The Taking of Jennifer, and her Mom

by Softly

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Black men, who own a web site, arrange for a Bride to be drugged and raped by four black Stallions, on camera. She doesn't remember what happened. Much later, her black boss, stumbles upon the video of her while using his computer. After showing it to her, he asked her for favors. Through her, he learns how to seduce her mother, who is a very exciting fuck.

Jennifer Chubb married Bob Hutton the last Saturday of August, 2004. Bob's uncle gave them the gift of a three night stay in Las Vegas. When they checked in they were told that the bridal suite had been reserved, as well as a ringside table at that evening's show, where they would be served dinner. As a promotion, they were asked to pose with four large black men dressed in tuxedoes.

They had a great time. During the meal, Bob got horny thinking that he would finally get to fuck his wife, a minister's daughter. She was tall, thin, and had decent breasts. That he knew because she had let him play with them the last month.

During the show each was given a special drink. In just minutes, Bob felt the room swaying. The four men that they had meet took them to their room. Bob mumbled that he had to lie down. He did and soon was asleep.

Jennifer was carried down the hall to a room set up with elaborate photo-shoot equipment. Jenni was given an injection to wake her up, and to make her hyperactive, with every stimulus magnified. She was also given a dose of Meth, so she would cooperate.

The four black men undressed. Each had been chosen by the web site, "Bride's First Night," to be in this shoot because they were trim, handsome men, with impressive equipment. Several photos were taken of her sleeping husband.

Three hours alter, Jenni was returned to her room, after she had been douched and cleaned up. She fell asleep. At just after daybreak, Bob woke up. She was not fully awake when he slid his cock into her. He took her four times before they ordered breakfast. By three PM, the meth had worn off, as had her shot. In the back of her mind, she thought that something had happened to her last night, but she wasn't sure what.

In May of 2005, Jennifer got a job working for engineer John Gardner, a tall, rugged, black man. His specialty was city water systems. John was married to Stella, a very nice woman, who had let her weight reach over two hundred pounds. John's favorite position is missionary, which she could not tolerate due to her large tummy.

John lusted for his new secretary, and spent a lot of time on his computer watching black men having sex with literally thousands of willing white women. Life, he concluded, was not fair.

Then one day he stumbled upon the site, "Bride's First Night." He had been clicking up fucking pictures for over an hour when he came upon a girl that he recognized, his very own secretary, Jennifer Hutton. There was a story that went along with the pictures.

"This Lady and her husband booked a night with the Las Vegas Stallions on the night of their wedding. Notice that her husband, a cool guy, went to sleep when we took his bride to a room for her special night of excitement. For just seventy-seven cents a day, you can watch her let four great dudes have their way with her."

In minutes, John was signed up and watching, and downloading, Jennifer and the studs.

Naked, with their cocks not yet hard, a sign to John that these guys did this often. Lucky bastards. John watched as they slowly undressed her. She had an excited, dazed, glassy-eyed look on her face. John guessed that she had been given something. There was no fear on her face as the guys stroked their cocks. When two were pinching her nipples, while another was finger fucking her, she tried to push the hands off her tits, but spread her legs, as her head rolled back, and her mouth opened.

The man with his finger in her said, "put her on her back." He instructed the others to pull her legs up and back. Then he said to the camera. "She is a virgin!" The camera took a close up showing her tiny slit and hair covered lips, which were slowly parted so that the viewer had a full screen look at her dime-sized hole. An ugly black cock with a brown head was placed beside her pussy. One could see the throbbing veins.

John sucked in his breath. He had no doubt that soon that shaft would be placed exactly where God had designed it to go, which is deeply in the cunt of a woman. As the camera moved away, John figured that when fully inserted that the cock would be as deep as Jennifer Hutton's belly button, if not deeper.

She was moved to a sloping chair that placed her back at a forty-five degree angle, while her pussy was exactly the right height for a man to thrust his cock into her. In that position the camera would catch her face, pussy, the cock, and she could not slid away from the fucker. Her arms were raised above her head and tied.

The fucker looked her in the eyes as he eased the cock to her cunt lips. His fingers played with her clit, causing her to look at it, while moaning. She had a confused, fearful look when she raised her eyes to again look at his face. It was dawning on her clouded brain that he would soon put THAT into her.

So fast that it was over before she could react, he thrust forward. A good five inches was in her. His ass became a blur as he pumped it into her. With each thrust, he went in deeper, until she clenched her teeth as his balls slapped her ass.

John said, "Holy shit," when the camera showed a wisp of blood on the cock of the fucker.

Fucker was now going at high speed. His thrusts were causing Jennifer's ass to ripple, while her tits were flying up and down so fast it was hard to see them.

She was like a rag doll as they went from position to position. Her body kept betraying her as orgasm after orgasm swept her.

They weren't finished yet. The camera caught her being cleaned up to be returned to her husband. A spy camera in her room showed she sleeping with her husband. Then it showed his fingering her and then fucking her several times, as the announcer, intoned, "Notice how excited the groom is to be with his wife, now that she has had a special night with the Stallions. If you want to give your wife a wonderful, exciting night, that you both will treasure forever, contact the Stallions."

The last shot was of Bob and Jennifer checking out. They were joined by the four Stallion, now dressed in tuxedoes. Bob shook hands with each. Jennifer had a confused look of recognition, but said nothing.

The next morning, John asked Jennifer to sit down in his office. He showed her the recorded show. She said nothing. Her eyes went from the screen to John's face. When it was over, she said. "I've had a few flash-backs. Why did you show this to me?"

"I was hoping that you would do me a few favors?"

"Such as?"

"Let me show you." John had gone over just how he thought she should be handled. "Stand up and lean over my desk."

Without saying a word, she did.

He lifted her dress over her ass, and lowered her panties to her ankles. He dropped his pants to the floor. Stepping close to her he ran the end of his cock very very slowly up and down her cunt lips. She had been mounted by Bob several hundred times during the last year, so her pussy was that of a mature sexually active woman.

John took his time. She relaxed when she realized that he was not going to jam himself into her. Her pussy was wet when he ever-so-slowly eased his cock in, bit by bit. Neither she nor her pussy resisted. She turned her head to the side as she exhaled a long breath. John noted that her eyes were closed.

Of course, John had a spy camera recording it all, as well as everything that was said.

When full into her, he noted that she was in no discomfort. He smiled to himself when he felt the walls of her cunt clenching him. His finger found her clit. Her eyes went wide open, then shut, as her fanny undulated up and down just a fraction. She was fucking him back. She came. He did too. He gave her tissue to put up her crack. He raised her panties, lowed her dress and said, "thank you, Jennifer. That was very nice of you to do that for me."

When Jennifer returned to her desk, her reaction was that it was all unreal. He had not touched her tits, nor had he kissed her. She was not sweaty, or were her clothes rumpled. The phone rang. She answered it and went on with business like nothing had happened.

John did not mention what had happened during the rest of the day.

The following day, at ten AM he called her into his office. "Please rest yourself on my desk."

She lowered her panties, lifted her dress and rested herself on his desk. John did what he did yesterday, but even slower. She came twice, one right after the other. John had set up the spy camera to catch the look on her face as she moaned in orgasm.

In September, a young black fellow, about twenty, came into the office. He waved at Jennifer as he walked right in John's office. John shut the door as he said, "well Kid, glad that you could come over. All set for a good time?"

There was a large storeroom off John's office. It had been mostly empty. John called Jennifer into his office. He was alone, to Jennifer's surprise.

"Jennifer, that young man who just came into my office is my younger brother, Reggie. I have told him about you. He said that you are very pretty and wants to meet you. Please go into the storage room."

Jennifer didn't move.

John got up, took her arm and walked with her into the room, which now had a king sized bed in it.

"John, why do you have... Oh God, no, John."

Standing by the window was Reggie. He was naked, with his cock sticking straight up.

John closed the door and put his back to it. "Reggie, why don't you undress the lady?"

Jennifer turned. Seeing the door blocked, she stood with her arms by her sides, while Reggie took her garments off, one by one.

"My brother is a virgin. I have told him that he is free to enjoy you for a couple hours. You will notice that he is much thicker than I, so you should enjoy the experience."

"John, this isn't fair. I don't know the boy."

Reggie now had reached around her and had both breasts in his hands.

"Jennifer, if you don't know him, then I suggest that you work on meeting him. Get on your knees and put him in your mouth."


John stepped forward and pushed her to the floor. Reggie stepped forward guiding his cock to her mouth. She turned away from him.

"Reggie, help me carry her to the bed."

When on it, John held her arms above her head. "Fuck her, Kid."

Jennifer screamed and moaned as IT was entering her, jab by jab.

John tied her spread arms to the bed posts. He walked out. While At his desk, he could hear, Jennifer. "Easy, easy, not so God damn hard. Oh, Oh, oohhhh... Aaahhhh..."

John laughed as the bitching and moaning would start and stop. It was easy to tell when Reggie was in her.

Reggie would stop by to fuck her a couple times a week.

John could tell when Jennifer was using the phone, by a red light on his extension. He was able, by pressing a button, to listen in. He overheard Jennifer's mother tell her that the church was robbed, and that she and Jennifer's father, the minister, were in dire financial straights.

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