Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Fiction, Horror, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - One man who is caught in the middle of warring factions who battle for control. Of HIM. Reason and instinct fight for supremacy in his mind. One woman versus another woman vie for his heart. Nothing is as it seems and the fate of the future is in his hands.

When I look back at all that has happened to me, I wonder if my fate had been sealed before I was even born. I sincerely wish that it hadn't all come down to me; my final action on this formerly blue-green marble I once called home. I now have no home, and I'll never have one again. Not after all of the chaos I've left in my wake. Not after all of the carnage that has heralded my arrival. Not after all of the innocent lives that were taken by my hand.

Yet it's so ironic that all possible futures where life exists, they depend on my next decision. A decision that goes against every fiber of my being, but my tattered conscience appeals to me that it is the only course of action to follow. How does one come across such a grave responsibility you ask? It's all because I became It. I became a murdering beast who wielded a blade that unerringly rained death upon the masses.

You know, I'm sure that I asked all of the questions one normally does when they go through a metamorphosis as I did. Everything that I thought made me, me, was gone in moments. But when I look back at that time just before the change, it seems just like some extravagant drama that I'm watching in my mind. It's the one thing that tortures me the most; I know that if I had only done a couple of things differently, none of this would have come to pass. Even though, logically, I can rationalize that I was manipulated by unseen forces, I still that believe that the nightmares I have even when I'm not asleep are my punishment for succumbing to the evils that were around me. Not that I even sleep much anymore. Let me tell you how I ended up stuck between this rock and this hard place I'm jammed in. I guess it all started in motion the day I...

"Hey! Watch it asshole! You ain't no queen of England!" I yelled at the jerk-off who ran straight through the miniature lake in front of me while I was waiting for my bus. "I hate this fuckin' city. It- What is that smell?!? I can always smell it wherever I go! It smells like... ass!!! I fuckin' hate this fuckin' city!!"

To further drench me, the sky opened up and rained the rain that the meteorologist told us wasn't likely to happen. Of course I had believed the incompetent boob and not bothered to bring an umbrella with me.

"Well, my day just got worse, and I haven't even gotten to experience the wonders of my dead-end job!" I muttered sarcastically.

The bus finally pulled up and lo and behold it was already full. Meaning I was destined to stand and be jostled by uncaring pricks who just happened to be bigger than I was if I decided to make something of their rudeness, sigh. Such is my life. I'm starting to think that I'm life's lawn. I'm only here to get stepped on shit on (or shat upon, if you want), and when I'm old I get cut. End of story.

"I can never get a fuckin' break..."

And then I was hit by one of my level twelve migraines. You see, I've had migraines since I was ten, right after Bonnie Jacobsen refused to go to the 4th grade sock hop with me because she thought I was a freak. They're mostly caused by stress, but I just it's another for life to fuck me in the ass. I call it a level twelve because my doctor always tells me to try and rate the pain on a level one through ten, but just about most of the time my pain is so debilitating, so excruciating, that I can almost pass out and escape from all the shit in my life and dream. But level twelve is right under the point of pain where I would pass out. I usually just fall on the ground, grab my head, twitch, and drool for a half an hour. I recorded one for my doctor on tape so he could see how severe they were. Fun, huh? Luckily there was someone on the bus who wasn't a complete shit head because they rolled me onto my side to avoid letting me drown on my own slobber, and they apparently got someone to call the EMTs. I passed out soon after that as the pain became worse with the din that erupted on the bus once I had fallen. I found myself waking up in the hospital 12 hours later to the ugly mug of my boss.

"What luck yous gotsta have! We wuz gunna giv yous dat promoshen yous wuz want'n. Yous go an' have a seeshure on da bus takin' you to work. But at leesh yous gots sum good news fo' whin yous get back."

"Wonderful, Boss. Just wonderful," I croaked out.

"Datsh da spirit!"

'Why couldn't I have a hot nurse wake me up, ' I pondered, 'Shit, I'll go for an ok looking over-aged candy striper right now, but anything is better than this buffoon.'

Just kill him, love.

'... WTF?' I thought, 'Where the hell did that come from?'

Now I might've not liked Boss (no one ever found out what his name was, so we decided that Boss would be his name), but I couldn't imagine killing him. But that voice was alluring and disturbing at the same time. It was also, feminine. That threw me for another loop. I was brought back to reality by a hearty clap on the shoulder by Boss and the sight of his retreating back. A nurse had just entered my room to bring me whatever they were trying to pass off as dinner, and I asked her if she had heard what Boss had said.

"Oh, well, he was just telling you to rest up and maybe take a few days off because you have a few personal days saved up."

"Thank you, uh..."


"Yes! Uh, thank you, Nurse Reigne, for the refresher. And the dinner."

"No problem, stud, but you won't be thanking me after you've eaten it."

She had a tinkling musical laugh that filled my room as she left. Her hips sashayed as she strutted, no— she slinked like a cat as she moved away from my room. Her walk was one of a refined seductress, and it made the globes of her ass undulate in a mouth-watering fashion.

"Well, there goes another naughty nurse fantasy unfulfilled," I remarked, "Damn!"

If I hadn't closed my eyes during my lamenting, I would've noticed that Nurse Reigne had stopped and threw me one last smirk over her (in my opinion) sexy shoulder.

"He's ripening, Mast- I mean Mistress."

"That's the third slip this year, Jousanphi. You will be punished. You already know how comfortable I am in this form rather than the one I met you in."

"But I will not slip again Master! Oops!"

"Oops is right. Now report to the torture room with... hmm, Nanghi in it."

"Puh-please Mistress, not Nanghi! Please any room other than hers!"

"Are you questioning my command?"

"Of course n-"

"Then LEAVE!!!!!"

As Jousanphi scurried off to his punishment, the dark figure stared out the window and sipped out of a glass whose contents were a swirling mass of colors.

"He's almost ready; I can nearly taste the carnage!" she cackled, "But I'll have to play this carefully, dammit, I'll probably have to pretend to fall in love with him, but that's always dangerous. But I do need influence over him, and They are already trying to move in on him. But it should all be worth it when the change overcomes him. 'And when HE rides, carnage is HIS helmet, chaos HIS steed, and HIS sword will be Armageddon itself... '"


"Play nicely!" The Mistress called back towards the origin of the blood-curdling scream.

"Who doesn't love the lullaby of anguished screams to put them to sleep? I tell you, planning anarchy is almost as good as sex. Mwahahahahahaha!!"

My 3-day stay at the luxurious *cough*bullshit*cough* Three Lakes Hospital was just another exercise in tedium other than the visits from my extremly alluring nurse. Reigne, my naughty nurse fantasy in the flesh (and what gorgeous flesh it was!), after a steady amount of flirting and salacious banter, gave me her phone number. She later told me that my 'naughty nurse' lament wasn't nearly as quiet as I had intended it to be, but I was lucky that she had a few unfulfilled fantasies of her own. That made this the best month I've had in a while. I am definitely calling her ASAP. Her ass is like Campbell's soup, Mmm mmm good!

I returned back to work after a day of downloading porn and flirting with Reigne over the phone, and my first day as the assistant manager of the local deli chain was... dull. No, insipid. Maybe mind-numbingly unexciting. Let me just say that I would probably find watching glaciers melt more appealing. But it pays the bills better than the position I was at before my promotion. Plastering that sickly-sweet faux smile I've been damned to wear everyday for the next 10 years or so until Boss dies of that heart attack he's headed for is gonna make me wanna go postal! Gaahh!! But unfortunately, those plans for my future were visciously derailed by a sensual, voluptuous, body that crashed into my dreams a week after my blackout on the bus.

'Wha... ' I thought, 'Where the hell am I... ?

My dream, which was a rare lucid one of a certain nurse and myself engaged in a primordial dance of a licentious nature that man has known since the dawn of time, was abruptly replaced by a dark castle that would look common in a role playing game. I even thought that I heard anguished screams in the background, and boy did that freak me out.

"Who's here?!? What happened to my dream?!? Where am I?!? Why am I not in my bed?!?"

I brought you here.

"Shit!" I exclaimed. I tried to spin around quickly to confront the voice, but I lost my balance and fell right onto my ass. "Ow! Who the hell are you? Where the fuck are we?!? And who the hell are you? And where th-"

I finally got a look at the offender, but I was struck dumb by how amazingly hot she was. I stuttered off into unintelligible mumbles. She had curves! Her figure put all previously conceived figures to shame. Her hair was as dark as the darkest of night skies, which contrasted with her pale skin and silver eyes. Her sumptuous breasts defied, no laughed at all laws of gravity. Her flat, sensuous stomach tapered to a narrow waistline that preceded an ass that was Reigne's equal in perfection. The crisscrossing of strings that she considered an outfit left no room for a hair below her neck. I'm sure I drooled. While I was trying to fix my brain, the ephemeral beauty stepped closer to me and spoke in her hauntingly seductive lilt.

Who am I? You may call me... Morana.


We are in your mind, love. The landscape of your imagination. I am merely using it to communicate with you.

I was getting sooo freaked out by this. I went hysterical. I'm not proud of it, but I was never one to sweep things under the rug.

"Wha... Who... I, uh, whogribblesibdibwubba ree..."

Morana apparently had something important to say to me, and she calmed me down so I would be able to comprehend what she wanted to say to me.

You might as well get used to me and to being here with me, love. I came to deliver a warning, and I will return in the future to monitor how your situation has... progressed. I-

"What?!" I interjected, "A warning of what? What's coming after me?! What situation?!?! Tell me, dammit!"

Oooh, I like it when a man is so demanding of me, love, Morana purred.


I was seriously off balance after that statement, and the way she was caressing herself seriously damaged my higher brain functions.

I just want to warn you that It is coming. And It is coming for you, love. So be wary, I don't want It to get a hold of you before I do. Ta ta, for now, love. Hahahahaha!!

I stood there with my jaw on the floor at how sexy her maniacal laugh was, and the fact that my brain (and a not-so-little something else) was doing somersaults trying to understand the meaning of her last statement as she kinda "wisped" away from my dream. As soon as she was completely gone from my dreamscape, I jolted awake dripping sweat and rock hard. The last thing I needed was a boner when some thing was coming for me. Morana didn't tell me how much time I had, but the implication was very little at best.

"How did First Contact go, Mistress Morana?"

"I wasn't disappointed. He has a surprisingly quick mind, when it isn't fogged by lust. I believe I shall get to have fun with this one before the change. Where is Jousanphi, 'Dyssie?

"Mistress, why do you continue to call me that?"

"Because it's sooooooo cuuuuute!"

"I can't believe that our Mistress of Carnage and Chaos, herself, loves a nickname for one of her dark minions because it's quote unquote 'cute'," Odysseus muttered, "Well, Jousanphi is in The Land of Torment, procuring a demon for torture room 379."

"Wasn't he supposed to do that two days ago?" the now angry Morana growled.

"You were punishing him, Mistress, for calling you Master again."

"Oh," Morana intoned, "Right, right. I remember now."

"Do you think this target will succeed where the others have failed, Mistress? I remember others who were both more intelligent and who had more strength fail."

"He has something about him that draws me to him. Something intangible that I hate but I also like in the same breath. It worries me, and you know 'Dyssie, how much I hate to be worried. I will go back again tonight to see if I can make grater strides towards turning him to the mindset I need him to have; I don't want to fall behind schedule. But first I will get a recharge. I want the enamour to be as strong as I can get. He has a woman in his life now, and that complicates things."

"Yes, Mistress. I will handle things here until your return."

I tried, in vain I might add, to return to the realm of sleep after my dream visitor. I kept panicking with thoughts of every person I had pissed off over my lifetime to fathom who or what could be gunning for me. Even though my mind didn't want to accept it, I started entertaining brief thoughts of what supernatural entities might be interested in me, but I couldn't conjure anything besides the normal ghouls and monsters of traditional lore. To my dismay, my little soldier didn't want to stop saluting until I beat him into submission with images of myself, my naughty nurse, and my raunchy reverie raidess locked in a torrid 3-way embrace. When I reported in for work that morning, I was sure that I looked like hell and my co-worker slash drinking buddy Jaren was sure to remind me.

"Dude! You look like death warmed over! What the hell were you doing last night? Get a little carried away choking the chicken, hmm?"

"Fuck you, Jaren. I had a bad dream that kept me up all night," I retorted and instantly regretted even mentioning that fact because I knew that Jaren was going to needle me about it all day. "Shit, don't you say a fuckin'-"

"Aww, did our wittle baby have a bad dweam? Did he cry fo' his mommy? Ha ha ha!"

"Let me quote a wise man and say, 'Fuck you, Jaren'."

"Alright, alright, I'll take easy on you... this time. But you owe me a beer for my silence..."

"Sure, sure. I'll buy the first round next time we go out, now quit bugging me and get back to work 'fore I get another migraine."

"Ok, dude, but one question before I go."

"What?" I questioned plaintively.

"How exactly do I get to work, when no one is here?" he smirked as he gestured grandly to the empty delicatessen.

"Wipe off a table, or something. There's plenty to be cleaned around here, or better yet, help Sandy get the sandwiches ready for when customers do get here."

Thankfully, Jaren left at that and I was able to think of what I was in store for on my date with Reigne this evening. But I couldn't shake the image of Morana, and what power her body held over mine.

"Have you eaten here before?"

"Yes, I love the calamari that they serve."

"I wouldn't have figured you to be the type of woman to like sushi."

"Oh, I can't eat the raw calamari they serve, but I love the fried calamari that they also have."

I nodded my assent to Reigne, and proceeded to order for both of us. She smiled at me and it left me breathless. We chatted amicably about our favorite works of art, hometown teams (we both were Daggers' fans), our favorite songs, and surprisingly we got into a bit of a political debate. Overall, it was a great first date; my track record on dates of this kind was definitely lacking, but I managed not to screw this one up. I kept her laughing most of the time, while she'd kept me horny the whole time, and there weren't any uncomfortable pauses in our conversation. I walked her back to her apartment and tried to avoid the awkward goodnight.

"I had a great time tonight, the best in a long time." Reigne said when my nervousness blocked the speech pathway from my brain to my mouth.

"Me too, Reigne. I'd love to get together again, later this week, perhaps?"

Reigne looked at me weird for a sec, and then she smiled before planting me with a hot kiss that left me reeling.

"Sure. I'd like that," she said after she had fizzled my brain, "Call me, and we'll get together. Goodnight."

I'm pretty sure I wasn't a complete boob, and that I uttered a goodnight before floating the rest of the way back to my own hovel, but I'm to this day not entirely sure. I had a certain friend that needed a beating, and I wasn't talking about Jaren. When I sat down on my bed, I began to ponder on Morana and how to handle that can of worms. I didn't think she was real, but she was too fantastic to not be. Some people say that truth is stranger than fiction. I also needed to find out how she could melt me with lust with only a suggestive leer or two. I had some new questions for her when she next came for me and I wasn't going to let her get away without an answer this time. With that as my final thought, I succumbed to the assault of the Sandman, still horny, and still troubled over what the future held for me.

When I opened my eyes again, I thought that my dream (and dreamy) visitor had not come for me this eve, but I changed my observation as I was able to focus on my environs. It had that same dark ages feel to it, but instead of an entryway, like the last time, I was in a lavish bedroom, surrounded by soft linens and pillows about the entire room. And on the enormous bed that dominated the center of the domicile was my sexy siren, Morana.

'Shit... ' I thought as I belatedly realized that I was still hard after my date with Reigne, and that I had forgotten to beat my tumescence into submission because I had tired myself out with deep ponderings on how to handle the ephemeral beauty that was supine on the bed in front of me, 'Is this cheating on Reigne? I'm still not sure if this is my dream or a reality.'

Welcome, love. I've been expecting you. Morana couldn't have purred that statement more unless she was a cat, and it sent a chill down my spine and straight into my erection which was where the seductress' gaze was currently fixed.

"Really? It looks to me that you could've used a few more minutes to put something more than transparent floss on." I retorted.

Normally, if there was a spectacular, half... ok, mostly naked woman on a bed saying that she'd been expecting me, and I had been horny from a spectacular date with a different spectacular woman, I'd have been on that ass like white on rice. But this was a different situation. I found that I was angry with her for some reason. I guess it was because she knew things about this It that was after me, and she wasn't telling me everything. She kept distracting me with her body, and using that tactic to avoid having to answer my questions.

Morana stood up on the bed and a diaphanous robe appeared on her as she moved toward me with a feline grace. I countered her movement by circling to her left, trying to keep some obstacles between us. She saw my tactic and frowned for a second, but it was so quick that I almost missed it, and I would have if I wasn't focusing on her face to keep my head clear.

Why so cold, love? Have I done something to anger you?

Then she pouted. Damn, but even her pout made me want to leap the pillows between us and ravish her for hours. I steeled myself, and looked directly into her eyes and then I quickly looked down at her nose. I knew that if had stared into those shimmering liquid pools of silver that she called her eyes, I would've fallen into my lust and none of the questions I wanted answered would get answered.

"I want answers."

Then ask, and I shall set all of your concerns aside.

I doubted that she would be that upfront, but I couldn't tell her sincerity by staring at her nose and I couldn't risk searching her eyes for the truth, so I had to believe her for now.

"What, exactly, is this, this It, that is coming for me?" I questioned.

I immediately noticed a change in Morana's demeanor. She looked shocked, enraged, and saddened at the same time. Her shoulders slumped, and she let out a long sigh. Her aura of seduction and allure was almost tangible as it dissipated.

Fine. I shall tell you all that I know. I was hoping that this conversation would take place after we'd had a more intimate experience with each other first, but if you wish... Morana said as a spark of lust crept back into her eyes. Come, sit with me on the bed. I have a long story to tell, and I must tell it fast, so we can back to more pleasurable pursuits.

I was wary, but I felt that I had no other choice if I wanted to hear what she had to say. When I sank into the über cushy bed, Morana looked straight into my eyes, took a deep breath, and then she began her tale...

"Your report, Agent?"

"I have made numerous contacts, with the target, and his feelings are amicable towards me. I am aware of the fact that Morana has warned him of the change, but she has skewed his perception of it to be more of a monster that is chasing the target. The target and I have made plans to rendezvous later this week."

"Morana, is unaware of our reconnaissance?"

"Yes, but she is aware of our contact with the target."

"Good. Hopefully, the target will not indulge in intercourse with Morana before your next meeting. She is very close to gaining influence over him through these means. You must beat her to the punch. Move your plans ahead, and seduce him during your next meeting. Do not fail at this, agent. The target will be instrumental in determining the future, and many destinies will crash together very soon. We are all counting on you, our future is in your hands, Reigne."

"I will not disappoint you, Father."

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