Hidden Treasure of a Wimp

by fantastic fantasies

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Fiction, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Group Sex, First, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A wimp's sexual fantasy is fullfilled with his two mistresses.

This happened with me during summer last year. I was working as a domestic servant in the house of Sharmas. Till then my sexual experiences were confined to fantasizing, cross dressing, masturbating and peeping. I considered myself an expert peeping tom and took pride in my capabilities to sniff the right timing to peep on bathing women and copulating couples. I had seen almost all women in my neighbourhood in various state of undress. Few times I had been caught in the act and a couple of times received sound thrashing too.

I was appointed as a full time domestic help by Rajesh Sharma, after series of housemaids left the work after few months' service. Rajesh and his younger brother Vinod worked in Gulf and visited India once every two year. Their wives, Puja and Gita stayed alone in their absence. The only reason I was trusted to stay with two ladies alone was my physical appearance. But how wrong was his estimation! I am hypersexual, in fact sexual thoughts occupy all my waking hours and my dreams too but then my appearance deceived him. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, thin lad in my early twenties. My facial characters look more feminine and my mannerism resembles more to women than to men. Many acquaintances and even my parents suspected that I am impotent. I don't blame them, in fact my overall appearance gives them such an impression and to top it, I keep my hairs long as I think my face is too thin and my cheeks are too pronounced.

Sharmas lives in a large house, consisting of hall, a kitchen and a spare room on the ground level and two bedrooms on the first floor. The house is in a state of despair and required extensive repairs. Most of the windows and doors are ready to fall apart, and this had created various cracks. This made my work simple. It was easy to peep in any room. Within the first week of my employment I had seen so much of both the ladies that I could describe their bodies with my eyes closed.

Puja, wife of Rajesh was about 28 years, tall, slightly on a heavier side, with large breasts threatening to burst out of her blouse any moment. I loved the way she always wore sari below navel, which gave ample view of her flat translucent stomach. She trimmed her pubic her twice a week.

Gita was thin, whitish, with long flowing hairs, 33C, but her butts were large, and she walked with an exaggerated swing. She liked to play with her body while taking bath, rubbing her clit with soap. Her face would transform with the rising ecstasy and a strange calm descended on her face after she had satisfied herself.

Of this two, Puja was very bossy, and she treated me with resigned contempt. Gita was talkative but kept distance from me. I admired both of them, rather their bodies!

One month in the household, and I realised that my mistresses shared more than a sisterly relation. They were sleeping together. This new finding increased opportunities to peep. It kept me awake half the nights sneaking from downstairs spare room, which was given to me, to the first floor. I would climb on a small stool and peep from the broken ventilation.

Once in the monsoon, I watched with my breathing increasingly threatening to choke me, a hand on my tool, caressing it while Puja dressing in her husband's clothes went down on Gita. Gita was lying naked on the bed. Her eyes were closed and the calm expression I had witnessed while she masturbated in bathroom has descended on her face. Puja had applied oil on Gita's body and her tiny boobs were shining in the small bedside light. Gita was caressing her boobs, while Puja licked her pussy.

The first thing my senses registered were a shout coming from very near to me, I faintly realised that someone was calling my name and was standing next to my bed. I was sleeping on my back, and realised with a start that Gita standing next to my bed would have not missed noticing the tent my erection was forming. I bundled up and tried to cover up. Gita turned and went out from the room while throwing a trail of instruction in a high pitch tone she restored to when she was about to loose her temper. I ran towards the bathroom outside my room and quickly bolted the door from inside and removed my clothes. The previous night's spectacle had kept me in a state of arousal the whole night and it demanded immediate attention.

I looked down at my swollen penis. For a man of my tiny size and thin structure, I had a massive penis. It was more than 9" and when I circled my fingers on it, they were not able to meet. I was embarrassed by the sheer size of my member. I thought it looked too monstrous. It looked almost like an artificial attachment on my small body. I almost hated my penis and its incredulous size.

As I started my routine of stroking the length of it, I thought about Geeta. I had a nagging doubt that she had noticed my erection. It was too conspicuous to miss. My doubts were soon confirmed. I spied an eye through the small hole in the door, I was an expert in peeping, and I knew all the tricks of the trade. Soon one eye was replaced by another and I heard a suppressed gasp and little while later an involuntary giggle escaped the throat of one of them. I was sure they were making fun of my member. The shame reduced my erection a little but soon the realisation that the tables had turned on me today gave me an unexpected high. I turned so as to give a good view to my peeper and masturbated till I exploded in a heavy orgasm.

There was no sign of any of them when I came out of the bathroom. The rest of the day passed uneventfully. I tried to look for any signs on their face, but couldn't see any. Puja called me at 10'oclock just as I was preparing to retire to my room after washing dishes. I went upstairs, and stood outside Puja's door for a moment. The room was in total darkness. I hesitated outside the door for a moment, the door was slightly open. I knocked on it just as Puja called for me again. There was a hint of impatience in her voice. I pushed the door and went inside. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and then I could vividly see both of them on the bed, reclining totally nude, arm's encircling each other in a lover's embrace. I was taken aback by their boldness. It was one thing spying on them, quite a different thing accepting the fact that they chose to call me in the room when they were in such a state. I was in a dilemma, whether to stay or retract, whether to look at them or away.

"Our young man is feeling shy!" Geeta said in her throaty voice followed by a deep laughter.

"Come here, no, first turn on the light." Puja ordered.

I obeyed both commands.

My eyes were riveted on the naked ladies lying so unabashedly in front of me. They met my stare with a challenge in their eyes. Geeta's hand started going down towards Puja's mound. Puja's leg parted spontaneously. Puja turned her head and kissed Geeta even as her eyes were fixed on me.

They continued petting each other, as I stood riveted near the bed, conscious that the visual stimulation was stirring my manhood. They continued the staring duels with me even as both of them were playing with each others' clit. Their legs were spread wide and I could see the pink glistening flesh. I could see that both of them were in heat now. Their boobs heaved as they took deeper breathes.

"Take off your clothes, idiot." Geeta thundered.

I was too shocked to react. Instinctively my hands covered the huge mound formed in pyjama. My first reaction was of shame, I was sure they would make fun of my penis.

"Don't you understand, you rascal!" this time it was Puja. This was the first time she had bad-mouthed me. She made a gesture of getting up and coming after me as she said it.

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