my cock trying to make some of the pain go away when my cell phone goes off. I normally don't answer my phone in the bathroom, but when I saw it was the Mistress I answer.

"What are you doing?" she requested. I said "Nothing." "Are you sure" she asked. I said that I was in the bathroom trying to get everything from hurting. "PUT IT BACK ON NOW!" I put down the phone and complied. "Is it back on now?" I respond "Yes Mistress." "Good" she says "Now, I need you to come down here and fix something on my computer." I told her I would wrap up and be down there as soon as possible. "I have been rubbing my pussy all morning, how does that make you feel." Damn, there goes the erection again.

I drive down to her work with the g-string cutting into my hard cock and squirming from the pain of the spanking on my ass. When I get to her office, I park and then have to wait a couple of minutes before I can get out of my car. I have found standing up with an erection in the g-string was incredibly painful.

I walk up the stairs at her building to see if this would help in moving things around. It doesn't! When I walk into her office she is sitting behind her desk in a beautiful outfit all in black with the pair of boots that laced in the back. She says to me "It's about time you got down here." I explain it was difficult moving quickly with what she has given me to wear. "And that's my problem?" she asks.

I asks what she needed and she tells me that she is having problems with her e-mail. I move around the desk and lean over to see what is wrong. She gets up out of her chair and says "Sit down" with an evil grin. I respond "Thanks a lot." She squints her eyes and hisses "Excuse me!" I apologize and inform her that I will fix this and she will be back in business shortly.

She steps out of the room as I work on the computer. After a couple of minutes she returns and asks if I am almost done while she closes the door. "I almost have it." "Good, let me see what you have done." She comes over and leans in close to me. So close her crotch is on my arm. She starts to rub her crotch on my upper arm. I became so distracted I almost ruin her whole laptop. "Be careful with what you do. Don't become distracted" she says with a laugh in her voice.

I try to concentrate but it was very difficult. She steps around the desk and sits in the visitor's chair. She slowly slides her leather skirt up and I notice she is not wearing any underwear. How come she doesn't have to wear anything yet I am over here in these painful things. But decide to keep this thought to myself.

She moves her hand down and slowly massages her pussy. She starts to rub the lips and then slides her finger in between to rub her clit.

I am trying to work but occasionally looked over at her masturbating and then noticed that she is staring at my crotch. I ask what she was looking at. She says "Just imagining what's under your pants. What are you looking at?"

Well here we go again. I start to get an erection and start to grimace under the pain. "Does it hurt?" she asks coyly. I say "Only when you remind me." "Good, keep it that way." She comes around the desk and reaches down into my crotch to grab my package. I wince again with pain and she seems pleased with everything. "Finish up." "I'm trying to" I say.

I finally finish and excuse my self to the bathroom. "Don't touch it unless I tell you can." In the bathroom I go through the same exercise of dropping my pants and rubbing everything. My ass is feeling better finally, but the g-string is still cutting into my penis and leaving lace marks on it.

I return to the office and she is staring at me. "Did you touch it?" "Yes" I said "I had to go to the bathroom", I lie. "I don't believe you. You were rubbing it again. Isn't that what got you into trouble this morning?" I explain that I need to get circulation back into my cock or it hurts. "I'll tell you when it can quit hurting!" I look around sheepishly again.

She barks "Come here!" I walk over to her and she squeezes me tightly, pressing her breasts against my chest and her pussy against my rock hard cock. "Go back to work and be a good boy. I'll see you tonight." "Yes ma'am" I reply. "WHAT!" she hisses. "You're at work" I reply back. "I don't care where I am, what do you call me?" I reply with a "Yes Mistress" as I exit her office.

Finally the day is winding down and so is my pain. I have been trying to keep my mind off of what I have on and that has seemed to do the trick. I pack all of my stuff up and head home. I am in the car on the way home and start to daydream about her. Oh crap, here comes the erection and within seconds the pain again.

I get home and she is there making dinner. I pull out a bottle of her favorite wine and uncork it. I walk over and hug her and kiss the nape of her neck. I whisper in her ear "Can I NOW take this thing off?" She turns around from the stove and starts to embrace me, but before I know it she has reached her right hand down and grabbed my package. "Ouch!" She looks at me wryly and says "Pour me a glass of wine." I do.

Dinner is over and we are up in the bedroom. She has slipped into her nightgown, but has instructed me to keep the g-string on and just put on a t-shirt and shorts. We sit down to watch some TV. After a while she puts her feet in my lap and says "Massage my feet." I start to massage her left foot. While I am doing this she is rubbing my cock with her other foot. She sees that is painful, but doesn't let up.

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