My Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story, Brother, Sister, FemaleDom, Food, Water Sports, Enema, Scatology, Foot Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - well this is a story of my life from when I was about 9 to about 15 and how I've been domed by a few girls in my life ;) all true besides the names and a little bit is changed to make it sound better but other than that it's all true hope you like it

Sept. 21

I just moved into my new house and I really like it here. Next door to me there is a boy about my age who has an older sister that's about 13, I think she's really cute. Tomorrow I think I will go talk to them and find out there names, and maybe get to no them better. Mom let me stay up late tonight I real happy about that well I am about to go to bed good night...

Sept. 22

Well today I went to see my neighbors their names are Joe and Lisa. Lisa is very pretty she has long black hair about to her shoulders maybe a little longer; she's about 5,3 and has maybe b size boobs. I think I'm in love; I would do any thing for her. Joe seems like he's a cool kid. He seemed really attached to his sister; I wish I had a big sister that would be so cool. Tomorrow Joe Lisa and I are all going to hang out and get to know each other some more. Good night.

Sept. 23

Wow we had so much fun today. We went out into the woods to Lisa and Joe's fort and played a bunch of games. We played this one game where me and Joe had to be Lisa's slaves, and do what ever she wanted us to do, she was studying about black slaves she said we were helping her out with it. Well she started it out by me taking off her shoe and smell them each until she was satisfied. Her feet smelled so good I wish I could smell them forever. While she had me do that she had Joe take her socks off and suck on them because they were getting all sweaty. She then had us put her shoes in the corner and come back and wait for directions. So we did, then she told Joe to kneel on his hands and knees and let her sit on his back, while they did that I just watched. Lisa then told me to kneel down into a ball about 2 feet away so she could rest her feet up. We did that for a good 20 minuets. Then Lisa decided we should play a new game, she said we should play truth or dare. Joe and I both agreed to this game because we both liked the game before it. So we started out Lisa went first and I chose truth she asked me if I thought she was good looking, I didn't want to lie so I said of corce I think you are. So it was now my turn I asked Joe and he said dare, I wasn't ready for that so I had to pass. Joe then dare Lisa so sit on my face bare butt until she farted 5 times. So of corce I had no say so I just lay down and got ready for her to sit on my face. When she did my nose went right between her ass checks and I could smell her sweet asshole. I was excluded from the game until she farted five times. I didn't pay much attention because my nose was up her ass, but I did overhear them saying that they planed this, and I was kind of happy they did. Well her first fart that was sent up my nose was a silent but deadly, ohhh man did that stink. But I found my self getting aroused over her farts. Eventually she had farted 5 times and I was back in the game. I guess I had some shit stains on my nose because they both giggled when they saw my face again. Well we ended the day with Lisa spitting a huge yellow wad of spit in each our mouths witch I will have to say didn't taste all that bad. Well I got home and my mom had gotten all the stuff I would need for school, because I started school the next day. I cant wait to see Lisa tomorrow well good night its kind of late.

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